Schweiss Doors - Wind Loaded Hydraulic Door

1 Dear Team: We have a project in Bahrain that requires a door with a width of 12 m and a height of 5 ( /-). We sent by email the specifications and drawings. You can propose any door type (roll up, sectional, or swing). The project is in hand, and we need the lowest price solution that meets the requirements. Wind load is to be taken into account around 100 miles per hour. The option might be an aviation door sine the width is 12 meters. Can you suggest on us the model, type, and quote with delivery terms to Bahrain. Any whatsapp number to have from your sales team to discuss? Looking forward for your reply. Regards

2 I am looking for specifications for a 30X20 bifold door. IBC 2018, wind speed 105 mph, occupancy II.

3 I am bidding on two different locations. 90x23 115mph wind loaded bifold Liftstrap aviation door

4 can you quote a 40x20 hydrailic door wind loaded to 125 mph and that will meet Florida hurricane standards?

5 Need a quote on a 70' x 20' clear bi fold or hydraulic door. Bifold to have Auto locks, strap lift. 115 mph wind load. Call Derrick with any questions 801-577-0216

6 Hi Please quote material and delivery of a 50' x 14' Schweiss hydraulic lift door for 133 mph wind load area in FL. Advise if your door can meet this wind load. Best Regards Samantha

7 Will need a 120MPH wind load hydraulic door, our customer is asking if he can get an option for 4' to 6' 36" wide X 18" fix pane windows in the top of the lower half of the door?

8 I am building 92,400 square feet of hangars on my own property adjacent to the Punta Gorda Airport in Punta Gorda Florida. I would like pricing for the following: "175 MPH Wind Rating" (12) Hydraulic  Hangar Doors, 70' X 21' with One man door in each. (14) Bifold Hangar Doors, 60' X 19' with two man doors in each. I have just received my Final Site Approval from the local building department and expect to apply for permits soon.

9 I am having a new maintenance shop built, and need a bifold or hydraulic wind loaded door that opens 60' wide and at least 18' clear high. We have winds that regularly hit 30-35 knots . Is one better than the other operating in high winds? Also, Can you give me a cost for each door? Thanks

10 I need a Schweiss door  designed for 122 mph, exposure B, IBC 2012 codes and loads.

11 As you can see, I live on the ocean in Florida. Are you Storm rated and approved for Florida? If so, could you send me the information necessary for permits and give me a price on a galvanized or aluminum frame Schweiss bifold door.

12 We are trying to find a Schweiss storm door solution for a storm situation on a build project. We were wondering can you door hydraulics be adapted for a horizontal application and hurricane wind rated doors..

13 Send quote for frame and floatplane hangar door. Windloaded hangar door 36'w x 16'h. I'll be at Sun-n-fun to discuss hydraulic door details and door accessories I want on this hangar door.

14 Need a quote for a No-Fold Hydraulic airplane hangar door that clears 50' Wingspan, 24' Tail Height. I am a GC getting estimate for a quality Schweiss one piece door for a client with a new hangar in Florida. He wants a windrated door.

15 Need quote for a hydraulic one piece boat storage door, no walkdoor option, R-11 door insulation in walls, metal panel skin by Bldg manufacturer. 115 MPH windrated door design with 30 MPH opening requirement. 70'-0" wide x 18'-0" clear door height opening required.

16 Do you have someone who installs windloadedhurricane hanger doors in South Carolina? Interested in Schweiss hydraulic one piece door and backup system.

17 I would like to discuss opening requirements and specifications for a Schweiss one piece hydraulic door. I would also like to discuss hurricane proof wind loaded doors and any other pertinent info that will be needed in our Georgia location application.

18 Please help me price (2) 50'-0" X 18'-0" Schweiss  concrete commercial building doors. Building dimension is 108' X 80'-0" X 20'-0". Both hydraulic  doors to be located at one endwall. Ultimate Windload door is 115 MPH, exp "C" IBC 2012. Door shipment to Houston, Texas.

19 Please send specs and pricing details for a 24 ft. x 14 ft. Schweiss hydraulic water tight hurricane door with galvanized corrosion proof, saltwater resistant door frame. This door is for a boat storage shed near saltwater. Windrate door for state of Florida.

20 Need specifications and door design criteria for a  Schweiss Hydraulic Hurricane Door that has an opening 45'-0" wide x 20'-0" tall. Windloaded one piece door shipped to Texas.

21 I am looking for two hefty windrated hurricane doors 30X18 and 36X18. Have sliding doors but would like to retrofit doors to Schweiss bifold   doors or one piece hydraulic doors. Can you give me prices and suggestions. Is this a door retrofit I can do on my own?

22 Please come to Iliamna, Alaska or arrange for someone to build and install a hydraulic door system for a 54' helicopter hanger. A windloaded door should be constructed with strong square steel tubing and I want at least one backup system to operate door as we are out in the bush across from Cook Inlet at a world class remote fishing lodge operating from a gas generator.

23 I need specs and a price on a 80'x20' Clear Height  hydraulic hangar door with Schweiss backup system. The windrated door speed is 110 MPH.

24 I need a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic opening  airpark hangar door 34x16'. Also price for door installation. Needs to be a hurricane windloaded hangar door with door wind pins delivered to Florida.

25 We need a price for a Schweiss one piece hydraulic windrated hurricane door with a 30' wide by 16'-8" high opening. We need framing for (2) 3/0 x 3/0 windows, and prepped for inside liner panels. Include windpins and keylock access door. Ship to east coast, Georgia.

26 Need quote for hydraulic wind loaded hangar door with option for hydraulic hangar door backup systems. 60' x 20' clear height, with all seals and door operators. 110 MPH EXP C.

27 I need a quote on 2 each 45' wide x 20' tall hydraulic metal building doors, with all hardware, etc. to be installed on end-walls of a new 60x150x27 metal building in Texas, wind-rating of 112. Refer list of recommended door installers.

28 Interested in hurricane proof windrated one piece hydraulic hangar door for private hangar. 50X12.

29 RFQ: (4) 65' wide x 14' clear doors. (4) 100' wide x 14' clear doors. (4) 75' wide x 14' clear doors. All steel reinforced industrial quality doors, all hydraulic windloaded metal doors.

30 Build me a complete hangar door, a large door to allow my Beech Baron 58 inside. I understand that the span is 37'8". Quote fob Miami for this hydraulic windloaded aircraft hurricane hangar door.

31 Looking for a 44' x 15 remote opening metal floatplane hangar door,  powerful hydraulic, electric fully automated door.  Price best windrated hangar door and price door upgrades separate.


33 Industrial use steel Hydraulic Door with corrugated metal skin door cladding. Windrated insulated door with remote door opener. Door size: 46'w x 22'h. We want a fast opening door.

