Schweiss Doors - Retrofitting Buildings for Hydraulic Doors

1 About a year ago your crew updated our door to the strap assist auto latch. Just wanted to let you know this was the best move we ever made since we bought your bifold strap door years ago. Schweiss strap doors are the only way to go.

2 Can you provide a hydraulic door system for an erect-a-tube 50 x 14 sliding door built in 1983? If so, can you advise price? Thanks, Norm

3 Have a Morton Building with a 28x16 roller door that I would like to retrofit and replace with a Schweiss hydro door.

4 I am purchasing a hangar with a 40x16 bifold electric door (don't believe it is a Schweiss door). I need a local door installer to come out and see if it can be upgraded to a hydraulic one piece door and add remote control. Property is in Fort Worth, TX. Thank you!

5 I am looking to convert my hangar from sliding doors to a single steel hydraulic door. A 48' wide door would work but I would consider a 50'. Please price both sizes with remote opener.

6 Customer wants to convert another brand Bifold door to a one piece hydraulic door system. Name plate on door lists size as 28' 7" x 15' 8". The door has a "horizontal" locking mechanism on each end of the door. Is this enough information that you can quote the door? 

7 I need to convert an old beat up cable door, 60 ft x 14 ft aluminum frame to a steel hydraulic door, 3 phase power! Door pictures to follow. I'm looking for a faster opening door.

8 Have an old bifold cable lift door made by a different door manufacturer. Can you retrofit this to a hydraulic door? Would like door conversion to include walk door and backup door system.

9 I have two sizes of sliding doors, (1) 16' x 12 and (1) 24' x 12' which I would like to replace with Schweiss hydraulic power doors. These are hydraulic one piece garage doors, and I would like a remote opener for both doors.

10 Price to convert old cable door to hydraulic one piece 40 ft. wide door. 12 ft. height

11 Our "no name" bifold door has cables but I would like a price on converting to a hydraulic one piece door. Also the cost of adding a walk door. Should I be sending a photo to you?  Hangar door is in Carson City, NV.

12 Interested in replacing a sliding shop door with either hydraulic door or bifold strap lift door. Approximate size is 14 ft. wide by 12 ft. tall. I like your hydraulic one piece door the best.

13 Cables are getting old on my bifold shop door. I'm thinking we should upgrade to a hydraulic door replacement. The folding door is 12'6" tall (to header) by 17'6" wide. 

14 I am looking to retro fit a sliding door with a  Schweiss hydraulic one piece door and remote door opener. My sliding door is 38 ft. x 21.5 ft.

15 I have an older manual wooden liftup boathouse door. Can I get a one piece hydraulic door on it. A  remote door opener would be just fine too.

16 We have six rollup style overhead doors on flat storage buildings. We want to retrofit to your hydraulic one piece door system.  I want to order and replace doors three at a time. Please send me  instructions to begin this process.

17 I would like someone to call me to explain how both style Schweiss doors work and price of them. I know your hydraulic doors and bifold doors are much better than the sliders I want replaced. What prep and door header reinforcement will I need to do prior to your Schweiss door arriving.

18 I have an old bifold door that we want to retrofit to a hydraulic door. Would be nice to have a  remote door opener with three handheld door remotes. 

19 I have an old roll top door that I would like to replace with a Schweiss hydraulic door. Our door size is 22'x14' tall.

20 I'm interested in finally replacing my hard to open sliding door with a Schweiss hydraulic door with a remote door opener. Door opening is about 30 ft. wide and the two sliders meet at the center. Give me an idea on estimated Schweiss door factory delivery time.

21 Another brand door owner wanting to upgrade to your hydraulic door system. We have a 50' X 15' 5-cable door installed around 1980. Door blueprints are available. Would like to know if this door conversion is possible and estimated cost.

22 We are considering replacing our current 30 year old rolling track door with a manufacturing quality hydraulic door. It is a metal/steel structure. We don't need a fancy door, just a standard Schweiss hydraulic door. What info do you need from me to get this door retrofit started? 

23 Have another manufacturers door on my hanger with cables and I am interested in retrofitting to your Schweiss hydraulic hangar door system to raise the door. Can you please send me information on door cost and door installment options.

24 Please forward local Schweiss contact info. Glass door project involves retrofit/replacement of storefront glazing with (4) glazed, hydraulic doors in (2) single-story building door openings onto a shared outdoor door space. Cost estimate for doors, including tempered/laminated insulating glass hydraulic door units, and structural steel door frame must be developed now. Pending pricing, confirmation door meets Energy Code and scheduled lead time requirements, and owner approval, would like to schedule conference call with GC next week.

25 I am going to convert my old cable lift door to a Schweiss hydraulic door. I was told to send in my serial no. of my door for a price quote, but it's a bifold door from another company no longer in business.

26 Need a quote for a Schweiss overhead hydraulic powered or liftstrap bifold door to replace a beat up rollup door on the front of my repair shop. Leaning more towards the hydraulic door because it has such a clean look and is very low maintenance.

27 I recently purchased a hanger. It was built in 2000 and has worn out sliding doors on it. I was wondering if I could convert to a hydraulic hangar door. Seems to be a great door. 

28 We have a four panel rollup double car garage door. I would like to retrofit door to Schweiss hydraulic door technology.  Door is 8'x16', and needs to be a insulated door.

29 I have a 55 X 18' sliding hangar door. What would it cost me to purchase a retrofit with your Schweiss hydraulic hangar windloaded door. 

30 I currently am using cables to open and close my existing shop doors. I want to purchase your hydraulic door to replace them. My shop door opening is 20'3" wide by 14' tall. I also have a 16' wide x 14' tall door opening.  The current door is not a Schweiss bifold door.

31 Would like a price for lifting an existing sliding  aircraft hangar door with your one piece hydraulic hangar door. 48 feet wide and 14 feet door height. Saw your hydraulic door on another hangar, have to have it for my hangar door. 

32 Have an older 2 cable Schweiss door. Wondering about the cost of door conversion to a hydraulic one piece door. 

33 Like a price on converting/retrofitting my slide  operated door to your Schweiss hydraulic on piece door system. It's a 36 ft. x 16 ft. biomass steel door.

34 I recently started renting a hanger that was built in the 60s and has been vacant for long time. My issue is the existing 36 x 18 ft. sliding door doesn't work well. I have permission to convert to a rental hangar hydraulic door system, but need a door conversion kit price quote to submit. 

