Schweiss Doors - Residential Hydraulic Doors

1 Curious for schweiss bifold options for residential home use

2 Looking for a supplier for residential bi-fold garage doors as I believe they may be more energy efficient than traditional sectional doors. Cannot find anyone in Alberta.

3 I am looking for a 12x12 door for a residential application. I was hoping to get a quote.

4 Price need on 2 upward bifold electric or hydraulic doors. 1) 10 x 10; 1) 12 x 12. Both with remote controls. One side is for vehicle, other side for boats and equipment. Also need rough opening sizes AND required headroom above rough opening. Doors should be insulated and nice looking - as they will be attached to residential home. Email only please. Thanks

5 I'm in the process of designing/pricing home construction. Timeline is 4 yrs to start building. Plan calls for two 14' tall doors 12' wide, plus two doors 10' tall and 12' wide. The taller doors are for a 5th wheel and the other doors are regular car parking. If another dimension is more cost effective I'm open for suggestions. Your DIY kit is intriguing also.

6 Hello, I'm interested in building my own garage doors that open vertically from a top pivot. It's only 18' wide by 8' tall, so not a huge door compared to what I see on your website. Can someone reach out to discuss what options I have? Thanks!

7 Interested in budgetary pricing for residential hangar home doors; 36-42' width, 12-14' opening height. (eg. 36x12, 42x14)

8 We are interested in learning more about your hydraulic doors for a garage on our Apaquogue House project in East Hampton NY. I'd be happy to share a sketch and to speak with someone about our project in more detail. Please reach out at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

9 Hi there - looking for pricing for an approx 16' x 7' residential garage door. it would be great to see a catalog also. i'd also like to understand the instalation process. best, -Nick

10 I am having a three car garage built on my property at the above address . I am interested in having your hydraulic garage doors installed in each of the three ports that are approximately 7 feet high and 9 feet wide. I would like discuss this with your contact person. Thank you, MT

11 I have a 11 ft X 20 ft RV garage that i would like a quote on a hydraulic door on the front end, the clear span on the front is 11 ft, the building goes up another 3 ft above that. Thanks Max

12 Looking for a 18ft wide by 10ft high door for a residential garage. The garage is being built to accommodate a 4 car lift (2 up and 2 down) and we need a door that opens outward. Can you please provide rough quotes for both door designs, and approximate delivery dates?

13 Hi. Does Schweiss have a local rep in south florida to purchase Hydraulic Doors and install these doors? I have seen your product on a couple of homes in Miami. Please let me know. Thank you.

14 I have a residential new construction detached garage with a car lift on the interior. I'm looking for a door operation that doesn't reduce my ceiling height as we are limited. I'd like more information, pricing and options. Also, need an installer. Would be similar to the sky lodge image on your website, clad or simple black, contemporary. 17'6" x 7'0". Look forward to talking. Thanks

15 Hello there, I'm a General contractor in Indianapolis looking for a hydraulic powered door for a residential project I'm working on. Opening 6x7' preferred material wood but open to different materials. Please advise, thanks! Rou Zuckerman GC at ROUBEE (317) 500-2938

16 We are working on a project in lower manhattan on a high end residential project. We are looking for a company to furnish and install a fully motorized horizontal bifolding set of condominium doors. Doors are approximately 10.5' high x 12 wide, 3" thick. Can you please have someone get back to me if this is something you can help with. Thank you, Kristine

17 I am building a new home and am interested in your innovative designer bifold (or hydraulic) door for a residential home. Can you please give me a rough idea of cost to do something like you did for your customer in North Oaks, MN that I saw on your website? Thank you. Chuck 

18 Doing renovation and restoration on Carriage House circa 1919 and am greatly interested in this hydraulic one piece style door. Home is in historical Maple Ridge area of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Please contact at your earliest convenience. Bill in Tulsa OK 74120

19 We are building a high end custom residence in Arizona and have about a dozen steel doors that will need hydraulic systems built for. Who would be my main contact at Schweiss for this?

20 Good Afternoon. Would you be so kind as to mail me a price quote, respective of a hydraulic door of 50' length of approximate height of 8', door at 25'? Installation in part, white pine log cabin, round on round 6"-8" diameter logs. As well,the log home is not constructed, blueprints for permits may include Schweiss Hydraulic Door, as permissible. The Exterior & Interior steel construction of Schweiss Door shall inherit the addition of half round on half round log siding to match; respectively: white pine round on round log cabin. Kindred Spirits, Mark

21 Interestd in a price range for a 8x8 Scchweiss bifold residential basement door in aluminium, glass, strap? thanks aaron

22 I am designing an outdoor kitchen for a client in Texas. The kitchen is a 12'x12' box, but I am wanting to have one piece hydraulic operable glass doors on three sides, so my plan is to have a 4' high section of glass garage door paneling (2 panels), that would be hinged at the top. So basically I am looking for a one-piece glass garage door that will operate with a quiet operating hydraulic pump. There will be three openings at dimensions of 5'-0", 11'-0", and 8'-6" and all being 4' high openings. 

23 Price on 1 hydraulic door system for residential home recreation room door. Rough door opening of 22 ft x  10.4". I will install wood on both inside and outside of door with spray foam insulation. Home will be wood stick frame with in floor heat.

24 Need a new single family residence door. The Schweiss hydraulic residential door will be glazed. The door can be glazed in place by a glazing subcontractor. I have door engineering exhibits  I can email to you. 

25 I need a hydraulic residential use door that we will cover with wood, door size 23' 5" x 10'. Door to have windows, remote control door opener and walk door. Non-insulated door. I will insulate door myself.

26 I have a client who needs ocean front residential condo doors. Sizes and quantities (7) - 18'w. x 12'h. (1) - 23'w. x 12'h. Aluminum or galvanized door frame with full glass door glazing. Will only consider a Schweiss one piece hydraulic door.


28 Need planning solutions to the exterior facade of our patio door for approval by planning department. I'm gathering information on specifications for our hydraulic residential door system. Opening is 9'6" Wide by 8'6" high What system's are available for a Schweiss hydraulic  patio door? Can we get a wood veneer exterior on the door, or is aluminum door exterior the only option? 


30 Want a bid on a 30x16 hydraulic lake home boathouse door installed in Michigan. Also interested in a hydraulic one piece lakeside boathouse door, 12' wide x 9 ft. tall very similar to the one posted on your Schweiss Door "Must See Photo" website.

31 I'm building a pool, outdoor kitchen and pool house for a client who wants a glass one piece aluminum frame hydraulic Schweiss door 16 ft. x 10 ft. I would like to use your Schweiss hangar style door for this. Can you give me cost figures on this door with a remote opener. I've installed several of your doors at a nearby airpark and one large 60 ft. door for an orange grove farmer. Everybody who gets your doors comments on the quality workmanship and I have never had to do any repairs on your doors. They are built to last and their performance is top quality, better than any other doors I have come across.

32 We are looking for a Schweiss hydraulic specialty glass designer door with liftstraps for our outdoor patio. Please give me a call so that I may send you the plans and specs on this one piece  patio door.

33 My home will need a 8x16 Schweiss one piece hydraulic garage door with remote opener. I am hoping to put on a wood covered door with some cool glass in it. I'll cover one piece door in matching wood and trim.

34 I am bidding a project in Utah, and need a price for 2-12'x9' vacation cabin doors. The owner has given me no specs for this, just a link to your Schweiss website. He is asking for custom aluminum and glass hydraulic doors. Can you give me an idea of what these aluminum doors cost so I can put an allowance in for these residential use Schweiss doors? 

35 Not sure what is meant by the option of end wall? I need a residential construction hydraulic cylinder lifting  door in a wall that carries a roof. There will be a header across the top of the door carrying the doors roof load. 

36 We purchased 2 Schweiss hydraulic doors a few years back, we are finishing the interior space now and we want to know if we can add stainless steel metal siding to the interior side of the residential doors. We don't want to have issues with additional weight. Will the pump unit on there now have enough door lifting power with this additional weight? The 22 ft. x 14 ft. insulated doors are foam insulated doors.

37 Interested in buying hydraulic one piece house doors. The house sits atop a hill, and the side facing the view will feature insulated glass doors on each level so doors can open up during the summer for access to terraces and open the inside to the landscape. Appreciate door estimate to include aluminum frames on two 16 ft. x 10 ft. doors. 

38 Please send a hydraulic lake home door quote. I've had dialog with building contractor that will install this Schweiss lake home door for me.  

39 I need a enclosed patio/outdoor kitchen space door. I am interested in what you have for designer door applications. From looking at Schweiss website, it appears that the glass hydraulic door would fit the purpose. Are there standard door sizes that are more cost effective? Options to put in an entry door? 

40 Looking for an electrical cylinder lift hydraulic  window door for residential kitchen with a 9' opening. Aluminum frame. 

41 Starting to build a house in Texas. Plans call for a glass designer kitchen door to come up from a counter that extends into the backyard and then another one directly beside it that would go all the way to floor. Hydraulic glass wall door should give look of the entire back wall opening up. Got the idea from a beach house door. Really love the mirrored living room door on your website. Could you give me a quote? Does it include installation? I saw the Sway restaurant designer door also. Beautiful door. The door from the counter top would be 6 feet high, 11"8' wide. the door to the floor beside it would be 10" high, 4" wide. Quote hydraulic designer door. Very impressed with Schweiss door craftsmanship.

42 How much would a 12 ft wide x 12 ft high Schweiss bifold or hydraulic one piece residential  door cost? Can I get entrance door in that small of a door. Are both door styles easy to install? 

43 Want to discuss the use of a glass hydraulic door system on a high end home in Vail, CO. Door size: 20'-9" x 9'. Aluminum door frame, thermal insulated, remotes and all the bells and whistles. He may also be wanting heliport doors shortly.

44 I saw your Schweiss website photos of the Denver garage and the mirror-image home. I am building a house and am looking for bronze/glass doors for two garages. One garage door measures 18x7, the other is 16x8. Need quotes on your hydraulic residential door in this size?

45 Wondering if you ship to Canada, and if you have a local Schweiss Door hydraulic door representative I can speak to for technical residential home door details. 

46 We are looking to place custom hydraulic log home doors for a client. Door weight with split log cladding will be heavy, so price larger horsepower hydraulic door motor for better lift.

47 We are a remodeling company in the Dutch Antilles. One of our costumers want to replace all their window doors on their ocean front home with Schweiss one piece hydraulic lifting windows (total of 22 doors/windows) using single glass top and bottom in non fading solid color plastic or aluminum door cladding to be used as sun blocking devise when hydraulic door/window is open. Non-insulated, they want to use this in combination with a door security screen. 3. Can you give me price for 7' x 22' Schweiss window door? Price for 4' x 4' hydraulic window door. 4. Is it possible to have a security door screen fixed to your one piece  doors, so if you open the doors automatically the door security screen will be pulled up and be in place? 

48 I would like price on two 10' wide by 8' tall Schweiss one piece hydraulic residential doors. Using insulated door glass. 

49 I have a client looking for a vertical lift Schweiss bi-fold pool house door. He wants the top half of pool door to be a insulated glass door and the hydraulic door to fold upward.

50 Looking for approximate costs at this point for a residential use hydraulic patio door 12' tall and about 20-22' width. Aluminum frame glass door  to open to pool and patio area.

51 I'm building a new house. I've been a big door fan of your bifold liftstrap door systems. But now I'm interested in a hydraulic garage specialty door which is a under-the-house door. Will need a 20' x 9' insulated garage door with many windows.

52 Need two Hydraulic Boathouse Doors to be prepped for interior door liner. 16' x 10 ft. height. Both lakehome doors to same location. Outside will have door cladding in Cedar.

53 Please quote a 12'x9' horizontal hydraulic lifting carriage house door with a exterior door look similar to the overhead door at the Eastman Estate. I have been working in the door industry for 20 years, and continue to offer my customers in Quebec, Canada your superb line of  Schweiss hydraulic doors and bifold strap doors. 

54 Your Schweiss clean looking hydraulic doors look great. I need a small hydraulic interior use door (32" wide, 80" tall). This is an interior door, an under-stairs laundry room door, that will open outward.

55 I'm working on a new residential door project. Clients are interested in hyddraulic doors for their four car garage. They want 40'W x 9'H doors on both the front and the back walls of the garage. Call to discuss door material options, structural door loads, and similar hydraulic door installations to refer our clients to.

56 I'm finishing a Residential Door project in Montecito and want both the Bifold Door with Lift Straps and the "Red Pump" Hydraulic Door systems for the garage doors on the house. Give me  door quote for this system. Door opening is 22 ft wide by 10 ft high, door with wood cladding on the exterior. Send CAD/Details of the doors system.

57 We are building a new modern passive house that we want a green doors for. Plan on having 4 attached garage and 3 separate green doors. I understand your custom made hydraulic and bifold doors have no size limitations. See green door sizes listed below.

58 Looking for a patio deck door. Currently screened in door, looking to have a full glass patio door opening. Can doors be installed by the end user, in DIY fashion?  I'm interested in price quote, estimates for both styles of your doors, bifold and hydraulic doors. Custom deck door needs to be 18 ft. wide x 8 ft. tall.

59 Need details on a 40'X24' telescopic canopy  helicopter hangar door for personal use. Hydraulic oor to be equipped with backup systems. Supply two handheld remote door openers.

