Schweiss Doors - Hydraulic T-Hangar Doors

1 We need service asap for our hangar Bi-Fold Schweitzer door at KAPC Napa, Ca airport. The chain appears to have lost alignment with the sprocket and I need a local that services your doors. Thx

2 I recently purchased a house with a T-shaped hangar for a piper. This recent rain I discovered the hangar roof leaks, so I am looking to put a second story on and put in better weather proofed hangar doors. Currently, the hangar has 2 cyclone folding acordian fences as the hangar doors. Eventually I would like to build a velocity XLRG or Twin in it. Hangar front is about 41 feet long, for about 734 square feet.

3 we have your excellent doors in our 9 tee hangar complex. straps, automatic side latch. The 4 walk doors in the big door have been damaged over the last 20 years by careless tenants opening the big door with the man door improperly latched. we'd like price and availability on four walk doors with frames. the frames get bent on the hinge side when this happens. thank you.

4 Can we please get a quote on some T-hangar doors? Our openings will be 45ft x 14ft and we would like to try bifold if it works out.

5 We are a group planning on building a row of 5 hangars. 4 are 60’wide by 50’ deep and planning 18’ high, 1 hangar is 80’ wide. Interested in typical cost for your hydraulic door to suit and delivery lead times. We are also working with RM Steel (they use schweiss) and Global Rigid as the steel hangar suppliers. Regards, PengH Leong

6 Need Price on Project DeFuniak Springs Airport Terminal, T-Hanger hydraulic doors or bifold doors. Undergoing an Apron Expansion.

7 Question...we have an old T Hangar with a door opening roughly 11'x39.6'I was wondering are your hydraulic one piece doors custom built to fit such an opening and do you custom build a new door frame to fit our opening whereas your one piece and or bi-fold strap door could be hung. And finally what is a wild ball park figure for such.

8 I'm interested in BYOD hydraulic or  bifold door. Approximately 40 X 12 Hangar opening. They are nested T of wood construction with steel I-beam headers.

9 Do you make a Schweiss bifold door for aircraft T-hangars that meets Florida wind codes? We are looking at 42'x12' and 48'x14'. Thanks

10 We are looking to add metal aircraft hydraulic  hangar doors to 2 to 4 new T-hangers at our small private airport located north of Kansas City, Missouri. 

11 We are constructing 6 new t-hangers and want to fit them with hydraulic one piece t-hangar doors with Schweiss remote openers. 

12 I need to submit a Municipal Airport hangar door bid and going to need several Bifold T-Hangar liftstrap doors that will vary in size. Tell me exactly what you need so I can submit an accurate door bid to the city.

13 Need quote for 10 Schweiss hydraulic T-Hangar doors. 41'-8" wide and 12' minimum clearance. Also, add 3'-0" x 6'-8" passage doors to each door. Separate prices to furnish and install doors. We also need to know what rough door opening dimensions you need to have a door meet these minimum one piece door opening measurements.

14 Need delivery of  six - 20 x 30 hydraulic T-Hangar airport doors. Fast opening insulated doors with remote control door openers and  weathertight door seal. 

15 Have a 20 unit T-hanger project on short notice. Can you put together a price on this many 30x16' Schweiss hydraulic T-hangar doors. Include delivery charges and expected delivery time once order is placed. Several pilots are also  interested in bifold door autolatches and remote openers. Price separately.

16 I need a quote on 12-16 rental T-Hangar doors. Price as bifold liftstrap T-Hangar doors and  hydraulic T-Hangar doors, all to be 32' x 16'. Remote openers. Auto latches on some.

17 Seeking pricing on several small bi-fold T-hangar  hydraulic doors. I have door drawings and door specs I can send to whomever may need them at Schweiss Doors. 

18 We are preparing Design-Build documents for 4 aircraft T-hangars (5 aircraft each) for a total of 20 T-Hangar doors. What equipment and hardware is included with the hydraulic Schweiss door so that we are not over or under specifying these hangar door components.

19 I have an 8 unit T hangar door that I need to retrofit with Schweiss hydraulic doors. I would like to know if you have any crews that install these hydraulic doors or could I possibly do it myself. 

20 I have an older bifold T-Hangar door with cables. Would like to know how much it would cost to retrofit it to a hydraulic door. Would like your Schweiss Door crew to do install.

21 Quote for 30 t-hangar hydraulic doors 42' x 14 foot eve. Quote remotes separately. Also, approx. time for all doors delivered to Canada.

22 We have a Schweiss hydraulic door mounted on our t-hangar and are now ready to have you manufacture the other five t-hangar doors in the same sizes as before. Great door.

23 Interested in 2 hydraulic doors. Both need a 10' height when open and 40' width. Wedge size would be 18" as I will be mounting hangar door on the non gable end using a 18" steel I beam for the door header and attaching the door to the top of header. I can't mount the door on the gable end because there will be multiple T-hangars sharing common walls between them. 

24 Quote one hydraulic t-hangar door however we anticipate 3 in the first order 14 total.  Also need a large Bi-Fold aircraft door 60'-0" x 18'-0" with the lift straps. On a steel building with a single slope roof new construction. All these doors will have windows. Autolatches on the 60 ft. hangar door.

25 Have customer wanting six 40 x 16 hydraulic doors for multiple box hangers in Hot Springs, AR. Advise what size framed door opening he needs. Send the door engineering specs and door weight load for metal building manufacturer to work around the hangar door.

26 Hi, We need a quote for 13 T-Hangar hydraulic doors. They currently have cables on them, and the pilots don't like them. They want maintenance free hydraulic doors.

27 We own a series of 12 used T-Hangars that we just purchased. Eight of them have Schweiss bifold doors on them that work just fine. I think they replaced the other manufacturers doors about six years ago. Two of the other four have gone to the hangar in the sky and need some repair work done. What we'd like to do is have you come to our airport for a routine maintenance check on all the doors and then send us out whatever parts we need to get the other two fixed. Or at least tell us what needs to be repaired or replaced so we can get them all in working order. Could you also quote us a price to convert the six bifolds that have cables on them to liftstraps or hydraulic doors. Let us know when you can come out. Thanks for your time and for manufacturing a quality bifold door.

28 I have a T' hanger that needs new doors. My existing T' hanger is made of currogated fiberglass for the structural part of it but the front wall which holds the doors is rotten and needs to be replaced. Is this something you might be able to work a bid up for a Schweiss hydraulic metal door to include a free standing header.  I can send pictures and whatever's needed. The dimensions of door opening are only approxiate below.

