RV Garage Doors

1 Building a 40x60x18 RV storage building

2 I have an existing building that is being converted to an RV garage. It has 12’ exterior walls. There is currently a door on the end that is 10 wide x 12 high. There is 13’6” to the bottom of the truss at the edge of the current door. I am looking for a 13’2” clean opening. Can your door frame be mounted in the 2 x 6 exterior wall that goes from the floor to the underside of roof sheathing so that the hinge point would be in front of the truss and inside the 2 x 6 wall to maximize the opening ?

3 Can you please provide a general estimate for an RV bifold garage door? We need a 14x14 opening. Thank you.

4 Reaching out because we have a Sprinter Van Coach that we woudl like to build a garage for our 2nd home in Iowa City. Our house in Iowa City is on a street with some older homes. Because of that, we need a design so it looks like a standard door or just part of the house. We had a friend tell us about a door they saw of yours. I just need 10ft of clearance so nothing crazy.

5 Thinking about building a home in country club and I like the door that is for RV Motor Homes and look like a regular door

6 I have a 11 ft X 20 ft RV garage that i would like a quote on a hydraulic door on the front end, the clear span on the front is 11 ft, the building goes up another 3 ft above that. Thanks Max

7 Looking for a Hidden rv type garage door with a 12'x14' opening to be installed on new construction. Looking for a rough estimate for budgeting purposes only on something similar to the bifold door that imitates the smaller garage doors next to it. Not exactly sure what the siding material will be so I listed wood below.

8 We are looking to build a home with an RV garage. The local Design Review Board prohibits doors in excess of 12' high. We need 14' clear in order for our motor coach to gain garage access. Would like to receive information on the similar RV zoning restricted applications you have done that appear on your Schweiss Doors website.

9 Looking at your bifold and hydraulic one-piece series doors for a RV storage building. I have a Class A diesel pusher and am in design phase of a structure to house this and would like to get budgetary costing of a door 12’ wide and minimum opening clearance of 14’. If you would be so kind as to assist me with this would be great. Thank you Kelly Harber

10 I am looking for information on an RV bifold for my home I am currently in design with. Door will have to be 16 ft. tall x 12 ft. wide. Also price this as a hydraulic door.

11 We are building a new home and need a 12' high RV garage door with residential neighborhood appearance. Do you have a brochure with some of your bifold hidden door RV doors? Thanks for any help. --Kerry

12 I'm looking to build a garage on the side of my house, with a hydraulic door large enough to fit an RV. My garage's total width can be up to 14'. From the ground, to the bottom of my eves can be no more than 14'. This does not leave me much room for a standard garage door. My building is not yet built, though I have drawings for it, and a bid from Coast to Coast Carports (getcarports.com) for the build. What I need from you is a bid to do the front of this thing with your hydraulic RV door. I like that it looks like I get my entire 14' width as an opening, and it also looks like I can get as tall as the roof-line will allow. If you could get back to me with any questions you may have, or a rough bid for this door, with shipping.

13 I am taking out a 10' x 8' garage door and having the opening enlarged to accomodate a motorhome. The ceiling is 14' high. The RV is 12' 10" high. I would like as much clearance as I can get. The building is a pole barn. What structure do I need to support the frame of the hydraulic RV door. Thanks

14 I am in the process of adding a garage to my house for a small Mercedes Sprinter RV. I have noticed online a bifold garage door that appears like a typical residential garage door, but actually opens to ~16 feet (with modifications above to make it appear as the house siding). I am sure that my HOA would take issue with a garage door higher than the other existing garage doors on my house, plus I would want them to all be consistent in appearance. My Class B RV is at its highest point 9 ft 7 in. Please give me a close estimate of what I would need assuming I will attach a matching garage door 7 foot tall with a sufficient opening to allow clearance of the 9 ft 7 in RV. The door width would be 9ft. Could this also be done using a Schweiss hydraulic RV door?  Any guidance you can provide would be much appreciated. Regards, Rich Keller

15 Read about Schweiss doors on your Must See Photo website regarding bi-fold RV door for a property in Lynden, WA. Curious what the cost is for a bi-fold door of that size (16 x 14)? Is there width restrictions? Or "standard" sizes? We are in process to build a garage. Our lot would allow for a 20 x 28 ft garage. And, we need minimum 12 ft door height so we can fit our Airstream 19 ft Bambi trailer in it.(Plus have room for storage or a small vehicle.) Thank you!