60 Interested getting a quote on a custom space door. Small 10 ft. x 8 ft. one piece door with window on top half. Aluminum frame. Interior door use, so needs to be somewhat attractive and quiet hydraulic door.

61 I want to install one of your hydraulic doors for a walk out basement workshop door. Building is 12" icf concrete wall (17" thick) with brick veneer, for a total wall thickness of 23". I would like for the one piece door to sit within the existing rough opening and fastened entirely to the concrete structure. Insulated, electric power door.

62 Need qty 2, either hydraulic or bifold residential doors for application on high ground on NC Coast. Wind loaded doors to 130 mph. Glass doors with aluminum frames and remote door openers.

63 I have an l-shaped balcony that I am looking to enclose with two doors. Interested in the hydraulic and the bifold strap system. Is door applicable for residential use. The balcony is ~ 5' w x 13' l x 5' h. Space would be used as indoor outdoor space. Manhattan high-rise glass balcony doors with manual door locks.

64 We have a floor level door accessed to the crawl space to our house. This is a utility room door with stairs going down. We are looking for a way to cover the opening when we don't need to go into the crawl space. It is about 3' x 10'. Will a bifold door or hydraulic door work best for this?

65 I'm looking for a price on an aluminium framed glass hydraulic door on a residence . 16x 8 clear opening

66 The below measurements are current rough opening these will be place on a lake house porch, 2 of the windows will be on a front wall the 3rd will be on a side wall the corner is 1 foot by 1 foot to each of the window openings. Quote your one piece Schweiss hydraulic aluminum door.

67 Hi, I have a carport connected to the back of my house. The size is close to 20' x 20' with three open sides and three 4 x 4 post on the back end. I want to be able to close it in, but when the weather is nice I want to open it back up and not lose the view. I looked at sun rooms, but all you can do with them is open the windows. I looked at Garage doors, but there isn't enough room to install them and most of them don't have large windows. So I started searching the web and came across your web site. The question is cost and can we hang three to four Schweiss hydraulic glass doors on this car port? The carport can be reinforced if needed. Thanks for your time. Stuart 

68 We are exploring the extensive use of Schweiss hydraulic doors to operate a glass and aluminum window wall for a residential project containing approximately 350 units in San Francisco. We're interested in better understanding pricing, operation and maintenance for this type of application, and see that you've completed similar projects (in New York, and here in SF). Please let us know by email whether there is additional information not on your website that you can provide that would relate to our project, and whether a rep might be available to discuss this project with us in our office. Thanks

69 I am a anchitect. This application is for hydraulic doors for a clubhouse in a 287-unit apartment project in Los Angeles CA. Any shop drawings regarding installation on a wood frame building and a rough price estimate will help. Thank you!

70 Please provide a quote for a residential condo building Schweiss designer glass hydraulic door sized 15'-6" (W) x 7'-6" (H). - insulated - door electronics - cladding (n.i.c.) Thanks, Jordy

71 I have a customer looking for a Schweiss hydraulic  door with glass. 40' wide clear opening, 14' door height, and 12' clear height to use on his lake home. 

72 Hello, I need a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic  door. Please email me and I can send you drawings. The door is aluminum and has 8 tempered glass panes with the dimensions listed below. It will be used at my lake home. Thanks, Jake

73 We are building a house with a Trombe wall. I am looking at using a Schweiss designer style glass hydraulic door for the outer layer of glass and operable glass panels for the inner layer of glass. The homeowners want to be able to open their home to the pool deck and walk unobstructed from living area to the pool. I am sending a link to your website to the architect and the homeowners. I am primarily interested in getting a rough idea of the cost involved. Ultimately, I think they will have five 16' wide x 9' tall doors. Again, this is used in a residence. Please let me know a rough idea of cost per door as described above. The building will be made of Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF). The wall the doors will be mounted on will be roof load bearing walls. Currently, the house is being designed, so the earlier I can get a door supplier involved, the easier it will be for all parties. Thank you in advance, Jon

74 I need a quote on a hydraulic door for a residence. the openings are 8' 0" x 8' 0". Six glass hydraulic  doors. I need all the mechanisms, etc including the electric power pump opener. I plan to cover the frame you provide with plywood on the inside and outside. additional patterns on the outside - including windows. can you give me a price for all the parts I need? Thanks for your help. 

75 Overall size of hydraulic glass door for our home on the water: 8M(w) x 4M(h) weight of the glass per door (frame not included) : 960kg estimated overall loading: 1200kg glass thickness : 12mm frame : aluminium: voltage supply : 240AC colour : specify Quantity : 2-4 sets.  Please provide the period and details of the warranty, lead time for delivery, job reference of your pervious order, safety features, test report and certificate for waterproff, cycling, performance..etc.

76 Looking for a price for 4.5m wide x 4.5m high. Please provide pricing for both Schweiss hydraulic and bifold glass doors. This will be constructed on our summer lake retreat.

77 I have a project at my Upper Peninsula Michigan lake home that needs your Schweiss hydraulic  door system. Please advise, how it is possible to send you my inquriy. I have seen your doors on hangars and think they will work equally well for me, but I'd like to add some class with glass and exterior cladding of pine wood. Thank you

78 I am considering a standard one piece Schweiss hydro-powered glass overhead door versus a bifold door for a 14 x 18' installation in a residential type application I am interested in knowing rough opening requirements and cost I want an option of insulated and non-insulated

79 We would love to meet a sales rep about your hydraulic doors, if you have one near our location. If not we'd just like some info/catalogue and we'll probably discuss our project over the phone. It's a renovation of an existing lakeside residence on the southern coast of CA, and the clients would like a Schweiss glass hydraulic door as a unique feature of their home. Thanks!

80 Looking at installing a glass hydraulic door in an ocean view home. 15' width with approximately 8'6" height. Automatic with 5 foot wide glass panels. Should be able to seal on bottom. What information would you need to give us a general sense of cost and available features on your Schweiss green doors.

81 I have a lake home where we are looking for glass hydraulic doors for a house remodel. What is the approx cost of a double garage door size? Also are they energy efficient? Would also be interested in a one piece Schweiss hydraulic door for a boathouse. We'll be wanting cedar siding on that door, can you supply the siding or should I be doing that and putting it on myself?

82 I am interested in Schweiss hydraulic glass hangar doors for both interior and exterior applications on my home.

83 I have known about Schweiss doors for a while, but what I'm looking for is the same door for my home hobby shop that has standard hydraulic lift doors 10 high and 12 wide, this type will work with my car lift, I want doors like yours so the door does not go up inside to where the car is do you supply this small of your version of door with a remote lift? any suggestions thanks

84 Hi, We bought a house that has your hydraulic  doors as the front windows and are wondering who we can have service them locally. The doors appear to be operating fine, we'd just like to get them checked out since we are new to them.  Thanks, Kara        

85 I would like to price out 2, Schweiss hydraulic doors to be used in a new house build on Lake Lanier. I believe they are your "designer" doors. I want them to clear glass. 10 feet wide. The basement walls are 11 feet high from floor to ceiling. Include remote opener and price any safety backup devices such as photo eyes, etc. separately.

86  I am a project Designer for a eastcoast architectural firm. We are a high end residential firm located in New Jersey. I came across your Schweiss Door Ad in this months Architectural Product magazine. We are interested in learning more about your hydraulic and bifold door systems as it relates to residential design. We would like to set up a AIA credited lunch and learn here at our office if that is possible. Please Let me know as we have many vendors coming in for presentations.

87 I am providing a quote to a general contractor. The specification calls for Schweiss sectional one piece hydraulic aluminum patio door, electric operation and remote. They want a clear anodized finish. Glass is to be 1" Clear Tempered, Low E Insulated Glass. I have a couple of plan pages that I would like to send to you so you can see what they are looking for. Give me a call, please.

88 Screened in Porch Patio hydraulic Schweiss doors. We need removable security barn board covers to cover the exterior. Optional screens? We are a building manufacture and are quoting this job for a potential customer.

89 Quote for glass Schweiss hydraulic door with header, 12x12, for residence. This door will open up to outdoor swimming pool and I want it to look real classy. Aluminum frame, autolatches and remote opener.

90 We have a residential kitchen client requesting a small scale Schweiss hydraulic door, but much larger than is available via normal cabinet hardware. Approximately 6' wide by 5' tall. Motorized with Schweiss power pump. Is this something that you can help us with, or point us in the right direction? The door itself will be only 3/4" thick plywood material. Thanks, Tom

91 Would you please quote me for a horizontal lifting hydraulic Schweiss designer style residential door 30" wide x 21' High complete with insulation and windows. Framing only no cladding Thanks

92 10' 7' high Schweiss glass hydraulic door for residential portico. Can I get some idea of pricing

93 Boathouse / lake house application MO south of Branson. Interested in two 7ft. X 9 ft standard garage door sized hydraulic doors with glass panels that will function as walls that can be opened allowing a garage / boathouse to be also used as a outdoor pavilion. One end wall and adjacent side wall. Saw a Lake Vermillion boathouse video on your Schweiss Doors website. What a great boathouse you helped him with.

94 This application is intended for a private home used for sunroom openings at a lake house. 3 openings approximately 12' wide and 6' tall; this would be the maximum opening. The expectation is for all panels to be glass and for the entire apparatuses to meet North Carolina R & U value ratings. These are a bit relaxed for a sunroom, but as I understand it from our engineer not very flexible. I will want a hydraulic one piece door. If calling please call my cell phone. Your Schweiss Hydraulic Designer Doors are definately the best in the West! Southeast too! Thanks, Lana

95 I am looking to install a hydraulic system one piece door for a short 5' home staircase. Its to swing up in order to access a storage space behind it. Not sure of weight as of yet, as I will be ordering the staircase based on the Schweiss hydraulic system abilities. Let me know what a simple hydrlic system for about 100-150 lbs can run me.

96 We are looking for pricing for 5, 14'-8" X 14'-4" hydraulic doors for our East 5th residential project. We also have building elevations and additional engineering information that we can provide. Thanks, Brian

97 Looking to install 30 hydraulic doors into artist live/work apartments. The doors would need to be well insulated, please inform me if that is an option. They will be approx. 8'x8' with a glass face. Just looking to get approximate costs so the client can narrow down what type of door he wants to use. 

98 Need pricing for replacing a rollup door with one of your hydraulic residential doors. Love your door designs, not too crazy about the cables.

99 I am looking for a designer aluminum and glass door for a residential pool house the door will have to be 5 meters across by 3 meters tall. Prefer your Hydraulic model.

100 Can you please provide me with a quote for a 24'x14' Schweiss Hydraulic ranch house door? I would also like to know if it is possible to install windows in bottom half of that door? Include windows in your quote please.

101 Need quote for glass hydraulic garage door 15 ft wide by 9 feet y'all. This is identical to the last fine door I got from you, except for the glass. When can you get it down to me? No big hurry, but would like to install it on my patio soon.

102 Would like info on hydraulic door and byfold door for my house. Specifically on your Schweiss Bifold liftstraps. Just heard about them, got to be better than cables. How about this Red Power stuff?

103 I was wondering if you could email me a quote for (3) 10x8 hydraulic doors in your all glass designer series doors for a residential property we are bidding on. These doors will separate the living area from the outside elements of the back porch area. Install requirements, drawings, or anything like that would be great as well. Motorized if possible or necessary. Thank you for your time. DJ

104 I have a residential project in DC that I want to put quite a few Schweiss hydraulic doors in the exterior walls of the units. Can you work with me on this please. 

105 We are interested in a garage/patio door for a client in Palm Beach. I wanted to discuss the construction, requirements and options available. This will be a designer door with glass, but I need to know what type of glass you offer. I'm interested in both the Schweiss Liftstrap Bifold and your one piece hydraulic door. It gets really windy around here during hurricane season, can to give your doors extra support for that and which of the two doors hold up better in the wind?   Thank you! Caroline

106 This is for a condominium building currently in the design phase. I'm looking for a contemporary look with aluminum frames and clear glass panels. Similar to many of the Schweiss designer doors featured on your website and brochure.  Please call me with any additional questions.

107 I am looking for an overhead Schweiss hydraulic  door and wondering about the installation requirements and clearance requirements. This hydraulic designer door is for a high end custom residence and was wondering what kind of hardware is required/permitted in residential installations. Cost of glass/aluminum, other cladding available, etc.

108 I need a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic door for a 41' x 14'6" opening. (I can change that slightly if there's a price break for a difference in size). I'll also need the specs for the hydraulic door to send to the structural engineer to bless the opening design. This is for a residence. No mandoor, windows, or remote opener needed. Please also include the electrical requirements for the motor.

109 I have a high-end whole house renov/addition where a horizontally one piece door system has been requested from Schweiss Doors. The opening will be 11' 6" wide /- and 8' high /-. We want to make this two panel door out of clear annodized aluminum and twinsealed glass (similar to an aluminum/glass overhead garage door). The door will be located on a south facing wall in the kitchen/dining/family room area so it needs to look finished inside and out and given our climate must be neatly weatherstripped to handle rain and wind driven rain. Do you manufacture your product with the refinements in aesthetics and function that our designers/clients would be happy with?? 

110 We are using your hydraulic and bifold doors on a residential project and I was wondering if you had typical head, jamb, and sill details in auto CAD that we can use to detail our project. If you could send those to me at this address that would be great.