29 We are looking to price a T Hangar for client who will be needing a minimum of six Schweiss hydraulic doors to start with. Not exactly sure of the dimensions yet. T-Hangar construction will be completed in one month. How soon can you get doors to us? I'll dig up the specs and get right back to you. This is a solid order, client loves your doors.

30 I want info and price on 24 - 14 bifold T-Hangar doors. What further info will Schweiss Doors need to give me an accurate quote for your hydraulic door?

31 I have a requirement for a 40w x 20h Hydraulic T-Hangar door which will be mounted to a Steel Framed Building. (Most likely 4x4x.188 Steel Tubing). I like your Schweiss hydraulic doors and the ability to mount the pump anywhere.

32 Could I get a price on 8 Schweiss hydraulic T-Hangar doors? I can send more info if you tell me what you need.

33 I would like to know the prices for Hydraulic Electric Doors for T-hangars for height: 19ft width: 60ft and height: 13ft width: 40ft. All doors to have windows. Delivery needed in two-month time frame.

34 Need quote and sample door spec of a 40' x 10' clear Schweiss hydraulic door going to Fla 33928, 150 mph wind load Exposure C . This will be used in a 7 unit stacked T hangar project .

35 We have several T-hangars that are using sliding doors and they are starting to show some wear and fraying. We'd like to retrofit them with your hydraulic doors, what information will you need beside door sizes? 

36 Pricing a T-hangar complex in Hammond, LA. The hydraulic doors will be installed in the sidewall of a 7 unit rectangular hangar. Please provide pricing as soon as possible. Also provide the overall rough opening required to obtain a 14'0" clear opening. Please call if you have questions. 

37 I purchased a hydraulic door from you a couple of years ago and am building a series of t-hangers in Arkansas. I need a quote on 6 more hydraulic doors 45x 15 and 2- 60x20 doors. 


39 I am bidding a job with 6 T-hangar doors in it. I bought a bifold door from you 10 years ago and it is still working great. Please price out the 2 hydraulic doors for this job. This would be new construction.

40 Hi we are building a T hangar building for 6 airplanes. The door openings are 43'6 x 10'. We are going to order these hydraulic doors from you. We need to know what the forces are on the headers of the huge I-beam so we can finalize the building design. Thanks for your help.

41 Schweiss: I wonder if you would be willing to quote to me the following hydraulic T-Hangar doors: 13 ea. 41x12 clear, 1 each corporate hangar - 55x16' clear.  I need to minimize the eave height (and your overall door height requirements) as much as possible. The project is going to Dallas, GA. Let me know what information you need to begin. This is a hot rush for us so if you can expedite I certainly would appreciate it. Call or e-mail with questions.

42 We are building a nested T-hangar complex and require hydraulic doors. We would like to obtain a quote. Please find attached a drawing of the complex layout. Details are as follows: Will require six hydraulic doors for the six T-hangar units. Construction of door framing is I-beam column with I-beam header. Top of steel header will be 14' above floor level walls between units are 6" thick and are spaced 42', center to center.  Five hydraulic doors are required for hangars with width of 42', wall center to center  One door is required for hangar with width of 51', wall center to center  Doors will be face mounted.  Doors will be insulated. Options: Man door full weather stripping and sealing Options to be priced separately per door if available: Remote door opener. What would be the exact dimensions of the hydraulic doors to fit this structure?  What will be the clear opening (height) for doors of this dimension?  What is required to fasten the doors to the header beam?  Are there hinge points and if so what is their spacing?  What is the best method of insulation?  What would be the weight of door? Consider it to be finished in 26 gauge steel siding with spray foam insulation.  Are you able to supply technical drawings to aid in frame design?  What are the specifications of the lifting mechanism for the doors: ie. Voltage, horsepower, controls, power requirements, etc. How long before we could expect delivery after placing an order

43 We are quoting on a project that includes a T-Hangar and a Rectangular hangar. Our customer would like us to include hydraulic Schweiss doors in the base quote with an alternate for remote opener doors. Please provide a quotation for the following: Base Quote (15) 41' x 12' Clear Width/Height Hydraulic Doors Alternate (15) 41' x 12' Clear Width/Height Hydraulic Doors.

44 This project provides for the construction of a 17 bay, fully enclosed T-hangar building. Two connecting taxi lanes and appropriate drainage and site work for the T-hangar is included in this project. All hangar bays will be fully nested T's with manually operated horizontal lifting hydraulic  door assemblies. The building construction will consist of cast in place reinforced concrete foundations and floor systems, pre-engineered steel frame superstructures, and metal panel wall and roof assemblies. Electrical service will include general use receptacles, interior lighting, and exterior building area lighting. The Bidder will subcontract with DBE's certified by the FLUCP. Only DBEs certified under the FLUCP will count toward the Contract Goals.

45 Please provide us pricing for hydraulic doors for the T-hangers as shown on plans. If there is need for a separate structural support for t-hanger doors please price also. Any questions please call.

46 Another project just cropped up. I have been contact by the PAV (Paralized American Veterans) to price a set of t-hangers to them as an investment project. I am needing pricing on 8-each 14x40 hydraulic doors no remotes, no frills at all. I didnt know if you had an economy door or not. Anyway bare bones for tenant operation. They will need a walk door frame installed. 

47 Hello Can you quote me some hydraulic doors for a box hanger, the building is 62' wide by 140' long, there are three doors on the side wall that are 30' wide by 14' high We had figured the building eave heights to be 20' That can be adjusted to whatever the door require Thanks

48 Please quote the following T-hangar sizes in bifold and hyd doors. 24w x 18h, 35 or 36w x 18h, 40w x 18h, 20w x 16h, 24w x 16h, lift straps and new style power pump. Insulated, one remote with each door.  What is your lead time?

49 I am looking for quotes on hydraulic doors with clear openings of 65x18, 50x14, 36x18 and 30x18. Include walk thru doors on the two larger doors. Insulate all doors. Extra remotes for each door. All except the 65 footer are all going on airport T-hangars. 

50 We have new projet asking for Schweiss hydraulic doors for aviation t-hangars

51 Would like to have two one piece hydraulic T-Hangar door quotes; 1-20' x 14' 1-18' x 14'. Will these small doors have your new pump on them. Can one pump run multiple doors?

52 Need information on door seals for hydraulic T-Hangar doors on erect-a-tube hangars. Need a watertight seal at floor level and extra remote. 

53 We had a wicked storm go through Tuesday and the board would like a new quote to see what it would cost to upgrade to hydraulic doors to replace our rollup doors and wonder if they would work on our tee hangars. The quote would be for 30 doors. They are 39.6 wide by 12.3 high and would need a man door. Need wind rated hydraulic doors.

