Schweiss Doors - Riding Arena Hydraulic Doors

1 Interested in which way to go: BIFOLD -or- HYDRAULIC Riding Arena Doors and what are pros - cons... FYI - Probably use Heritage Steel building. Width is 60 feet with 16ft eaves.

2 I am getting ready to build a 60x117 wood frame pole building with 16' sidewalls. It is going to be a horse riding arena with sand floor. I am interested in putting a hydraulic riding arena door in 1 gable end to open to the south. I am wanting to talk about pricing. Thanks Chad Moede

3 We are looking at enclosing our covered horse riding arena and I've seen the Schweiss riding arena bifold doors on a barn before. I think it's great. I was wondering if there is a dealer/installer in Georgia? I am located about an hour east of Atlanta.

4 I have a customer that is wanting a barn much like the red and white one on your photo gallery. It is a 175 x 400 riding arena, and he wants to be able to open and close the walls. I'm needing some information on your Schweiss riding arena bi-fold doors for endwalls and sidewalls to accommodate this.

5 I'm looking to build an indoor riding arena (horses). I'd like to put a large hydraulic one piece riding arena style Schweiss door on the end to extend the arena to the exterior. I would like 70-85' of clear width and a minimum of 10' of clearance to the ground.

6 New wood building needs 6 to 8 hydraulic riding arena doors 20' wide X 16 to 20' tall. Arena doors on both end walls and side wall side doors.

7 Looking for a 35 foot riding arena door quote (see below) for late June delivery. Hydraulic quiet opening riding arena doors please.

8 Will need four 24 foot x 12 foot high riding arena door quotes (see door sizes below). Wood structure building doors. Would like to have a carriage door appearance on the outside of these one piece hydraulic lifting arena doors.

9 Need riding arena door quote for two 24x15 door  openings. Can't lose any height. Hydraulic end wall doors with walk doors in each. 

10 I have metal horse riding arena buildings. Has a 10x10 opening and 12 x13'6" opening for two single panel hydraulic doors, needs to be Florida wind code approved doors.

11 I was hoping to get pricing on the following riding academy doors: 20 - 27' x 27' Hydraulic door 20 - 27' x 30'. Riding Academy doors will go on two different wood buildings.

12 I am in need of ranch style riding arena doors for tourist trade and would like to price six one piece hydraulic Schweiss Doors to go on a new post frame building. Arena doors 21 ft. wide by 16 ft. tall. Can your new hydraulic pump be hooked up to lift more than one door?

13 I'm pricing a riding arena door for next year. What would a Schweiss hydraulic electric opening cylinder door be for an opening 12' high and 20' wide? Wood building one piece door capable of holding heavy wood exterior cladding. 

14 Looking for pricing and guidance on several Schweiss hydraulic wall doors for a 150x50 ft horse riding arena barn doors similar to one pictured on Schweiss web site. Want a walk door in it. 

15 Just wanting a rough quote on a 15 x 22' one piece remote controlled hydraulic door to use as a riding arena door.

16 Need six hydraulic doors for a 80x120 riding arena. Just a ballpark price. Wood pole building doors 15 ft. wide x 10 ft. tall. Two endwall doors and four sidewall doors.

17 Looking for a price on some Schweiss hydraulic  riding arena doors 1 @ 20'3" x 14' 1 @ 18'3" x 14' 4 @ 14' x 14' 1 @ 13'4" x 10'

18 I purchased a Schweiss hydraulic riding arena door about 5 years ago with the handheld remote control option. I now need to add another handheld remote for another vehicle (or horse). What is the cost for a handheld remote which is compatible with my door? Love my hydraulic door, so do my horses because they are so quiet.

19 Please provide quote by Monday 10a.m. on (3) 60'x 18' clear hydraulic doors for a riding arena and barn. 18' clear in open position. Each door to have access door. Doors must be able to be manually operated in event of power outage or malfunction.

20 I am looking for revit files and information on Schweiss horizontal hydraulic doors for a riding arena project in Williamsburg, NY. I also have a project in Oklahoma City, OK that I am also looking at using this type of door for.

