Quonset Building Doors

1 I have a Schweiss bi-fold door in my hanger that was installed around 2005. It had hardly been used when I bought the hangar (9/22) and works great. I am interested in what it would take convert it to allow for remote entry for outside the hangar. The original order from Schweiss was delivered to Barone Carpentery. The door is about 38'x11'. Thanks you in advance

2 I have one of your bi-fold doors, built about 5 years ago. I was wondering, could I connect a Wi-Fi switch to operate the door (open and close) with my cell phone? Is there a product you recommend for such? Thanks.

3 I have a 2016 Schweiss bifold door with two remotes. I would like to buy additional remotes and was wondering how much they are. Also wondering how much it is to make mine into the ability to use the smartphone app? Thank you

4 We are wanting to purchase 6 more remotes for our door. can you please email me back about these remotes. Thank you

5 I'm looking to get a quote for replacement remote control for my hydraulic door. My other one went missing. Thank you.

6 How do I obtain a schweiss door remote control?

7 I have a Wilson bifold hangar door. I would like to add remote control operation to the control box. I spoke with Wilson. They said they used to use liftmaster remote operation. Do you offer a solution?

8 Looking to buy a remote control for my T-hangar. Can I get two handheld remotes with it?

9 Can I order a remote setup for my new hydraulic hanger door, It wood be nice to access it like my guard gate and garage doors, Thanks Bill

10 Hi there. I had one of your hydraulic garage doors put on my home, about three or four years ago. It was installed by your Houston crew. Anyway, I totally love it, but I need to buy three more remotes. Loss and dogs account for this. The unit I have is Type: S2TR2641E2E4-E2M. The frequency is 433.92 MHz. Can you please give me a call? Thanks! Greig Coates 512-563-2508

11 We have a customer who has had two of your hydraulic doors installed in their Residential Garage. They love the quiet running reliable Schweiss one-piece doors. They are requesting additional KeyFobs (Remotes) Can you tell us how we can purchase them for our client? 

12 Hello, can you send me or provide me with a link to program remote controls for a hanger door? The doors are located at the airport in La Verne CA. I installed a small white box Schweiss remote controller i purchased from you guys and i lost the programming instructions. 

13 I have a 45 x 18 foot no fold door on my shop. Installed Dec. 2013 Can I install a remote control? If so, what would the materials cost? This is not a Schweiss no fold door. Thanks