Bifold Doors for Hotels

1 Im working on a Hilton hotel here in Atlanta and need some options for an operable door or two. The doors are to access the prefunction area of the ballrooms from the exterior.

2 Need pricing for Schweiss brand Bifold doors for hotels. I have drawings that I can send for pricing. Need to know the dealer closest to me in Florence, Alabama.

3 We are interested in getting some information on your Bi-folding and hydraulic hotel doors. We have a specific application in mind and would like to see if your company can achieve our desired look.This is for a contemporary looking door. Please feel free to call or email me to discuss further. Thank you Charity

4 I am intrested in a 25x12 Hydraulic or Bi Fold hotel door. It would need to be insulated and have one row of windows. Please provide basic pricing on both models. We can get the exact mesurments dialed in when I get an idea of pricing. Steve

5 Need final price on hydraulic and strap bifold doors for hotels, if possible DIY kit. Also hydraulic kit or complete door. Please specify maximum thickness for outside insulation. Please send specification. We will build in June. Do not know the side column yet. What is the less expensive door system. Thanks

6 Hello, I am looking into the Hydraulic or bifold hotel doors that are recessed so the exterior finish is flush with the finish of the building. I need the doors to open up to a height of 19'-0" clear. How tall would the hydraulic doors for hotels need to be and what would the framing for that look like? Thanks,

7 Can I get a budget for a 30' x 20' bifold and hydraulic doors for hotels going into a Pre Engineered Building for a Hanger Project located in Arizona - 90 MPH exposure B wind

8 Hello - inquiring about cost and lead time for bifold or hydraulic doors for hotels in a prefabricated steel structure. The project is in Ridgewood, NY. We anticipate a 18?-0? floor-to-ceiling height (on both floors) and we?d like the clear opening to be as big as possible. Thanks!

9 I need two quotes. one for a bifold door and the other for a hydraulic doors for hotels. The size is 19'2" x 16'-8". Let me know if you have any questions. These Schweiss hotel doors will be clad in glass.

10 I am a PM working on a mid-rise hotel project in Atlanta, GA with Gensler (architect) and your hydraulic designer door product has been specified for use at their terrace level which is located on the roof top deck and ground level retail. I am in need of further details of your (aluminum/glass door) along with pricing options. If you can contact me with that information, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

11 Looking for a quote for supply and install of 2 hydraulic or bifold glass doors for churches.  One width 20'2" X 12' tall and another width 20'2"X 10' tall.

12 Hi I would like to get pricing on some bi-folding and  glass hydraulic hotel doors. I will need them for 10 Milestones locations, 7 in Ontario and 3 in Vancouver. Can you show me an example of what you can produce and supply pricing for a 14'x10' opening? