Quonset Building Doors

1 Looking to buy a remote control for my T-hangar. Can I get two handheld remotes with it?

2 Can I order a remote setup for my new hydraulic hanger door, It wood be nice to access it like my guard gate and garage doors, Thanks Bill

3 Hi there. I had one of your hydraulic garage doors put on my home, about three or four years ago. It was installed by your Houston crew. Anyway, I totally love it, but I need to buy three more remotes. Loss and dogs account for this. The unit I have is Type: S2TR2641E2E4-E2M. The frequency is 433.92 MHz. Can you please give me a call? Thanks! Greig Coates 512-563-2508

4 We have a customer who has had two of your hydraulic doors installed in their Residential Garage. They love the quiet running reliable Schweiss one-piece doors. They are requesting additional KeyFobs (Remotes) Can you tell us how we can purchase them for our client? 

5 Hello, can you send me or provide me with a link to program remote controls for a hanger door? The doors are located at the airport in La Verne CA. I installed a small white box Schweiss remote controller i purchased from you guys and i lost the programming instructions. 

6 I have a 45 x 18 foot no fold door on my shop. Installed Dec. 2013 Can I install a remote control? If so, what would the materials cost? This is not a Schweiss no fold door. Thanks