34 I need a family farm shop door. The inside of the building will be 20 ft. tall. Hydraulic shop doors need to be 18 ft. tall. One door is 36 ft. wide. The other door is 25 ft. wide. I get a lot of wind, so require a windrated door. The 36 ft. shop door will open on the east side of the shop. The 25 ft. shop door is on west side of the shop and will need better windrating. Both a thermal insulated doors.

35 I am an architect who designs high end residential houses. We use a nana wall system to open up to the exterior. Do your glass hydraulic wall doors meet hurricane door impact codes with 140 mph wind loads. This would be for a hydraulic door. Are windpin doors optional or standard equipment in a hurricane door?

36 We have an industrial project located near Columbus Ohio that would like to incorporate a 90'w x 26'h Schweiss hydraulic door. The wind loading at this door opening is 25/-46 psf. Can your door handle this loading? Please provide technical details (REVIT or CAD format) for head and jamb conditions and power requirements. Thanks!

37 Looking for a hydraulic hurricane rated door that is 12'x20'. If you could send some info and prices for doors and opener options. Thanks

38 I would like a price for a 80' wide by 22' Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door. The building the door is going into is 100' wide with a 1/12 roof slope. It will be located in NC zip code 28465. The wind speed is 135 mph with an exposure C. Please let me know if you require any additional information. Thank you. Al          

39 Installing in new all wood construction private hanger. Want 40'x14' aluminum Schweiss hydraulic aircraft door, no passage, no windows, moderate to heavy wind load, want factory tech installation.

40 My Schweiss hydraulic hangar door went through a miserable time during a recent wicked wind storm. It's still operational, but I'd feel better if someone from Schweiss Doors came out and gave it a once over so I don't have to have repairs or tune-ups done in the future. Your door held tight during the storm, not like some other crumbled ones I saw near me. You build 'em tough.

41 I am looking for 2 each of a hydraulic Schweiss windloaded doors. Both doors have a width of 65' and a height of 20'. I've decided not to try and repair my two hurricane damaged hangar doors. They've been through the wringer. Include a price for walk doors, windows and remote openers. Thank you Curt in New Jersey.

42 Could you give me the pin placement on my Schweiss hydraulic hurricane door so when activated the door will go up w/o holding the open switch. I don't want the door to close unless the button is pushed for down.  

43 Need door specifications/loading information for a Schweiss hydraulic windrated, 30' x 18' (clear opening), to be installed in pre-engineered metal building gabled endwall; 90 mph wind, site exposure "C"; location in Michigan; door needs to be quoted with two (2) 3' x 4' slide windows - single insulated pane.

44 Which of the door types have the most clearance, Bifold or Hydraulic, and which one is better in the high winds of Kansas?

45 I own a hangar at Hurricane Hangars in Victoria BC. It has a Schweiss bifold door - about 20 years old. I have no manual for the door and wonder how I can get one. In addition, I'd like to get a price on a windloaded hydraulic hangar door, 42 ft. x 18 ft. with windows and a walk door.

46 Building is a 60 ft by 60 ft wood frame hangar with steel siding and roof. Hydraulic door on end wall with 5 ft of siding on each end. Wind loading 105 mph. Snow loading 90 lb/sqft. Need door in early July. Please include door weight and shipping cost with quote. Quote both steel and aluminum frame, insulated, walk door, windows and remote opener. Thanks.

47 We are building a personal hanger (80x100) and need information about the Schweiss liftstrap bifold and hydraulic one-piece doors. Windrated for North Carolina.  Please call/email me. I want this door to open fairly fast, so it will need your best Schweiss motor and a backup system in case of a power outage.  Thank you, Gary 

48 We are in the process of designing a prototype warehouse/distribution center for a large wholesale construction material distributor and will be needing your Schweiss hydraulic doors, some of which are quite large. This particular building will be on the Texas Coast, so it will have to be windrated. We want a facade that is retractable and will serve as protection from hurricanes and security protection in off hours. These covering will become part of the total architectural design to cover windows and doors. Our basic building will be in the neighborhood of 60 to 75,000 sq. ft. with 35 foot high ceilings, built of tilt up concrete panels. 

49 Schweiss Hydraulic Door needs to be insulated. Door to be priced installed by Schweiss. Price needs to include freight, tax, delivery, labor and any equipment needed to install the door. If sold, my builder I will need to know the flashing sizes and steel lengths to cover the hydraulic door. Are your doors windrated approved for Dade County, Florida. 

50 I am pricing a 60 x 60 metal hangar building with Steel Building Systems in Florida. The building will have 12 foot side walls and we are looking for a price for a 40 foot hangar door. The building company gave me your company name as someone they have used for the hangar doors to be mated up with their buildings in the past. In looking at your website, a hydraulic windrated door seems like the direction for us to go. Other pilots I've talked to swear by Schweiss Door quality.  Thanks in advance for your information

51 I am an architect looking for a 30' wide x 15' high, Schweiss hydraulic door to meet high wind-load conditions for a project in Long Island, NY. The overhead door, in addition to a 30 psf wind load, should also meet these wind criteria -115 mph, exposure C, importance 1.15. If a 30' wide x 15' high door cannot do so, what is the largest door that can? Could you please tell me if you have a door which can meet these criteria and, if so, what the hydraulic door budget price might be?

52 OSI bid R13-003. Clear open size 18' high x 65' wide. Schweiss hydraulic windloaded door. Delivery to Galveston TX area. 150 mph wind. No access door. Thanks

53 The quote will be for a Schweiss hydraulic style door quantity of (3). Can you quote with a hinge spacing of 10'-0"? Doors will need to meet "Buy American" provisions of the PA Steel Products Procurement Act. Wind Speed = 90 mph Exposure C with Importance Factor = 1.15 Need by Thursday AM

54 I need a price and specifications (clearance requirements, weight, etc.) for a 46x14 hydraulic  door. The building will be in east coast Florida. I don't know if you have wind-rated doors, but the customer tells me his wind requirements are 140 mph sustained and 170 mph 3 second gusts. 

55 I'm looking for a hydraulic storm door (or something like) for a out building, only to be closed with bad weather. Your ag door looks like something I could use. I want the best style door, (bifold or hydraulic) to withstand any sudden and violent windstorms in case I leave it open and unattended.

56 I am looking for a price and additional information (technical drawings, if available) for a 110'-0" X 18'-0" insulated hydraulic aircraft hangar door. We haven't decided on a style of door yet, but looking towards your hydraulic door. If you could, let us know clear/total heights and widths, material, installation price and anything else that we may need to know. This door is going to be part of new construction (pre-engineered building) in West Virginia. High wind speeds are around 90 m.p.h., 18' clear height 110 mph windload. Thank you.

57 We need a quote on (2) Schweiss hydraulic doors. Insulated with remote opener and wind rated for 120 mph or better to withstand tornado and straightline winds. Going in an Ag Building with 42x18 opening.