16 I saw the two amazing Schweiss bi-fold RV garage doors that this refers to: This bifold RV door belongs to Jay Hare of North Oaks, Minn. The RV door idea caught on with Jay after he read how Schweiss helped Herb Korthuis resolve a similar situation in Lynden, WA. Can you give me a ball park price for this type door? Did you add the facade in your shop or did the carpenters that did the outside of the house add the exterior to your door after installation?

17 I am planning new home. I may want a 13' garage door for an RV but there are design considerations. I came across you guys via a quick search and discovered you came up with a way to avoid zoning restrictions on your bifold RV doors. Can you do the same with a RV hydraulic door?

18 We are building an RV garage and like the looks of your bifold door, particularly the images that make the door look much shorter as shown on the Must See Photo Schweiss Doors website. Height could be 12 or 14' (clearance for the RV) and width around 14'. Could you send a quote, along with information about the structural requirements to install the door and shipping information? Or do you have local vendors that we can deal with? Thanks Ken K. Virginia

19 We are designing and building a home for a client in Oswego, IL that has an RV and we are very interested in the RV bi-folding garage door option and specs. Door needs to be 16' tall, but have the looks of an 8' tall door from the outside. I see you've done some of these.

20 I am looking for a 10 ft wide by 14 ft tall door I can make look like a 7 or 8 ft door. There will have to be a brick facade. It is for a center console boat and I am trying to meet the requirements of my HOA just like the guy in Washington did in order for his HOA to approve his Schweiss RV garage door. Can you provide a ballpark range for a door and hardware? Thank you!!!

21 Ran into problems with zoning bylaws on a residential garage door over 8ft Am looking for information on a 11-12ft high door 14ft wide. Needs to look like only 8ft high. Looked at your site and understand the ideas your Schweiss engineers came up with vertical bifold zoning restriction doors

22 We are considering building a home with a bifolding rv garage. Our community would require us to have the door look like a standard residential garage door. I saw one of yours on your Schweiss Doors Must See Photo website and on YouTube and thought something like that may work. I would like the opening to be 12'wide x 14' height.

23 Curious about pricing. We are designing a barn/RV storage in a subdivision and need one of your zoning restricted bifold RV doors like the one you did in Washington and Minnesota.

24 I am looking for information on the Schweiss specially engineered bi-fold RV garage doors as seen on your Schweiss website. I am looking for full specs, options and pricing. Also, do you service the East Tennessee area? Thank you.

25 By HOA rules, my 14ft x 10ft wide RV and boat  door needs to be wood. The garage will have an interior height of roughly 14 ft 5-6 inches. How much interior head space do your products require? Either product appears it will meet my needs, how much for each product? Thank you, Mike dube 619-729-6612

26 Hello, we are interested in possibly having a special RV garage door made for our house - we already have the height and width required for the garage but we need a foot or two in the length. Could you please call/ or email with options?

27 We have a project that the Architect is specifying a Schweiss Door. The link that they sent for our viewing was https://www.bifold.com/photo-of-the-day-washington-rv-garage-door.php  What a novel and needed idea from Schweiss. We are very interested in pricing for our RV door project. Can send plans. Please advice

28 We are in the planning stages of building a home in Arizona that would have a RV garage as part of the project. How much does your RV sized hydraulic door and bifold strap door and equipment cost, including installation. Do you sell the product separately if I elect to have local installers install it? Also, I am not sure what the difference is between and end wall and a side wall, please clarify. JB

29 I'm interested in just getting ball park pricing for budgetary purposes. We are designing and building a small home with an RV attached garage to at least house our 22ftL x 9ftH x 8ftW Airstream, but would like to build the RV garage to be able to store a class A type motorhome or RV trailer which would be taller than our Airstream. So if you quote a few different size doors it would greatly appreciated. Thanks.