35 Curious about cost to convert my Schweiss 12' by 40' Schweiss byfold vertically lifting door installed about 1990 from cable to a hydraulic door. Add automatic wireless door opener.

36 I have an existing wood building with three sliding doors with an total opening of 21 high x 26 wide. What will it cost me to replace with one hydraulic  electrical lifting door.

37 I am not certain of the exact dimension of my biomass rollup door but it is roughly 44' wide by 12' tall. I would like to replace it with a Schweiss hydraulic door that has an automatic remote opening device. Insulated door needs to be insulated, open quickly and have a walk door.

38 Would you please give me a quote to retrofit two 13' x 39' long sliding doors with your fast lifting hydraulic one piece Schweiss doors?  

39 Looking to replace cable door to hydraulic door on my welding shop. What is the price for a steel door welding shop door conversion?

40 Looking to have a 56 X 16 overhead hydraulic  hangar door installed on my 60 X 60 hanger located on the county airport in Texas. Presently it has three sliding doors. Want turn-key quote for this one door to replace 3 sliders.

41 I had a Schweiss hydraulic industrial strength door installed in 1999 (G339); 46'X 12', Wedge 30" internal truss; 220 Volt. I'm interested in converting my bifold door to a faster lifting hydraulic door. Do you offer installation, or just the "kit"? Is there any sort of trade-in allowance for the Schweiss electric motor presently installed to lift my door? 

42 My door is slider. I want to have you replace it with a hydraulic door. I want it to be a clean looking fast opening Schweiss door.

43 My customer has a bifold door, manufacturer unknown. His door bottom is worn out and he is looking to retrofit door to your Schweiss one piece hydraulic door system. His door is (8") eight inches in depth and he's looking for 100 L.ft. of door seal material. Could I get a estimates on both the door conversion and cost of door seals. 

44 Provide an estimate for a 20x40 and a 20x60 Schweiss hydraulic doors? I'm interested in replacing my sliding hangar aircraft doors and am trying to figure out what it's going to take. The sliding doors are just too hard to open.

45 I am looking to replace a standard sliding double door entrance ( 46 ft wide ) on a wood building with a larger Schweiss hydraulic door with additional height from 18 ft. to 20 ft. May need free standing door header for this. 

46 Have a handful of older doors I want to replace. Can you tell me prices to retrofit with a hydraulic door and a bifold door. We have 4 that are 12 yrs old, one that's 15 or so. 

47 We have Schweiss bifold strap hangar doors installed on several of aircraft hangars. We want to raise the height of one door and change it to a hydraulic door to meet a customer request. Door is currently is set at 12' 8" he wants it to go to 15'. What do I need to do?

48 New 44' wide x 14' clear hydraulic door for hanger replacing a sliding door. Will have 3" insulated door panels as a skin. How high does the door opening need to be? Needs a walk-in door.

49 I have a customer that has a beat up old cable lift bifold machine shed door. The model he has is the S12, #9, Serial #0198.  He wants to replace it with a hydraulic door. Can you send out a door quote with installation. 

50 We need to replace sliding hangar doors with hydraulic doors - opening is 140 feet X 20 feet. Customer has two sliding doors (70' X 20' each) that stack on each side as doors are opened. I can send hangar door pictures. Price with pilot doors including door retrofit, freight and door autolatches.

51 I have an unsafe unbraced canopy door that I want to retrofit with a 70x18 Schweiss Hydraulic one piece canopy door with walk door. Non-insulated one piece manual agricultural use door. Remote opening with hydraulic backup door system.   

52 I am a door contractor in Washington state and have worked on numerous hangar doors. I have a customer with an older roll up door. I would like to update it to a hydraulic door. The Door is 30' wide and 16' Tall. Any other necessary upgrades needed to the door will be done at the same time as per your recommendations. Please let me know if this is possible. I can get you more door specs if needed.

53 I am considering buying a small aircraft hangar that has sliding doors. It is a wooden hangar with metal siding/roof. When closed, the door seems to have an excessive amount of room at the mid-hinge point. It has 'manual' door close hardware (not the automatic type). Even when using a fair amount of force to 'lock' the door closed on both sides of the door, there's a pretty large gap right at that mid height hinge area of the door. Plenty of open space for wasps, etc. to come into the hangar. It almost seems like the door needs to be adjusted somehow by raising it a little. It seems flush all along the ground. Is this something that can be adjusted or is this a larger issue that might be costly or difficult to correct? What would a Schweiss hydraulic door cost me. Thank you in advance. Steve

54 Bought a 10 foot x 40 bifold about 2009 ?....I have 2 damaged lower panels which were badly dented when a forklift backed into it. I would like to replace it with a Schweiss hydraulic door...price and delivery? Cladding is aluminum, white in color. 

55 Looking to replace a 35 year old Wilson bifold door by the first of May of this year. Dimensions are: 80 feet wide x 18 feet tall. Looked at your doors at one of your shows and they appear to be a better doors and am most impressed with your Schweiss hydraulic door.

56 Looking to replace current rollup doors with Schweiss hydraulic horizontal lift aircraft hangar doors.

57 Are your hydraulic building doors available for sale in Portland, OR area? We are located one hour east of Portland and would like two doors, with man doors (one hydraulic door with man door in lower left corner, one hydraulic door with man door in lower right corner) to retrofit an existing building. Doors are side by side sliding barn doors currently, with post separating the two identical openings. Current rough openings are 11'5" wide x 13" tall, so information on how much space is needed for hardware would be helpful as well.

58 What does it take to get a call back from another contractor with whose door I have been having a load of trouble. I am emailing you regarding a new replacement hydraulic hangar door to retrofit my old rollup door in Tampa, FL. Do you sell hydraulic doors to this market?

59 I would like a price on a 16 x 40 foot Schweiss hydraulic door to replace a busted up sliding door on my hangar. I've repaired that door for the last time. Looking forward to finally getting a quality Schweiss door.  Thanks 

60 I have a hangar with an older bifold door not sure who made it, problem is as my plane has gotten larger it no longer has the clearance needed. The hangar still has the height needed just not the door. Would there be anyway to retrofit the door with a Schweiss hydraulic door so I can place the pump in another location to have more clearance or is there another option. Thanks, Rick

61 Our sliding hangar door has been driving us bonkers. Can it be retrofitted for a Schweiss hydraulic door?

62 I'm tired of making repairs to my sliding hangar door. I'd like a quote on a new Schweiss hydraulic hangar door that is 45'x16'. Should include remote opener and man door.

