Automatic Doors

1 Need 2 automatic bifold Liftstrap doors at 29' wide x 18' tall and one door at 24' wide x 18' tall. All with remote controls.

2 I have a rough opening of about 30' wide and 17.5' high on the gable end of a Morton Building. What roughly would a hyd. swing out automatic door and opener run for this application?

3 I would like to get 2, automatic bifold custom made garage doors that have a residential garage door look. The sizes will need to be 16' wide by 14' tall. How much would that be per door? Also, what types of door hardware can i get for it?

4 Hydraulic Schweiss automatic door, 40 feet wide, 10 feet tall, need the frame and header taller than 10 feet. Can you please send me some estimated prices that fit these parameters? I am considering retrofitting 30year old t-hangars from sliding doors. Changing the roof line is possible. Thank you.

5 I have hangar with a 40'x 16' opening. What would a hydraulic automatic door cost?

6 I am putting up a 40x60 framed shop this spring. I would be ready for install the end of May. Could you quote a16x24 automatic door for an end wall. And could you quote both hud and bifold automatic Schweiss doors? 

7 Im looking for a bid for a automatic hydraulic door for a new construction wood bulding. 50 wide by 20 high, bifold or hydraulic, id like to see both prices including the price of installation. It would not be insulated. And I don't need nice windows in it, would like a few small peeking windows in it so I could see outside when its closed.

8 Good afternoon, I am looking for a very preliminary rough estimate for a automatic hydraulic door and header system for a project in Manassas, VA (7911 Notes Drive, Manassas, VA 20109). Our door needs are roughly 110' wide by 25' tall. Is there anything else I can provide in order to get a rough supply/install estimate? The client is considering this but needs to have a rough cost idea in order to greenlight or not. Let me know of anything else I can provide.

9 I am the metal building engineer. Our customer needs a automatic hydraulic door for a project I am working on. I need automatic designer door specs for a 45' wide by 18' tall bi-fold door. The door needs to be designed for 90mph wind, Exposure C, IBC 2009 codes. Thank you

10 Farm is building a machinery shop. Would like some pricing on your automatic quiet running hydraulic farm doors. 45Ft /- wide on a 20ft ceiling building.

11 Could I get a quote for a 44x12 opening automatic hydraulic door. And a quote for a 60x16 opening bi-fold.

12 Please quote a automatic hydraulic door and a hydraulic lift automatic door with windows. (1) 26'0"x 8ing'0", All Solarban 70 Low-E over Clear Laminated Glass with necessary framing to be Finished to match Dark Bronze Anodized. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, Dave

13 Would like budget quote for (2) 48'x15' hydraulic automatic doors. This is for late spring installation. A shop drawing would help to provide necessary structural support for metal building design. Your hydraulic doors for all uses are simply the best.

14 Interested in a 30 ft wide automatic hydraulic door with the minimum of 15 ft high entrance clearance.

15 Hi. I am bidding a job and I need a price on a - specs say 46 x 15 / plans say 48 x 14 automatic hydraulic  door with remotes, insulated panels. My bid is due Tuesday. Thanks.

16 We are interested in more information and estimated pricing for a steel, hydraulic door. Single panel, tilt style w/ secondary egress hydraulic automatic doors set within for use when the door is closed. Please call to discuss further. Thanks, Brian Baker

17 I have a standard single car garage that i would like to install automatic hydraulic doors on. Windowless, single color. preferably hurricane rated for cat 5 strength, if available. the house is concrete block. How much would this cost? do you install? and if not can you ship with install instructions? thank you

18 I have info and cost on your automatic bi-fold door. I need the cost and info on a 1 piece automatic hydraulic door. I need shipping and install cost if possible I have General steel building that is not designed for a door.

19 We have a automatic door project in Ft. Madison, IA where we considering installing 4 - 42'w x ~24'h hydraulic doors. We are seeking a solution to other than roller type. Please contact me. Regards, Errol Frick

20 Hello. I am preparing to build a hangar with an apartment in it July 2017. I have a few questions regarding your automatic hydraulic doors. I will be hangaring a Piper Colt and a PA-12. My ceilings are 12 ft tall and the current plan is for a 40 ft wide door. What size door would you recommend? I am interested in the bifold (strap lift) door as well as the hydraulic. What is the price differential between these models? Is there a build it yourself kit for the bifold door or only the hydraulic? Also interested in another automatic door for my boat. 16 ft wide by ~12 ft tall. I would like some quotes: 1 for build it yourself doors (16x12 & 40?x12) and the other for fully built doors (hydraulic & bifold) of the same sizes. Would it be possible to cut off shipping charges for the build it yourself kits? I may need to drive some other supplies up to AK from down south and could swing by. Thank you

21 Hi, We are interested in spec'ing hydraulic interior automatic doors for a conference room in a corporate renovation. The door is approximately 8' square. What are our next steps? Thank you, Justin

