Red Power Pump

1 I am interested in a Schweiss 12v standalone backup for my existing 40X15 foot hangar door. What would be the cost of the system shipped to Fort Worth TX and are there any installers or dealers in my area? Regards

2 Hi, I have just moved to Georgia, 30056. The property has a hanger with one of your large single doors. It had the RED POWER hydraulic skid. Your door is great but it closes way too fast. The building is Lumber framed. Can I fit restrictors or orifices in the hydraulic system so that it closes SLOWLY to avoid any damage? Or can a variable speed pump / control be installed? Your expert help / advice would be greatly appreciated . Best Regards RC.

3 I was happy to see by your Must See Photo Schweiss website that you can have multiple doors on the same pump system?