63 I called earlier about a concerns over replacing hangar door cables with Schweiss patented bifold door straps.  I am now sold on the straps. The end users " the Army" were concerned about the cables  fraying. Now the Colonel wants someone from Schweiss Doors to come out and do a complete maintenance of the 10 big hangar doors and if they need fixing to repair those hangar door concerns. Can you send someone out?

64 I have an older rollup door which I'd like to get rid of and have one of your hydraulic doors replace it. What info do you need from me?

65 I have a 16x40 bifold door that I am looking to replace with a hydraulic door.What would be the cost of system with a remote opener. The door is not very heavy. Will I be able to install it?

66 I am a building contractor in east central Kansas. I have two 20 x 14 sliding doors to replace on a wooden ag building. Please only price your Schweiss hydraulic doors and price a walk door and remote opener separately.

67 Are you able to design your hydraulic doors for any building. I have an older workshop that needs a new door to replace the clunky old sliders. If you can could you have someone call me and I can talk about the way my doors are set up now

68 I have an older metal hanger that is about 25 years old. The sliding door opening is 48 wide x 16 Tall. I'm wondering what it would cost to get one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors and what options would be the most affordable ie: bifold or one piece. The hangar currently has sliding doors on it and may need a free standing header, please price that as well as a remote opener with extra handheld.  Thanks, Glenn

69 Could you send me a quote for modifying my sliding door to a hydraulic Schweiss door? Door is 48x14. Can you also include price for a backup system and walk door? Thanks, Jim

70 Can you send me a price for a kit to replace a cable door to a hydraulic door system on a 65' wide door. My cables are still good, but a friend of mine has your hydraulic door. I like how quietly they lift the door. Great door by the way.

71 We live in a fly in community (FL74) and have a real old cable driven bi-fold door that needs to be replaced. Can we get a hydraulic door instead.   Thank you, Carl Miller

72 Hi, I purchased a hangar that had a sliding door 14'H x 50' W installed. Can I retrofit a Schweiss hydraulic door on it? If so how much $?

73 I need to update my old sliding door to a hydraulic door system. What does it cost? 

74 My parents have a quonset with wood sliding doors they are considering replacing. The opening measures 11' 9" tall X 13" 2" wide. Could you please email or postal mail me some different door styles and prices? I'm thinking more on the hydraulic door style.  Thanks, Jason

75 We have a 60' X16' opening with a old sliding door in it now wish to replace with a new hydraulic  door and a backup system, will call this morning to check with you. 

76 Info and cost to convert from sliding door to a 40 ft. x 16 ft. hydraulic door. How much more to add a walk door?

77 I am looking to add a Schweiss hydraulic door to a 1978 rollup door that is no longer functioning. What info do you need to make a recomendation for me as what you have that would be appropriate.

78 I am interested in information on hydraulic doors or  bifold liftstrap Schweiss doors to replace sliding hangar doors. The approximate measurements are 50' wide and 13 1/2' high. Looking for motorized doors that are also easily opened. Could you also give me info on your warranty. Thank you

79 We are replacing an existing 40'x18' sliding door with one of your "Red Power" hydraulic doors. The contractor has recommended we use 26 ga metal but the company that originally built my building only handles 29 ga. They claim that the 29 ga is sufficient and is what they use when they install one of your doors in a building. My contractor is concerned that the 29 ga will have too much flex between the girds of your door. To match the existing color (green) I would like to use metal from the original building company. Will the 29 ga be sufficient or if we use it will we need to add additional grids & if how will that affect your door frame? Thank you.

80 Do you make custom Schweiss hydraulic garage doors? I have a rather odd size opening 6' 3" high x 11 ft. 4" wide. Can you work around this? I'm open to suggestions. Want to get rid of the slider, or should I say "non-slider" that I have on there now.

81 Can you ship me a hydraulic door that would allow us to convert our swing-out doors. Our hangar door is approx 32 X 16. Also include installation instructions and any other things I need to know, like electrical, etc.

82 Need a quote and product information on a replacement hanger door. Getting rid of my old sliding monster and want to replace it with Schweiss hydraulic powered door. Current door is 30 yr.old erect-a-tube. Want insulation and steel ext .or alum ext sheathing

83 I have a broken cable on my bifold door. Sorry to say this is a "Brand Z Bifold" not from your company.  When you folks come this direction, could you stop in and fix it and measure my door opening for a new Schweiss hydraulic door. also let me know if you can retrofit it with your door? Cables are a pain in the you know what. 

84 Could you price me 2- 20 x 60 ft hydraulic hanger doors delivered to Durango, Colorado? I need to replace sliding doors on a 5 year old hanger. I must have been nuts to put sliders on this hangar. They are too much work, especially in the winter. Include remote opener, insulation.       

85 I am the Airport Manager of Corvallis Municipal Airport. We have a 70 year old WWII wooden hangar with rolling doors on two sides. The rails and doors are falling apart. I would like to get an estimate to replace them with a Schweiss hydraulic  door on each side. The opening is 120 feet by 29 feet high. Thanks!

86 I have a hanger that has 2 sliding doors that always hang up and are very hard to open. The total size of the hole is 14.6" tall by 40' wide. I do not know if I should look into the bi-fold liftstrap door or the single hydraulic door? Can you give me an idea of the price I would be looking at? Best Regards       

87 I have a steel building 35 years old and am thinking of doing something different about the doors on the end that go into the shop to replace two sliding doors, total opening is 13 ft by 24 ft but I haven't got a exact measurement. Seen your ad in the farm industry mag.I was wondering how long it would take to open and close on both style of doors also an estimate of the doors, with liftstraps and hydraulic door.

88 Has your company got representatives in Canada ie (British Columbia) Our hangers were built years ago, however now we have to upgrade from our present 14' x 40' doors to 18' plus x 40'. We don't want to lose any headroom, so think your hydraulic door would be best for us.

89 We are looking into replacing and enlarging our hangar door (Picture attached) Presently we have a 40' wide 14' high insulated self supporting rollup  door. The present door opening measures 40' - 81/2" wide and 16.0' high. We are looking into increasing the height to 18 to 20' using a hydraulic one piece door. These steel hangers were constructed in 2005/2006, please advise what additional info you may require, technical info could also be obtained from me.