54 Mike, Wanted to say a big thank you again for your hospitality at the air show this week and look forward to placing that order for a half dozen T- hangar doors we talked about. 

55 Multiple Hydraulic Door Bid for Cleveland, TN airport T-hangers. I need price by Wednesday 9:00 am. Forgot to mention, these doors are to have  extra remote for each.

56 I need 10 hydraulic airplane T-hangar doors 42 wide X 12 tall. Include with remote door openers. 

57 We would like a quote for replacing sliding doors on four of our T-hangars with your patented Schweiss hydraulic doors. Seeing your airpark doors on other hangars, we feel your Schweiss hangar doors are the only way to go. The windrated hangar doors will need to be 32 ft. wide x 18 ft. tall. 

58 I am bidding on several T-hangar door projects this week and was needing a price for the hydraulic doors. I can email you hangar door sizes and plans. Please let me know as soon as possible. Two of them bid on Wednesday.

59 I'm collecting quotes for a airport project that will require 11 hydraulic T-Hangar doors 42 X 16 feet. This is in South Florida and Miami/Dade building and windrating codes will apply. The project is to be completed within 2 years. Let me know what else you need. Thanks, Brad

60 Hello, We are building a new T-hanger and would like to price a hydraulic & bi-fold strap door to see the difference price wise. Most likely we would go with your hydro but would like to see what we could do. Our door rough opening will be 13'3" high x 46''8". Include price for remote opener and automatic latching systems. Thank you for your time & look forward to hearing from you.

61 I have a customer who wants a T-hanger building constructed on private property. I am anticipating on needing a 45' wide by 12ft tall hydraulic style door. Need information on pricing and building requirements. Building will be IBC 2009, 120mph, Coastal Inland II area. I am gathering preliminary pricing information to present to customer so he can make a final decision as to what kind of door he wants on the hanger. Would also be interested and receiving alternate pricing for a hydraulic (1) piece door 45' x 15' tall.  Thanks

62 Hello, I'd like to get a quote on two hangar doors. I'm in the process of purchasing a nested T-hangar that needs two doors. Each door is 40' wide, and a 12' roof. I'd consider either a Schweiss straplift bifold or a hydraulic door. The building is a concrete block building, with a relatively weak header, so I imagine you would have to build a  freestanding header that I've seen on another of your doors. Both doors will be side by side, and are currently separated by a 2X4 or 2X6 wall. I can do the installation. I'm looking for as simple ($ and operation) as possible as the hangars are rental units. Auto-latches not required, remotes needed.. Please price with and without entry doors. I can provide sheeting locally. If you still do both, I want lift-straps instead of cables.. I currently own one more of your doors, pre-strap that was installed at the same airport in Michigan

63 I am about to begin designing and building three box hangars and would like pricing on my first project , the smallest of the three. Could you provide pricing for a Schweiss one piece hydraulic door about 46 W x 12 H, Im sure you will have several questions for me so ask away :-}

64 We are upgrading six of our T-hangers at the airport and need pricing on six hydraulic T-hangar doors 40' wide by 11.6' high. The doors will be purchased by the City. They will be installed by others or the city. I am working with a structural engineer and we will be installing the doors ourselves. Our local pilots are really jazzed about your doors, they campaigned hard with the city to get them. Happy Day!

65 Need a quote for a 40 x12 hydraulic Schweiss door for a t-hanger. My friend has one of your doors and after looking at it in operation, it's exactly what I want. Fine door you manufacture. Better than any others I've seen. Thanks,

66 I am looking for T-Hangar doors estimate. The hangar currently has sliding doors. The openings for the doors are to be 40' in width and 12' in height. The current systems are supported by a ground support track. Not sure if structures can support overhead hydraulic or bifold doors. The airport is located 20 minutes north of Binghamton NY, and 60 minutes south of Syracuse NY. Any information on your current doors systems would be great. 

67 Our local door company said you may be able to help me with the hydraulic lift door we are looking for. We are bidding on an airplane hangar and need a small hangar door for it. The door the client is requesting is 12' high x 40' long. There is not a specification for a door style, so maybe you have a couple of options. Power will be available to the hangar, but the client said a manual door may work also.Would like this door to have Red Power Electrical System.

68 Have an existing hangar that has sliding panel doors. Would like to know what a replacement Schweiss one-piece hydraulic lift door with Red Power Safety Advantage would cost. Hangar door is approximately 15' high by 50' wide (would need to go measure for certain if I decide to replace current door. Would need someone to install door.

69 My name is Larry Eihlers and I work at in Midland, Texas. We have some open fronted t-hangers we are looking at putting a Schweiss hydro-powered lift doors on. We also wanted to check if you can install these doors with your Schweiss new Red Power backup systems and if you can ship to this location. Thanks! Larry

70 This would be for \"T\" Hangers. I'm not sure of the highth, can you send me specs and wind load on a hydro powered swing door with Red Power systems.

71 My company services multiple hydraulic lift  doors at a local airport,I am Very interested in the Schweiss one piece door with Red Power Safety Advantage for my personal T-hangar! What information do I need to get a materials quote?

72 I want to build a t hanger for my PA-23-160 Apache. How much will the Schweiss one piece hydraulic lift door with Red Power Safety Advantage cost? Do you sell the porable syle t hanger? If not can you recomend a company? The hanger will be at Bryron Airport in California. Thank you

73 I have a 46' standard bi fold door that I bought from you in the mid 2000s installed on my hanger and i was wondering what the cost would be to update my other hangar door to a hydraulic lift system with Red Power Safety Advantage. Thanks, Tim P.S. Send me info on the strap conversion too.

74 We are interestd in the Nested T hangers about 6 hangers with a large work shop on the end. We would like a quote and drawning on this but we want the Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power System. Can you tell me about your Red Power Safety Advantage, others here say I should ask for it. Thanks

75 I placed an order over the phone for some wx stripping (12\") for my T hanger doors and don't remember who I spoke with, can someone please confirm my order and tell me when it shipped & total billed. Also placed order for Red Power Safety Advantage system for your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors.  Thank you

76 Hello, We are interested in budget pricing for a hydraulic lift door for a T-hanger building we are constructing. This door would need to be 45' W with a open height of 16'. I am really interested in the new Schweiss Red Power backup unit.

77 In need a quote on (3) T-hanger doors. (1) 40'x12' Hydro lift door (1) 55'x16' Hydro lift door Shipped to Brandon, MS (1) 60' x 18' Bi-fold door Shipped to Meridian, MS I need cut sheets on all (3) doors. Engineering design data and Red Power System specs for the Schweiss hydraulic lift doors.