58 Hydraulic Door: We would be using these as windows. I would like a price for both Florida Building Code required impact windows and non-impact, wind rated. Quote for 45' door. Thank you.

59 We are putting plans together for a client and he is using your hydraulic windloaded door order #20109 bid # 32812-fh and we need the Florida building code product approval number so we can specify your product on the plans

60 Please quote 45' wide x 20' tall hydraulic door for installation in TX. Must be wind rated - our main concern is strength to withstand hurricane force winds. Please reply and I can send basic drawings and photos of our current building. We constructed the building planning to use rolling doors but have recently decided to change to a hydraulic door, simply because they are better doors. End wall is not installed pending bridge crane installation.

61 Hello, Would folks be so kind to price this new hydraulic windrated Schweiss hurricane door for us? 70'x14' Supply number and erection number if you are wanting to do that. We can help by install the main header truss. And we can add all the metal panels. Thanks,

62 I am considering a new hangar and would like to have an idea of the door cost. I will be building in the Houston area and huricane winds are a big concern. The door size would be 14 X 45 ft. Can you give me your recommendations of whether to buy a hydraulic or bifold door.

63 Hello Could I please get a quote for a 30'W x 14'H Hydraulic Schweiss door going to Ocala, FL. 34475 110 mph. exp B.

64 Need to get pricing and support loads for an 80 ft  Wide x 20 ft High clear opening hydraulic door. The project is in New Hanover, NC. Design wind speed is 135 mph. Will require biggest h.p. Schweiss Pump and motor.

65 I have a client who wants to purchase 2 Hydraulic Schweiss Doors right now, but there are some questions I need to be answered first. One is where these two doors are going they will be subjected to winds up to 150KLm per hour, also they are to be installed at a Fertilizer plant where they will also be subject to a very high corrosion environment. so the frame will need to be treated with some sort of 2 Pack painting procedure, or something like that, also the client wants one of the doors to rise up on the inside of the building and the other to rise as normal on the outside, Sizes are 2 of 5000mm high x 14500mm wide These sizes are just Temporary  until I do a correct site measure, there will be not a lot of differences in the size when I do measure, its just the client wants to get the order in now, will get back to you later this week on correct sizes.

66 Here I am again, needing a price for some more Schweiss doors. If you keep making them, I'll keep buying them. This project is here around the Houston Area in a 90 MPH wind area. Project is needing (10) 40 ft x 14 ft hydraulic doors and walk doors. The doors would be furnished with all the electrical and, we would be furnishing the panels at the face to match the building. Right now this is all the information that I have for you. The actual opening size are the dimensions that I gave you before so, the door dimension can be adjusted to fit the opening. Reference would be our Quote 10-12-13. If there is anything else I will contact the customer and try and get that for you.

67 Please advise if Fl. wind and hurricane code compliance requires additional cost on your Schweiss hydraulic doors. Please do not share this info with my designer or builder, for obvious reasons, they will not be building in Fl. for me.

68 I recently bought property that has a 115x70 ft hanger with very cheap roller doors. I must upgrade the doors before these drive me crazy. I've seen the Schweiss hydraulic doors at other hangars in the three-state area and believe my option will be to go to your new hydraulic pump model. My door opening is 75x16 ft. I live 38 miles from the gulf so windrated strength has to be #1 priority

69 Could I please get a quote for a 42' W x 12' H Hydraulic Schweiss Power pump door going to Bishopville, SC. Max wind at 100 mph. Please send door specs along with the quote.

70 Thanks for taking the time to speak with me this afternoon. What the CHP is looking for is something that says your doors are safe to operate in winds up to 40 mph. Your standard spec sheet lists max operating speed as 30 mph, however, the CHP still will operate aircraft in 30 mph winds. They ground their aircraft at 40 mph or redirect them to other airfields. Can you provide me with a letter or statement reinforcing our conversation that your bifold liftstrap and hydraulic Red Power doors are able to operate/be moved to the closed or open position in winds speeds up to 40 mph? Please let me know if you have any questions, and again thanks for your help. Regards

71 We are a large nickel refinery near the port of Tamatave, Madagascar. The refinery, is still under construction and is expected to be complete early this year. The company has decided to build an airstrip on site and wishes to build a hangar for the Twin Otter plane that it has selected. We are architects for the project and our purpose in writing is to ask you to provide a price to supply a hydraulic door for a proposed aircraft hangar. Would it be possible for you to provide us with a price to ship the door to the port? Please provide us with shipping weights and volumes etc ex Factory and we shall make the estimates. We envisage that the door would be clad in colorbond sheet steel (coloured zincalume sheet steel of approx 0.6mm thickness).  The hydraulic door is a very critical element of the hangar operation and I think that it may be best to have one of your technicians come to Madagascar to supervise the assembly and installation of the door.  The location is in a cyclonic area so the door will need to be designed for the following conditions: 3 sec gust , 50 year return period, 10m above ground, open terrain - 274km/hr exposure - C I have attached our preliminary drawings of the hangar, which show a clear opening for the doorway of 22.000m wide x 6.500m high. We look forward to your advice

72 I am bidding a bifold and hydraulic door project in south Louisiana and I have attached the building drawings and the specs the wind load is 140 mph and the exposure is C. If you have any questions please let me know the job bids end of next week.

73 Wondering on a price for 3 hydraulic hurricane doors. Opening are 25x18, 35x18, and 50x18. Wind load needs to be high as I'm located on the coast of North Carolina. Building was just put up and sliding doors were half ass installed. Trying to weigh my options ...if I'm better off fixing the sliding doors or taking them down and installing hydraulic doors. Maybe the incoming hurricane will decide this for me. It's supposed to be a big one.

74 Need metal hydraulic door, 90 MPH wind loading, will have R-26 fiberglass blanket insulation (by others), full weather seal, motor operated with manual operation back-up operated by one person, key lock out, emergency stop button, extra remote, and 2'-6" wide X 6'-0" personnel door with keyed lockset located in the center of the bottom door leaf. Delivery to northern Idaho.

75 Please quote the following (3) Schweiss hydraulic  hangar doors delivered to NC: (2) 40' x 12' clear (1) 44' x 12' clear. We will do install as we have installed your bifolds before. Door should be windrated to 120 mph. Never know when the next hurricane is going to stir things up. You guys are great, we love your doors

76 Provide information on the following Schweiss Hydraulic doors 43'-6" x 12'-0" clear located in sidewall of new steel building 120 mph wind load. Will also want one 10'-11' hydraulic one piece door to go on the endwall. This door doesn't need to be windrated.    Thanks Ron

77 Obtaining a Schweiss hydraulic wind loaded door quote for a client. The wind speed is 140 mph (fema requirement) with standard occupancy. Building is enclosed with a topo factor of 1. Terrain exposure is C. The mean roof height is 20 ft and the slope is roughly 3:12. Thank you

78 Two Hydraulic Schweiss Doors: (1) 90' x 20' (2) 140' x 28' Must be 150 mph Hurricane Rated Panels and Insulation to be provided by door manufacturer.