111 Hello, I am trying to specify the attached hydraulic  door in one of our residential projects, could you please send me the CSI specification for the attached door?

112 I am building a house in Mass. I have an opening of 14' x 14' . I really do not want to put a standard folding door with tracks in this area. I like the hydraulic doors you have on your web site. The designer one that look like a standard house door in nice. I would like a price for that door with a passage door built in. I have not a clue to cost of these doors and am just starting to look into it.

113 I'm come from Quebec. I have an apartment  complex project and I'm interested in your hydraulic  insulated glass doors. I want to use it for a 12' x 12' door and I want to know if it's possible and what are the prices. Thank you.

114 Hi, I am a builder looking at some alternatives to some of the doors and windows in the following house. I'm especially wondering if your hydraulic glass doors might be an alternative application for the living room, dining room and master shower in this custom house. Please have one of your sales team contact me as soon as possible.

115 I have a party room or outdoor kitchen and have been looking for some type of hydraulic doors that will close it up in the winter and leave it open in the summer. We live in the Austin Texas area. There are 7 openings approx. 7 '22" wide and 7'22" tall. I found your site and noticed the one piece doors that go up out of the way to the top. This looks like something that I could use. I would want some glass in these so if they are closed there is still light coming into the area. What would a door of this type cost. Remember I have 7 openings of approx the same size. Could you email more info and pictures of exactly how they attach and how they might look. I saw the picture of the restuarant bi fold liftstrap windows and those looked great. Could that type of idea be incoporated into a hydraulic glass door/

116 We live next to the new Guthrie and I  have noticed your various doors on several occasions. I got to thinking that a hydraulic door  might be a good solution for a remodeling project at our lake home. I'm converting a 22x32 wood frame garage into a photography/art studio. When I visited your site I was delighted to find several intriguing installations that might fit the bill, assuming they can fit into our budget: 1. The Stanford Global Ecology Center 2. Santa Clarita Gov Center 3. Rust Mesh Door 4. Wood Building 5. Lake George Home Attached is a jpeg of the garage. I'm considering two hydraulic aluminum/glass doors on the nearest 22ft facing wall with the picture window and two side windows. We'd build a 10x22' deck in front of the hydraulic wall. (We'd also need to install some kind of retractable screen system to keep out the bugs). I will only be using the space from May-Oct so insulation isn't a critical factor.

117 We are considering Hydraulic doors for a multiple-building residential development. Could you provide information to address the following issues? - The development is on the coast of BC and therefore subject to moderate seismic risk. - The buildings are single-family duplexes and triplexes with a lakeside cabin character. The hydraulic garage doors must fit with this character and -- if possible -- may be solid wood or wood veneer doors. - The doors are 8' x 8'.  Is recommended maintenance of a hydraulic residential door any different from maintenance of a typical residential sectional garage door? - Do you offer a type of door panel that will provide at least as much thermal insulation value as a traditional sectional door?

118 I need a price for 10'-0" x 9'-9" bifold & hydraulic residential doors On the hydraulic and bi fold liftstrap doors what would be the open dimension as I need to keep the 9' opening but have lots of room to mount above opening

119 I am working on the costs and getting everything lined up to build a lakehome house just outside of Austin, Texas. Attached are the plans. I have the following questions. Will the plans work as drawn to install one of your hydraulic residential doors? How much would your bifold doors run for this home? Do you install? If not, do you have someone that could? Do you install the metal on the exterior, or is it just the frame?

120 My wife and I are building a new custom home. We are looking for a unique hydraulic window (designer door) to put in our new home. We are looking to have a window that is 4 ft. High x 8 ft. Wide. We wanted it to be a hydraulic window door  to allow serving access from the interior bar to the exterior courtyard. I saw one on the Schweiss website that may work well. I have included the elevation of our house as seen from the courtyard, it is the bottom elevation. I have also included the main floor layout that shows the bar area where the window would be. If you  need further clarification, please contact me.

121 I would like to enquire as to whether or not you supply hydraulic door mechanisms for residential use other than for garages. We would be very interested in using such a mechanism for exterior wooden batten shutters. Would your company be able to supply more discrete, thinner mechanisms ?

122 Please review your quote on the Schweiss hydraulic doors that are all primary steel which shall be hot dipped galvanized and secondary steel shall be cold form galvanized. I want to be sure that you have it covered in the seaside home doors.

123 I'm designing a duplex in Los Angeles, and I would like to get a quote for 2 hydraulic doors that I can put my own redwood cladding on after shipment if possible. The opening size for each is 16 feet wide by 7 feet Tall. Please give me a quotes  for Hydraulic doors with and without windows. Another option, I'd like to explore is having the doors be all glass (frosted) panels. Thank you

124 We have a boat house over water with two doors, 8 ft tall, one 8 ft wide the other 7 ft wide. interested in hydraulic horizontally lifting door. We cannot use roll-up because of interior truss and brace positions. I think your frame-based hydraulic door would work fine. For an 8 ft tall hydraulic door would you consider a design that has four horizontal panels of 2 ft height each with 3 horizontal hinges? Can you provide a hand-powered hydraulic door-opening mechanism with an appropriate big wheel to turn to provide mechanical advantage? We would have meet the load and to move it a mile onto a barge to get to the work site. WE WILL PROVIDE VERY SPECIFIC DETAIL ON HYDRAULIC DOOR SIZES AND SURFACE MATERIAL. Summary of requested info: (1) cost estimate for a pair of hydraulic doors 8x8 ft (2) availability and cost estimate for a 3-hinge, 4-panel, hydraulic door 8x8 ft (3) availability and cost estimate for hand-powered lift mechanism for above. 

125 I intend to have this hydraulic door on a wooden boat house I have under construction in Estonia that is going to be delivered this year. What info do you need to give me a quote, delivered.

126 Please provide me a quote for a 30'x12' hydraulic door. Include shipping price. This is for my residence living space to open up to the outside patio area. I'm considering two options, an aluminum door with glass or wood exterior. 

127 Looking for hydraulic Schweiss doors for a custom residential application. Cladding to be aluminum storefront system with insulated glass panels. Would like to discuss project and get a quote.

128 I'm planning to build a garage/shop for myself in the next 1-2 years, and am taking the time to plan it well and plan it right. Very very excited about your product and am planning to use one of your Flush mount "H" style 1 piece Schweiss hydraulic doors. Looking to get a ballpark $$ figure on one that is 8.5 feet high and 14 feet long. I would be looking to put a facade on it that matches my house, this may include a stucco finish if that is something that is feasible with your door (if not I will figure out how to simulate the same texture with some other product) Please quote shipping to Seattle, WA. 

129 Hi, needing a glass hydraulic hangar door to go on the end of our house. We've seen some of your work here in Canada and are very impressed, and your costs are quite reasonable. Let me know what info you need, sizes, etc. so we can get going on this ASAP.

130 Can you please provide indicative pricing for a 6m wide, 4m tall door with glass and metal mesh finish? I am interested in your product for use in a new home I am designing. Can you please also advise the approximate weight and shipping dimensions? Delivery to Australia.  Thanks, Brett

131 I have possible applications for both bifold and hydrolic with a man door. The applications are residential. Can you match the siding on our home? I can send you a photo and approximate dimensions or anything else you need. What are the wind ratings of your doors?

132 Looking for a Designer Door, hydraulic door with glass, to use on two exterior walls of our house to open the living area to the outside. Ultimately, we'll probably install 2-4 of these, depending on cost/size availability. We insist on a quiet operating door. Looked at your designer doors on your vast web site, Wow! Schweiss Doors certainly does quality work. That's what we want.

133 We are planning to add on to our home and add an outdoor room as well. We have looked at accordion glass doors, but I have also seen where homeowners have used glass hydraulic garage style doors to accomplish the same thing. To be honest, I like the looks of your doors better and think they will function much better than an accordion style door.  We want to have an approx 9-10' wide opening that is about 8" high (ceiling will be about 10' high). We would like something that is glass, few panes, non tinted but that would meet any CA requirements. Can you give me a quote? 

134 We need the system of the Hydraulic Schweiss  Door, for a residence in Leon, Mexico. We want to send our design in dwf format. Not sure what system to order. Can you help me?

135 I have a customer in need of 20x9 Hydraulic Schweiss Door for a Residence. I need any literature and specifications for this, as this customer is really starting from scratch and doesn't have any plans or specs. Thanks!     

136 I have an application for 2 10x24 hydraulic doors  going in a lake home boathouse. The rough opening height is 10', although with a header this will be somewhat reduced. I want to match door skins to the siding which will be composite siding. The boathouse is in Granbury TX. I have indicated the side columns are wood, but these have not been installed. What size columns would you recommend for a door of this size? I would be able to brace them to the steel structure at the top, but not necessarily at the bottom. They will rest on the dock and be attached to the dock joists. I assume the stresses at the bottom of the side column are much less than at the top? Thanks!

137 We were interested in using Schweiss hydraulic  doors in our project in Malaysia. We would be using them on multiple buildings, but primarily on villas. Do you have a BIM model of your doors?

138 Red brick home, steel framed, replacing regular garage door. I need the inside of the Schweiss hydraulic door finished: insulated, sheet-rocked, painted, trimmed, weather sealed very well. The outside can look like a garage door but I don't know what my choices of interior materials will be. What do you suggest.

139 Saw an aircraft door installation in a private residence. We have a house overlooking the lake and believe this an interesting design for front face of house. Do you have any idea of the size and cost of unit spec'd for their project? Any sense of what the price would be 1 hr. east of Toronto in Canada, then? Also, are the glass products energy rated? As we are in Canada, it's pretty important in the winter. Thanks, I might just design my new house around your hydraulic door product!!! Regards, Gena, Designer/Project Manager 

140 We are looking for your Schweiss glass hangar doors for a residential project and are interested in catalogs and specs. Please send me any information you have. Thank you!

141 I would like a price on a 14x14 hydraulic one piece  glass patio door for my lake home. Do you have insulated and/or tinted glass available.       

142 We need a the Schweiss Hydraulic Cylinders to lift a heavy 2m x 4m interior floor door that leads down to a vault inside a master closet I can email you the drawing if you email me.

143 Bidding a residential housing job in Indiana need a price on 1-38x18 hydraulic door 1-30x18 hydraulic door would also like option for cost to install.

144 I would like an installed quote on a 20' x 10' hydraulic over head door. It will be installed in a home in Texas. I would like door insulated to withstand heat (not cold). It gets hotter than a pepper sprout down here in the summer. I think the overhead canopy on your hydraulic door will provide shade so when I drop an egg on the sidewalk it won't fry before I get it in the house.

145 I installed a 30" x 72" trap door in the floor to the basement its 3/4 ply with 3/4 oak with 2x4 framing a total of 2 2x4s. I need pistons to make opening easier. Will your hydraulic cylinder doors work for this application? Maybe you can help me, I've heard you do things like this. thanks

146 I need a quote for a one-piece hydraulic door for a huge new highrise downtown. We will need several large hydraulic doors for the secure parking garage in the highrise - the highrise parking garage openings are 40' x 12'. We want to go with Schweiss Doors for the hydraulic parking garage doors. Thank you.

147 Looking for a bi-folding or hydraulic one-piece Schweiss door for an opening of 45'-0" x 14'-0". We're looking for unique hydraulic door for our club hideout so the hydraulic door siding must match exactly. Thank you.

148 I am needing a price on several 12ft wide 14ft high one-piece hydraulic doors for a massive high rise building. These one-piece hydraulic residential condo doors must function in top condition and we need one-piece doors that will last and look stunning.

149 I have installed a trap door in my living area to provide access to my garage. After putting all the wood and flooring over the top, the door now weighs around 150 lbs and is nearly impossible to lift. So, I did some searching and came upon your site. I would like to purchase a Schweiss hydraulic lift door that can make the hatch open and close with ease? Thanks.

150 Hello, I'm looking for an automatic door closer for an interior "barn-door" hydraulic style one piece door in my laundry room. Does Schweiss Doors know of such a product? Would this be your Red Power unit? Thanks,Thelma

151 I would like to begin designing a 11'x9' door for a house that I am working on and would like a basic idea on cost on your Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door with Schweiss Safety Advantage System.

152 I am in the process of a custom home design and would like to specify a Schweiss bifold door. After looking through photos on your website. I would like a bifold that is similar to your New York Restaurant Store Front Project. I would like the bifold to be metal frame with glass folding in half to form an awning. I have listed the overall size as 15' wide by 8' height. The glass panels would be best if the bifold door's width was divide in three equal window panels each being approx. 4'6\" and then the metal frame using up the remainder of the 15' width! The height of the door could be greater than 8' if the proportions looked correct. The windows for this home will be aluminum framed. The bifold door should match this look!

153 This is for residential. Making a garage into a \"woman cave.\" Do you also do swing-out metal one piece hydraulic lift carriage doors? Woman also want to make sure you include your new Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage System.

154 Do you have a rep in or near the San Francisco Bay Area? I'm looking at getting a new Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a residential project and I don't have the equipment to do it myself. Impressed with your new Red Power motors.

