Schweiss Doors Canada

1 Hi, I am working with ADM Milling in Calgary, AB. We are designing modifications to the pellet loadout structure to change it from a open steel structure to an enclosed structure. The structure straddles two rail spurs and we are required by the rail company to maintain a clearance zone around the tracks which means that the entire end wall of the enclose building will need to be open. We are interested in both the hydraulic lift door and the bifold as possible options to accommodate the clearance zone.

2 Hi, Our garage door finished opening (with trim on) will be 17'8" x 8'7-1/4". Unfinished and without trim it is 17'11-1/2"x8'9". Questions: Do you ship to Squamish, Canada? Can we disguise the garage door with the same 6" x 6" width board and baton as our siding? What materials can you make the door out of? Do you have some price points for me? Thanks

3 Need a price on 60' x 20' hydraulic door installed. I'm south of Lloydminster Alberta.

4 Hi, we are looking at your hydraulic and bi-fold products for a high-end boathouse/cottage project in Port Carling, Ontario, CAN. There will be 2 bi-fold (10'Wx9'H, clear) and one large hydraulic (18'Wx10'H, clear height not as critical). I would like to get a better understanding of details and constraints. Please provide CAD to work with. Do you have canadian distribution? I noticed a project in Newmarket, ON. with RDHA. Please call to discuss. Thank you.

5 Flynn is pricing the curtain wall of the University of Toronto Mississauga. There is 1 bifold door by Schweiss Size: 12ft x 11.50ft Material: Glass Please quote supply and install. Do you have Canada rep? Please give me a call to discuss. Thanks

6 Hello there, we're looking for dealers of Schweiss products in the Toronto, canada area, thanks!

7 I am looking at putting up a new barn. I’m thinking 16 foot tall by 50 foot wide. Would need the dimensions for the opening in the barn. An estimated cost

8 How do I get in touch with a Canadian dealer?

9 Want to discuss hydraulic doors options for a new project in Alberta Canada. Call me please. I am in the MDT zone - so don't call before 0900 hours your time.

10 I'm working on a project in Winnipeg. Need to replace an existing roll up door on a helicopter hangar in pre-engineered steel building. Bifold or hydraulic hangar door size approximately 54 feet wide by 22 feet high. Can you please confirm a bifold door of that size is available? Do you have a local distributor or installer in Winnipeg? What is the approximate cost for a bifold door of that size? Not 100% sure of side column shape - either channel or I-beam. Thanks!

11 I'm building a Canadian hanger house and need price and specs for a 54 x 14 ft. floatplane/seaplane hanger hydraulic door with auto latch. Thanks, Ken Martin