79 Little concerned about how a Schweiss hydraulic or bifold door would handle the wind as this building is in the open. This is an insulated shop.

80 Price on 50x12 hydraulic hanger door installed in Sarasota, Fl. Door must meet county wind load req. and should have a lockable walk-in door.

81 I am building a 60' wide by 40' aircraft hanger and would like pricing and product info. on your hydraulic door along with any backup systems you might have. Door will need to be wind rated and shipped to Florida.

82 I am building a 50' wide by 380' aircraft hanger and would like pricing on a hydraulic door. Door needs to be wind rated under Florida standards.

83 Hangar door, rated 120 MPH 14' clear, 16' total height. Hydraulic Schweiss Door with wind pins.

84 Please quote: One 60' x 16' hydraulic door designed for 100 MPH wind (3 sec. gust) per 2006 IBC, delivered to Reno NV. To be installed in a new steel hangar building. Thanks, Pete

85 Estimate, specs and details for 8'-0"w x 7'-0" h hydraulic garage door. windows dbl glazing, energy efficient, weatherstripping. wind rating:120 mph 3 second gusts. When can you deliver?


87 Wish to install a steel-clad Schweiss hydraulic  door in a maintenance facility for trains in Melbourne, Australia. Door will have to be 26 metres long by four metres high The winds are very strong. Can you provide me with shipping costs and delivery time.

88 Need quote on (2) 26'H X 60'W Hydraulic doors 100-125 wind load for concrete building located in deep south coastal area. That is, if my building survives the upcoming hurricane. I want hydraulic doors with wind pins.

89 Need a good quality Schweiss hydraulic door. No doors or windows. Hangar will be on concrete slab with 32" high block wall, balance is wood stud frame, siding and trusses. Include design info on a free standing header option and hurricane wind ratings. Remote control.

90 I am looking for doors for opening that are 40 x 14 and 44 x 12 door wind speeds here in North Carolina get to 130 mph. Can you give me costs on bifold doors as well as hydrualic Red Power Schweiss doors. Also need price for delivery.

91 I would like to get a ballpark price on a Schweiss hydraulic insulated low-e glass door that is 60' wide x 18' tall with a wind load of 80PSF. Thank You

92 Looking for a quote on your Schweiss hydraulic  door. I am buiding a hangar currently 44 depth & 50 wide. the door will be on the 50 side. I don't know the average height but I would think 13' clearance. I will also need to have this built to withstand high winds.   Please call or email with information so I can make the right decision

93 I've been told Schweiss Doors has the best type of hydraulic airplane hanger door. I need a windrated high wind door rated at-120mph. For metal building 30X12. I believe want want your  remote controlled door opener.

94 I would like a quote for 2 doors both Schweiss one piece hydraulic swing doors  1-54 feet by 16' 7.5" 2-54 feet by 16' 3.5" I would like the truss at the bottom of door to be mountable on both the outside of hanger home and the inside. I'm trying to get away with truss on outside of door. This will encroach on my allowable 10 foot setback. If I can get away with this I will. If not truss can mount on inside so I'm not in violation of ten foot set back. I'm interested in remote controller and Schweiss windratings and wind pins for both doors. 

95 Need pricing for 4 25' Schweiss hydraulic one piece  doors, 16' high to be delivered to St Lucie County. Separate price for backup motor. Florida windrating for 140 mph, ag bldg. No insulation, window in two locking walk doors. Endwall doors to have three windows across. I will install, doors can be shipped two at a time or all four at once, whatever works out best for both of us.

96 Looking for a price on a 60'x20' Schweiss hydraulic hanger door. Will need to be windrated, five windows across, walk doors on each side. remote opener, insulated, photo eye sensors.

97 Would like a quote: 45' X 13' hydraulic tilt one piece door. Galvanized saltwater retarded frame, mount to mason / flush mount shipped to saint lucie, florida windload, safety options and backup systems are necessary. Door will go on floatplane hangar. thank you

98 Budget pricing for a hydraulic hurricane proof Schweiss airplane hangar door 18'x50' w r12 styofoam insulation door factored in. Wind load door 45 kPa. To be clad w 26 ga metal. Pedestrian key lock door.

99 We are in the design process of 2 identical hangars with the following specification: 125-ft W x 300-ft L x 25-ft H with a wind load of 250-mph. Both buildings will have 5-ea Schweiss hydraulic doors with the following specifications; 48-ft W x 25-ft H with the highest wind load available for this hydraulic doors because we are located in a Florida  hurricane zone. We will have another hangar built 75-ft W x 450-ft L x 25-ft H This hangar will have 6-ea hydraulic doors 72-ft W x 25-ft H with the highest wind load available for this doors. Thank you.

100 I'm in the process of designing a new shop for my ranch. I need to know if its cheaper to add one windloaded hydraulic door that has a 15' tall opening and at least 40' wide or two doors in the 20' wide range. One to each stall in the shop. Any idea on costs ? Shop will be at approx 5300' elevation with snow and sometimes pretty strong winds from out of the southwest, but shop will be at an angle facing the southeast so the end wall of the will be into the wind for the most part.

101 I need a price on a 40 x 11 hydraulic Schweiss door with pump, cylinders, spherical bearings as described on your web site. Door should also be windrated for Florida.       

102 I am inquiring about a 55'x17' Hydraulic Schweiss hydraulic door to put on a new 60'x100'x18' machine shed. Can you give an approximate cost for delivery and installation in North Carolina? I will need this door windrated.

103 Need a quote on a Hydraulic Schweiss Door. 36x14 @ 165mph for Dade County, FL. Include shipping please. This is for a pre-engineered metal building hangar. thanks

104 Hello, I have a pole building business in Delaware and have a customer building an aircraft hangar. I need a 46' x 14' hydraulic hangar door installed. Do you have installers in our area? I would like a price on the door installed for a total price for our estimate to the customer. Door needs to be wind rated and insulated. Thanks

105 I am trying to design a Earth-Berm home with a walk-out wall that has a lake view. I am building the home with ICF's and am using steel bucks for the windows and doors. To protect the windows and doors from thieves and tornadoes, I am wanting a large, heavy hydraulic lift Schweiss door to drop down and cover the walk-out wall with the entrance and the vista windows. This wall must seal tight enough to protect from winds that would "blow out" or "suck out" regular doors and walls during a tornado. Heavy is also a must. Have you ever tackled something as this? Can your doors be wind rated?  Can you offer suggestions?

106 I will need a 14x45 single piece hydraulic hangar door. Texas Panhandle. Pretty windy here. Please call or send a quote with the wind rating. Thanks. Steve        

107 I need a quote on a 70 x 20 foot hydro door going to a large airplane hangar complex in Houston, TX. Must have 110 mph wind rating and must operate with a remote control that the pilot can use from the cockpit. Please call me if you have any questions.