78 Interested in prices and feasibility data for an old \"T\" hangar building with 10 hangars approximately 40 ft wide, 12 ft high. Presently has sliding (rolling) doors. Construction is pole and wood frame, with metal sheathing. In addition. I have purchased a Schweiss Bi-fold door from you in the past, but this particular building is designed more for a hydraulic one-piece lift door. Please also have your quote include your new Red Power Safety Advantage package.

79 Hi, I sell prefabricated sheds and am looking for a better Hangar door, I would be interested in buying the Schweiss one-piece hydraulic lift doors without cladding, to reduce shipping costs and avoid colour matching problems. Most of the hangers we sell do not have power available so would like your Red Power Electrical System and need a manual opening system. Do you have such an option. Some hanger owners install 12v solar systems for lights that may have sufficient storage to open a door.

80 I am planning T-Hangar buildings and need budget prices and recommended details for both vertical bi-fold and traditional Schweiss hydraulic swing-up doors. Building location is SE US. Clear opening sizes must be 44' by 14' high. Because building is not designed or built yet, I need your recommended mountng details that may affect the building eave height and details around the door. I am looking for the most economical overall building/door design, but don't want to skimp on your Red Power hydraulics.

81 Please quote a hydraulic lift door for a 41' T-hangar opening with a clearance height of 10'. Price should include your Schweiss Red Power backup system. You guys put out excellent quality hangar doors. All the pilots I know who have them are very happy and say they are basically maintenance free.

82 10 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors to have one man door each and be located in the sidewalls of the TEE style hangar. 1 door to be located in the endwall and will not have a man door. All doors to have fast lift Red Power Safety Advantage Systems.Can't wait to get your sturdy top of the line doors installed.

83 We are looking at a project that is going to start with 1 - T-Hanger and expand to 4 T-Hangers and multiple single units. I spoke with Mike Schweiss at our sales meeting in WI this spring and he recommended I fit the doors with Red Power backup systems.

84 We would like to get a cost quote & cut sheet information for the installation of a 17x48 Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power safety advantage system.. It will be for an aircraft T-hangar located within the Flightline airport compound in Tallahassee, Florida. Any information on the cost and construction details will be greatly helpful. Also, can the doors be custom width and height or do they need to be constructed to a module dimension? Thanks

85 Please quote for 1 Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece  door as detailed below. Also, as this is part of a multi T- hangar development, please include any applicable discount for quantities of 3 and 6 doors the same all fitted with Red Power Systems. Questions: - Does the quote include cladding? I require the door not clad. - Is the door frame galvanised? - Please indicate price for personnel walk door and windows -  Thanks in advance, I look forward to your prompt reply, NEW ZEALAND

86 Looking for nothing fancy just an economical basic door for a econmical basic T- hangar one piece hydraulic lift Schweiss door to replace what I have now. Building is a combination of wood frame and steel siding. Will require your Red Power back up Electrical System to lift it.

87 I would like to get a feel for the prices on the two doors i.s. the Schweiss bifold with straps or one piece hydraulic lift. This is for T-hangers typically, 12 meter opening and 4 meters high. All should have your Red Power Safety Advantage Systems.

88 Request quote for T-hangar hydraulic lift door. Rough opening 11' 7\" x 41' 3\". Include price for Red Power back up system Thanks

89 We are currently designing a new fast build T hangar system and are requesting information on available Schweiss Doors bifold and hydraulic lift door systems. Priority is on speed of build and speed of door operation, so will want your Red Power hydraulic pumps, Cost & security. Current opening dimention are 11m X 2.4M but this is not a final design. Your suggestions (with prices) will be very much appreciated Kind regards

90 Is there a way possible of making this Schweiss hydrolic lift door 2 ft higher in the center to fit a higher tail aircraft in? The customer in this building would like to gain 2 feet in the centre of the door to accommodate a higher tail aircraft he is getting.What would the cost be for a center pce and Red Power Electrical backup system that could be added to this door.  We put this door in this summer please let me know if any questions Thank you

91 I would like to ask you to do me a favor and figure me a one piece hydraulic lift door for a Teehanger, 40' wide and 10' high. I also need the weight of the finished door so I can calculate the header load. I definately want this Schweiss door to have a Red Power hydraulic pump for better lift.  I hope to do business with you soon.Thanks in advance

92 I just looked at the files you sent to John K Very impressive! We are doing some optimizing of our T-Hangar design and comparing alternatives for a building in Mexico 90 mph wind.The T-Hanger will have 10 hydraulic lift doors that are 42' x12' clear, mounting no the inside.Can you give me some reactions cut sheets and pricing for these and separate pricing on your new Red Power backup systems provided for Schweiss hydraulic doors.

93 Hello, I am developing a T hangar to be bid in May that will have ten 60' bay centerlines x 18' clear openings, (5 per side). I am in need of CAD details to put on my construction drawings. I have some generic drawings but since it is in Florida with heavy wind loading I am looking for more specific details and specifications which should include Schweiss Door recommendation for Red Power hydraulic pumps.  This will be a hydraulic lift door bid project and I have contacted others also for assistance.

94 I am currently renting a t-hangar for my aircraft at our local county airport. The sliding current doors are terrible especially in the winter. If I want a hydraulic lift Schweiss Door, I will have to pay for it out of pocket. I think the opening is either 46 or 47 feet. Would you give me an estimate (approximate is OK) for a door installed with Red Power backup system and without and wireless remote.

95 Hi, I have sets of aircraft T hangars, with users who mostly want to have your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors installed on them. What is the cost of doors and with or without the Red Power hydraulic backup systems? All will need remotes. These hangars are in Kansas City. Thank you, Calvin

96 We are looking for 12 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Building a T-hangar that is going to have 50' openings with a 12' height. We are trying to accomplish at least 11' opening when the door is installed. We are located in SC. We also wanted to know if you had an installation division or recommended contracts that are familiar with installing your products. I would want doors fitted with Red Power backup systems adequate for fairly fast lift.  Thanks for any help you can offer.

97 Please provide quote for a 42' x 12' t-hangar Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Door definately needs to be lifted by your powerful Red Power hydraulic pumps. Will also want remotes for it. Door is made of steel and we are in San Antonio, Texas.

98 Hello, I am a designer specifying one of your 32' x 15' T hanger doors for a project. I need some design specs, like loads, and Red Power electrical system requirements and electrical locations for this Scheiss hydraulic lift door. Please email me the specs.

99 There is a project that we have at the New Smyrna Beach Airport which I don't recall Schweiss Doors submitting a bid for. The project consists of 2 each 48' x 17'6\" Hydraulic Lift Doors in a Steel T-Hangar. We are required to get two bids, but honestly want your quality door with your Red Power hydraulic pumps, because they are best.

100 I have a customer looking to add 50 hangers at the airport. It looks like \"T\" style hangers with the size of 50' x 28'. Steel building. Can i get a price quote for these doors that will include Schweiss Red Power electrical lift systems. Please call to get information if needed. Thanks, Harry

101 I would like pricing on a generic 40' Schweiss hydraulic lift door for a t-hangar application. This is budgetary pricing to provide to an FBO for an installation project he is considering. Please provide pricing on basic units with available options and associated pricing on your Red Power Electrical System and two remote controls. Thanks.

102 Need pricing for 12 standard Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece t-hangar doors. All doors should have Red Power hydraulic pumps and come with two remote controls each.

103 Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door will be installed on T hangars 160 under one roof. (4) 40 X 40 foot hangars. With Red Power hydraulic systems for best lift possible. We want you to install doors in Baton Rouge, LA. Can you do it in two months? 

104 Is your Schweiss Doors bidding on the T- hanger doors for the Whapeton Airport hanger project in Dakota. My boss wants you to because he says he wants the best hydraulic lift doors on the market, especially now that they all come with your Red Power hydraulic pumps. Give him a call. His name is Rick Carter.

105 Interested in a single simple one piece hydraulic lift Schweiss door for a T hanger. Also, will it come with Red Power hydraulics and can I order an extra remote opener for it.

106 Looking at building a T Hanger to house 10 Planes. Currently looking into a couple of different manufacturers for the building, but will definately want Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with remote openers and Red Power Electrical Systems.

107 I need a quote on 8 each 42' wide x 12' clear hydraulic lift Red Power backup system T-hanger doors with a walk door in each. Also with two remote openers for each door. Installation by your Schweiss crew just outside Little Rock, AR.

108 I own 4 t hangars in Galveston. I have 2 bad motors on the doors one does not move at all and the other one only go up 8.5ft but does not come down. Looks like Schweiss Red Power motors are much better. Control boxes are new.Motors were in water during Ike. Can you send me a couple motors and will they work on hydraulic lift doors that are not your brand? Do they come in different powers?

109 Estimating: I'm looking at a 6 bay nested T-Hanger in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Was wondering if I could get a quote for the six (6) hydraulic lift doors, 47'-8\" x 14'-0\" clear opening. Door framing members shall be welded in full size panels. Door frames shall have pre-located top hinges factory located to align with door truss hinges. Structural Steel shall be ASTM, A36, A572 or A500 grade B. Doors shall be motorized with Red Power pumps, with a pedestrian in-swing door as part of each door. Please let me know if you need any other information.  Thanks for you help. Ron

110 We are putting together a proposal for the Port of Astoria, Oregon to construct a T-structure with 10 hangars in it. Three (3) of the hangars will have up-lifting bi-fold doors, the other seven (7) hangars will have Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. We would like to get prices from you for Red Power systems that fit these doors. One (1) door will have a 48' X 16' clear opening and the other two (2) doors will have 46' X 16' clear openings. Power available for operating the doors will be 240 volt, single phase. Price should be FOB Astoria, Oregon. Additive Alternate price for a man door in each. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you, Russ

111 I am in the process of quoting a T hangar that will be located in Montreal. The sidewall bays ar 42' - requiring 41' 6\" x 12' 0\" clear opening hydraulic lift doors. Please provide a quote and specs for these Schweiss doors complete with Red Power units. Thank you Katlyn 

112 We are bidding on a T hangar project in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. We would like a quote on (2) Schweiss hydraulic lift hangar doors that are 48' wide x 17'-6\" high clearances. We would appreciate pricing with Red Power hydraulic backup system on or before 8-24.

113 This is for older T-Hangars to replace sliding doors. We purchased a Bi-Fold from you awhile back and it works great, but would want Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power backup systems for this project. What do you think? I've seen your hydraulic doors and really, really like them and the power lift that comes with them.

114 Our company is bidding on a 15 Unit T-Hangar in New Smyrna Beach, FL. I need a quote for Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power hydraulic pumps and two remotes for each door.

115 Bidding a T hangar with a 16' X 48'8 door need installed price of Schweiss hydraulic lift door with Red Power backup system, I can email specs

116 I would like to get a quote for a stand-along T-Hangar to fit a Mooney. Schweiss door preferred is your hydraulic lift with Red Power backup system.

117 Need several Schweiss hydraulic lift doors for a new T-Hanger, nested. Would like a quote for a 14' height and 16' height. Would also like the price of the installation kits need for self installation. And Red Power Electrical System installation details.

118 We are planning on building a new airport real estate development with a 10 T-hanger buildings. Each door opening will be 42' x 14'. I need a quote for Schweiss hydraulic lift doors (with Red Power Systems) to work up my budget, thanks.

119 Will be building an eight bay T hanger on airport real estate soon and need availability and quote for Schweiss bi fold and hydraulic lift doors. I'll send you specs soon. Used your hydraulic lift doors and really like the smooth operating Red Power pump. It lifts doors in a jiffy.

120 Require price and shipping on the following. 5- Schweiss hydraulic lift doors 12ft x 40ft with walk door and Red Power motors for T hangers.

121 I am working on a T-Hanger Project for a City Airport in Florida and I need Schweiss Red Power Electric System Hydraulic Lift Doors for the Hangers. Can you supply and install to the Panhandle of Florida?

122 Can we get a price for a T-hanger horizontal hydraulic lift door to fit 40'w x 16' h, multiple of 10, shipped to central NC? All should have Schweiss exclusive Red Power Hydraulic backup systems and remotes.

123 Looking for a quote on 10 Schweiss hydraulic lift  doors for t-hangers. Could be as many as 20 if second building is approved. All doors are around 44' in width and around 16' in height. All would have Red Power Electrical Systems and remotes.

124 Need a quote for the following (8) 41.5' x 12' (clear dims.) in \"T\" hangar (1) 59.5' x 16' (clear dims) in box hangar All hydraulic lift with Red Power Systems installed in the great state of Kentucky.

125 Seeking a quote for T-hangars/doors for 20 planes. Please call me.To give you a start at Schweiss Doors, we are looking at hydraulic lift doors with Red Power backup systems. Will aluminum doors work well on hangars or should we stay with steel doors. I've only seen your steel doors and sure am impressed with them. Owners seem to swear by them. I see you've been in business for 35 years.