21 Im wondering how large of hydraulic doors you make and if they are insulated. I'm fixing up a old horse barn into a riding arena and don't want to lose any hieght or width. The opening is about 90'h x105'w. thanks

22 Looking for an hydraulic door riding arena solution for a Hotel resort in Brazil. Please let us know if you can assist. Tell me what specific information you will need if you do indeed export to Brazil. I'm assuming you do because I have seen a couple of your Schweiss bifold straplift doors at a ranch in Argentina.

23 I need two Schweiss hydraulic doors to go on my riding arena wood building, one will be 44' 0" the other will be 43' 7". Remote controlled.

24 I would like to get four hydraulic doors. I'm building a riding arena, and I want a fancy looking one piece door that in the end will look just like the outside of a barn. Please price remote control and walk door.

25 Looking for a price on a Schweiss hydraulic door and frame 48x14 for my riding arena. Have a sliding door in place now. About 12 years old. Has been a lot of trouble. Can you also price me to retrofit this door? Can I get a walk in door on it as that is the only way to enter building. Thank you 

26 I would like a quote on a hydraulic door for my riding academy facility. My rough opening is 40 feet wide by 20 feet 9 inches from floor to under side of a 6.5" I beam. Please include remotes.

27 Would I be able to pick up the doors at the factory and see some savings? I will need my Schweiss  hydraulic riding arena door sheeted, insulated and with windowed walk-in door.

28 Could you give me a quote on hydraulic riding arena doors as follows: Please let me also know, what the additional costs would be for: - Remote Control What would be the delivery costs? What would be the installation costs, if you would do it? 

29 Looking into building a 80x120x18' riding arena  building with two hydraulic doors on the ends, doors will be 35' wide. Would like to get a bid on a door and know what extra will need to be done to the building to accommodate it. Still getting bids on the building both wood and steel. I'll be checking with you soon on prices for hydraulic sidewall doors. Probably going to need at least six. Saw your doors on a riding arena in Kentucky, pretty impressive!

30 I am a general contractor, I have never built a riding arena, I would like to have some help in understanding door heights, etc. So I can talk intelligently to my potential customer. Do most arena owners install bifold strap doors or one piece hydraulic Schweiss doors?  Please call 

31 I am in the process of designing a riding arena and was wondering what the weight and price of two 40 x 14 ft. hydraulic door and man door would be. 

32 Please provide me with an email contact so I can send you an RFQ for a hydraulic door project I am bidding for a riding arena in California. Thanx


34 I have two of your bifold doors located in Show Low, AZ.  I need to get a price now on a hydraulic riding arena door. 30x14'. Freight to AZ 

35 We are looking for a quote and design loads for two endwall 45'x18' hydraulic Schweiss door. Windows, insulated and installed at a riding arena.  If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you

36 I would like a quote on (3) - 30' wide by 18' tall Hydraulic riding academy doors. What would the additional cost be to go to 20'? Is a frame included?

37 I am doing some research to find a company that could manufacturer large hydraulic lift doors for a riding arena facility where riders will be coming in and out. Currently our design has two 26'tall x 30' wide doors, three 25' tall x 12'wide doors, one 20' tall x 23'8' wide and one 12' tall x 15'-8" wide. I believe that our sizes could increase to fit with a modular door size if needed. Is this something your company could manufacturer?

38 I am interested in receiving some information and pricing on hydraulic riding arena doors, with man doors in them. I have included the drawing as an attachment so that you are better able to see the type of wood building that they will be going into. We are located in Ontario, Canada and I am also wondering if you ship to Canada and what the shipping costs are.         

39 I am interested in a quote for 2 hydraulic and 2  bifold liftstrap doors 24' x 12' - 3 1/2" tall for my riding arena facility, delivered to Alvin Texas 

40 Please see attached written specifications and hydraulic door schedule. Can you please give us a price on this riding arena door? Opening is 20' wide by 9'5" high It will be electrically operated, and sheeted with wood (by customer) Please include any options you might recommend as well as shipping. Located in Victoria, B.C. Canada

41 I'd like to get a quote on two hydraulic doors for a riding academy I'm bidding. Door clear size to be 42' x 14'. I have not contacted my building companies yet and would like recommendations as to type of support. The owner has asked that I bid the project in both wood post beam construction as well as a metal building system. Building size will be 64' x 72' x 18' clear. The doors will be placed in the endwalls. These are to be hydraulic doors with  one extra remote each and windows.

