Schweiss Doors Canada

1 Flynn is pricing the curtain wall of the University of Toronto Mississauga. There is 1 bifold door by Schweiss Size: 12ft x 11.50ft Material: Glass Please quote supply and install. Do you have Canada rep? Please give me a call to discuss. Thanks

2 Hello there, we're looking for dealers of Schweiss products in the Toronto, canada area, thanks!

3 I am looking at putting up a new barn. I’m thinking 16 foot tall by 50 foot wide. Would need the dimensions for the opening in the barn. An estimated cost

4 How do I get in touch with a Canadian dealer?

5 Want to discuss hydraulic doors options for a new project in Alberta Canada. Call me please. I am in the MDT zone - so don't call before 0900 hours your time.

6 I'm working on a project in Winnipeg. Need to replace an existing roll up door on a helicopter hangar in pre-engineered steel building. Bifold or hydraulic hangar door size approximately 54 feet wide by 22 feet high. Can you please confirm a bifold door of that size is available? Do you have a local distributor or installer in Winnipeg? What is the approximate cost for a bifold door of that size? Not 100% sure of side column shape - either channel or I-beam. Thanks!

7 I'm building a Canadian hanger house and need price and specs for a 54 x 14 ft. floatplane/seaplane hanger hydraulic door with auto latch. Thanks, Ken Martin