126 I need to change a sliding door on an older T-hanger to a hydraulic lift door. The opening is 11'H x 42' W. Please supply costs for Schweiss Red Power hydraulic backup system if not included in base price. I need a inexpensive solution. Thank you, 

127 T-Hangers not built yet - I am exploring the possibility of Schweiss installed hangers to rent out to other pilots. Would like quantity pricing on 8 hangars to start with. All with Schweiss hydraulic lift doors and Red Power hydraulic pumps as described on your web page.

128 I am building a row of \"T\" hangars. Have not decided if building will be wood or steel, but know I want Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power back up systems, just like the ones you set up in nearby New Jersey.

129 Our airport is currently seeking quotes for 10 nested T-hangars and we would like a quote for Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with remote (wireless) door access. Also, do you have a list of T-hangar manufacturers that you have installed your doors around the Chicago area? Especially those who have your Red Power hydraulic pumps on their doors. Read about them on your web site, would like to hear from others about how much they like or recommend them. 

130 We have about 35 hangars at our airport, most of which are open t-hangars, and we would like to enclose them. The hangars are constructed in such a way that the trusses really can't support any of the door weight vertically, but could support weight horizontally. So, I think that your Schweiss free standing outside mount one-piece hydraulic doors with Red Power hydraulic systems could be just the doors that we need. I have pictures that I can e-mail of the construction set-up if needed.

131 My T- Hangar door is 14' high x 42" wide. It is a "Brand Z company out of biz" bi-fold door that is old and in poor shape, can you give me a quote on replacing it with one of your top of the line Schweiss hydraulic lift doors, complete with Red Power backup system. Thanks

132 Dear Sirs, I am the manager of a sport club of aviation in Hungary. We are planning to build T-hangars mainly for Cessna 172, 182 airplanes and we are searching for Hydraulic Hangar Doors. We like your Schweiss product, but in Hungary the circuit system is of 220/380V and of 50 Hz. I would like to ask you if you have in disposition the RED POWER electrical system controller suitable for this circuit system. If you do, should we order directly from you or you have a  European distributor? If we should order it from you, are you able to do a safe package appropriate for shipping overseas? Also I am interested in being informed whether it is possible to send ready doors or only parts of it. How many doors can be packed in a container? If there is no chance to send a whole door, can you maybe provide us with plans so that we could produce the doors here in Hungary using naturally your hydraulic parts and hinges? I am looking forward to your early reply via e-mail, or by phone you should contact Ms. Jusztina. Thank you for your attention!

133 I am interested in turning an open T-hanger into an enclosed hanger with one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors. Would like more information on your Red Power hydraulic backup system. Please send me a catalogue. Thanks, Kevin L.

134 8' wide by 6'6\" tall. Only 7' ceilings. Redwood or Cedar vertical Schweiss hydraulic door for garage? Flush mount with exterior siding. Thank You

135 We are designing a garage door which needs to have a flush appearance from the outside, and does not project in to our 9 foot ceiling height. The door needs to be 9 feet high but does not need vertical clearance of 9 feet when open. I would favor the one piece Schweiss hydraulic door because of smaller clearance that is needed in front of the door,  I'm sure that it can achieve the flush look. Please let me know what my best options are. Thank You.

136 I need pricing and information on the T hanger one piece hydraulic doors , the opening is 41'-4\" x 14' DOORS APPEAR TO HAVE EGRESS. I would want one of your Red Power backup systems for this Schweiss door.

137 We are building a fully nested tee hangar (4 stall) Each of us seem to be looking at a different type of door. The rough opening is approx 14' high x 42' wide. I am interested in approx pricing on your Schweiss Hydraulic Red Power lifting door. \"A\" aluminimum frame. I realize that you may not give approx costs but I need a ballpark figure to know if I can even proceed with looking at one of your doors. This could be just a single door or all four of our doors. The building frame is being finished (probably this next week) Red iron steel frame.

138 I was wondering if you would quote me a T hangar door for a project that we are bidding. The project bids Thursday. We need prices on 14 hydraulic doors, all with Schweiss Red Power backup systems and remote openers. How much extra for an extra remote opener for each door?

139 Hi there. Would you please email me a price guide for a T hangar Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power backup system and extra remote opener, minimum span 30 feet, length the same. Do you have a European Distributor? Many thanks Rich S.

140 Looking for a qoute on a 40 by 12 Schweiss Red Power system  hydraulic door. I plan to build a hanger at Detroit Lakes, Mn this summer. I would also be interested to know if you would recommend a design or builder for a simple one plane t-hanger from the area.

141 We need a quote for T hangar to park 4 planes: 1 cessna 150 ,2 piper pa28,1 piper pa 32 could you quote with Schweiss hydraulic doors with and without your Red Power backup system. But we still want the Red Power hydraulic pumps. Nothin beats their quick and quiet lifting power.

142 I need the price on 3 ea Red Power hydraulic pump Schweiss hydraulic one piece T-hanger doors. 12 X 42 or 12 X 40 please quote both. I've already put up two of your doors, one was a bifold. They are fantastic pieces of engineering and perfect for hangar use. Put Red Power backup systems and remotes on them.

143 I own 2 piper PA 32 Cherokee planes. My project is to built a hangar to park them. I looked at your Schweiss Doors web site T-Hangar concept that will adapt well with Schweiss hydraulic doors with new Red Power hydraulic pumps and find it very interesting. Do you have an agent in Europe or do you sell directly to foreigner countries ? Could you make a proposal in terms of surface and dimensions needed, sketch, to hangar my 2 Pipers ? Could you quote it ? hangar itself and transportation cost Do you have any mounting manual to have the hangar assembled by a professional , Thanks Michel

144 I have 2 Tee hangars at Sky Manor Airport in Pittstown and need two 40 foot Schweiss hydraulic doors. Doors must be free-standing and self supporting with Red Power options.

145 Please email me information for quoting/designing a T-Hanger on a 50' wide x 14' high Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power hydraulic pump system.

146 Planning to upgrade our New Jersey T-Hangers and interested in receiving a quote to replace the existing sliding doors with your quality Schweiss Hydraulic Doors. Please advise if you are able to have these doors installed with your newest Red Power hydraulic pumps and provide an estimate for insulation and remotes. When I spoke to a salesperson the other day, she had asked me to provide pictures of the building and hangers. 

147 I am building a 10 unit nested T hangar. I will need at least 12' clear height on the door opening. If a lower wall would allow me to obtain the 12' requirement with a one-piece Schweiss hydraulic (Red Power pump) one piece door, please advise.