155 We're custom home builders, looking for a hanger style door that looks similar to a Wayne Dalton 9600 Sonoma. 9' x 8' high It's going into a Car Barn with a car lift. I need approximate costs for 1 Schweiss Red Power Hydraulic lift door unit, opener and installation, as soon as possible. Thanks, Nathan

156 Dear Schweiss We are looking at putting one of your doors into our new house which still needs to be build on Bonaire in the Dutch Antilles. I haven't decided on style yet, hydro-lift or bi-folding  This would be a substitude for a long sliding door from the living to the porch. Maybe you can send me a brochure including Red Power Electrical System with the possibilities. It somehow has to match with the other standard white frame allu windows. The side connection would be on a concrete column hope to hear from you soon. regards

157 I a looking for a residential application that will be used in a game room. Probably a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power Safety Advantage that will open to the back yard. I am concerned about how to insulate the door as we live in Arizona and is quite hot in the summer. Can you send me photos with examples that might work. Pricing would also be good.

158 Please reply to this email so that I can forward some specifications and drawings for a custom Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a residential project we are bidding on. Need information on your new Red Power Safety Advantage System. Thank you

159 I want to install a Schweiss hydraulic lift residential garage door for a customer in an opening of 8' wide by 7' tall. Please let me know the cost to have it fitted with your Red Power hydraulics. Thank you

160 We have specified two 12'x12' Schweiss hydraulic lift  doors on a recent residential project and we are in the process of providing drawings for their use. Your typical sections and details show the door mounted on the outside face of the building. Is it possible to provide structure on the inside of the building so that the outside face of your door is, more or less, flush with the outside face of the building. Need more info on your interesting Red Power back up system? thanks.

161 Want to know a price on a Schweiss hydraulic lift  door 24 ft wide and 16 ft tall for a large residential building, and also what you have for openers? I hear your new Red Power motors are the way to go. thank you.

162 Building is older with what looks like to be home made rafters. The poles appear to be sound but i have not dug around them to fully check them out. I would like more information on the Schweiss free standing header design also. Looking at one-piece hydraulic lift door with Red Power Safety Advantage System. This is residential.

163 Looking for a 15 ft wide Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a residential application. Believe my husband is seriously interested in your new Red Power Safety Advantage System. I know I am.

164 We have a residential garage hydraulic lift door application with low clearance at 7'-2\" but 30' wide. Header beam will be about an 18\" deep steel beam. Quote your new Schweiss Red Power motor, we want this to be smooth and quiet operation.

165 We are interested in a custom hydro lift door for a residential application. We need ballpark cost information and construction details to integrate into our wall sections. This should also include your Schweiss Red Power safety advantage system and is for a 2 car garage. The rough width is 21'-0\" clear. Any information you can provide would be most appreciated. Thanks.

166 would like an estimate on a hydraulic lift door for residential garage. RO's listed below. side columns are fully grouted reinforced CMU. Header is a W16 steel beam. There is no room to go above the opening height so door would have to completely fit within 10'-6\" dimension. interested in frame only as i would like to custom sheath with wood siding to the Schweiss Red Power backup system doors exterior.

167 Looking for a residential 2 car garage door. Most likely a hydraulic lift door. Would like a \"wood\" exterior or \"bare frame\" that I could install my own siding/stucco to match the house. I am a general contractor-are your doors installable by me or do I have to have someone from your company do the installation? The dimensions below are approximate. I am pricing for budget at this time, to see if it is doable within my meager means!!! (smile) I saw Schweiss Doors mentioned in Custom Home magazine and was impressed with your doors and now even more that you offer Red Power hydraulics.

168 Im looking for a hydraulic lift door for my house. The opening is 8' wide 7' tall. I want something that quietly lifts this door, probably something Schweiss Doors offers in its Red Power Electrical System line.

169 I have a Residential project in New York. we looked at your Schweiss designer hydraulic one-piece doors and really liked them. We would like to use Schweiss hydraulic-lift frosted glass doors, low E glass insulated and tempered, power openers, opening is 7'0\"X16'0\". If possible we would like to do the install. We are ready to get the project moving as soon as possible. Could you give me an idea of what our lead times are as well as a quote for these doors? Also-include Red Power Safety Advantage Systems and if you could give an add alt. number including the free standing header. Thank you

170 Hello, I want to screen in a large outdoor room that is attached to a house. The home is still in the design stage. QUESTIONS: Is it possible to have a hydraulic lift power door that measures approximately: 52' wide x 20' high -- with all screen panels? The main function is to provide protection from insects when closed. A section of the door would swing out over the swimming pool. Can a flap of some sort, run along the bottom of the door and extend slightly into the water? Does a door this size require more than one Schweiss Red Power  motor? Where is the motor located? Thanks

171 Our customer is looking for a Schweiss clear hydraulic lift door that swings open for this opening in his home. Can your doors and Red Power motors lift a door like this to fit this need?

172 I am needing a qoute on a 12'x 40' hydraulic-power door and remote entry. Also attach price for Red Power hydraulic pump. This is for a residential application. Thanks

173 I would like a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lift door to close a span that is 13'5\" wide and 7' 6\" high. We want to install this as a method of sealing our patio so we would like it to have solid panels on the lower half and glass panels on the upper half with a dutch door in the middle. We definately want it to have the new Red Power Safety Advantage System included.

174 I would like to put a 10' high x 18' wide---one piece Hydraulic Lift Schweiss door on an otherwise wood structure tool shop---visualize a stand-alone, double-car garage-type structure detached from my residence. Is it possible to install myself? Please send \"ball-park\" estimate on it with Red Power motor to lift it.

175 We would like 4 one piece hydraulic lift doors for a residential project in Los Angeles. Sizes for each are approximately 18'-2\" wide x 8'-0\" tall. We would like panels to be either some sort of metal such as aluminum or steel or clad in a horizontal cedar siding with Red Power system according to your Schweiss Door recommendation.

176 Need two 10' X 10' hydraulic lift doors... maximum glass... used as awning when open... dual sealed thermo-units with Schweiss Red Power motors for maximum lift for northern climate... shipped to  Canada... please price and email a reply

177 I do not have my exact measurements, however I am looking for a Schweiss hydraulic lift garage door for a one-car garage, attached to an existing wood frame house. I am converting the garage to an office, and cannot have the current garage door hardware assembly and rails overhead inside the garage. I will need your quiet and safe Red Power hydraulics to lift this door. Thank you.

178 This will be a high end residence outside of New Orleans. We want to do a frosted glass one piece hydraulic lift Schweiss garage door. The wind rating will have to be W5 - 130 MPH, so the glass and frame need to meet those standards. Please have door with Red Power Safety Advantage System.

179 We've been looking at standard horizontal double glazed, Schweiss hydraulic lift doors to close in our back patio opening (x2) (part of building, so structural openings) the openings are 8'H x 15W and 8'H x 10'W. I like the uniqueness of your product it offers a great solution to our project. I am definitely interested in looking at a free-standing header possibility, and Red Power Safety backup system as well.

180 This Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece residential application door the contractor wants to stucco and put a 36\" wide window center of door,we will only need the jambs put in we will put in the header and sill. Will require your smooth running Red Power hydraulic pump to lift it.

181 Do you have any CAD details of for your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors? We are planning to use your product on a residence here in Milwaukee, WI. and will want Red Power Safety Advantage System with this door. Thanks jj .

182 Hi, I'm interested in getting a price quote for a Schweiss hydraulic lift garage door with the following dimensions. (Width: 10 ft, Height: 9ft). It is for a new construction home in New Orleans. I am looking for the most simplest and least expensive model and want your recommendation on Red Power hydraulic pump. Thanks.

183 I'm am designing a residential garage/work shop, and I would like to utilize a Schwiss hydraulic lift door to allow for full clearannce inside the shop. I am looking to get a door kit estimate to figure budgeting and plausibility for your Red Power Electric door system. Could I get an estimate for a system for the included dimensions and a cut sheet/list of what is included in and required for your set up. Thanks

184 Want to talk to someone ASAP about a new residential project in Palo Alto, CA where your Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift doors are specified as garage doors. Would like to email someone spec and elevations for pricing of Red Power System Hydraulics. also, who would install in Palo Alto?

185 Looking for specialty hydraulic lift Schweiss doors for our condo project in Puerto Vallarta and our building next to the airport. I only want your Red Power backup system for the concrete airport building. Love the looks and operation of your doors. Outstanding web site saved me time.

186 I want to use Schweiss hydraulic lift doors as a perforated screen in front of a glass residential wall. I am looking at 20' long by 10' wide, 6 doors total 3 on each floor, or 10'x 10' 12 total. The height could be reduced to 7' if that would reduce the cost and want doors to include Schweiss Red Power Electrical System. They need to operate quietly.

187 Hello,I  would like to know how much will cost to build 8 feet or 16 feet width opening by 8 feet high. I am in the process of designing this new addition to an existing house and would love to use your Schweiss Hydraulic Lift one piece door with Red Power Safety Advantage System.

188 Hello We are in the design phase for an ocean front home in Hawaii. We are ocean front but do not get any ocean wave spray. I saw the photos in your designer gallery and I was really impressed. I sent my architect a link to your webpage. Can these windows stay opened at different stops so that we might want to only have a foot or two at the bottom open to the ocean breeze? Also do you do counter balanced windows that raise straight up with your hydraulic lift Schweiss doors? We would want your Red Power Safety Advantage System for sure. Our opening could go 16' high by 13 ft wide or 8' to 10 ' X 13' if we just did the bottom story. Is it possible to give me a ball park price range for the above size windows made to withstand the coastal conditions? Thanks

189 Hello, please see the pictures attached that describes one of our residential properties that could use your Schweiss hydraulic lift door systems to include Red Power Electrical Systems. I have put in some rough dimensions for conversation purposes. These doors would be in up position during the summer months and closed during inclement weather conditions. I look forward to any suggestions that you may have. 

190 We are building a residence on Pender Island outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA. We are interested in using a modified version of your Schweiss hydraulic lift door. There are couple of modifications required for your system to work in our building:1) Instead of one panels, we would need two. That is because there may not be enough room for a two panel system behind a Juliet balcony to slide up to open.2) This door needs to be glazed as we are using it in a bedroom.3) It should also be weather tight. We would want your Red Power hydraulic, but they need to operate quietly.Please review the attached drawing and get back to us as soon as possible. Thank you

191 We're building a new single-family dwelling in Mt. Washington, CA (suburb of LA).Can you supply the Schweiss hydraulic lift door without external cladding? We are using light-gauge 7/8\" Corten corrugated sheet on the facade and would like to apply that to the door frames ourselves.Can you give me quotes on the following two garage door sizes:Rough opening A: 16'-0\" x 7'-0\" Rough opening B: 17'-6\" x 7'-0\" If you can attach a PDF of installation instructions and Red Power hydraulic pumps that would be helpful.Thanks

192 Hi,Greetings from Singapore.Works is a systems integrator and smart home applicator here in Singapore. We have a client who is building a new home in the ultra high-end district of Sentosa Cove Island, Singapore He has charged us to source for a solution to open up his Living room interior to the exterior. I found your website and the Bi-fold and Hydraulic lift Schweiss solutions you provide appear to be quite suitable for this project. Particularly to be used in the same manner as your Designer Glass door for the Red Bull HQ. This would be a first here, and the client likes the idea of Red Power hydraulic pumps after viewing your online images. I have hatched out in red the location for the proposed hydraulic door for your review. The approximate opening size is 10150mm Width X 8000mm Drop converted to feet and inches about : 34' Width X 26' Drop. This will be a full framed glass wall very similar to the Red Bull HQ.If it is viable to fabricate this door and send it here:- We need an approximate quote. quote to include an actual rep from your company to fly down to Singapore to supervise pre-installation and actual installation works.What is the usual workflow with regard to processing this order? From concept to construction.- Warranty, servicing and maintenance matters. In the event of breakdown, how and who will service the system inclusive of preventive maintenance?- Shipping. I understand that you have done a project in China. Were the doors broken into smaller modular pieces for re-assembly? Due to site space access constraints, the product need to be moved in in small pieces and then assembled on site. Glazing can be supplied from Singapore- It is likely that the Professional Engineer in charge will need to obtain approval from our Building Authority. This will require detailed drawings, material specifications and lab testing results..This is what we can think of now. For a start could you kindly respond to the above.The client is a property developer himself and sees this kind of application as a testbed for his future commercial projects.Basement works have been completed and superstructure will start in May. Your soonest reply is most appreciated.

193 I'd like to know if your designer hydraulic lift door with the glass and metal frame can meet residential code requirements for air/water penetration and U-values. I would consider using this as an opening into a living space so will require utilization of your new quiet Red Power hydraulics. Please let me know if this is possible. On my current project I'm thinking in terms of a 7 to 8' high x 18' to 20' wide opening. Do you have a standard size Schweiss door that's about this size? Thanks

194 I was wondering what the cost of the two custom glass Schweiss hydraulic lift doors was in the photo of the day. Opened up the living room. Also what is the smallest height you can work with. I have an 8 ft high opening and will need quiet Red Power hydraulics to lift door. Thanks Randy Kramer

195 We want to use this kind of hydraulic lift glass door as patio door,to have view to the garden and pool.If you can ,send me please what kind of glass patio door do you have and price to include Red Power Safety Advantage lift system. thanks

196 We are looking to do a smaller residential door the opening is 6' wide by 80\" high. Be would like to do a Schweiss hydraulic lift single ( garage type) door that opens out. Steel and glass or aluminum and glass. Red Power Safety Advantage System. Thanks

197 I am interested in a wood frame, residential, exterior Schweiss Door hydraulic lift door, do you all do that? The measurements for the door would be 7 1/2 feet high and about 10 feet in width. I would like a total of 3 glass panels and Red Power Safety Advantage System. Thanks, Brad

198 like to have a price on both a Schweiss hydraulic lift and bi fold door that is 18 feet wide by 12 feet tall. Can you install your Red Power hydraulic pumps on a bifold door? This will go on my new house.