90 I would like to increase the heigth of my farm shop door. It is 14 feet now and is at the maximum for an overhead style door to work. I want to stay inside the current roof line, I do not like the looks of doors that extend beyond that. I am wondering if a hydraulic door would help in this situation. The header can be raised, but does a hydraulic door take up space under the header?

91 I've retrieved your business card from a past trade show. We're replacing our old sliding doors. The existing door is a sixty foot door. We are only in the budgeting stage and I'm on a fact finding mission. Can you give me an approximate cost of what we would face in replacing the old sliders with the new generation hydraulic Schweiss door?

92 We sell and service material handling equipment and commercial / industrial doors. A customer has inquired about retrofitting to a hydraulic door for his hanger door which is a roll aside type door. Quote a 42 ft x 16 ft. door. We would like to  service the door for him, purchasing parts from you if needed. I would like to know if you will sell parts to us directly at wholesale prices or do you have exclusive dealerships we must purchase from? 

93 We are a marina located in Southeastern WI. Our buildings currently use rollup style doors which were purchased five or 10 years ago from a different company, and are looking to make a design change for a few reasons. First, we have experienced multiple problems with shafts, and motors. A second problem we have encountered is substantial heat loss. The current structural openings for our doors are 25' high by 23' wide, with a raised door height of roughly 22'. The building is a structurally sound steel framed building. The frame of the door is wide flange beams. The designation I am not certain of, however, they are 6" wide by 12" tall and of 5/16"  gauge. The design that I am most interested in is the one piece hydraulic door. My primary interest in this design is the ability to have a door within a door. The smaller door would need to be a minimum of 12'by 12' The full size door would be the dimensions mentioned earlier, any additional clearance would be ideal. The question I have is if a single piece door can be built to these dimensions and operate safely. 

94 We have a 70 foot wide by 28 foot high door that we are interested in converting to a hydraulic door  system. This door has two adequate power units working in tandem. We are in the planning stages to remodel, but thought that we would check with your team first because we are quite impressed with the durability and simplicity of your hydraulic door product. Please advise your thoughts.

95 I would like to get a hydraulic door quote for a door upgrade on our current sliding door shop hangar. The new dimentions would be 56ft wide and open 18ft high. I'm open to your bifold with lift straps or your hydraulic door. Thank you. 

96 My pole barn has a homemade wooden door that has been in place for 12 years but has reached the end of its useful life. It never really sealed properly. Before rebuilding this door I figured I might as well find out what it would cost to replace it with a factory built hydraulic one piece door. My building has only a single end truss and no extra bracing but was designed with the 45'X 11'clearspan opening and has had no issues caused by the weight/stress of the present door. I am guessing that either of your doors will weigh more than my wooden door and I may need to modify my structure to accomodate your hydraulic door. Would this hydraulic door system be most suitable for my building with the least amount of modification to the building itself? Your hydraulic door looks 100 times sturdier than the old clunker I have on it now. Thanks.

97 I need to convert a rollup door 16'H x 25'w to a hydraulic door while preserving my flat clearance. Do you have anyone in the east central Illinois area familiar with this sort of reworking.  

98 I have a hangar with a hydraulic door opening 40 Feet wide and 12 feet high. The structure is wood with metal cover. The 40 foot width is spanned by wood trusses constructed with plywood gussets and 2x6 and 2x8 lumber. I plan to replace metal roller doors. Please provide a quote for one hydraulic door. I can supply photo and drawings if you wish. 

99 Building was built this summer, has sliding doors now, don't ask me why, it should have been fitted with hydraulic doors. This is on a pole shed building, poles are set in white rock, there is no concrete in this building. Is the quote installed price? I also have a shop building with a 14 foot by 12 foot 4 inch height I am interested in putting your hydraulic door in. It is an older wood building with steel siding. Has a foundation and floor is concreted. Do you know anybody who wants a sliding door, still in good condition?

100 We have a door from a different company than yours (I think they are out of business) that is making a lot of noise either in the cable assembly, gear reducer or in the brake. Actually, what I really want is to retrofit this door with your acclaimed hydraulic door. Is that possible?

101 I have a rollup door on the 40' opening of my hanger on the Brighton airport. It was installed about 12 years ago by owner. I'm interested in retrofitting it with your hydraulic door. Or would this task be easy enough for me to accomplish if I order the door and parts from Schweiss Doors?   Thank you.

102 Currently have end slide doors. Building is pole barn construction with metal sides and roof. Interested in your design for easy opening,sealing hydraulic door. Have a height restriction. This lousy, hard to open in the winter, sliding door will be used for a bonfire on Halloween, so please rush your order if at all possible. What other info do you want me to get to you?

103 Looking for a door to replace a cumbersome sliding door. Would like to go with the Schweiss hydraulic door that does not require alot of overhead reinforcement to hang door. Also looking for a high R value with the door and door opener compatible. These sliding doors are a bear, should have called you years ago.  Will pick door up from your factory.

104 I have a wood frame, metal clad hangar that was constructed in 1996. The hangar has a 12' x 40' door which rolls inside on cannonball hardware. There is only one truss above the door, and I would like to install a wider hydraullic door for the hangar. Therefore, I would like to enquire about a free standing insulated hydraulic door approximately 48 ' wide x 12' high. What would be the approximate cost, how easy is it for me to install?

105 We have a fifteen year old (approximately) sliding door that has failed for good this morning. We need to know who the closest vendor is for replacement with a hydraulic one piece Schweiss door. Tom 

106 Received your contact info from Bill in Calgary who has one of your Schweiss bifold doors. We are considering replacing our old wire and pulley bifold system with something more reliable like your hydraulic door. Existing hangar doors are about 40 x 9 feet. They are a single wood frame, metal clad. About 8 or 9 years old and a primitive but functioning system. Also, Is there a man door option for a single 44 to 45 foot door ? These aren't your doors, will that still work?

107 Looking for a 42'w x 16'h Schweiss hydraulic  doors to replace the lousey sliding doors currently on my old machine shed. As I live in North Dakota, I would like to have these doors insulated and they need to seal well against the blowing snow.

108 Have a 20 by 14 opening with sliding doors and would like to switch to a sturdy Schweiss hydraulic door. Can I get insulation on the door and a remote opener. I'm finally moving up in the world. Sliders are a big pain in the you know what!