148 Good afternoon! I'm interested in the Schweiss hydraulic door  which you have that can be retrofitted to a sliding  door. However, I'm not even sure the door on my hangar is one of yours. I cannot find any markings or label. I could send you a picture. The t-hangars were built in 2003 and it is 42' long by approx. 12' high. I'd appreciate any information you could give me on your door and Red Power hydraulic pump system. Thank you very much! Steve

149 Need an offer for a hydraulic one piece t-hanger door 14 meters long 4 meters high With Schweiss Red Power hydraulics and every thing included except freight

150 Hello there, I saw your site and liked what I saw. I would like some info on your door for the T-hanger. If I can get some government assistance, I want to build four (4) strips of T-hangers with ten hangers in each strip in a new airport that I want to build. This airport will be strictly for lightsport and ultralight aircraft. I would like to know what you would require on each side or above a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door in order for your door to be installed and the size Red Power pump for it to work well. I thank you in advance for your time. Tim M.

151 I am working on plans for a fast-track project for a new standard t-hangar building for Dexter,MO, to replace a 10-unit assembly that was storm damaged. Would like some information on your Schweiss hydraulic doors, have heard good things about your products and your new Red Power hydraulic pumps. The clear opening on the existing hangars is/was only 40 feet, and the total unit depth is only 30.5 feet. I am having some trouble finding standard hangars this small. We will likely pre-purchase the building and doors to get things going quickly. Thanks, jc

152 I'm would like to price (6) 40'x 15' Schweiss hydraulic doors for T hangers. Red Power Electric System and backup system. 110 mph wind loading.

153 Can you please send me the dead weight of a 44.5'x14' Schweiss hydraulic door? I am designing the foundation for t-hangar building that will have two of these doors in it. Also send me specs and weights on your Red Power hydraulic pump systems.  Erin

154 We are considering construction of T-Hangars. We want to use one manufacturer of hydraulic doors, hopefully Schweiss Doors for all future construction. Current plans call for 6 units (8 T-Hangars per unit). Please send me all relevant info on your Red Power hydraulic pumps and backup systems, including approx pricing structure on insulated vs. non insulated. Cheers, Henry Z. Niagara District Airport

155 Hello, I am building 49 T Hangars at a local Airport. I need a quote please on 49 doors. I am interested in both Schweiss bi-fold and one piece hydraulic doors (the ones with the Red Power hydraulic pump back up systems available). Also remote openers for each. Installation time and cost.  Any quanity discounts? Thank you, Winston

156 Looking for Schweiss doors for a T Hanger 44'6\"x15' with a 3070 personnel door. A hydraulic one piece with Red Power backup system and remote control openers. Shipping and installation at Murfreesboro, N.C.

157 I have a very old nested T-hangar, of steel and corregated construction the opening is 12\" x 40', the two doors both slide to one side on a set of suspended rollers. Over the years the weight of the doors and winter snow has caused the doors to sag and the metal fasteneers to stretch to the point that the doors are nearly impossible to open. Do you have some type of relatively inexpensive remedy, such as your Schweiss one piece hydraulic door with your new Red Power hydraulic pump and backup system.. Although I am not speaking in behalf of the other hangar owners they all have similar problems. BTW currently there is no electricity in the hangars but it is available. Thanks

158 Please quote Ten 42'-0\" x 12'-0\"(clear opening) Hydraulic Schweiss doors. Also please include truss/headers and columns. This will be for a tee hangar with 5 doors on each side, therefore I will need 6 columns on each side of the building. Please price the 42'-0\" width as centerline to centerline of columns. The truss will need to carry the rafter load of approx. 8K located 10'-3\" from each end of the truss header. If you can I would like you to also price 2 additional columns I can use for corners of the tee hangar. (total columns required = 14). Include one walk door in each and Red Power hydraulics for all doors. Installed by Schweiss at Harvard, Ill.

159 I have a sliding single T-Hangar at Flying Cloud Airport and the 24 ft. overhead door is in bad shape. Twisted and bent. Do you guys replace doors with either your Schweiss bifold one piece hydraulic door? Think I'm most interested in hydraulic and your Red Power backup system.  Thanks, Neville

160 We are bidding a project for the University of Illinois Willard Airport, a new T-hangar that will require 10 new doors with 41'-8\" clear openings width x 12'-0\" clear opening height. We as contractors are responsible for the pre-engineered steel building design. I am requesting a quote from you as well as engineering information on Schweiss Hydraulic doors and Red Power hydraulic electrical systems that we can use to design the building. I will be happy to email drawings and specifications upon request. Each door will also require a 3' x 6'-8\" personnel door built in. Please call or email to discuss further. Project bids week of June 3, but I will need design information as soon as possible, so I can design and price the building.

161 Hello good morning, we need to install more than 10 T hangar doors in Spain. We have a nice aerodrome in the middle of Spain near to MADRID. and we need price for 10 doors at moment, but we want to make more than 100 hangars. We will be waiting your quotations on Schweiss hydraulic Red Power and Bifold Lift Strap Doors, and the posibility to being your dealer for Spain!

162 We are looking for an estimate for five (5) bifold doors for a t-hangar, rough opening size: 60 x 18, on a steel frame building. In addition, we would like to know the price for an automatic latch strap upgrade - we're sick of steel cables and clamps.

163 Hi, I am looking for prices for either bifold doors or the new, one-piece hydro powered hydraulic doors. We are looking at building multiple T hangars and I am in the process of designing the buildings now. I'm probably looking at 10 bi-fold and or hydraulic doors to start out with - and then I'll be purchasing even more bifold doors and/or hydraulic doors next year, hopefully up to around 20 Schweiss doors by that point. Any info and pricing (with and without installation and shipping for each type of large commercial bi-fold/hydraulic door) would be very helpful.

164 We are bidding a nested tee hanger in Oklahoma we're looking for one-piece red power hydraulic t-hanger doors. Wanted to know if your company, Schweiss Doors, handles a manual bi-fold door with lift straps.

165 Used for new T-Hanger, nested hydraulic doors for our unique one-piece hydraulic door setup. Would like a quote for a 14' door height and 16' door height. Please feel free to contact me with any hydraulic door opening questions. would also like the price of the one-piece hydraulic door installation kits need for hydro power hydraulic self installation as well as a supervised one one-piece hydraulic Schweiss door installation.