199 I am curious about your doors. I believe I want one or the other of them, probably a Schweiss hydraulic lift door but I would like to know all the advantages of the Red Power Hydraulic pumps, are they safer, why? glass or wood. This is for my house. Please call me. Adeline.

200 These door will be used in a residential three season patio.I would like your Schweiss standard glass hydraulic lift design or if have an optional with the lower section having about 24\" of some type of solid panel. Is it possible to have Red Power operation?

201 I have a client that would like to use your doors. The home project is on the Long Beach, CA and would require California Product Approval. We would also like to be able to apply a stucco finish to the doors. Want Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power Safety Advantage System. Thank you,

202 Do you have a rep in the Sacramento area? Are Schweiss hydraulic lift and bifold doors available for residental uses? Do doors come in custom widths other than even foot widths? Do you recommend Red Power Electrical Systems for residential doors?

203 Hydraulic Lift Doors to be used in a residential shipping container building project on the beach in Puerto Rico. Price as solid doors and as doors with some glass. Corrosion resistance material important -preferably aluminum. Hurricane resistance as well as Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage System.

204 I would like to get specification information and CAD drawings of the hydraulic lift doors for residential applications. Also, if available, I wish to obtain more information about the Schweiss Designer Doors series and Red Power Safety Advantage System you now offer. Thank you.

205 I need a residential garage door in Los Angeles and the hydraulic lift Schweiss door would work very well given the ground conditions. The dimensions are 10'wide by 7' H between posts. I would like to have an idea of what Red Power Safety Advantage System is, difference in price according to material and time from order to delivery. Donna G,  FAIA

206 I am interested in getting a quote for a residential garage door 8' wide by 7' high one piece hydraulic lift. Please include Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage System, remotes and the amount for shipping to Grants Pass, Oregon. Thanks Deb


208 I am trying to bid installation of one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for a residential garage.  Are the one piece doors  shipped assembled, or is that done in the field? Can I install Red Power Electrical System? May have more questions later.

209 This is to be an opening from the living room to the outdoor living space in our new home. With the Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power door I'm not sure how far the bottom portion of the door hangs down when in the upright position from the top of the frame. With my opening being 6'8\" high, what would the clearance height be when open?

210 Hello, We were planning an overhead door for the dining room of modern ICF home. How well insulated is your glass / aluminum hydraulic lift  door? Is there an option to have only manual operation instead of Schweiss Red Power electrical system? What is a budget figure for this?

211 What is available in a 8'x10'  hydraulic lift garauge door for a residence. Have 4x12 header and 4x6 posts in 2x6 walls Want something with wood siding to match house. Also interested in your Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage system. Thanks, Spence

212 I'm interested in the approximate cost of the glass Schweiss hydraulic lift door with size of 12 ft. wide x 7 ft height. This would be installed as an exterior door for residential use like the Designer door pictures on your website. Also include Red Power Safety Advantage System.

213 I have a customer looking for a hydraulic lift one piece door for a 22' w x 13' h opening but the ceiling for the door is 14' h.This is a residential job and she says I should mention your Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage System in this bid.

214 HI, We are building a house and want an insulated one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power door on south side of the house that seals tightly against the windows. The wall is about 30' long, and there are 4 windows -each about 7' tall - evenly spaced on wall. Can you folks do something like this? 

215 Hello I have a house (barn-like) that the window- doors are exposed to sun almost all day. I have a basic cathedral shaped rooftop that has only 2 sides. I currently have sliding barn doors to cover my windows but would like to inquire about your product after a referral. I would also use the door as a \"awning type\" when opened to also protect from falling snow that accumulate on the roof. (is that an issue?) I would probably need 3 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors (with Red Power Safety Advantage Systems) since 2 windows are on 1 side of the house and the other one on the front side. This is a residence constructed in a industrial modern way, which would have the doors fully exposed. Window 1 as two windows with a 6\" gap between them and they both measure 7'6 in width, so about 15 feet since I would use only one H-Door per set. Window 2 is pretty much the same which are on the same side as W1. Window 3, which is by itself, measure 7'6. All windows measure 8 feet in Height. W1 has another set of windows above it and the height between is about 2'5 feet. So in total (2x) 16'x8' door and one 8'x8' door. This is a basic summary of the house and I will await your reply. Thank you

216 Can you sell me only the system (Red Power motors etc.) and I build my own door to you specifications since I live in Mexico and is very expensive to ship the Schweiss hydraulic lift glass decorated door for my Cabana.

217 Working on the drawings now. Range of residential hydraulic lift door size is 14X40 to 16X42 No windows needed, but one door (3') on left side as viewed from outside fitted with Schweiss Doors Red Power Electrical System.

218 This residential building has an older sliding door. The opening does have a I beam. Will a Schweiss hydraulic lift door work. If so we want it with Red Power hydraulics and remote.  John B

219 Seeking Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for a residential project in Seal Beach, CA 1 door 16' wide x 8' high and second door 8' wide by 8' high. Requesting doors contain Red Power hydraulics. Full architectural dwgs are available upon request.

220 Hello again. Just to make sure my contact info was received correctly on the phone today. Pls send over a quote on a 18' x9'9\" Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door for a residential garage application. I want it with Red Power Safety Advantage unit. Thank you very much. Gwen

221 Would like quote on 12x12 hydraulic lift one piece door installed on my home garage. Please tell me more about what your Red Power Safety Advantage System does. Sounds like something I would want from Schweiss Doors.--thank you 

222 I am looking for a hydraulic lift door to fit a 12'w x 9'h opening. I like the one piece Schweiss hydraulic Red Power pump Safety Advantage option with remote control. This is for my garage on my house. My cousin in the next town over has one of your doors and has been trying to talk me into one. She says I'm getting too old to lift my door.

223 I am interested in one piece carriage house style double designer door. What options (or ideas can Schweiss Doors give me). I'm interested in both your Red Power hydraulic lift door and your bifold door. Not sure which will be best for my house.  Lucinda Green, Canton, Ohio

224 Hi, I am building a cabin on a Canadian lake, faces south. I want to have it metal covered, one walk out door. When I build it will be the new styrofoam, cement filled walls so I will have to build frame or beam into the walls and cross beam on roof will be heavy duty as it will hold up insulated roof and door. The front of cabin will be all windows and when I open your Schweiss hydraulic lift door it will be my shade for cement patio in front I want to be able to stop door and set at any angle 0-80 degrees. I want to remotely open it. When I'm gone I can close it and have security and protect my windows from vandalism too. It will take a while to get this all figured out but will work well. I may also mount solar panels on the top of door. I think they are a great door and also my cousin has one on his hangar and works great! Swears by your Red Power pump backup system. Thanks Ted

225 On top of your website, you have a residential application for Schweiss hydraulic lift and bifold doors. Could you e-mail me residential applications as i have been trying to sell that concept but have been unsuccessful without a source and photos. Also Red Power Hydraulic pump brochures.

226 Looking for preliminary pricing for (4) Schweiss hydraulic lift doors approx. 6' wide x 10' tall. Could they please include your Red Power Safety Advantage System.These are for two of my homes, one in Florida and the other in New York.

227 Need technical & pricing data for hydraulic lift doors to use as storm doors for new Texas coast residence. Typical sizes: 8 ft. X 8 ft., 12 ft. X 8 ft. & 16 ft. X 8 ft. Prefer a manual drive opening system, but if Schweiss Red Power hydraulics is priced right will consider that as well. Do Schweiss Red Power pumps come in all sizes and lift capacity?

228 We are currently designing a custom, operable shutter for a residential building. We are interested in doing a hydraulic lift hanger style door system that we can custom clad. It could be either one big door or a couple different sized doors that cover a 24' wide x 10' high area. Just curious about the cost implications of this and if it is possible. Please let us know if you would like us to send you drawings for clarification. Want Schweiss doors with Red Power backup system.  Greg

229 Hello, Interested in one of your hydraulic lift doors for a remodel on my house. Door opening I would like to be between 10ft and 12ft by 7ft tall.Will require Schweiss Red Power Safety Advantage System. Colors need to match. Thanks, Susie Q.

230 I like the look of the basement door you made that is on your Schweiss Doors website. I'm considering a similar application for our house. I have a few questions about your doors. 1. I see the cold weather package information on your site. What kind of infiltration numbers do the doors have when fully fitted for cold weather? 2. I hate to assume, so would a hydraulic lift door be able to have thin stone veneer on it.? 3. What is a ballpark price on a door that would allow a clear opening of 8' high by 9' wide? The door would be with Red Power hydraulics, the cold weather options, the remote control, and the auto locking option. Delivery would be to the Indianapolis, Indiana area. From looking at everything on your website, I think I prefer the hydraulic lift door especially now since you have better lifting Red Power motors. Also, if the infiltration numbers are much better for the hydraulic, that would lean my decision that way.

231 I'm looking to mount a one piece hydraulic lift door on the exterior of my house. It is brick and concrete construction. The bottom of the door would be attached to a concrete wall while the top would attach to brick. The opening is roughly 9ft wide by 7 ft high. Do your Schweiss Red Power pumps go on  residential garage doors? Also, are the doors able to be lifted by hand. What type of price range would be applicable if I self install the garage door? Thanks

232 I have a 20x12 opening with a specific wood carriage style look requested. The client wants no overhead tracks inside the residence. Wants your one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power Safety Advantage system and two remotes.

233 I'm building a house and was interested in installing one of your one piece hydraulic lift doors from my great room to a 32' wide deck. But it would need to have a decent insulation rating and be able to handle storms. Please fit with Schweiss Doors Red Power Safety Advantage System.

234 I have a 12 foot by 12 foot opening I need a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door, built weather tight with remote operation no windows I will side the door with siding that matches the garage how much will this door cost with Red Power hydraulic lift options and remotes.

235 I would like to receive specs and any ACAD details that you would have for a Schweiss Doors Red Power motorized wood hydraulic lift door. The project is a house in Long Island, NY, and is wood frame construction.Your custom made doors are very professionally designed.

236 I am in the idea/design phase of my new home in Minnesota. I own a south facing lot on Minnetonka and looking for passive solar ideas. I was wondering about incorporating a hydraulic lift one piece Schweiss door system with glass or plexi for lake views in my walkout basement with flexibility to open up the doors during good weather onto my walkout patio. I am concerned about thermal performance probably more so in the winter w/heat loss as I could probably mitigate solar gain in summer with overhangs etc...Any recommendations on a Red Power pump system that could do that with some thermal performance?

237 We have looked into your product before and I was wondering if you can do custom windows. I found this great picture and we were curious if this is something you could make or a style similar? The larger Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power garage doors are great, but we are looking at a smaller patio application and thought something more sized to a window style would be better. Thanks! Nicole

238 Dear Sirs, Can you please email me photos showing domestic applications of your Red Power Schweiss hydraulic lift doors -- preferably with older buildings in a rural setting. The site in question is in the South of France in a landmarked area of vines used to make wine. Thanks, Bill

239 Please quote the following for a 14' high x 42' wide opening to house a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door with Red Power Electrical system. Door will go on my garage and should match exterior of house.

240 Please quote one piece hydraulic lift door at 30' wide and one at 12' wide, both 8' high. Quote each Schweiss door in wood (pine preferred) with a row of windows, and again in sheet metal or similar material, to be painted red to match the metal roof on our cabin. Red Power Electrical. This is for a residential patio enclosure area at our cabin.

241 I am working on a residential addition, a new garage/gym extension. One of the doors we would like to have a fully glazed (full view door) with aluminum frame that is either a Schweiss hydraulic  \"up-swing\" or \"bi-fold\" for the gym, we have not made a final decision on that. The dimensions are about 15' wide by 8' tall. Can you supply us with documentation and images so we can show our client? There is the image on your front page but it looks like a rendering. I also see you have a Red Power hydraulic pump. Can you send brochures detailing that as well. Thank you, Dino

242 I would be interested in the residential door, one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift door designed to match exterior of wood siding. Include pricing on your Red Power hydraulic lift backup system. Looking at your doors on your web site, all I can say is I'm impressed with your quality work.

243 I have a question about the overhead Schweiss hydraulic lift door and the exposed Red Power motor at the interior side. I know that these doors are typically used in industrial spaces but we are thinking of using on in a living room type space. Do you have any photos of what the interior side of the door looks like when it is closed?

244 I am currently bidding a project in which your specified hydraulic lift doors are required. The project is in Philadelphia, PA. There are (3) residential units reuqired. (1) @ 20'-0\"x9'-0\", (1) @ 10'-0\"x9'-0\" and (1) @ 9'-0\"x-'-0\". I would like to receive a quote which includes your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic systems for the above mentioned. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Johnny B.

245 Planning a house with (1) 18 x 11(aprox) and (1) 16 x 8 Garage Doors. Insulated and maintenance free are important factors. Looking to get 10' or more clearance on first Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Garage ceiling 12' Will want Schweiss Red Power backup systems for both doors.