108 I need a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with a 120mph wind load. Add to the quote for Red Power back up system, I live in FL. I also need it to include delivery and installation. THANKS!

109 I am looking for information in relation to wind rating for your Schweiss hydraulic lift aircraft hanger doors fitted with Red Power motors.

110 Please Quote (1) one Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door with 4 windows. Framed opening will be 49'- 0\" X 16'-0\" clear. Please design with Red Power Electrical System for IBC 2006 code 130MPH Exp-C (3) sec gust. Door will deliver to Texas

111 Need to discuss geting information on 6 hydraulic lift doors that would be on an Emergency Operations Center in the apparatus bays. the sizes are 14 ft. wide by 14 ft. tall and will be covered with a skin that will withstand FEMA 361 requirments for a large missile and wind pressures up to 250 miles per hour. We will need the Schweiss  Red Power units With all the safety advantage systems as well. We are looking at the hydraulic lift doors because of the concern of debris damage and obstructions. Please call with questions on criteria.

112 we would like a quote on hangar doors to be located in FL. Design should be for 110 mph 1. 110 x 26'10\" 2. 80' x 20' Please provide pricing on Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece door style that you manufacture with your Red Power System.

113 We need a quote on 1 Schweiss hydraulic lift door and 1 hydraulic lifter one piece door. when and if we order the doors from y'all, they should have the following: Red Power backup system, wind rails cold weather package door rubber

114 Hello-I am wondering how small you can make your one piece hydraulic lift Schweiss doors. I would be looking at something 4-6 feet wide, and perhaps 7-8 feet tall. They can be lighter-duty, but would have to withstand pretty hard wind in this area, at least on one side of the building (I would need two). Can you provide wind load capacity? I would also like a ballpark figure of cost if something like this if it can be built. I have not yet built the building, but intend for it to be wood frame with steel siding and roof. Doors would also have to include manual operation, as well as Red Power Electrical System. It will be a small structure, perhaps 12-16 feet square. Thank you for your time

115 Need quote for  70'x18' clear height hydraulic lift Schweiss door, when open pre wired Red Power electric operation system ul approved 90 mps wind load exposure c top override jiggle switches three button automatic switch door base safety edge insulated 3' walkdoor and lock set automatic latching system

116 Attached is a \"very rough\" draft of a hydraulic lift Schweiss door for a job we are bidding... Apparently, it is 100' wide and from floor to header, 28'. It's in Montgomery County (here near Houston), they want 100 mph wind load and Exp. \"C\"Quote alternate for 90 mph wind, Exp. \"C\". Should include Red Power backup system. I will be out of the office after 4:00 today through Monday. Please quote me. Thanks

117 I have a project that I'm bidding in a couple of weeks that has a door on it only described as a \"45'x14' Hydraulic lift door\". It is going onto a small rural fire substation here in south Louisiana. It is in an area requiring a 100 mph wind rating.I would like a price from you for this door installed. I'll want price to include your fastest Schweiss Doors Red Power motor,  please e-mail or call and I will try to get an answer for you.thanks

118 We need a price for a one piece Schweiss hanger doors. The doors will be 160'-0\" X 28'-0\". The door is  3-19'-0\" and 1- 23'-0\". This project is located in West Palm Beach, FL. The door needs to be designed for winds of 140 mph with an exposure C. We need a price soon and it should include your Red Power Electrical System.

119 We have a need for a hydraulic lift hangar door for two types of hangars. The projects are in LA Ca and require structural design of Siesmic zone 4 and a wind force of 100 MPH exposure C. Can you provide a proposal for the two doors with Red Power backup systems indicated on the attached drawing?

120 Thank you again for the help yesterday. Since I contacted you first I would like to buy the doors directly from you. So I asked Stevie not to include them in his offer. I need a quote for two Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. One 40' x 10' and another 20' x 10' Our loads here are 30psf snow 40psf wind and 110mph wind speed. Will want doors with Red Power Electrical Systems. Have you sold many doors to Iceland? Earl J

121 Info on a good wind load capacity hydraulic lift door to cover a 15' high x 59' 1/2\" opening on farm machine shed. Schweiss Door with Red Power hydraulic pumps and remote, insulated and installed near coast in Troutdale, Oregon. Thanks

122 Preliminary cost estimates. I want either a 70ft x 20ft or an 80ft x 20ft door. I need a 130mph wind load as per code. How tall must the end walls be? Will the hydraulic lift door come with your Schweiss Red Power pumps that I want on it? 

123 I would a price & basic details for a 100' x 20' (clear when opened) Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift one piece door. 85 mph wind load

124 Hangar door (one piece hydraulic lift) needed for Cessna 172. Please have this Schweiss door fitted with your outstanding Red Power hydraulic pump. I want a smooth operating door with great lifting power that withstands occasional high winds. I hear good things about your doors.

125 Would like a quote for a one piece 60' x 19' hydraulic lift door. Inside mounted. Designed for 120 mph wind zone with engineering. Remote control operator with 4 remotes. Red Power backup system, No skins, delivered to Pompano Beach, Florida, without installation. Thanks, Reba

126 I am planning to install a wind shield for up to 40 mph wind on a patio with a opening 8 ft wide and 8 ft high, what thickness of Lexan would you recommend if supported at the 48\" width. Will a Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power System door work best.

127 Building to have wind load of 110 mph, as well as Schweiss hydraulic lift door. Fitted with Red Power hydraulic pump. Non insulated door. Building Size is 80' x 80' x 20', 2:12 roof slope.

128 We recently purchased a building in Saint John New Brunswick. The building has one of your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors on the front. Its size is 60' wide x 40' high. Can you please tell me what the recommended maximum wind speed is for opening the door. Super door, we are happy with it. Thanks

129   I need pricing on the following Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. The wind zone for the location of the job site is 130 mph. so I want info and specs on your Red Power hydraulics. Please call if you have any questions. thanks, Ronnie

130 The code is 2006 IBC with a 3-second gust of 110 mph, and the building is enclosed. Could I please also recieve loading information for this hydraulic lift hangar door as well as specs or recommendations on your Schweiss Red Power hydraulics.

131 Need a quote on a 40 x 12(clear) hydraulic lift door going to Stockdale, TX 90 mph wind. Fit with Red Power backup system. I need the motor to have great lift and withstand some of the wicked winds that are thrown at us. Best regards, Dick

132 Please quote price (FOB Portland, OR) for 3 ea. Schweiss hydraulic lift steel doors: 1 ea. 48' x 16'; 2 ea. 46' x 16'. Design for 110 MPH / Exp. C per IBC. Wind load important, also most powerful Red Power pumps for best lift.

