Superstructure Doors

1 Attn: Brent We would like to present this RFQ for two(2) 12'x42' hydraulic super structure Schweiss hangar doors to be installed on an existing wood-framed metal building. We would like you to quote both types of doors that you offer, and would ask that structurally they be free-standing (we can sink pylons) - not tied into the aging wooden frame of the building. In addition to the 42' width, there is an additional 44" of non-structural wall on each side of the door, which could allow for a wider door, but we would ask that the minimum entrance be no less than the existing 42". I do have pictures available.

2 I am building a couple hangars and i would like to get pricing on a hydraulic superstructure Schweiss door that is independent of the steel structure if possible. Also, is it possible to become a dealer for these doors? We are steel building contractors and have our own crews for steel erection. Thanks -Brad

3 Greetings! I had lunch yesterday with a friend from Red Wing. He had an equipment shop cave in due to heavy snow load and when it caved the door tore away from its hinges. It works OK after some welding, but he's interested in your new Schweiss Superstructure bifold and hydraulic doors. We both have a question regarding glass. Can these doors be fitted with hurricane glass? This would be for a door he has in Belize and I'm thinking of building a second place in Belize as well. Can you quote us a price on your Superstructure door frames for a clear opening of 38 ft. x 16 ft. Door needs three windows, walk door and remote openers. Thanks, Phil Prax