246 We will be building a runway living subdivision with homes starting this spring. The garage door cutout will be approximately 16' x 7'-7.5\". We are looking for system hardware and opener. Schweiss Hydraulic Lift door would be preferable but it could be a bifold also. Include prices on Red Power units and two remotes.

247 I have built a timber style runway living home with an attached hangar. I am looking to use a hydraulic lift door with aluminum skin on the inside and outside with polystyrene insulation sandwiched between. I will then install a decorative wood finish on the exterior. Need a price on these materials and Red Power Schweiss backup system.

248 Hello, I have been contracted to build several hangers for a small public airport real estate development. Just looking at pricing Schweiss hydraulic lift and bifold doors for near future decision. Can you send brochures on your doors and Red Power Hydraulic Pumps shown on your informative Schweiss Door web site.

249 Starting process of designing a new home to be built in SE Kansas. The main living/kitchen area will be a large room (25ft wide by 60ft long by 16ft high ceilings). The main structure will be steel I-beams. On one of the 60ft walls will be 2 large doors - approximately 18ft wide by 14ft tall. The doors will be all glass. We are wanting Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece doors vs. bifold doors. We would like to get more information on the Red Power hydraulic pump options and estimated costs. Thanks

250 I would like more specific details @ the jamb and head conditions. We are trying to do a flush mount hydraulic lift residential door with wood paneling with really tight reveals. I would like more specific information on your Schweiss Doors unique Red Power hydraulic lift applications. We would like a 10'X10' door. If you can't send old shops or standard details @ the head and jamb I would like to know what measurement 'F' is in the -how to measure- tab. Also whether the tube frame would be a 2x2 or a 3x3 profile. We have a need for six doors. Three will be installed into a CMU wall and the others in a heavy timber structure.

251 I am going to need these hydraulic lift doors on my guest house to have a clear of 14'-0\" when opened. I am going to say the door needs to be 15'-0\" please advise what the correct dimension should be and what Schweiss Red Power options it should have.

252 I have a 7 ft high by 8ft wide opening. I would like the Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door to swing out on the bottom if possible. If this is steel or aluminum, can I put ceder on the outside to match the house.? I would like Red Power Safety advantage system too. thank you ......

253 Our company has installed a door of yours that was purchased by the homeowner. We have another customer building in the same area that will need a 42x13 Schweiss hydraulic lift door and I would like to get a quote. She says she wants Red Power Safety Advantage System with it, and remotes. Thanks,  Cowboy Cosgrove, Luckenbach, TX

254 Would like to convert my two individual 8' wide x 7' high manually lifted and Red Power lifted (standard 4-section residential) redwood overhead garage doors to your hydraulic lift door system. Can the existing sectional panels be re-used as the \"skin\" or exterior surface cladding on your framework. Your Schweiss website really helped me find what kind of door I wanted on my home.

255 Looking to get a price on a Schweiss Hydraulic Lift  door for a opening that is aprrox. 16' wide and 7' tall. The designer-style of door would have a modern translucent white panels in a metal frame. Please call if you have any questions.I am not sure about the hardware or Red Power hydraulics, as this is my first door from your company, but it is for residential use only.

256 I am building an outdoor kitchen on my patio and I would like to put doors there so I can decide when it is an outdoor kitchen and when it is not. Opening that I need one or two doors is 32 feet wide and 9 feet tall. I like your one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power Safety Advantage System and remotes.  Thank you, Ruth

257 We are looking at using one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door systems for a opening in our new home. Can they be customized to match exterior or possibly built with glass for an outside view. Also interested in what your Red Power Safety Advantage System will do for us.

258 I am interested in your Schweiss aluminum hydraulic lift door with lites- we are looking at installing a 8'x8' and a 10'x8' in a house. Could you tell me what your best U-value is? Include Red Power Safety Advantage System. Email is the best way to contact me. Thanks!

259 Do you have a Florida Product Number for installation of a Schweiss Red Power Hydraulic Lift Door as a residential garage door in Florida?

260 Please send info on the following Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for residential use:10' x 10'12' x 12'12 x 14' Red Power hydraulic pump Lowest cost, shipping, etc.

261 The concrete (block) building is going to have an upstairs loft apartment with a gambrel roof. I would like to have Schweiss Doors install a one piece hydraulic lift door with Red Power Electrical System. I want a quiet operating door please. Lou

262 Need quote on following Schweiss hydraulic lift  doors 1-24x16 insulated in Rochester, 18'sidewalls 1-20 x16 uninsulated in New Prague, MN option insulated 18' sidewalls. Red Power hydraulic back up system. Remote openers. Residential use.

263 Would like information on cost of 2 residential use units (delivered) to Lineville, AL (size as indicated below) Also, would like a separate figure for Installation of both Schweiss Hydraulic Lift doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps (we can provide a forklift for installation). Need this information as quickly as possible. Thanks, Barbara D.

264 I have a custom residential project and am interested in using your Schweiss one piece door system. Can you send me some cost information on a basic residential 2 car hydraulic lift garage door with Red Power backup system? thanks.

265 We are interested in your Schweiss hydraulic lift H design (Flush) doors. We are planning to use it in residential projects with 8'X17' garage opening. Please provide construction detail and recommendations on Red Power backup systems.

266 This is a residential project. I prefer the full glass with aluminum mullion look of the photo reference in photo #14. Are the Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power motors weather tight enough to use in a living space? Scott

267 I am looking to incorporate one piece Schweiss hydraulic lift garage doors into a townhomes project located near Springfield, PA. Are there any CAD details you could send so I may have a better idea how to detail the door condition? Also, are the doors able to be mounted onto a CMU garage wall? How much are your Red Power hydraulic pumps.

268 You have already supplied a Mr. Ferrel with hangar doors on the same site that I am buliding a house. I want my Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece garage door (with Red Power backup system) to match the exterior of my white house. If that's not possible please let me know. 

269 We are designing a 2 story residential structure. It will be a concrete garage with concrete slab ceiling/floor assembly for the main floor above. There will be 2 garage door openings, 10'-6\" W x 6'-8\" H, clear rough opening. I am curious as to how the Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift system will fit within the concrete structure and if a secondary steel sub-structure is needed. I am also curious if the doors can sit flush or setback from the exterior face of the 12\" thick concrete wall to provide shadowing. The design would call for a mode , rusted steel look like the private garage in San Rafael, CA.

270 I need a cost for a 14'wide x 9' tall hydraulic lift door for a private residence. We will be putting in our own paneling on the frame... it will probably be polycarbonate panels. Are there colors that we can choose for the frame color? Can we get it with the Schweiss Safety Advantage System?  Jean

271 We'd like to get a rough estimate on the cost of a 9-3x8-0 hydraulic lift door with aluminum and glass construction in a residential application, Similar in look to the Stanford project mentioned on your Schweiss web site. How about Red Power Safety Advantage System, what does it do?

272 Hi, I am interested in getting a quote and some technical advice about making two one piece hydraulic lift glazed doors for a house in the UK. Technical advise on your Schweiss Red Power Electrical System will be most helpful.

273 I have a residential project on a lake. I have a 34' opening, but my need to have two Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power Safety Advantage System doors due to span limits to support the above structure and roof load. Want a open and unobstructed view and when closed have security and \"glass wall\" closure. It is West South-West facing so the Texas heat load is great in the summer. Any suggestions. Bart.

274 Our condo is looking for a quieter door opener than our current multi-panel door. The door leads to an underground car park. It is about 7' tall and 20' wide, but I haven't measured. Have you ever put a door in a condo? We would probably need a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door. I've read or heard that your Red Power hydraulic pumps are very quiet and have better lift. How much door would hang down into the open space?  Jenny

275 I would like to get a cost estimate on 3 hydraulic lift Schweiss doors. They would all be Red Power motorized assisted. This is is to be use in privite residence. The exterior panel would have a wood in fill. Any suggestions on inside panel, can it be painted to match my walls?  Freida

276 We're interested in Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and any details or information you can provide on your new Red Power hydraulic pumps to present to our client. This is a residential application for a flush mounted door approximately 9' clear height by 29' wide. She wants to know if door can be fitted with red cedar to match her home.

277 We will be building a new subdivision with homes starting this spring. We will be using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)and will use the exterior wall window cutouts for interior shutters; use exterior door cutouts for doors. The garage door cutout will be approximately 16 x 7- 7.5 and with trim and outside finish will weight about 800 lbs. We are looking for hydraulic lift door system hardware and your Schweiss Red Power openers. One piece door will be perfect for this application. Please have a Rep contact me. Thank you.

278 We would like information on your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for residential use. Door size either 8 feet high and 9 wide or 9 x 9. As well, do you have information about automatic garage door openers. and Red Power hydraulic pumps. Please email information about distributors in Manitoba or Saskatchewan.

279 Can Schweiss Doors manufacture a hydraulic lift  door to go inside home. It's an entrance to stairs that go into the attic that I made into an extra room. I wanted something different, not just the standard interior door look. I like the looks of your glass and designer doors. It's been mentioned to me that you now have a new Red Power hydraulic system too.  Martha Reinhardt

280 I would like more information on how to specify your product. Do you have a representative in my area. I would like to have your Schweiss bifold or hydraulic lift one piece doors with Red Power options on my new home. I am remodeling/ adding on to an existing Midcentury modern home and your glass and aluminum doors would work perfectly with the esthic that I am going for. Please contact me soon I need to enclose the carport asap.

281 I'm working on a custom residence and am interested in any CAD details you can provide of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. The house is steel and wood framed, so details on Red Power hydraulic systems for both types of structure would be useful. We prefer the flush mounted appearance. Impressed with the quality construction of your doors. Seen a few around Seattle and in Idaho.

282 Wanting a price quote on a hydraulic lift one piece residential designer door for resale with opening dimension of 24'4\" x 14'4\". Any information or a pricing list would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mike, looking for to doing more business with you. Everybody likes your door.  Harold

283 I am interested in a hydraulic door for a competition for a low-cost housing prototype home. I was looking at the \"greenhouse\" styled door on your Schweiss website. If I could get a quote to get an idea of the price range with a Red Power backup system that would be great.

284 I am pricing a Schweiss hydraulic one piece  door for an residential project. The diminsions are 6'10\"X 8'10\". It will be made out 16mm polycarbonite panels which I can supply. After we talked I've decided I will go with the Red Power hydraulic pump backup system.  Thank you

285 We are considering a door such as yours in a residentitial setting. What is needed for side support for a 10' x 10' door. What kind of header would we need for you to attach to? What kind of finnish comes on the door? I would not want one with to commercial a look and with Schweiss Red Power option. Thank you for your time. Penny. .

286 My name is John and I am interested in purchasing a Schweiss hydraulic one piece garage door for my residence in Los Gatos (San Jose-bay area) CA. I am completely remodeling my home from the ground up. The new framing construction has a I beam across the top of a 3-car garage door that I currently 28'-6\" wide an approximately 11'-6\" High. The width I know is correct the height I need to re-measure to verify. MY questions are What finishes can I put on the door? Wood,stucco,metal? Will your Red Power Hydraulic Pump run quietly? Approximate turn around time from date of order? Cost of shipping to the Bay Area? Installation? Does it need to be thru an authorized installer? Or can it be done with someone who has practical knowledge of framing/construction/homeowner? Can someone please call me to discuss my options. I unfortunately do not spend much time in front of a computer screen answering emails Thanks Peter V.

287 Looking to incorporate your hydraulic door systems into our new residential project and would like quote and standard details. All are endwall applications with ample head clearence. We would like to apply horizontal wooden siding to meet flush when closed. Doorway cover 1 (Metal 6\"x6\"posts on both ends) A:14'-6\" B:7'-6\" clear C:9'-0\" plenty of headroom Doorway cover 2 A:4'-8\" B:7'-6\" clear C:9'-0\" plenty of headroom Window cover 1 (metal 6\"x6\" posts on both ends) A:14'-0\" B:4'-0\" clear C:5'-6\" plenty of headroom Window cover 2 (Metal 6\"x6\" posts on both ends) A:4'-2\" B:4'-0\" C:5'-6\" All Schweiss doors with Red Power Safety Advantage Systems and plenty of headroom I'm sure you will need more information from me however, this should be enough to get started. I look forward to your response. Jacob C.

288 I would like to know what is the smallest one piece hydraulic door and also the smallest Red Power hydraulic pump Schweiss Doors company manufactures. I am thinking of using them in a residential context if price permits. Look forward to hearing from you. Anna D. Architect

289 I am interested in 48 hydraulic door units for an industrially designed LiveWork Condominium Project. I will need these units to be fully glazed w/ 5/8\" Polygal RFX. Also, we will need good seals and weatherization since they are used conditioned space. Aluminum Frame-Schweiss Doors Red Power hydraulic pump operation, remote openers (2 each) -Fully glazed-Weatherproof-Designer Series. Installed in Austin, Texas suburb.

290 We are quoting a building addition to Scot Forge in Spring Grove, IL. They want an 18'x 20' hydraulic lift door with Red Power Electrical System in the endwall of addition. Project will start in September.

