Wind Door

1 Want to learn more about design of hydraulic door and cladding for 150mph wind zone; also necessary area next to door before side wall, and standard details for construction documents.

2 I am a building contractor, and have been in business for twenty five years. I built a large barn/shop on the home ranch. I am looking to install a 18'x14' roll up door, in the shop area. I am leaning toward installing a bifold door. I have built airplane hangers for different clients before, and think this may be the best way too go. I realize that an 18' wide door of this type is small for this application, but may be the best way to go. Windrated door is a factor also. I am keeping with the barn look on this shop, so I am interested in having a sliding barn door "look", witch includes windows. Looking forward too hearing from you. Ken Gregorich President, Gregorich Construction

3 I need hydraulic wind door specs for a building with IBC 2012, 147mph Exposure B wind. Thank you

4 Hello I just need information about Schweiss Residential Bifold Doors and if you have any approval for Miami Dade hurricane door requirements. If not, how do you work in this zone?