42 I have just finished building a riding arena. I am inquiring about a hanger style hydraulic door. The size is approx 40 foot wide x 16 high. What would a ball park price be on something like this?

43 Please provide a price for a 42' x 14' ( clear opening) hydraulic riding arena door c/w electric operator. Include exterior cladding, insulation and interior cladding.

44 I have a customer building a 60x100x16 riding arena pole building and is looking for a hydraulic door for the 60' gable end. He is looking for a three door design 14' high in the center and 12' on each side. The ceiling height is 16' Please advise Thanks 

45 Hello. I have room for four of your hydraulic doors at my riding academy. Will want prices on 18 ft. wide x 12 ft. high doors with windows.

46 Looking for a price on a 16 feet wide by 14 feet tall opening hydraulic riding arena door that we could have look like the doors on the red barn in your photos with the horse doors on. We have a 40x17 Hydro door now from another manufacturer, I am not happy with it how it operates. Regarding head room how much does yours take. How big should the rough opening be?

47 I purchased a riding arena and want to see if I can retrofit it with a hydraulic door. Your hydraulic door looks to be a good aluminum frame door. I currently have a sliding door on it now.

48 I am interested in the price of an installed hydraulic riding arena door 13' high by 20' wide to be installed in Garrett County Maryland. 

49 I would like a quote for a hydraulic one piece door to fit a 44 x 16 opening. My riding arena is a wood construction with concrete footing and foundation. I would like the quote to include remote door opener and a walk door, delivery and installation with a time line.

50 My wife has a horse farm and riding arena and needs more hay space, I'm building a Zenith CH750 kitplane on floats which will have a 29 ft 9 inch wingspan, 11 foot high tail. The building will be 40x60x14 foot post frame with the hydraulic hay door on the gable end. We both have decided on a one piece hydraulic door for these uses.

51 I'd like a quote on a 40x14 foot hydraulic door for an Ohio riding arena installation. Wood building.

52 Trying to get a general idea of cost for a hydraulic  private riding arena door. 40x10 apx. located near Tacoma Washington. Should have extra remote and carry a good wind load. Also looking for insulation and labor cost. Thanks Maury L.

53 I would like a price on a 30x14 hydraulic riding arena door please. Only want one piece hydraulic  design, wood exterior and insulated. Also should have three window frames 3x3. Email works best for me Thanks

54 Need a hydraulic riding arena door, 12x46 quote no windows most economical door I can insulate, but I need you to install it. I'm in western Iowa, but I'm not a rich farmer or oil barron.

55 Estimate for one 40x12 hydraulic lift Schweiss Riding Arena Door and same for bifold door. Hydraulic model should have new motor/pump and bifold estimate should include lift straps. Remotes for both and medium insulation packages.

56 Hello I need 4 hydraulic riding arena doors. What info do you need to give me an estimate?

57 I would like pricing on one piece Schweiss hydraulic door. 12w x 14h for my riding arena. May sound funny, but I also want a remote control for it that I can carry in my saddle bags. Getting lazy in my old age. This will be going on a wood pole building.

58 I live in Nevada and have a riding arena that needs a 40'x 16 ft one piece Schweiss hydraulic door. I'm interested in your hydraulic door because they operate so smooth and quiet. I have a new wood structure building. Please quote a price with four windows and walk door. I've seen your Schweiss doors, bifold and hydraulic on other riding arenas. They are the best in the west.  

59 I would like a price for a 38 foot wide by 12 foot high Schweiss one piece hydraulic door installed in my riding arena. Arena is new wood pole building. Price remote openers. Thanks, Melvin

60 I am building and need price on nine post-frame riding arena bifold doors. I need seven (7) 41'-6" wide by 12'-0" high, and two (2) 55'-6" wide by 16'-0" high hyddraulic doors, internal truss, single hinges, 120- 1 phase, 1:12 roof slope, 2009 IBC, exposure C, 90 mph wind, with 3068 man doors in each. 

61 Need Schweiss Door quote on 10 hydraulic riding arena doors - by the 29th. New wood pole barn door construction. Six doors 20 wide. Four doors 14 wide all with 12 ft. height.

62 Hello, do you have a Distributor in Germany ? I am looking for four riding stable doors about 15 meters wide and 3.10 meter high. Most interested in your one piece hydraulic door models.  Kind regards Herbert.

63 Need pricing for six Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors on riding arena project we're bidding on. I will supply sizes to you shortly after I talk to my building engineer and architect.

64 Would like pricing for a 40' x 20' Bifold liftstrap/autolatch hangar door for my Florida riding arena. 90 MPH wind load. 

65 I am looking for structural requirements and a cost estimate to replace my riding arena sliding door with a Schweiss one piece hydraulic door. Dimensions are approx 12' x 40'

66 I have a 30 wide 14 high opening I need a hydraulic door for? This is for a wood riding arena building.

67 I'm looking for an authorized dealer in Toronto, Ontario. Is here some place I can get a list? If there isn't a dealer please call me as I am wanting to purchase riding arena hydraulic doors from you.  Thanks

68 Could you give me an approximate cost for a 32' W X 16' T Schweiss hydraulic riding arena door. We would like to use this door in a building constructed from precast/prestressed concrete panels. Thank you, Dirk Henderson

69 I need a price on two 45' x 18' Schweiss one-piece hydraulic riding stable doors with wood exterior cladding and insulation. Should also have a backup system in case of power failure. We do have a tractor at this location.

70 Please send me a quote via email on a 40x14 bifold and a 40x14 hydraulic door. I want to place one or both on my riding arena sidewall. What style do most riding arena owners purchase and is there any particular reason.  Thank you steve

71 My daughter and I have been to horse shows quite a few times in the last three years and have noticed that many have purchased your arena doors. Our new barn burned to the ground with the horses in it. Now we are in the process of building a new place and are wondering if we could afford to have your doors installed. We had two cumbersome side sliding doors. one on each side and one on the end. all were 14' high and 30' wide. Please let me know a ball park price on a hydrualic one piece and bifold doors so we can do a little figuring. 

72 I want to create a riding arena barn with the sides that open wide for a variety of uses. This style of one piece hydraulic door seems like the ticket. What other information will you need from me to get this going. I really don't need a quote. I know what I want. Thanks

73 20x14 door to retro an existing overhead hydraulic stable door. Our existing rolling horse stable doors are wearing out. Our neighbors have a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door for their horse stable and it looks great. So we want a one-piece hydraulic Schweiss stable door too.

74 Looking for the cost to have Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors on 6 openings 30' wide by 18' high. This is for my riding arena in Canada. Saw an example on your web site and that's exactly what I want, but with one piece doors. Can't wait to get them.        

75 Good evening. I am asking a bid on Schweiss hydraulic lift system for my horse barn. the clear opening is 56 x 16. Please add prices for all Red Power System options.

76 I need a very rough estimate of a Schweiss hydraulic lift metal insulated doors with Red Power Safety Advantage system for a riding arena 300 x 200 with sides and ends priced separately. Both installed and not installed but delivered only prices. It is actually quite urgent - if at all possible I need again just a ballpark and I need it in the a.m. Tomorrow-Monday. Provide via email please. Thank you Holly

77 looking for hydraulic lift Schweiss doors for a indoor riding arena approx.70 width and 144 long . Will certainly want your new Red Power hydraulics to lift this huge door. please email me some options and prices, thank you

78 We are interested in what you have to offer. I have requested to be sent a catalogue. Like the looks of the Schweiss hydraulic lift doors that feature your Red Power backup systems. What we will be building is an indoor arena, perhaps to hold events during the winter months but, at least to continue training our own horses. We have at least 2 acres to work with and would be building new. Ground up.

79 Need price on powered 40x20 hydraulic lift door with adequate quiet running but powerful Schweiss Red Power motor to lift it. I am in the process of getting all the bids in for an all metal horse riding arena. Have seen some of your other Riding arena work. It's very impressive and all are showcases in their own right. Looking forward to having you make ours a first class operation.