166 I'm interested in a 4 place, 6 place or 8 place T-Hangar, depending on price. So I am looking for 4 place one-piece hydraulic t-hangar doors; 6 place one-piece hydraulic t-hangar doors or 8 place one-piece hydraulic t-hangar doors Do you manufacture large moving one-piece hydraulic t-hangar doors to meet Canadian snow loads? We are located approximately 100 miles north of Toronto in a snow belt where we can get 5 feet of snow on the hydraulic door building roof over a winter. Can you please provide one-piece hydro powered hydraulic t-hangar door details and one-piece hydro powered hydraulic t-hangar door prices? (with Bifold doors, electric, hydraulic doors) Also add one-piece hydro powered hydraulic t-hangar door estimates for shipping and erection (if you do the one-piece red power hydraulic door construction). We would likely install a concrete floor as well.

167 We are planning on building a 10 T-hanger building with one-piece hydro powered red power hydraulic door opening of 42' x 14' and want some hydraulic T-hangar door budgetary information.

168 can you give me an approx price for a basic bi fold door electric remote latch and lift opening is 10x10 with about 18 inches available above the door...I know those are broad specs but a close range will do thank you jeff

169 I am currently getting bids for 3-10 unit nested t-hangars to be placed in TX for a total of 30 units. If you could tell me what you have in steel building construction nested t-hanger one-piece hydraulic doors I would greatly appreciate it.

170 I am looking for a relatively inexpensive hydraulic t-hangar Schweiss door for a 40' * 12' T-Hangar. The Hangar is an older Wood structure and is has 19yrs left on a Lease. Can you give me an idea what one-piece hydraulic doors are available and some idea as to t-hangar hydraulic door costing. Thanks,

171 I am bidding the electrical for a 12 bay t-hanger in AR. You are the specified door t-hangar hydraulic door mfg. Can you provide me the hydraulic door voltage, phase and hp of the operators you are quoting?

172 I am requesting a price for the following:(hydraulic one piece doors) 2 40 foot hydraulic doors with a 14 foot 7 eave height 2 34 foot hydraulic one piece doors with a 14 foot 7 eave height (to be installed on the side) These one-piece hydraulic doors will be installed onto a metal T-hangar.

173 What would be an approximate price for a 40 foot T-hanger Schweiss hydraulic door?

174 Will be building an eight bay T hanger soon and need availability and quote for Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Non-insulated, but with extra remote each. Will you need door sizes from me, or are all T-Hanger's the same? Clara

175 I am buying a new T-Hanger in AK with a 42' x 16' Schweiss Bi-fold Door and would like to add a remote control to the Schweiss Doors. Please advise the cost for the remote door. thanks .

176 My company is bidding an airport T-Hangar job for the county and was given your company information as a reference for the bi-fold doors and Schweiss T-Hangar hydraulic doors. The project is located in FL at an Airport. The bi-fold doors and one piece hydraulic doors must have an ADA personnel door in them also. Thanks for your time.

177 We are building hangers this year at an Airport, and would like a quote on the Hydraulic door to fit a 50X14 opening. Price to include everything. And if you have anything on Tee Hangers in cold climits. Thank you, Gary A.

178 We have two side-by-side T-hangars (One of the hangars is at the end of the building) in a row of six hangars that all use sliding doors. We would like to retro-fit all hangars with hydraulic doors without impacting the neighbor next door. Can this be accomplished? The openings are both 40'6\" wide and 10'8\" high. What are the basic component costs of this door? Thank you.

179 looking for quote/options for doors for existing T-hangers [10] 40' opening. On an order for 10 doors, will they all be shipped at the same time or can we have the orders split to get them five at a time with about a month between deliveries. 

180 Can you please provide me a quote for a hydraulic  door for an airport T-Hanger. Dimensions of the hanger are 40\"6\" X 12' X 32'. Assume appropriate sized door with typical costs of framing. Please, also quote bifold door of the same dimensions. We'll need 60 Schweiss doors. Thanks.

181 Seeking a quote for the proposed Worthington,MN T-Hangar project. We'll be needing 14 hydraulic lift doors, all insulated and with extra remotes. I need this quote as soon as possible, builders are waiting on specs for the doors.

182 I need 14' clear on the three Schweiss Hydraulic T-Hangar doors I ordered from you the day before yesterday. Thanks John

183 I'm planning 16 T-hangar units of 40' wide and 10' high and need doors. I'd like to get a quote on your doors, all of which should have extra remotes and backup systems. All doors are to be hydraulic one piece, all but one will need to be insulated. Shipment to Ontario.  Feel free to call me during daytime hours.

184 I have several T-hangers that need hydraulic doors at Sycamore Strip Airport. I would like an estimate for a hydraulic door 70 foot wide by 11 feet 6 inch high opening. There is a 3 feet above the opening to the roof. Thanks Ron

185 We are interested in obtaining pricing and information on hydraulic airplane T-hanger doors. Do you offer quantity discounts. Are these something we can install.  Please contact us...

186 HI Can you email prices for the one piece hydrolic doors. Sizes are 14'X 60' 14'X 110' PLease let me know. We are building a few aircraft T-Hangers. If your price is good then we want to get the doors from you. Thanks Cory

187 Would like to have a quote for (6) Hydraulic doors 40'x 14'installed on 6 T type hangers, also include price for one extra remote control.

188 I'm looking at an old wooded frammed T-hangar for sale on Martha's Vineyard. It has two 19 foot wide (9' 9\" high opening, garage over head doors with a swing up out of the way center support. Please give me an idea on what it would cost to replace this mess with a hydraulic or bifold and if it can be done or not. Thanks much, 

189 Hello. I am looking for prices on standard t-hangars with hydraulic one piece doors. Also, do you deliver to California? If so, what is the cost?

190 I recently bought a T-Hangar at the Olympia  airport that has your doors, and I have a couple of questions. 1. Can I get some Red Power motors to replace those ones now on them. Your present motors work good, but I want to splurge on the best. Can I adjust the opening height and insulate our doors? Should I be greasing any part of the hinges on a regular basis? Thanks, Randy

191 I am a developer, in T-hangars getting quotes as I am in the pre-bid process. Interested in 42X 12 high opening. Please quote on Schweiss hydraulic lift single units and at price break numbers that have your exclusive Red Power hydraulic pumps. Thanks, Jim

192 Require price and delivery on the following. 1/ 5- Schweiss hydraulic lift doors 12 x 40 with man door with Red Power backup system for T hanger. we will install 2/ 1- hydraulic lift doors 12' x 42 no man door, for 5 aircraft hangers. How soon can you deliver, I understand your quality doors take some time to manufacture. Great hangar doors. Time tested and recommended by many pilots.