109 I have a hangar with a roll up door. The dimensions of the door are 16'X 45'. It's an older door and wonder if we can replace it with a hydraulic door.   I acquired the hangar sometime after it was built. Do you have a recommendation for installation?

110 Please call. Concreting existing building with slider doors and may want to remove apron. Need 30 x18 foot hydraulic door. These sliding doors we have are a big pain in the butt. A Schweiss hydraulic door should fix that. Thanks, Carey

111 My customer would like to convert the entire sliding door over to a hydraulic door system. Could you please send a quote for materials to complete this. We'd like you to do the install.

112 I am looking to replace a 15x 30 old sliding door on my metal building with one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors. What information, other than dimensions, will you require of me?

113 I currently have a Schweiss bi-fold hanger door which I really like. However, now it doesn't give me enough height for a new piece of equipment I bought. The door opening is 14ft high and 46ft wide. I need to have a 13ft clearance. Will a Schweiss hydraulic door give me the height. If it can, I can sell my bi-fold to my neighbor who really wants to replace his sliding door.  Bob S.

114 I have a 50 ft rollup door looking for a quote on a hydraulic door and can I retro it on my door. 

115 I have a old bifold door (that someone ran into with a dump truck) I am thinking of replacing with one of your hydraulic doors.  The building is a block and steel construction.

116 I am wanting to retrofit a small 100 x 100 hangar with 60 foot of sliding doors and install one of your hydraulic one piece doors that will open up the full 100 feet. I have pictures I can send if you can provide an email address. Thank You, Jerry W.

117 I had a Schweiss biflod door installed at two of my hangers in Minneapolis, and Iowa. My other one is a sliding door in Kentucky is in need of replacement and I would like it replaced this month if possible with a hydraulic door.  It's 50' wide x14' high (clear opening). I have some photos that I can email just send me an address and whos attention to send it. Very satisfied with your work and product in the past.  Thanks Merlin 

118 want to put a 12high by 24wide hydraulic door in a retrofit. I have a 10high by 12wide overhead door now.

119 Need to change out a sliding door with a one piece hydraulic door. Door size is 34 ft. x 14 ft. Metal building door with remote opener, pedestrian door.  

120 I have an existing T Hangar on the Billings (KBIL) Airport. It has sliding doors. Size is 13.5 ft high by 40 feet wide. Can you give me rough prices on both a folding door and a Schweiss hydraulic one piece  swing door. also the weight and framing. Wondering if a free standing header should accompany it. It's an older wood hangar. I can send photos if you like. Mention requirements if different for the bifold and hydraulic. 

121 I need a quote on a 30' x 14' aviation hangar door. The Schweiss hydraulic door and a remote control to open it is what I want. Please include a walk door and three windows for it about five feet off the ground. This will replace a roller style door. Let me know if you need more information or photos. Do you recommend a free standing header? Your hangar doors are the best I've seen and I've seen and used a lot of them.

122 Thinking about replacing a rolling door with your Schweiss hydraulic steel door. It is 80 ft wide and 16 ft high. Could you give me price of insulated door complete with remote opener and your heavy duty pump and spherical bearings. We can install

123 We had a Schweiss Door installed many years ago. It's still working great but I'm interested in a retrofit to your hydraulic door system to replace a sliding door. I think the savings in heat loss alone will more than pay for it in the long run. What info do you need from me to get this going?

124 I have a 14x27 sliding shop door that has to go. Can this be converted to a Schweiss hydraulic lift shop door? 

125 We have old wooden rolling doors. Need a quote to replace 45' wide X 18' high shed doors. We are a 5013c non-profit org. that flys a look alike 1911 Wright B Flyer. A lot of us are well up in age and the old hangar doors are a bear to open for some of us. Need to find out how much we need to get a new hydraulic door with electric door opener. 

126 I bought a used bifold (38x12) from another company and it does not have a motor and gearbox. So I am looking to replace it with a hydraulic one piece door. What will it cost me? Thank You 

127 We currently have an older model of your Schweiss  bifold doors with the aircraft cable lift. The door is 56'x16' but we are in the process of purchasing a new aircraft that will require the full header height in order to enter the hanger. We are needing a quote on a replacement door or retrofit methodology to convert the current door to hydraulic. In the mean time, what is the maximum the current bifold should be able to raise, 

128 Can you convert a "other brand"  bi-fold door (already on hangar) into a single fixed together (welded) Schwiess hydraulic door? Their bifold never did work properly. Do you have plans (mechanical drawings and specs) for this type of idea? How much would it cost? The door we want to convert is 50' wide x 15' tall, and it is on a hangar in Creswell, OR (77S) Please email me:

129 I have a sliding door for my 50 X 50 aircraft hangar, installed in 1998. I want to covert to the Schweiss hydraulic doord. I have a friend down the runway who has the Schweiss straplift design and it looks like mine could be easily converted to a hydraulic door. 

130 I built a hangar that is 80 x 60 with a roll-up  operated door. I am interested in retrofitting with your hydraulic door, need price, delivery time, installation cost and 'local' contact people. My hangar is located in, Tx. Thanks

131 Need to replace rolling door system for a new Schweiss hydraulic hanger door. Is this easy enough to retrofit so I can do it myself?       

132 12x40 hydraulic hanger door needed to replace junky old sliding door. I'd like a man door in it with one window. Insulated


134 Need installed price on 70' x 18 ' single hydraulic door for airplane hangar-replacing triple section bi-fold electric winches. The bifold, incidentally is not one of yours and was made very poorly. I just think a one piece door will be better suited for me. PLEASE SEND INFO 

135 How much would it cost to replace my 16 x 24 foot sliding doors with a hydraulic overhead door?

136 At this time I am looking for an approximate cost to replace rolling doors with a large bi-fold or hydraulic door from Schweiss Doors on my existing airplane hangar. The opening is 18' high and 68' wide. I realize you will need more info. I just want to see if this is a viable option.

137 I'm currently running 110 in my wood out building I want to mount a Schweiss hydraulic lifting door and I don't think that is going to be enough for your door system. What is the electrical draw on your new Red Power motors?

138 Have a 46' x 46' aircraft hanger with stackable / accordian doors. when doors are fully open only 41 ft is available on the width. I would need at least a 43-44' opening on a retrofit. It is a steel hanger design which will call for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power hydraulics to lift it.