22 I have two of your automatic hydraulic doors installed on my work shop. They were installed when the shop was constructed about 5 or 6 years ago. I am considering converting one of the doors to an automatic remote operated system. What would be the approximate cost to make this conversion ?? Thanks

23 Kind of curious as to the minimum size for the automatic hydraulic doors. I am looking for options for my new shop/garage. The doors needed are approximately 9'X9' and 12'X12'. I am trying to figure out a way to avoid encumbering the ceiling area on the inside of the garage, and a bifold style door would do that. thanks, Jerry

24 Interested in a automatic (if possible) horizontal one-piece hydraulic garage doors for my detached garage. Automatic door measurements are 10-0 x 8-0 Let me know if you need more information. Cheers, Mark

25 Hello! I'm an Architect from the Boston area looking to source automatic doors for a small residential garage project. We're looking for aluminum/steel framed, bifold hangar doors, preferably with frosted glass of some kind. Motorized/automated opening would be a plus. We would also like to consider an option where we clad the doors to match siding of our choice. We're looking for two automatic one-piece doors, one 7hx10w ft and 7hx12w ft. I hope someone can help us. Thank you!

26 I am looking to replace my sliding doors on my pole barn and I want automatic electric doors. I have two sliders - each 11 feet tall by 9 feet wide. I am also looking to add a some style to the doors - windows, etc. that make it look more like a barn door and less like a plain steel panel. Thank you, Kevin

27 I am enclosing a carport to make a garage and I don't have quite enough room for the car using a conventional garage door and hardware. A conventional roll up door and hardware protrudes about 9" into the garage and that's about 4" too much. A hydraulic automatic door looks like it might work with my circumstances.

28 I have a large barn we are building and the owner want your automatic door system on it. They like the one piece hyrdolic door system. Is it only in metal or can they come in wood or a barnwood overlay?

29 Hello, we have looked at your hydraulic automatic door on line, and wood like to get a price on a 40 foot by 12 foot. thank you for your time. Chuck 

30 I am looking to get a price for a automatic window/glass Bi fold door that will be 10 ft wide and 10 ft tall. Also a Bi fold automatic window door  that is 4 ft tall and 8 ft wide.

31 I have emailed with you before. (with automatic door 60' wide) How high do your hydraulic automatic doors open in a 20' high opening? Can we frame higher to get a 20' foot high opening? Thank you

32 I am looking for budget pricing on 28' high x 44' wide automatic hydraulic doors. The project is going to be at Port Columbus Airport for a corporate hangar. Please contact me with pricing information on these automatic doors. Thank you

33 We are looking at a 30x18 and a 24x18 automatic door sin an existing pre-engineered metal building. I have questions.

34 We are an architectural office that does high end custom residential projects and would like to speak to someone about bi-fold and hydraulic one-piece automatic doors. The automatic doors for our project would have vertical slats on the front face to match the surrounding facade. I can send a rendering, but we would really like someone to stop by if possible. There are 5 garage doors in total for the project. Construction has already started. Door sizes range from 10' wide to 19' wide. There may be other projects in the office that would need your help also. Thank you. Maria Iwanicki Sr.Project Manager

35 Interested in a automatic hydraulic door on a new shop. Do your automatic doors come with hydraulic backup systems in case of a power outage.

36 Looking to replace two 14x16 automatic garage doors with your Schweiss hydraulic automatic garage doors.

37 Requisition a preliminary estimate for four 16' wide by 5' tall automatic hydraulic doors to serve a food counter. Automatic doors must be Florida approved for use.

38 Please can you give me an estimate as to the cost of the Automatic Hydraulic door openers you have on the shipping containers in your "must see photos". Much obliged, Grant Duff

39 Turning pole shed into shop that I want Schweiss automatic hydraulic doors on. Shed has 18 foot sidewalls. Need to have a 18 foot automatic doors so I don't loose any overhead to get tall equipment in

40 I am in the process of laying out the foundation for a 48'x38' hangar. Do you custom fit automatic doors to an opening ? Or do I fit the opening to a standard size automatic hydraulic door? I will need a price quote for door and shipping to Alaska. Call with any questions. Thank you.       

41 I need a quote on three 42' x 12' hydralic automatic hanger doors. materials only without sheeting, fob your location. There is a possibility of needing 4 to 5 of these automatic hydraulic doors. Thanks Gary

42 I called yesterday and got a ball park prices on  Schweiss automatic doors, I would like to get a actual quote at this time please. The building opening will be 17' tall by 42' wide. That leaves 4' on each side and 1' to the top of the wall. the roof pitch is 2:12. I love the superior construction of your hydraulic automatic doors.

43 I need 2 Schweiss automatic doors. I will send first size in earlier A -- 50'x16' B -- 40'x12' single doors THIS IS THE SECOND OF 2 AUTOMATIC DOOR REQUESTS - BOTH FOR SAME BUILDING - THANKS