Wood Building Doors

1 Morton jambs will be (4) 2x10 large wood truss on top We will need you to do the framing and add steel framing to our wood jambs ( if needed) there will be two 4'4w x 2'9 windows in the door we supply and install them. We will do the Morton metal exterior and interior

2 I am needing a price for a 40'by18' door for a wood frame building. If you have any questions please let me know. Thank you.

3 wanting to replace alumasteel sliding doors on end wall of a Morton 14'6" tall side wall, 54' wide, 83' long metal building (wooden post frame) with hydraulic door.

4 Have an Astro wood frame shed. Looking for ideas for putting an insulated door on shed so can insulate and heat. Not sure what other info you need, so might be easier to call and discuss.

5 Please price a hydraulic lift single door 16 ft wide X 10 ft high. Wood-framed building with red metal siding. Concrete foundation and floor. Please provide the opening dimensions required. We will frame a new opening for the door.

6 30' x 16' insulated hydraulic door with windows installed at 52581 zipcode it will go on the side toward the end of a 60'x80' heated wood built shop with living quarters also with some type of backup can Schweiss Hydraulic Doors email me a quote

7 I am looking for a 58 X 15 hydraulic door for a wood framed building I am constructing this fall.

8 I would like a quote on a one piece hydraulic hangar door 50' x 16' with remote opener and loading for a wood structure. Please feel free to call at your convenience. Thanks Dave

9 I am researching ways to retrofit old WWII hanger doors. These are large wood hangers with door frames of 20 feet high and 75 feet wide. We would like to make these old slide by doors more user friendly and of a smaller size. I am interested in your Schweiss strap bi-fold for the existing opening or to reduce the width to about 50 ft. What can you help me with in finding the best solution for this project? 

10 Email me please. Would like the requirements if I want to attach this to an existing wood building. If my building is not capable of handling the load would also like a price of the Schweiss engineered free standing header. Also the width of 17.5 can be adjusted down to 16 feet if doors only come in 2 foot increments.

11 Waiting for Quote on Hydraulic Schweiss floatplane  door installed in new wood building near the Baraboo/Dells airport located between Baraboo and Lake Delton, Wisconsin.  Hope to here from you soon. Thank you