30 We are considering building a new home and are interested in getting a ballpark figure on the purchase and installation of the Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold door to create an RV garage as featured on the Internet. The dimensions we need are 13' tall by 14' wide. Thank you for any price information you can offer. Rick

31 I'm looking for RV bifold garage doors that have architectural design that will help diminish the visible size of the door. I am remodeling a home that will require a 13' clear height for the 43' RV and a double garage (or I can design as 2 single doors. I need to have a design on the doors that will carry through for all doors. I would like to see the options you have available. I am just starting the design of this project and expect to start construction in the next 6 weeks. Thank you, Gerald, CMKBD, CAPS Certified Master Kitchen Designer Certified Master Bath Designer

32 Interested in the bifold door for an RV garage with your equipment, along with price. Wondering about the installation process, who installs your equipment, warranty , etc. if warranty work is needed,how is that accomplished? Does your factory tech travel to my location? What are the design, building requirements, do you have a copy of the design plans or is that something I need to discuss with bifold doors?

33 I'd like a quote for a 12 x 14 bifold strap RV door. This is for an RV garage. I have no zoning restrictions, but want the outside to look nice.

34 I am building a garage for my motorhome and I'm interested in your product to meet zoning codes. Please provide a quote for the Schweiss Bifold motorhome door using lift straps and an option for hydraulic. Do you just ship the frame and parts and it's up to us to attach the building materials? Do you have a local installer? Thanks!

35 Hi, framing has just about been completed on my rv garage. Im interested a quote for a bifold and hydraulic garage door. I'll finish the door with wood lap siding. The garage is a 3 bay with the listed door below being in the middle. Thanks Chris

36 Living in Kelowna BC.... interested in the 16' bifold or hydraulic RV door to be used in a residential area... to be disguised as an 8' door... how much would the door cost installed?

37 We are looking to disguise a door large enough for our RV due to our neighborhood covenant. I read an article about someone else doing the same with one of your doors so am looking into the pricing. I take it Schweiss makes neighborhood covenant bifold RV doors. Please call for bifold door specifics.

38 Looking for general range of pricing for a bifold door for a full sized Motorhome. We are looking at land purchases first then will work with an architecture to incorporate the doors into both ends of the home for drive through ability. Door should be what is common for RVs or about 14'X16' Only rough pricing needed at this time for budgetary purposes.

39 Building an RV Garage - Monitor Barn design. I'd like to compare the cost of a horizontal bifold door vs. a commercial insulated Schweiss hydraulic one-piece RV door. Approximately 16 feet tall. Between 14 to 20 feet wide. I'd like to do a barn door facade on the horizontal bifold. I live in Hawaii and this would be for our vacation home in Montana.

40 I am designing a RV garage and would like a quote for your hydraulic and strap-lift bifold door system. I need a clear opening of 12'w x 14'h and specs on additional weight of trim material. Thank you, Eric Peterson

41 Building a garage that I need a 14' clearance and the city will only allow a 14' sidewall height. I am working on an exception but I am interested in your RV "hidden" bifold or hydraulic  doors. I have it on my hanger. Door opening would be 14' by either 14' or 16' wide. The object going in is 12' wide and I would like some room. Building width is going to be an estimated 22' wide. Garage will be a slab with a wood structure so it blends with house. Thank you,

42 I have residential private garage with an RV garage attached. I am looking for a hydraulic door for the RV part. It is 15'6" wide and 14'5" tall finished door opening. Not sure of your exterior finish or I can skin it to match what I have. Could you please give me a price for your Schweiss hyd. RV door shipped to me. I believe I can install it with simple instructions. Thank you Billy

43 We are working on a new project and will need some 14x16 doors for RV entrances to RV self storage units. We are looking for pricing for a Hangar folding RV door that also has an individual walk in door as you have with a door that comes out and up, but doesn't fold. Can you make that type of hydraulic RV door? The project is in Florida.