139 Had a hangar built 5 yrs ago with a brand z door and having lots of trouble with lift mechanism, cables etc. Can you retrofit your equipment to our existing door to include Red Power Electrical Systems for Schweiss hydraulic lift door and remote control opening to our doors. Dimentions are 75w x 18h. One of your doors is installed two doors down from us at Atwood Farm Stores new hangar and they  love it. We sure like it too! Thank you, Brad pilot Joe's, Oklahoma


141 Looking to reclaim the space above where my current sectional garage door retracts when opened. I am considering a car lift and need the additional 18%uFFFD%u20AC%uFFFD %uFFFD %u20AC%u201C 20%uFFFD%u20AC%uFFFD of vertical clearance between the ceiling and the horizontal garage door track. I am looking at true one-piece Schweiss hydraulic lift garage doors that do not have a track, but I want a very industrial looking door. Not sure I can sell that look to either my wife or the HOA, so will want additional information or catalog on your Schweiss designer doors. I see that most of your applications are for commercial use with Red Power hydraulic pumps, but wondering if you also offer hydraulic lift doors in residential form (1 2 car garage door & 1 single car garage door) and designs. Point me to more info about designs and cost for those doors? Thanks!

142 Attached are the drawings and specifications for the Railroad Park East Gate 50% redesign drawings we discussed on the phone to include your Red Power hydraulic pumps for Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Please review and provide budget pricing by Wednesday @2PM. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the number below. See sheet A2.1 for a typical elevation of the OH doors.Thanks for your help.

143 The building is a 60' wide, built around 1960 It has a steel truss structure with wood beams and has coregated aluminum siding. I would like to retrofit the widest Schweiss hydraulic lift door with largest Red Power hydraulic pumps practical. The sidewalls are about 16' high. The floor is concrete. I am interested in converting this machine shed into a farm and aircraft shop.

144 I am thinking on a retrofit on my older wooden machine shed. At present there are two door spaces (using 4 sliding wooden doors, each door space: 19' 6\" wide and 10' 8\" high. What is approximate cost, for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door for these two spaces. I am tired of fighting with the present wooden doors and I am ready for some better doors with your Red Power hydraulic pumps. I am open to suggestion. Please an approximate estimate for self-installation and for for you folks to do it. .

145 I would like to retrofit a sliding hanger door with a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. My friend wants to do his as well so we were wondering if there is a multi order discount. Door{s} will need to have Red Power hydraulic backup systems and remotes.

146 Hello, I am interested in getting a price for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power backup system to replace an existing cumbersome sliding door. The inside finished dimensions are 15' high and 59' 1/2\" wide.  Thanks, Perry

147 This request is for a temporary facility while our shop is renovated, we want to go as cheaply as possible on a Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door with Red Power backup system. After temp facility sees its use we will want to relocate door to shop. How difficult will that be, any suggestions.

148   I need new Red Power motor for an old door that came with my building. 40' does some one in Ohio stock this and give me a price if possible. I hope it adapts to our door that was built by someone else. If you don't think so, let me know.

149 I am working on an existing building remodel. The building is un-reinforced masonry with a seismic upgrad (steel structure inside the shell) The building is about 60'x100' and we will be adding a large opening (with a steel frame) in the south facing 100' long wall. Please see the information on Red Power hydraulic specs provided for Schweiss pricing.

150 We have a welding complex that wants to retrofit their opener to one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors.The door, which should include Red Power hydraulics is 18'wide by 22' tall app 1500 pounds.You surely manufacture a quality door.

151 Looking for an indoor retrofit treatment to open a wall up between rooms. The Schweiss hydraulic lift  doors do not have to be weather proof or too heavy weight but we are looking for sound resistance and Red Power Electrical System for best lift. Ideally we'd like to have 2 8-foot openings or 2 9-foot wide openings 8 or 9 feet tall. We will custom the opening size to fit the door dimensions.

152 I need an Schweiss Doors installer to retrofit or replace a 75' wide sliding equipment storage building door in Calgary Alberta with one of your hydraulic lift doors. Well insulated, Red Power Electrical, Walk in door, remote openers.

153 I am having problems with my old slider doors/ they don't want to slide unless you hook a mule up to them. Only solution I can see is to order a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with your new Red Power hydraulics for best lift. Please call, I'll have dimensions ready for you. Thank you, - C

154 I need the price for a doublewide garage door, standard height. Do you make such door in in a single piece hydraulic lift door Schweiss design with your Red Power hydraulic backup system? Will it retro fit the current opening?

155 Looking at retrofitting an existing hangar to achieve a wider opening. existing opening is 50'x14'6\", 16' sidewall. would like to go to 54' wide? interested in Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power motor, and the external mount options.

156 We have a 60' x 16' hanger door bi-fold door is it possible to change it to a Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power door? What would it take? The bifold door is not yours, and has never worked good. We need to use this door a lot, so we're through pussy footing around with an inferior product.

157 I have an existing motorized hydraulic lift hanger door with manual latches. Will your auto-latch, Schweiss Door Red Power motor and remote control system retrofit?

158 Looking to upgrade an older building with two old sliding doors to be replaced. Not that familar with your doors ie; costs, advantages, space. Looking at your Schweiss web site I am still undecided on whether to purchase a Bifold or Hydraulic Lift door with your new Red Power hydraulic pump. I suppose each has its advantages. Please contact me and I'll explain what I need the door for. Joy M.

159 My old hanger has 55ft door w/ faulty cables and auto locks. the contractor, who seems to now be out of business, screwerd up the instalition. I was wondering if you could retrofit one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power Systems in this space. Call me and tell me what your time frame is and what I can do to help. I am in Moose Pass, AK, between Anchorage and Seward on the Kenai Peninsula. Saw one of your doors in Soldotna last winter.

160 Can we retro fit an old door with your hydraulic Schweiss Red Power lift system? what would it cost? What other info would you need from me. I'd want your Schweiss crew to do the install here in Washington state.

161 Length is 90 feet opening is 10 feet. How much weight can the door frame handle. Can someone walk on your Schweiss hydraulic door? If not can it be retrofitted to tolerate some weight in the open position? Can your Red Power System be interrupted so the door will stop 1/4 to 1/2 open. Can the door be mounted flat instead of verticle.

162 I have a hangar with a 50' sliding door that is a real pain to open especially in cold or snowy conditions. Is it possible to convert to your Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power pump operation, and how much would it cost and is there extra charge for a Red Power backup system?