133  We had talked about Schweiss hydraulic lift doors with Red Power pumps, about 50' wide and 35' in height last Friday. The site is in Mulberry, Florida. We would like to have it designed for 150 mph and per the city's or county's requirement. Could you also please send me the quote for 25' wide and 35' tall bifold door? Our client wants to see the price difference before he could decide. Thank you

134 Quote for Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece Red Power Electrical System door opening W 13m x H 3.3m High wind area. Do you usually recommend the more powerful Red Power motors for high wind loaded doors?

135 Need pricing on 24'h x 40'w Schweiss hyraulic lift  hanger door for navy project fob Georgetown, Exuma/bahamas. Door must withstand 150# windload and must be equipped with your most powerful Red Power motor.

136 I need a price on a 40 x 10 Schweiss hydraulic lift door for 126 mph wind load. This door, designed with Red Power hydraulics in mind will ship to Lucedale, MS 39452.

137 We are seeking a large Schweiss hydraulic lift door to withstand D-90 wind zone, real world winter gusts reaching 140 mph directly exposed to Pacific Ocean but situated on salt water bay. Certified diaphram calculated moments and engineering for closed condition only. This door will be opened all the way perhaps only once per year in only the most select calmest conditions to remove one of two marine travel lifts. Just the same, we want your most powerful Red Power pump to lift this door. A 24\" 108lb/ft wide flange steel beam is proposed as the clear opening header supported by (2) 14\"-30lb columns at each end as are used in travelife storage building. This is a 4th stage inter-connecting all metal building to tie two existing steel buildings together and eliminates a 45' breezeway. Door to be installed on southside of concrete slab between existing two buildings hung from top flange of wide flange header with wedge not to exceed 5 ft.

138 Looking for a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic lift door with a clear opening of 45'w x 12'. It must meet Florida 140 mph, Exposure B. Prefer attachment at jambs only if possible to concrete filled masonry block.This doors needs lifting power of your Red Power hydraulic pump.

139 I want a ballpark price on a one piece hydraulic lift door 40 x 10 to attach to the end of a Quonset type bldg. Quote the header and supports for the door. Door should be a bolt in situation with Schweiss Red Power pump. Hanger will be on  airport. Give me an idea of price and freight. Thanking you in advance. Justin K. This is a serious inquiry. And of course we have hurricanes down here, I don't know if this makes a difference or not. I'm from Wisconsin where we worry about snow loading. Down here they worry about high winds. I hear your line of Schweiss doors hold up very well under these conditions. Everybody has to have something to worry about, I guess. 

140 I have sliding track doors that face the south. I would like information about wind load and also price on your Schweiss hydraulic lift doors to replace those archaic sliders. Doors should be equipped with Red Power options.

141 Need pricing for Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Wind loading is 110 MPH requested. If at all possible need pricing today, which should have inclusion of corresponding Red Power hydraulic pumps and remote openers. We're in Virginia, a one hour time difference from you. Will wait for your call. Thanks

142 Is it possible to find the wind rating of your Red Power Schweiss hydraulic lift doors installed in a set of T-hangars in Jacksonville FL? The doors were installed after the three rows of 10 hangar units each were built.

143 I'm building in Diamondhead, MS. I am south of I-10 so extra hurricane protection is required. I am undecided on a Schweiss bi-fold or single piece hydraulic lift door. Which is better in hurricane country. I also would like as much of the Red Power pump mechanics as as high as possible on my home. I also live in a flood sense in replacing all those parts every 2 years. Al K.

144 I am working on a quote that has three of your Schweiss Hydraulic Lift doors with Red Power Electrical Systems. Door sizes are: 111' wide x 28' high 96' wide x 28' high 76' wide x 24' high I only need the loading information so that I can design my frames. My quote is due Monday. Use IBC 2006; Wind = 90 MPH, EXP C. (Jet blast = 100 MPH up to 17') Your doors stand up well in big wind.

145 I have a project bidding in Carrabelle, Florida requiring three (3) 41' wide x 12' high Schweiss hydraulic lift doors each containing one (1) personal door. Doors need to be design to the FBC 06' 130 mph, exp. C. If you are interested could you please send me your quote along with your Red Power Electrical System specs, weights and balances so we can design our building around your doors. Thank you, Ron Avery. VP-Sales

146 I need pricing on the following for a pre-engineered metal building hangar project in Aruba, Dutch West Indies, 60'-0\" W x 17'-6\" H - Code - IBC 2006 Wind - 100 MPH Exposure - C Please indicate if I need to budget for R panel to skin your Schweiss hydraulic lift door. I assume so, but please confirm. Please send info on your Red Power hydraulic pumps. Your doors are perfect for Florida.

147 Bought a 40x14 Red Power hydraulic lift door 4 years ago. Airport is here and Albert B. bought it for me (he may be in your database). Question is: Is there anyway I can skin the inside with metal (similar to outside) if so do you have any pictures I can see. I can provide pictures. Also, what info can I provide to determine if I can purchase and use a remote control with my door. Your door works great I have not had one lick of trouble with it, even after it rode through our latest hurricane. That Georgia Peach of a Schweiss Door can take on some wicked winds. It's not a wind loaded door, it's a hurricane loaded door.

148 Would like a price quote on a Schweiss hydraulic lift one piece hangar door approximately 40' x 12' Sliding Door was damaged during Hurricane Dolly. We want a strong, wind loaded door with strong Red Power hydraulic pump(s) for good lift and fast closure.  Jessica Steward, Edinburg, Texas

149 Please provide me with a quote for one piece hydro lift Schweiss door. Florida wind loads 120-C each door to have one man door and operated with Red Power hydraulic cylinders and remote controls. Thank you, Shasha

150 Hello, The door would be located in Lovelock Nevada. They use IBC code with 85mph wind.Can you install a Schweiss hydraulic door here, or do I have to do it. I think I can, but am not sure about hooking up Red Power Electrical System. Call me.  Galen


152 Do you have a installer/rep in the Houston area? have owner requiring 9-44' per building,1-7 buildings and I need pricing info on your Schweiss hydraulic doors with Red Power electriccal system. Also will need load requirement to include for column reactions in building design. This application will be in a 120 MPH wind load zone Thanks Bo

153 Design 85 MPH, Exp. C per IBC 2006 Quote for Schweiss hydraulic Door of 80' width x 25' clear height. Please provide framing details with dimensions, Red Power hydraulics and load data. Thanks. Lanny

154 We have a open building next to a pond with a beautiful view. The problem we have is wind. Many times the wind is so strong that stands blow over and paper items must be weighted down. I invision a Schweiss hydraulic door with clear lexan so the view is not elimated and when open they are up overhead and out of the way and have it provide shade and rain awning. The openings are about 9' high and are 12', 14', and 16' wide. We have 6 to 9 openings. We would like to keep the cost around $1100 per opening - this would be with your Red Power hydraulic system. Do you have a Rep. in this area that could meet me. Let me know if the product you have may work for us that is wind loaded. Thank you, Gerry.