80 We are in the process of estimating building a new hanger (48'x 40') in Longville. The client would like us to price one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift  doors (44'x 14\") for a riding arena. I need to know if you sell to contractors of if I'd need to get pricing from a distributor for the door. I'll need an amount for the door, Red Power Electrical system, installation, and what ever shipping to Longville would amount to. Please get back to me with the info I need and also if you have any questions.Thanks

81 Would like to retrofit existing horse arena barn door with new Red Power hydraulic pumps and Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door. Want insulation package, remotes, 2 windows and walk thru door. size is 44x12 foot open height. Your doors open so quietly they don't spook my horses.

82 I bought a Schweiss door with lift straps and automatic locks with the remote controls which I installed myself back in 2001 or 2002 and have enjoyed ever since. Now I need a hydraulic lift door for my riding arena. This big door will require that you install with your Red Power Electrical System. I hear it has great lift and is very quiet too.  Randy Mahoney, Atlanta, Ga. P.S. Two remote controls please.

83 35ft by 18 ft Schweiss hydraulic door shipped to Richmond MN. Will go on our horse arena, so will need to be a designer door with your Red Power Safety Advantage System. Saw the doors on your riding arena near Fairfax, outstanding. Want mine to be quite similar.

84 Need quote on several horse barn bay doors. barn is 70 x 70. need doors around all 4 sides. would like quotes on Schweiss Red Power System hydraulic one piece doors. 1 -70 x 10 1- 30 x 10 1- 70 x 11 1 set of 2-15 x 10 side by side connected doors prefer your wright brothers style with wood or faux logsiding and windows. Gwen ft worth, texas

85 Please send me a quote on a 12'x40' hydraulic lift door installed. This Schweiss door will go on my riding arena, so I want a powerful, but quiet Red Power motor installed so it doesn't spook the horses. I've seen some of your area work. I think you are the best in the business.

86 I'm getting quotes for a friend of mine. She's looking to get an indoor riding arena. 60x100 or 80x100. 1 man door and two 14' Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. She's also interested in skylights and wonders if your Red Power Electrical will work for them?

87 Like to buy a hydraulic lift Schweiss door with Red Power backup system for my riding arena, please contact me about getting this started. Looked at your web page, great photos and information on your new Red Power motors. thanks

88 Curious about Schweiss Doors cost to install hydraulic lift doors in our indoor riding arena in Maine? Do your hydraulic lift doors open faster and quieter than the bifold doors? What price differences are there between the two. How will Red Power hydraulic pumps aid me?


90 We would like some pricing info on Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for your riding arenas-What sizes are available, Red Power hydraulic pump options, colors, materials, etc. Thanks!

91 Request pricing for 16 foot wide X 12 foot high Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. These will be for end or side doors on an indoor arena. 70 X 168 X 14 remote Red Power hydraulic pump operation is required. We will be bringing cattle and horses in and out. Your doors may be obtrusive for the stock. I like the Red Power motor idea, because it won't be noisy, which can spook livestock.  Thanks Ben

92 I'm just starting to erect a steel building and will want a Schweiss steel hydraulic lift door for this  indoor riding arena 70 X 200 x 16 ft with the two long sides and one end wall. Door to be insulated and have good lifting power of Red Power hydraulic pump system. I know Schweiss Doors has done many riding arenas. Any suggestions you might have will be appreciated.

93 Looking for a quote on a one piece hydralic door. We build wood structure buildings like riding arenas and stables, so I also need to know what I need to do on the gable end to support the door.

94 I have a 40' x 70' riding arena building with round roof rafters. They were made in Olivia many years ago. I have a 12' high x 14' wide commercial hydraulic overhead door on there now that is about 12 years old. I would like to make the opening larger - up to 15' x 22' wide. I would like to keep as much head room as possible.

95 We are interested in using your doors on a riding  arena complex. This would be a very large facility where we will need many doors. Before I get back to you can you tell me what Schweiss Doors will need for information to devise a bifold and hydraulic door quote for this large job. We've seen one other riding arena that you placed your doors on and were quite impressed with their looks and smooth efficient operation. Apparently you know what you are doing. Please respond promptly, we want to get going on it ASAP.