291 HI, We are building several homes, and watned to try the one piece door option. I have included a size and would like a quote on a Red Power Safety Advantage System frosted glass hydraulic Schweiss garage door if possible, or a simple insulated alumimum door. Do you ahve any installers in the Houston area? Jay

292 I would like to have a Schweiss hydraulic one piece  glass door in my house. Please let me know if you have some one in San Francisco or near by to install and design it with your Red Power Safety Advantage System. Thank you, Juan D.

293 Hello, I have an existing residential project in Memphis, that is very barn like in appearance. I have two openings that lead from the inclosed pool area to the back yard. Each opening is 8' x 20'. I am looking for a \"canopy style\" door, \"Schweiss hydraulic with Red Power Safety Advantage system. Doors would be clad in something that provides moderate insulation. I would like information on pricing, leadtime and installation. I would also like to know about options such as, semi transparent windows and a walk door built with in the big door.

294 Curious as to costs for residential applications compared to the conventional track overhead door. Do you have a Schweiss hydraulic door that can be dolled up to blend in with outside of my home. I want it for my two car garage.

295 I am very interested in your one piece hydraulic Schweiss garage doors as sun protection for housing I am designing. I'd like to substitute a mesh over the basic framework in substitution for the cladding. Please give me a very rough idea of the cost of a Red Power hydraulic pump with Safety Advantage System door about 18' wide and 20' high. It looks like you have wonderful products. Thanks. Carolyn

296 I'm considering using a Schweiss one piece hydraulic door as an insulating cover panel/sun shade over a large glazed south facing opening in a passive solar residence. The one piece will not be used as a door that will be closed a large part of the time. It will be closed only at night during winter. Might frame be built of steel angles bolted to the perimeter of 4\" SIPS panels, the panels providing a portion of the structural stiffness? I can send drawings as soon as I get a little farther along in the design development phase of the project. I'm looking also to get the Red Power Safety Advantage System. Is there extra cost for a designer door?

297 I have a residential project that your one piece doors would work well for. We have (2) 9'x6'-10\" hydraulic Schweiss doors in wood. Can you send me some info on the doors and Red Power hydraulic pump sizes and a ballpark price that I can present to the client. Thanks, Micheal D.

298 I would like to use your Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors on a new home I am building for myself. I saw the photo's of a project designed by Peter G. in July 2007 Architectural Record magazine. (page 180) Please send me pricing information. What do you provide? Install? I have 4 - 10' -0\" doors that I would like costing on. I see by your Web Site you have come out with a new \"Red Power\" hydraulic pump. Is that something I should have? Please have a Schweiss Doors rep call me.

299 I am building a new house and I had planned to install aluminum frame hydraulic one piece doors with full glass panels. I noticed that you build aluminum frame bi-fold doors with glass panels, do you also do them in Schweiss hydraulic doors with Red Power Safety Advantage Systems per your web site as well. I have a few questions: How well do your doors seal from air infiltration? My garage stalls will be heated. How would the cost of such a glass/ aluminum doors compare? I have been quoted $ for another door with clear glass.

300 Home is built. Hip roof, steel frame with brick veneer. Header is 3\" 16 ga tubing with a 24\" 55# I-beam set back 6 feet to support the header. Header support legs are 3\" square 16ga tubing. Ready for your Schweiss hydraulic one piece door with Red Power backup system. Let's rock & roll baby!

301 I am interested in using a Red Power Pump  Schweiss Doors \"once piece\" door system in a series of 5 houses for a project in Marrakech, Morocco. We would be using the hydraulic system to lift an outer layer of wooded shutters that are 8' tall. I see that you have overseas shipping available. I would like to have a estimate to start a conversation about this work. I can send pdfs to describe the projects. Please contact me via email at my Paris, France office. I look forward to hearing from you, William

302 We're looking for a residential installation, though the building has a more commercial feel. The Schweiss hydraulic door would be clad in metal that something we can apply in the field? Will this come with your Red Power hydraulic pump.

303 I have a residence that I need to put a Schweiss hydraulic \"Red Power\" door in. I need about 8' of clearance to the top of my door. my ceiling height will be 9'-7 1/4''. This leaves only 19 1/4'' head height over our door. This product will be used in Florida, Does any of your products have the Florida product approval numbers?

304 Hi - We're working on a new home in Hawaii that will have exterior doors/shutters on every opening. We're considering tilt-up hydraulic lift Schweiss custom wood doors. The opening sizes range from 3' wide x 3' high to 20' wide x 10' high. Is there someone there that I could speak with about your Red Power pumps? I have drawings I could email to show you the basic scope of the job.

305 Looking to use doors on high end residence made primarily of glass. Would like to have more information on both Schweiss bi-fold and hydrolic doors with Red Power Safety Advantage Systems. Case studies are helpful IE: Global Ecology Center and Guthrie. any residential applications would be helpful. -Thanks, Michael

306 This door, Schweiss hydraulic one piece, will be in a heated living room at the third story of a wood frame building. There will be steel shear walls at either side of the door opening. The edge of each shear wall closest to the door can be steel tube of the size you specify. The door is facing a lake, so wind loads might be an issue when the door is open or closed. I'd like the door to be of aluminum with as much double-pane glass as possible. If we can get a U-value of 0.35, the building department will be happy. I can use details, will new Red Power hydraulic pumps, especially at the edges, help keep out wind and rain at the edges and at the joints. How big is the Red Power operating equipment?

307 Do you have any Schweiss Door sales reps in Chicago area? We are looking for pricing on your hyrdraulic Red Power product for our condominium building for a wall approx. 22'-0\"L x 10'-0\"H. Please call

308 Hello, I'm planning on using one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors with Red Power System in a residential project and I just had a few general questions. Its a wood construction home and I want the door flush with the exterior siding. 1. What is the minimum spacing I need to accomodate the single hinges at the top of the door before the exterior building sheeting begins? 2. Is a free standing header required, or can the the structural header onto which the door is attached be the only horizontal member within the total opening? 3. Are there any materials I should avoid when choosing what to sheath the exterior of the door? Thank you for you time, Audrey H.

309 Residential use. Replacing heavy sliding door or wood (cedar) and metal construction. Prefer remote/electronic Schweiss Red Power opening mechanism for one piece hydraulic door.

310 I am interested in the bi-fold design for my 16' x 7' residential garage, due to headroom consideration for a lift. What would the options and approximate costs be please? Can a DIY type installation be done? What kind of additional costs can I expect if I have to pay for installation? Many Thanks.

311 Good afternoon, I have been sent a residential plan to quote a roof truss package which includes a hangar spec'ing your bifold door. They have called out a 45' x 14' bifold (no model # or any other info). Would you have any information that I could use to quote the trusses at the door area? (i.e: loads, weights or attachment specs) Tthank you so much for your help!

312 I need to know the price range for the framework and hardware for a residential garage bifolding door, 10 ft wide and 14 ft tall. How long does the installation typically take? Please tell me more about these free standing headers. Thank you for your time.

313 I'm looking to buy an upward acting bi-fold metal door for a residence. It needs to be 8'-0\" x 7'-0\" with an electric opener. Do you have such an item?Do you do residential garage door projects? What is I need my siding to match too?

314 Would it be possible to adapt your mechanisms to an existing residential garage door unit? One of the conditions that we were considering implementing is creating a unit composed of four horizontal sections. Pairs could be unified creating equal size upper and lower sections similar to bi-fold door illustrations. The community has design restrictions that would require maintaining the existing appearance, so I am looking to exactly match the existing appearance and siding. If this is possible, I will send the dimensions and weight criteria for pricing. Thanks.

315 I was wondering what the cost is for clear bifold doors for a residential application. We want a reliable, sharp looking door to impress the neighbors!

316 I'm seeking really cool looking hydraulic doors for residential use as garage doors. I have limited overhead space and I need opening of 6'6\" high and 8' wide. I want to upgrade my personal garage and increase the value of my property by purchasing a great, custom built hydraulic door for my home garage.

317 We are adding on to our residential home and looking for an affordable residential one-piece hydraulic doors without \"tracks\" for a spa room. Can you quote us spa room hydraulic doors for a 16'6\" wall. And possibly a second wall 12'. Both have 10'ceilings. The glass panels would seem to be perfect.We are looking for custom built hydraulic spa room doors that are both private hydraulic doors and decorative hydraulic doors. 

318 I just purchased a residential house in NC. It comes with an aircraft hanger which is stucco. I am looking for large moving one-piece powerful hydraulic stucco doors. I plan to use it to store my cars and motorcycles safely with your autolocking and remote operating one-piece hydro power hydraulic doors. Your red power motor hydraulic doors look like very interesting hydraulic doors. I would like to get just a general BALLPARK estimate on what a one-piece Schweiss hydraulic door would cost.

319 I need to retrofit my Condominium one-piece hydraulic doors. 17 door openings of approx. 11'-10\" wide x 5'- 2\" high that need replacement with the one-piece red power Schweiss hydraulic doors. They are for electrical panel rooms that are not deep enough for a kick-up door/roller door/sectional door, etc. The top sliding doors there now have disintegrated over time. Do you have a one-piece hydro power hydraulic condominium door solution?   Perhaps you would have the answer?

320 Have an RV storage carport that I need to add a RV park one-piece hydraulic door to. Look at bifold but limited on header area. So looking for a hydraulic RV storage hydraulic Door. would be approx 24' wide by 13' tall. What would be approx RV hydraulic door clearance measurement of one-piece hydraulic carport door when folded at open end of \"V\"? Need to make look like normal steel garage door. Wind load would be from both inside and outside as carport is open on sides.

321 I'm wanting to do a bifold door or a residential hydraulic door on my small residential garage. Do you make & sell the necessary residential garage hydraulic door hardware that a contractor could install & finish the hydraulic garage door with plywood & siding? The residential hydraulic one-piece door opening is 9' wide and 8' tall- Please reply at your earliest convenience.


323 I was wondering if you did any residential bi-fold doors or residential hydraulic one-piece doors. I have a 9'x7'door that a bi-fold or hydraulic door would be perfect. Also this residential door would need the state of Florida product approval Thanks

324 I need to specify a stainless steel (or stainless steel clad) bi-folding (upward acting) Schweiss garage door for a residence in CO. can you help me with this residential bi-fold garage door?

325 Greetings, I am currently working on a residential project in New York City and we're considering using custom built Schweiss horizontal bi-fold doors or one-piece hydraulic doors. Is there anyway you could email me some residential door details describing how your residential hydraulic or bi-fold door system works. I'm interested in the door mechanism (size and location) as well as the door dimensions for the mullions and transom pieces. Also I'm interested in how the buildings steel structural system can integrate these Schweiss hydraulic or bifolding doors. Thank you.

326 I am building a new home in North Carolina.The plan has two 9'wide X 7' high garage doors. I would like information on a custom built Schweiss carriage door decor in your door style. Please provide custom built Schweiss door price as well as specifications for this door request.

327 This new hydraulic one-piece door is for a residential condo penthouse in new york city. I would like to understand rough door costs for a steel framed insulated glass clad bi-fold doors without straps and the one-piece hydraulic door option too. Door CAD details would be very helpful also. can the Schweiss Red Power hydraulic door or bifold door motor be mounted at the head above the ceiling line?

328 We would like to get some more information and a price quote for a Bi-Fold door or a one-piece hydraulic Schweiss door in a residential project in north carolina. Schweiss hydraulic door size is 8'0\"x8'-0\". Would like Anodized Aluminum hydraulic door, with clear tempered glazing. We can send drawings if needed. Much Thanks,

329 Hi, We are a residential architecture firm interested in Schweiss bi-fold door and hydraulic doors. We'd like to get a ballpark estimate of an aluminum and glass bifold door for a residential application. Also what would a one-piece aluminum and glass hydraulic door cost, or a solid panel hydraulic door, faced with wood or some other siding material?

330 Hi - This custom designed hydraulic Schweiss door is for new residential construction. Would like the hydraulic residential one-piece door to be manual operation if possible. We have designed the hydraulic door to be skinned in aluminum with a window.

331 Please send a brochure or literature on your bi-fold doors and the Schweiss hydraulic doors. I have a client that may be interested in Schweiss Doors hydraulic doors or bi-fold doors for his single family, contemporary, residence. Thank you.

332 The application is for a custom home door for use as a sun screen multi-panel door. I need three 8'-0 panels, 8 x 8 panels with a translucent material on a steel galvanized door frame. Please provide quick hydraulic door quote, this maybe too costly and I do not want to waste your time. Thank You, 

333  Residential outbuilding with low (7' 3\" ) clearance. Would like a quote on a double car width bifold door or a double car width one-piece hydraulic garage door and an automatic door opener Also, is this a hydraulic door 'kit' that my home rough in carpenter can install? thanks

334 We are looking to see if you make a 6ft high x 8ft wide one-piece custom hydraulic door. We have a door on the garage underneath our house. However it only measures 6ft high. The current door pulls out like Schweiss one-piece hydraulic doors but manually. Please advise if you sell this custom size residential garage hydraulic door. Thanks you.

335 We are in the process of building a residential garage with a hydraulic truck lift and we are looking for a single panel hydraulic door that would swing out and up so that there is no interference with the vehicle that may be up on the lift. I would like information on available residential garage hydraulic door sizes and hydraulic door designs on both doors (Hydraulic & bi-fild) that may fit our needs to accommodate our clients needs.