155 Please quote the following as soon as possible 6- 42x12 6- 45x14 6- 68x14 90 MPH Wind speed hydraulic Red Power Schweiss hydraulic pump  operate. Installation by your company in Maryland by late summer.

156 Give me a quotation on a garage door. Existing Design: One singe garage door and one double garage door. New Design: I would like to have one door for this space. I am interested in your product because it eliminates all of the supports hanging off the ceiling that hold up the door when it is open. The door must meet Dade County hurricane specs. I have original blueprints for the building if you need more specifications. Size of opening for one Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power options: 346\" wide X 8' high Please give me a price quotation. Thank you. Kathleen.

157 Hello I would like to get a quote on a one-piece hydraulic door with a walk door on the right side.The opening I have is 41 feet wide and 12 feet high. Also need it to hold winds of 150 m/h ??? Can your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pumps lift a door when the wind starts blowing this hard?

158 We are in the initial stages of a design of a hangar for which we are considering a Schweiss Hydraulic door. We are contemplating door dimensions of 11 ft clear height and 45-60 ft width. The door must be engineered for 130 mph sustained wind with C exposure. Given the above parameters for door height and wind exposure, at what width (between 45 and 60 ft), if any, is there a quantitive or qualitative difference in the construction of the door (e.g. heavier material, larger truss, etc). We may wish to design for the largest possible door (within the range specified) without having to step up to that design variation (e.g. material or truss change). We would also like to know approximate distance between clear height and top of the doors upper hinge. Would highly respect your recommendation of Red power options. Upon receipt of your response, we will submit a request for a quote. Thanks for your help.

159 Need 130 mph wind coding paperwork. Please quote in 15' and 13'6\" clear height, for both Schweiss Bifold and Hydraulic door types. Customer was blown away by slider door prices and wanted an alternative and he really is impressed with the power of your new Red Power Hydraulic Pumps. Of course I suggested a hydraulic one-piece from Schweiss! :) Thanks, Jack

160 We need pricing on a 58'w x 20'h one-piece hydraulic hangar door and a 58'w x 20'h bi-fold hangar door. Zip code is 32958, 130mph windload. Hydraulic to have Red Power pump, bifold to have strap system. Thank you

161 Need Schweiss heavy duty hydraulic one piece door 20' wide X 22 ft clear height rated for hurricane duty in south Louisiana. Hydraulics should be of your Red Power pump style which will provide a very good tight seal capable of keeping water from running inside during a high wind storm.

162 Please supply me with a quotation for both bi-fold and the one piece hydraulic door's I will be requiring six total over approx six month's, 35ft wide and 16 ft high to be fitted to buildings in Sarasota Florida These Schweiss doors should be wind loaded and built with Red Power Electrical Systems.

163 My Georgia hangar door was damaged in a tornado. No parts are salvageable. I really liked this Schweiss bifold door but after looking at your web page I'm ready to try a hydraulic one piece door with your new Red Power hydraulic pump. Make this one extra wind loaded.

164 I send a request to Jeremy a few minutes ago, not sure if this is a better way to reach you. This will be 5 14'x 14' Schweiss hydraulic doors designer series- \"storefront look\" opaque bottom panels, clear glass above with and without man doors, with Red Power Electrical System in each. Similar to a photo we saw on your website. Wind loaded to 120-130 mph with Florida Building Code N.O.A. approval.What a great door you make!

165 I am looking for a price for a 20'-0 (tall) x 40'-0 (wide) hydraulic one piece hangar door with installation and Schweiss Door Red Power backup system. I would want this wind loaded for at least 100 mph., the last time the wind blew here it took my neighbor Dorothy and her dog Todo on a long trip to visit the Wizard of Oz. :)

166 Hello, I'd like a quote on a 55 x 14 Schweiss hydraulic one piece hangar door with a Red Power back up system and insulation. There is a 90 mph wind load, and it would be delivered to Palenstine, IL 62451. Thanks, Andy

167 I am hoping to find a hydraulic one piece door that can protect a 18' high by 36' wide opening. I am trying to cover some glass and get an approved door that can withstand 110 MPH winds on Cape Cod. Thinking your Schweiss hydraulic with Red Power hydraulic pump will be best option.

168 Can you send me a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic door 42x14. I think that's what I need. I have a steel building that's 60x50x16 2:12 and the customer wants a 42x14 clear to go in the center of the building. Will that work? The door will be going to Baldwin County Alabama 150 mph wind. Don't forget about the Red Power pump. Thanks Korey 

169 Wind Load is 90MPH with D exposure -Please provide an internal truss door -Please provide lift via Red Power hydraulic pumps -Requested delivery date sometime in August -Please provide auto latches -Please provide cold weather package -Single Phase Schweiss Doors Red power motor(s) requested Thanks! Mark G. 

170 Schweiss Door size: 44 x 10 ft. I need the full 10 ft. so a hydraulic door is required. Need 150 mph wind for Florida Keys (Monroe County) I will add the finish (lapstrake wood and two windows) Attachment: Steel I-Beam Side supports: 16 x 16 concrete columns A local builder will install, he has installed several units on the field, but would require installation diagrams and specs on your new Red Power hydraulic system. Need delivered price to Summerland Key Airport.

171 I have an opening approx 22 ft by 12 ft with wood construction. The building is uninsulated. 110 mph wind zone area. What would be the cost to install a Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power backup system in Gainesville? Thanks, Tom

172 We've been asked to verify wind load resistance capabilities of the Schweiss Bifold and One Piece doors with Red Power pumps. We've got a situation where the door (maybe a 30 footer) will have to take a hefty wind....and it will be operated at least 16 times a day...possibly more. See any concerns? Thanks for your input. Scott A.

173 Need a price delivery on 45' x 16' one peice Schweiss hydro aircraft door. Wind loads here require 130 mph. Also need to let the building manufacturer know how to support the door. So the weight and any special structural conditions and what options come with your Red Power hydraulic pump systems. Also info on remotes.

174 I have a 40 X 60 foot hanger enclosed on the 40' sides (14' eves I think) and would like to put a Schweiss hydraulic door on the 60' side. Can probably go down to 50' but this would require more construction. I also would like to enclose the rear 60' (no door). I am located in Westwego, LA (about 10 minutes southwest of New Orleans. What would be the best solution for me? Please let me know if you can help. Would like door with a Red Power hydraulic backup system and wind loaded. Need minimum 12 vertical opening.

175 Does The opening have to be a clear span? We have posts 24'. we are replaicing old roll doors that could not take the wind. Believe your Schweiss hydraulic door will be best option, especially with good seal your Red Power hydraulics offer. Please wind load for 115 mph. 

176 Please provide me with a price on an Insulated, Red Power Pump Motorized Schweiss hydraulic door. I need an 80' x 18' clear opening. Job site is in Gilmer County, Ga. Can you reinforce to make a windloaded door?  Thank You.