96 I have a quonset with a 16ft high x 22 ft wide old roll top moving door. Will your one-piece hydrualic red power doors fit? I need hydraulic riding arena doors. Can you install hydraulic doors from Schweiss Doors in my riding arena?

97 We have a covered riding arena with stalls on the sides but the ends are open to 12 ft. It is 100 ft. wide and we want to close one end when it is windy and think your Schweiss one piece hydraulic door with Red Power Safety Advantage system will work good for us. Thank you for your time Rick

98 Interested in bi-fold and/or hydraulic moving door for farm equipment shop and riding arena. Dimensions approximately: 20'W x 16-1/2\" H for both the farm equipment shop hydraulic door and the riding arena hydraulic door. Please contact for estimate.

99 I need a quote on a steel one-piece hydraulic door 42 feet wide for a riding arena and I will be bolting the red power hydraulic riding arena door directly to the trusses at 18'4'' to the center of the bolt. I have e-mailed a hydraulic arena door quote once already and have had no reply. I need a custom-built arena hydraulic one-piece door.

100 A few weeks ago I asked for a one-piece hydraulic door quote on a 60' wide by 18' clear height bifold door for a riding arena and stable in MN. Hopefully you can get me a hydraulic door riding arena and stable price back soon and I can finish the estimate to my customer, who owns the riding arena/stable I need the one-piece hydraulic door for. Thank you.

101 I have a covered riding arena which I would like to close up for the winter. Want covered riding arena hydraulic doors which can be clear to create a seasonal hydraulic door greenhouse effect during the winter months.

102 I am in the process of building an indoor riding arena, and am interested in your product. However, I would like to build a half-wall (solid wood) about 4 feet high, and then put hydraulic or bi-fold doors (with glass panels) above that, probably another 6-8 feet. Is that feasible, or do they have to reach the ground? Do you have a plexiglass, or safety glass, alternative? These \"bi-fold or one piece windows\" would be up most of the time. Would that be a problem? What length sections would be standard? How do the windows raise? I've seen some other riding arenas with your doors and they are the cats meow straight from the horses mouth.  Thank you, Martha 

103 I am considering an insulated hydraulic door to replace a one piece 20' piece of junk sliding door in my riding arena. The actual opening is 19.5x 13.5 The building is a wood building if you are familiar with them -pole barn type. The exisiting door is one piece and is situated in the corner of the end wall/side wall. please quote a price and availability. Thanks Wayne

104 Please send a Schweiss Doors brochure. I am interested in the bi-fold doors for my riding arena or possibly riding arena hydraulic doors. Thanks,

105 Looking for Schweiss bifold or hydraulic \"one piece\" door with glazing capability to go on our riding arena. From a price stand point is it better to go with few doors that are larger, or more doors that are smaller?

106 Would you be interested in quoting a price to replace sliding doors (opening horizontally) on my Virgina riding arena. Approximate size - 14' X 40'. Your quote should you decide to place one should include removal of the existing door, replacing same and installing the new hydraulic door. Also, would like you to quote both auto and manually operated doors and installation. Thank you.


108 We're building and indoor riding arena and I am interested in the cost of hydraulic lift doors. They are not big , they measure 10 x 10 and 14 x14. I definately want your Red Power motors on these doors, not something like the other guys pumps that tend to squeal when lifting. Don't need to spook customer horses anymore than they already are. Your Schweiss arena doors are top quality, I saw some in Minnesota. I'm in Ohio.

109 Please send a catalouge,or any literature u can on your new Red Power hydraulic pumps and please send to Jefferson B. McCalester III at my New York address, not to my Florida address. I'll soon be building a riding stable and will want some of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors on it as well as some out buildings.

110 Please email me pictures of indoor riding arenas that Schweiss Doors has delivered to using bifolds and hydraulic lift doors as windows on the side. I understand you have worked on quite a few arenas and one owner recommended I order a door with Red Power hydraulic pumps. Thanks