163 I am interested in retro-fitting the end of a 45x 70 Concrete Bldg with a new Schweiss hydraulic door on a presently closed end. Where do I get an idea on price... Recommended Red Power system options. I would guess the door would be 25x16'

164 Have a dome shape building with 10 -20 ft. wide by aprox. 11.5' center hight curved openings. This 'Portamod\" Steel truss (on 20' centers) is frabric covered and high density urathane coated reinforced. One of the problems is a small concave between the 20' trusses in the covering that complicates the water runoff or how to construct a retrofit that controls that run off with out leaks on this curved/concave using your canopy roof design and free standing header, door header channel and not create a water/leak problem. Unless it is possible to custom design a curved header/single door with hydrolic rames. with a under cross header to support this curved door and curved water gutter to control the runoff? Do you think a Schweiss hydrolic door with your Red Power Electrical System would adapt for this different challenge. If so, could you guarantee that I wouldn't get water leakage around the door.

165 The door we purchased about 30 years ago from a company I assume is now out of business has a problem with the cable winding up on itself, there fore coming out of the rollers. Because this door is pretty beat up and an eye sore the locals complain to me about, we would like to replace it with one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors with a Red Power hydraulic pump. Can you retrofit. Can you tear down the old door and dispose of it for me. I'll get you some size dimensions by tomorrow or the day after, I'm just getting ready to get off a cruise ship and will be heading home to Vail, Colorado.

166 I am looking for 2 or 3 doors, probably your Schweiss one piece hydraulic doors will work best. I have a lean-to building that I will be rebuilding and it is 30 x 60. I would like to get 2 - 25' doors designed with your Red Power Electrical Systems and extra remote.

167 Looking for ag use hydraulic door for steel building end wall putting a used steel bldg back up in approx. three weeks would like to talk to someone about doors first and then about your new line of Schweiss Red Power Hydraulic pump applications to lift a heavy door. Dan W.

168 We are retrofitting a metal building and are interested in an all glass Schweiss hydraulic door (shown in your designer doors). Pricing it with and without a walk through door build in. 8ft x 16ft. It will have the Red Power Electrical System.

169 I just built a 50X60 pole barn as a hangar/shop on my farm. The builder talked me into a horizontal bi-fold (40X12 opening) from another company to save some money. Big mistake! Their door does not have my confidence to hold up against Oklahoma winds. Should have spent the money with Schweiss Doors to start with. What would be involved in installing a Schweiss hydraulic door as a retrofit? The sides are 6X6 in treated lumber and top is double 2X6 engineered truss and floor is concrete. I hope you can windload this door for 100 mph. Your web site convinced me to also get the Red Power hydraulic pump for optimum lift. This time I'll do it right the second time. Then I'll give my builder a tour and show him what a good door looks and operates like.  Micah

170 The company hangar ( A-6 ) at the Chino Airport bought from A.D.G. with a old Bifold door has a problem when closing. The south side yesterday hung-up on the way down and bent the door along with side molding and a safety latch. We'd like to replace this with a Schweiss Bifold or Hydraulic one piece door. Can you retrofit to a hydraulic door with your Red Power hydraulic pump. Please call me as soon as possible. Thank You

171 I wish to retrofit our old Schweiss hydraulic door with your new Red Power hydraulic pump system. What is the process and cost?How much will this system speed up the movement of my steel door - it's a 42 footer.

172 We are looking to remodel an existing building that is about 25 years old it is 55x100 with 14 ft side wall it has a sliding door 25x14. Will be ordering a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power Electrical System. What additional modifications would we need to consider?

173 I am looking for a Schweiss hydraulic door to retrofit to an existing T hangar. I am considering buying an airplane that will be slightly (3-4 feet) too long for my existing hangar. In addition, I will need more open height, and would need to replace the existing sliding door. I am considering a one piece hydraulic door with an \"extension\" fitted so the nose of the airplane would be outside the hanger when the door was open, but remain enclosed with the door shut. Make sense? Because of this I would need the Red Power Safety Advantage System. The doorway is approx 46' x 11' clear height. Please let me know if you need further info. I am looking to find out if this is feasible, and to get a budgetary quote. Thanks,

174 We are looking to retrofit an existing wood framed building and construct 6 new t-hangars. Will want Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors for all. The wood frame will need a man door. We like backup systems for all doors.

175 Currently have a Schweiss Bi-fold door on my 50'X 50' hangar. Door measures 14.5 ft vertical; 45 ft 4 inches across. What would be the cost of converting it to a single, hydraulic operated door with your Red Power hydraulic pump. Saw your ad in GA News.

176 I have a hanger with sliding doors now. I need a quote on a door with a 45 ft opening and 10ft height Will this be any problem to retrofit with one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. If not I would like the Red Power backup system and remote opener. What range do the remotes have?

177 Need to retrofit a sliding door on free stall dairy barn. Opening is 16ft. w x 10ft 1o inches high. Need prices on Schweiss bifold or a hydralic one peice doors.Would Red Power hydraulic pump door benefit me more? Why?

178 We are currently retrofitting an existing hangar for one of our airport clients. We would like to install two 70'x20' free standing hydraulic one piece door systems in each end of the hangar. The hangar originally had rolling steel doors at each end, but they were filled in with stud and CMU within the last 10 years. We would like to specify Schweiss doors. Could you please send me a preliminary quote and general layout drawings? Also, I'm assuming the free standing system imparts relatively large loads at the foundations. Could you provide Red Power hydraulic pump options also? The hangar is at the old Griffiss Air Base in Rome, New York. Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks Joseph , P.E. Project Engineer

179 I was just wondering if I could get a price on a 12' high by 14' wide bottom drive nylon lift strap/latch strap bi-fold door so I can compare it to conventional overhead doors. I am not interested in steel cables - I keep having to replace them. 

180 I'm interested in replacing the older door in my carriage house with one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors. I don't have internal room for an overhead door so the hydro powered door looks like it might work best. I would also like to know who in the Portland, Oregon area might be a dealer and installer of your one-piece hydraulic doors. This would replace the existing bi-part sliding door. I am trying to seal the structure and the sliding doors we have just don't do it. I would also want an auto closer/opener remote that works so I can pause the hydraulic door in any position.

181 I would like to retrofit a curvet style building. The building is 48' wide and I would like the Schweiss hydraulic door to be a wide and as high as possible and have Red Power hydraulic backup system.