336 I am interested in replacing my residence garage door with a bi-fold door or your Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door. I want to put a vehicle lift in the garage, so I need a hydraulic door door and mechanism that will not consume any of the interior space. The door dimensions are 15' wide by 7' tall. I have 16\" of space above the top of the garage opening. Would you please give me a cost estimate for a bi-fold door or Schweiss hydraulic garage door? Thanks.

337 Good Day, Would you advise if you have an Australian Schweiss Doors agent or Schweiss Doors manufacturer of your bifold doors or hydraulic doors. I am looking for a bifold door or a custom hydraulic door for a kitchen cupboard similar to your bifold garage doors or hydraulic garage doors. Are you able to provide an approximate quote on this type of lighter hydraulic architectural doors? The light custom hydraulic door I am thinking of making will be 3.2 meters wide and each leaf of the door would be 800milimetres deep, ie. total height of the hydraulic door 1.6metres. Please advise if this is possible using the lift strap or hydraulic actuators. My preference would be for a top mounted lift strap door arrangement. Please advise what would be the speed of opening the hydraulic door. Regards.

338 We are currently involved with a residential house located in Santa Monica. We would be interested in integrating your hydraulic doors into a residential hydraulic door design. It would be great if you could send us your designer residential doors catalog and a local contact if available. Thank you

339 We are looking for a Hydraulic Door for a boathouse project on Lake Vermilion, Cook, MN. I would like to get a quote on a door sized at: 18'-0\"w X 7'-0\"h with a design/style/color to blend in with a log structure. Would this quote include installation or just door? Can the door be installed by others?

340 Our firm is in the early design stages of a 12 story downtown condominium development. Instead of traditional curtain wall or operable windows for glazing we're looking into using hydraulic garage door/hanger doors in each unit to open up the spaces to the outdoors. We really like some of the custom glass bi-fold doors on your site and would appreciate any information you could share with us about things like, price (volume discounts on custom doors as we'll have nearly 90 units, if you've ever done any installations in a mid rise residential condition, if insulated glass is an option in your doors, and because of the building's sustainability goals anything about the thermal efficiency of the doors would be appreciated. We're thinking a door size somewhere around 12x8. Thanks, Ryan G.

341 You all, I would like a qoute on a one piece hydraulic lift door for my home, actually for the garage on my home, the size of our opening is 19 by 7 feet and of course I would like the remote. Thanks, Alisha

342 I'm looking at a residential application for your product. It would be used in several bedrooms as a means of opening the space to the outside. The original idea was to use the single hydraulic door so that when it opened, it would provide shade over the patio. From the looks of the images though, I think your one piece hydraulic door may be the ticket. The bi-fold door is also a possibility. I read that the bi-fold door has a hand operated option, is that correct? And does that same option come with the hydraulic? The largest door would be 9' x 10'. Thanks!

343 I am interested in seeing if your product could work for my lake cabin. I have three openings that are approximately 16' wide by 12' tall. Configuration, man doors, glass sizes, and cost are all items for the decision making. Please contact me as soon as possible with estimates on both hydraulic one piece and bifold lift strap doors. David

344 We have a couple of opportunities to use your products on some small, residential applications, and we have several questions. What kind of weather seal do you have on the bi-fold and hydraulic doors? Can we use insulated glass in the aluminum frame? Is the motor always mounted on the door? Are any of the models manually operable (i.e., without a motor)? How much money are we looking at (ballpark) for a unit that's 8' tall by 13' wide? what kind of loads will this door impart on the jamb and head? Thanks. Cool doors.

345 I am looking for an old metal fire door to replace a sliding rail system in my loft space. Any idea how I might do this? Would your installers remove the rail and will your doors, bifold or hydraulic, provide a good seal? As far as \"old\" goes, I noticed the Rust Mesh designer door which you put on a California private garage on your web site. That would give me the old look I want. Can you price something out for me. Thanks

346 Hi We are building a custom log home and were considering your one piece hydraulic and bifold door product. We would like doublepane glass doors like in one of your custom photos on your Schweiss web site. We have 4 openings 2@ 13'wide by 8'tall and 2@ 10'wide by 8' tall. Is it possible to get a ball park idea on the cost of your product? I don't want to waste anyones time if your product doesn't fit our budget. Thank you Dave

347 Hello! I am looking for a attractive one piece hydraulic lift door(s) for a residential application in California. We are installing a workshop across the driveway from our garage and would like matching doors, however, the workshop door needs to swing out like your door as we will have a car lift just inside and need the headroom clear. I am wondering if you work in California and what style of residential doors you might have to fit our home. thanks Caitlin

348 I am interested in receiving information about hydraulic one piece Schweiss hanger doors. Please send me a full product catalogue along with any other information, such as backup systems, pumps, motors, etc. you have available. For a specific project, I would like information and a quote for 6 total glass doors measuring 8W x 10H for a residential application.

349 I am looking for a bi-fold or hydraulic door for my boathouse. The opening is roughly 6'-7\" high and 8' wide. Headroom is an issue. The boat is on a marine rail system and comes pretty close to the top of the doorway. Have you ever done a boathouse before? Thanks, John

350 I have a Schweiss bifold with auto lock door and would like to purchase the remote. Could you please advise re: cost and how to order. Also interested in putting one of your one piece hydraulic doors on my home leading out to our patio. I'd like one with insulated glass. I like to sit by the window there and watch my bird feeders and deer coming into my backyard.  Thanks Dave 

351 We have a new veranda on our home, and an opening out to the veranda that is 8'X 9'. We're interested in the cost for installing a bi-fold door or a one piece hydraulic veranda door into this size residential space? Thanks!

352 Schweiss Doors was suggested to me by a friend. Schweiss Doors look like an affordable and durable option. What would be the cost of a Bi-Fold door or a one- piece hydraulic door to replace a typical two car garage door. This is a sinlge door opening. Thank you for your time.

353 Just put in a lift at my home garage. Need a hydraulic home garage door that will not interfere.

354 I'm looking for an overhead door for a residential balcony application. The doors we've used in the past have had water intrusion issues and I thought a hydraulic or bi-fold door might deal with moisture more effectively. Can you tell me a little more about how you deal with water at the seams of the door and at the edges (we don't have any problem with water at the bottom of the door). I'd also like to get some pricing info if possible - we'll be using 8'x8' fully glazed doors.

355 I'm thinking of a small hydraulic one piece door, by aircraft standards, for residential use, 16 feet by 6 feet 8 or 7 feet high. Door would not go to the absolute corner of the house so there should be adequate space for a minimal wedge. And sheeting would be wood and/or glass. Do you manufacture any doors that small. Thanks, Bob L.

356 We are designing a low rise apartment building in New York City and need to find a bi-folding or one piece hydraulic door that is close to 20%u2019 high that opens up a duplex space. We would prefer that it folds inward, however, we would entertain options to fold outward too. There will be a total of fourteen doors, each nearly 20 feet tall and 16 feet wide. They would have to accommodate a 1\" insulated glass and meet several code requirements such as air infiltration, acoustics, etc. Please call or email me at your earliest convenience. Thank you

357 We are in the process of building a modern home and are in the need of a door like this that opens onto the deck of our house. These are a much better option than a standard garage door that we were looking at because there is no overhead hardware to deal with. Can you tell me about how much a one piece hydraulic lift door would be that is 8' x 8' with windows. We liked the one on your web site  that looked like it was in a restaurant or a retail store. Something with all glass would be great. We also will need 2 garage doors at the same dimensions but probably metal with just a few windows. We have an architect that would be purchasing the doors so if you have a contractor discount if you could let me know what the percentage off would be. Thanks for your time. Kyle K.

358 hello. I%u2019m looking for a quote on one of your aluminum and glass one piece hydraulic doors for a 7'11\" x 7'11\" opening on my home. Thanks

359 I am researching using a glass hydraulic door in a beach front residential project in Puerto Rico. There will be 3 doors 11' tall and 10' 6\" wide used as window walls for living rm, dining rm and bedroom. Can this type of door meet hurricane standards? It is a salt water location. What type of finish would you suggest? Can you give me an idea of cost? Is there a method of installation that keeps the mechanicals as unobtrusive as possible? Thank you


361 I am looking for two hydraulic doors for a mountain garage/apartment. The doors will only be for human access and not for cars in either a four glass panel design or an eight panel design in bronzed aluminum. probably hydraulic with manual latches. How much and how long? thanks, John P.

362 Hi; I'm designing a residence where the owner has requested a one piece hydraulic type door similar to your product. The application is different in that it only serves a small work shop. The door would be 12' x 9' high. do you have an attractive product like this and pricing info?? thanks R. B.- Architect

363 Looking into a hydraulic door for new residential construction. Do you have evening or weekend hours available for consultation? Hydraulic Schweiss Door will be 16' X 7-8'.

364 Currently working on a residential 47 story tower. Thinking of using one piece Schweiss hydraulic door at the roof level for window wash openings. I would like to send some drawings to explain the location and our concerns. ROKHAN C.

365 Hello folks: Have another one to bid here in the SF bay area. the dimentions are 16' wide and 9' 6\" high. The door needs to be Red Power motor operated with a photo safety eye and miller edge (Residential use). The contractor is going to add approx 200 lbs of 5x8\" cedar 1\" x 6\" to the door after installation. Can you give me a price for the door delivered to the job site in California. Any questions, email or call me. Thanks. Bob B.

366 I am looking for a door for my home that folds like a blind and when you open it you can lock it. Would also be interested in your one piece hydraulic door and the safety options that come with it. Can either of these door be installed with a colored glass. I'm thinking dark green.

367 This is for residential use. I want to know if it works too. Please quote me the glass aluminum look one similar to those displayed on the Schweiss Door website. I live in Los Angeles. Do you have dealer here? Your doors have class!  Thank you.

368 I have a project (residential) that would use 2 - 8X18 doors. I would like a estimate on the one piece hydraulic and would like the outside of it to match the outside of my condo. Please call Thanks Dee J.

369 Building is in a residential area with easy access & room to work. Please advise if a plot plan would assist in evaluating the cost of the hydraulic door installed. Thank you. Al M.

370 Thinking of enclosing a veranda so it can be used during the winter as well as the summer. Will be interested in the following: windows that open with screen, glass panels (clear and colored), access door, and architectural design with finish looks both inside and out. will need three doors widths are: 10 feet, 11 feet, and 17 feet at a height of 10 feet. I could make the one door 28 feet long by adding the 11 17 feet together and then all I need will be two hydraulic doors at 10 feet and 28 feet. Will you supply the specs for a steel frame to support the doors? will start construction Oct 1 Thank you in advance, Ray

371 I have a contemporary style residence under construction and the owner is looking for a hydraulic door with an aluminum finish. Instead of the typical section door, he is looking for something that will lift smoothly and quietly. Do you have this product? Please let me know. Thanks.

372 I'm a garage door contractor and I have a customer that I believe will benefit from one of your hydraulic  doors. I need to know how we can get things going on this. So I can get them some pricing on the door. This would be like a hanger door but smaller and for residential use, similar to some of your designer doors featured on your extensive Schweiss Doors web site.

373 I have a residential project in Colorado that needs one of these do to low head height clearance. could you have someone call me and give me price quote for a 9ft w x 7ft h Schweiss hydraulic one piece door to be hung beneath a wood frame carport roof... SVEN

374 1. Do you offer smaller Hydraulic one piece doors for residential and garage applications (8', 10', 12', etc.)? I'm interested in a glazed door with aluminum or wood frame. 2. Is every door custom, or do you have stock sizes?

375 I am interested in information on a small one piece/upward folding door for a residential project in Hawaii. the opening is small- approximately 8' wide x 6' high.


377 We are in the process of a building a one piece hydraulic carriage house style door for a boat house. The actual door size is 10x8 and weights 380 lbs. Would you have all the hardware, guides, etc. that would be necessary for us to install this. We will also need to make this door electrical operated

378 Hello I am an architect in Alaska. I am looking at using this of door for two and three car garages in an upscale sudivision. A couple questions: 1. Are there any problems with using 20 individual remote controlled doors fairly close together? Are there enough separate frequencies? 2. How is glazing incorporated into the doors if I want half or all of the door to have clear polycarbonae panels? I have not looked thru all your details yet. 3. Is there a local rep here in Anchorage, Alaska that I can contact? Thanks for your help Jack B.

379 I have an opening in a home that is 12 ft wide x 8 ft high...want it to be hydraulic and mostly glass..... do you do this? what is the ballpark price? Steve G.

380 I am researching the possible application of a bi-fold or hydraulic overhead door for the garage of my residential home. Door opening is approx. 7 x 16 feet. Cost, looks, ease of installation, and maintenance are, in order, the important factors for me. Please advise me of the possibilities. Thanks, Len G.

381 I would like some information and prices on your bifold and hydraulic doors. If you could email or mail me something, I would greatly appreciate it. I want to get a door for my lakeside home. Thank you,Clay S.

382 We need an 8'x7'foot Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door with Red Power Safety Advantage System on the addition of our house. We would like to know if you can make the door white and trim it in black. We would also like it insulted. Is the remote costly? What is the difference in price between a remote and non-remote. We live in North Dakota. It is possible for us to come over and pick up the door, but wonder how much freight will be. Your doors look like the perfect solution for us. Sincerely, Sue and Clayton M.

383 Looking for prices on a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door for a home in Montana. Door should be insulated and have Red Power backup system. This is not a garage door. I looked at your web page and see you do some great designer work, should I send a photo of my home?