Sliding Doors

1 Good Afternoon, I'm looking for a quote for (2) hydraulic door systems to replace existing sliding doors in Houma LA. 1. Clear width 70'8" 2. Clear height 24' 3. Aluminum or galvanized 4. large cylinders and pump 5. switch location right side 6. hydraulic back up system 7. voltage- 230v single phase

2 I have an astro building with sliding doors that I would like to replace with a Schweiss single one-piece hydraulic door. The opening is 19'7" wide and 14'8" tall. I'd like a rough estimate on a new door and what my options are. Thank you!

3 Hello, I need to replace my sliding hangar doors & am intereested in your patented Schweiss strap lift bifold doors. The door opening dimensions are 11.3m wide by 3.2m high. We would do the install & cladding. Can you provide me with a price with shipping to Adelaide, South Australia please. Alternatively, if you have an Australian authorised dealer, could you provide contact details. Kind Regards

4 Looking to replace my sliding door on my machine shed, I lost my measurement, there 2 sliders approxiamately 10x13' each. This is a cold storage building currently with heavy corrugated galvanized panels and wood framing from the 60's I believe. please give me an idea what it will cost to replace this door with a Schweiss bi-folding door. I want to tell others not to buy sliding doors. Bifold doors are the only answer. Thanks 

5 Would like information on converting my 55'X16' sliding door to a one piece hydraulic. Whats involved? Approximate Cost: Who does it?

6 Bought a very old hangar with sliding doors. Sliding doors are very drafty and hard to open and close. ! ! Need a new bifold door. Approx 4O X 12 (clear space ) Thanks

7 I am discussing the hanger/home design with Morton Buildings, who are proposing a wood frame with steel cladding. Another option is an Armstrong all steel construction. At this stage, the eaves are at 14' to provide a clear opening of 10' under the door. I much prefer the Schweiss bifold door to the sliding doors Morton offers. I'll never buy another sliding door again.

8 Located in Gilbert SC, I am having a Morton building built in late Oct and am in need of a Schweiss hanger door that is far superior to the sliding doors Morton offers. Opening size is 13 tall by 40 wide. What is the most economical door you can offer me

9 i am wanting to replace the sliding doors on my shed with hydraulic Schweiss shed doors....the shed is a metal shed with wood door frames...