Shop Doors

1 Hello, I'm working on an estimate for a shed addition onto an existing shop and they are looking to potentially have a hydraulic door in one end. The shed is 100'x140' but it will have a divide wall down one side of it. The shed will have 18' sidewalls. They are looking for a 40' door x whatever the max height that an 18' side/endwall height will allow. I have some preliminary drawings I can send if needed. Please let me know if you need more information or have more questions.

2 I'm building a new shop to build tiny homes in and I'd really like to use a bifold door. I need an opening of approximately 16' x 16' -- I'm planning that the door wall will be about 20' tall but can build to suit the door. I will finish the door to match the building. I'd like to get some sort of price range so I can decided if this is realistic to include in our budget. Is there an installer in the Carolinas that I should reach out to?

3 My husband and I are building a shop/garage and would like to install hanger style doors. There will be (2) 10'x12' doors and (2) 10'x10' doors The doors will weight around 300-500lbs each. We would like a quote on the motor and strap system for lifting the door. If possible, we would also like a quote for buying these doors framed up without finishes. We are putting a wood front on them with a few windows at the top and would also like to add insulation to the back.

4 I am wanting a price on a 30 foot wide by 14’ 6” tall hydraulic door.

5 looking at doors for a new farm shop. Wanting 30'x18' undecieded between hydraulic vs bifold. curious what either might cost. Thanks!

6 40x16 door. Please quote both the bifold and hydraulic door. Looking at July 23' time frame for install.

7 building a new shop and looking at a hydraulic door.

8 Looking for a 20x14 door for my new shop. Looking for price and availability....

9 Unsure as to whether doing wood or steel. Most likely steel siding and wood framing. Shop door. Please communicate lead time as well. Thank you.

10 I'd like to use some windows (3' wide x 6' tall) in a door I'm planning on being 40' wide and need 16' tall opening. (How many feet taller than 16' does the door need to be to create a 16' tall opening?) Probably have 6 windows. Could do a schweiss doors- bifold door, I realize that the hinge would likely be in the middle of the window, but it would still look great. Or could do a hydraulic single panel door. Again, need the 16' tall opening.

11 Hi, we installed one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors several years ago. Love it, works great. Thinking about putting another hydraulic door in a different shed and would like a ballpark quote. Don't have actual dimensions yet, but a rough estimate would be fine. Listed below are the details, however we would also like a walkin door included in the hydraulic door. Dark brown color. A hydraulic door just like we bought from you several years ago. Thank you. Please respond by email.

12 Building a new shop in canada. Interested in the hydraulic but worried about snow load. Could I get a call from a sales rep to discuss the hydraulic door vs the bifold door and what might best fit my needs. Thank you, Craig

13 Building a new shop and want to use a schweiss hydraulic door. The building company needs information for the header system. Can I connect you two to work together. Thank you, Dean

14 Hi there, we're interest in Schweiss doors both the bifold or hydraulic doors. We have a shed we would like open at both ends. The sizes would be 40 x 14 and another shed with a door size of 30 x 14. Just interested in prices of hydraulic vs bifold. The 40 x 14 doors will be uninsulated but the 30 x 14 will be insulated and all doors will have some windows in the bottom half. Thanks for your help!

15 Looking for a 15' high by 40'wide for a overhead shop door. Would like to talk to someone and get a rough quote for cost.

16 Looking for a 30' wide x 15' tall(clear) hydraulic door that will go into a pre-engineered steel building(red iron). We will insulate it with 3" of PSK faced fiberglass insulation and skin it with 26 ga PBR wall sheets from the metal building manufacturer. We are going to use a half load main frame on the endwall, where this door will go in the building. The PEMB will be 50' wide and this door will be centered in that 50'. The door will be shipped to Highfill, Arkansas 72734

17 Want a price and date of delivery on hyd opening door for a shed 60' wide x 100' long It would be nice to be 17.5' high

18 Making a shop out of a cemented cattle building. Side walls 12 foot but changing the rafters to metal truss. Prefer your hydraulic one piece door which should keep my building cooler on hot summer days.

19 I need to replace a 30 *16 overhead door in my shop and would like to go with a hydraulic shop door so I don't lose any headroom.

20 looking for a 30 x 18 with couple of windows in dooor insulated for a shop where I can mount the hydraulic pump 14 feet from the door opening.

21 Would like to know an estimate cost for hydraulic and bi-fold doors installed on existing Morton shop. Need 15’ x 30’

22 We r looking at replacing our shop door would like a quote on a hydraulic door with windows and lights built into the underside. And also we r a 2 truck pulling team we compete in IN,OH,Ky,MI,IL on the NTPA State and Regional and a little Grand National circuits around 35 events a year.looking for sponsors for 2022 season.

23 Good afternoon, I am looking for a quote on a hydraulic or bifold strap door for my shed project that we will be building this summer. I need a 16 ft. by 20 ft. wide strap door with automatic latches and a remote opener.

24 Putting up a shop this fall. Was wondering what a 40 foot wide hydraulic or Bifold shop door with lifting straps would cost, I am planning 16 foot side walls. Thank you, Mike Mammele