182 I was wondering if I would be able to receive information regarding both the bi-fold doors and the monolithic hydraulic door. We are trying to put together a comparison of the products in a roll-up door replacement project with three openings approximately 47' wide and one other at 54' (both 16' high). I'm wondering mostly which product is initially cheaper and which is cheaper to install (including structural framing). I'm also wondering if you have construction details on how the products are assembled. The follwing information (below) such as side column supports is not determined yet, so we are flexible at that issue.

183 This is a replacement of an existing old rolling door with a distance from finished floor to top of where we want the machine shop hydraulic door of 23'-0\". We want to retrofit our machine shop with a new one-piece hydraulic door from Schweiss Doors.

184 I would like to get a price on a Schweiss hydraulic door 26' 6 1/2\" x 12' 1 3/4\" for a wood framed building door retrofit.

185 Hello, I'm interested in finding out how much it would cost to retrofit my plain hanger door with a custom built one-piece hydraulic Schweiss door  that would look nice and have lots of hydraulic door windows with screens and motorized. We do not use our hangar for an airplane but would possibly like to use it as a recreation area. Can you custom build rec area hydraulic doors? The hangar hydraulic rec area door opening is 12 feet high and 40 feet wide.

186 Hi, We are considering retrofitting a 20-year old sliding hangar door with a Schweiss aluminum hydraulic hangar door. Clear door opening: 100' wide x 27' height. What is the minimum wedge distance required for sustained 35 mile per hour winds? Do you have more specific aluminum hangar hydraulic door engineering calcs. that I may forward to my engineer? What is the weight of a hydraulic one-piece hangar door this dimension? We are ready to make a door decision immediately, please let me know these answer at your earliest convenience. Thanks.

187 I have one of your bi fold doors on my building that I would like to retrofit with a bifold Schweiss door remote opener. I have look at the bifold doors and hydraulic doors remote opener system shown on your web site and it appears I would need to add the following items Remote Receiver Box Coax Cable Grounding Block Antenna Please advise if this is correct and what would be the associated cost. Many thanks

188 I have a 41'8\" X 12' 24\"wedge style S,B,D and am requesting information on retrofitted bifold door lift strap system or one-piece hydraulic door retrofit.

189 Please quote the bifold with straps and the one piece hydrolic door for a reto fit 40'x 12' clear opening.

190 Hi there I am very interested in fitting your auto closing latch to my existing bi-fold door or we might retrofit the whole door with a Schweiss hydraulic door. It is unfortunately not one of your doors,but one I built myself. Would it be possible to retrofit this feature to my door at all? Many Thanks

191 I own a new hangar which has a 50 foot bifold door (not a Schweiss). Is it possible to retrofit an autolatch/remote opener/closer? Thanks Paul C.

192 I notice your biflod says zero loss in height? I have a 10 by 50 foot hangar door made by cool air. I wish to replace it with a door I can seal better. My problem is my hangar has an up hill slope to the runway so a one piece hydro door will not work. If you can retro a bifold to the biulding I am intereseted and would also like a price and would to make it remote controlled. The building is a wood frame steel covered building. I am also interested in a 10 x 40 foot hydraulic door for a new building I am concidering. Thanks, George

193 I have an existing motorized bifold hanger door with manual latches. Will your auto-latch and remote control retrofit? I'm also interested in purchasing a one piece hydraulic door for my farm shop. I'll send you the specs shortly. Schweiss  doors are super! Keep up the good work.

194 We have a pair of Schweiss 36' doors that we want to change over from cables to straps. They were built in 1994 and may have been ordered for \"DB Constructors\" (the contractor) If you don't a history of the exact door, I can sent you detailed pictures. Please call me regarding a retrofit. Thanks - Ken P.

195 Presently having issues with old bi-fold hangar door put out by a company other than yours. I not want to purchase another door as we are demolishing it next year.The present motor and cables are suspect and I believe unsafe. would your strap system be an alternative? what are the perameters, costs and installation solutions, (can we send down our maintenance man to learn the install proceedure or do you send someone up?)

196 I rent space for a 1966 Citabria in a hangar with a bifold door. I also have a bad back and would like to find a retro-fit assist mechanism is help me lift and lower the hangar door. Are your lift straps able to be retrofitted on an existing bifold door? If yes, any idea about aproximate costs? The bi-fold door is counter-weighted.

197 I have a Schweiss 53 foot door, in Mojave Ca. It was installed on a newly built hangar in 1997. It has 4 cables, which I have changed numerous time due to my error of not unlatching, Duh on me. I have several questions: 1)  Can my door be retrofitted with straps? -What is involved? -Cost? - Installer? 3) Is there a lockout system available that will not allow dummy me to open the door until the latches are unlatched? -Cost Thanks Jon

198 Hello I have two approx 20 x 50 ft bifold doors and I need an automatic latch system and want to have the strap system put on it? Can I do this?

199 I am considering purchase of a hangar with an old Schwiess Bi-fold door that is cable operated. The owner tells me that you now have a lift strap system that is better than the cable. This is a 40-ft wide door that appears to be about 12 feet high. It operates with two cables. 1: Can this door be converted to strap operation, and if so, at what approximate cost? 2: Do the axles need to be replaced? If so, at what approximate cost? Can you point me to any maintenance recommendations? Thank you very much. Dan J.

200 We have a huge hangar door which was built about 3 years ago by some other wanna be company. We've never had much confidence in its dependability and recently saw a friend's hangar who had your wonderful Schweiss hydraulic doors. Would you either send us a catalog........or give us an estimate regarding how much a 64 foot door would cost should we decide to retrofit our present hangar door situation. Thank you.

201 I would like to retrofit an exsisting door to your one piece Red Power system. The door is a bi fold in an aircraft hangar. Aprox size 40 x 12. Would you quote me on a system to replace please? Thanks, Walter

202 I'm interested in pricing for a retrofit Schweiss hydraulic lift hangar door, approximately 40. I want your Red Power backup system on it plus an extra remote opener. A Texas pilot I know had you guys retrofit for him and your crew did an outstanding job. Neat doors you make.

203 The steel building I have will be retrofitted so I would lose no headroom with a Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Also want your Red Power Safety Advantage System and two remotes. Looking forward to getting a good door on this building.

204 Have an old worn our bi-fold door, not of Schweiss construction. Wondering if you could retrofitt a hydraulic lift door in its place. It is approx 41 feet wide, would want Red Power option and adequate insulation.  Location is northern New Hampshire. Thank you.  Jim Fetrow