177 Building is located in Chaumont, N.Y. high wind area with above normal snow loads. Opening required is 70'W x 22'H clear. Building will be used for Corporate Jet and smaller aircraft. Would like your Schweiss recommendation on a one piece hydraulic door with Red Power hydraulic pump. Also your honest opinion if a Schweiss bifold door might be a better choice.

178 ***135MPH WIND LOAD*** need insulated moving one-piece hydraulic door if possible last one fell through - sorry - :) this is long-term hydraulic door project but looks very promising. please make door quote or advise that time is a factor (advise of timeframe)

179 The Company has an Observatory in Maui and is in the process of replacing the equipment doors with a bifold door or one-piece hydraulic equipment door. The observatory hydraulic door needs to be fully weather proofed, hurricane rated and insulated. This side of the facility is exposed to hurricane like conditions at many time during the year. The Observatory houses a telescope and optics with a value of approx. $10 million. Therefore it is essential that the hydraulic doors are weather sealed and fully insulated. Please contact me to discuss the sealing observatory equipment hydraulic doors. Many thanks in advance

180 Need price on 56x16 or 56x15 bifold with lift straps or a new one-piece hydraulic Schweiss door delivered. 90mph door wind load. No mandoors or windows. Thanks

181 I need a quote on ten doors at 41 ft 5 inches by 12 ft high wind rated at 110 mph. Each door is to have a 3 x 7 walk door in left hand corner looking at the door from outside. Shipment point is Weslaco Texas  Airport

182 We are about 50% done with a 60x75 hangar. Need a quote on, a single panel hydraulic and a bi-fold door 56x14, no man door. Quote with and without remote option. 130 mph wind minimum Jim


184 I need an installed price on a one piece hydraulic wind loaded aircraft hangar door which is part of a residential dwelling in Ocala. Door is approximately 46' long/ 12' high.

185 Need your proposal for the hydraulic one piece hangar doors installed to steel structure. Doors clearance 24.0 m (L) x 6.5 m (H). Doors should be able to support wind up to 105 km/hour, wind gust 135 km/hour (5 minutes).

186 Looking for a quote for a hydraulic one piece door with a clear opening of 45'w x 12'. It must meet Florida 140 mph, Exposure B. Prefer attachment at jambs only if possible to concrete filled masonry block. Please call with any questions or comments. Project name is Piper Hanger Enclosure

187 Building is not yet built, bidding on project will have 38 total Hydraulic doors all hurricane wind-loaded to the max. Openings range from 42' to 49', project is located in St. Augustine, Fl 32034 at the airport. Please call as soon as possible, will email drawings I have or fax them. Bryan Project Manager

188 I sent a quotation request to Jeremy on 06/10 our time. Please give us a wind load information as well. Thank you.


190 To Whom This May Concern: I'd like a qoute on a forty foot wide hydraulic and bifold door for my concrete building. Due to my location in South Carolina I will be needing a wind loaded door. Respectfully, Kirt C.

191 I'll soon be ordering a hydraulic Red Power door from you. Keep in mind, Florida Building Code 2004 edition 140 mph wind load, exposure C Is your product UL listed?

192 The Schweiss Doors hydraulic door bid you gave me, is this for a flush mount or surface mount? Also, I see a note for 90 mph, does that mean this bid includes wind rails and other necessary items for high wind areas? Is this fully sealed for blowing dust and rain? If you were putting this on your building, what additional items would you want? Prices? Price for emergency back up hand crank? Is there any way to get the spec and drawings (8.5x11) so that I can pass on to my Steel Building manufacture to make sure he has the needed bracing in my building quote? Thanks for your help, Gary


194 Will you pls. send me the specs of Schweiss hydraulic and bi-fold hangar doors to resist 146 MPH wind velocity( 60 Psf) Is one style preferable to the other in high hurricane force winds?  Thank you


196 I would like a catalog/price list mailed to my home address. I am interested in your hydraulic Red Power Door and Hanger Doors with wind loaded options.

197 I need a quote on the following: 8 - 39 x 12 one piece hydraulic doors 2 - 42 x 12 one piece hydraulic doors 140 mph wind load, Exposure C Palm Beach County, Florida Doors to come with appropriatly designed walk doors and extra remotes.

198 I will be building a 48'X48'X14' hangar in Willow, Alaska this summer. I am interested in the price of a hydraulic door to go in the end of the building. I would like a horizontal clear opening of at least 40' and as much vertical clear as practical. How much would this door cost? Door needs to be windloaded and insulated.  How much would shipping cost?

199 Our new hydraulic door dimensions are 95'x 30' Lee county Florida I believe the wind rating is 140 mph at (fmy) page field. Would you recommend a steel or aluminum door. Do most of your Florida orders come with galvanized metal to resist rust?

200 I would like pricing on a 44 ft Wide 12 ft clearance door for a building with 16 ft wall height. Price for standard Schweiss hydraulic door with Red Power pump opener Price with extra remote and wind rated for Hawaii. Thanks Steve

201 I need a one piece hydraulic door. Size 22 feet high, 67 feet long. I can raise the header height to 22 feet 6 inches to get the 22 feet clear. Door needs to be windloaded. Price the door and install located in Rome, GA

202 Do your hydraulic doors have the Florida Approval No.? Please price (9) doors to fit a 42'x 11' clear opening. Price with and without installation. Doors to meet Florida 2004 FBC 140 mph. Doors must have the Florida Approval No. Thank you. Chester 

203 We are in Miami-Dade County which requires 146 mph. We will be the GC and designer for this project and at this time we would like to know if a 125' wide X 27' high vertical lift hydraulic door is feasable. Please contact me to discuss. Thank you.

204 We are currently looking at an existing hanger that has two 16' x 80' framed openings. Existing doors where (4) structual framed doors on floor mounted track. Looking for furnished and installed pricing on your hydraulic doors. open for suggustions.PS. 130 MPH Wind Zone Thanks Rick S.


206 Please price a hydraulic \"Red Power\" pump door shipped to Deland, Fl 32720 Rated 120 mph 3 second gust Florida Building Code Exposure B Framed Opening 48' X 16'

207 We need a quote for a 50 wide x 12 clear opening hydraulic door. Windload is 90 mph, exp. C per IBC 2003 code. Jobsite is Bastrop, Texas Thanks, Mark

208 Tech Specs Reqd: Windforce: 70 mph or greater If possible, insulation for -50 weather. Schweiss Doors recommendation for a Red power hydraulic lift door vs. Bifold. I hear they both work well in cold winter winds. I like the Red Power hydraulic pump idea for quick and better lifting power.

209 Please advise urgently by email if you have any distributors in Australia. Also whether your Schweiss hydraulic lift and bi-fold doors are cyclone rated. Also send more information on your new Red Power hydraulic pumps and what sizes they come in. Regards Mr Littleton B. Sutton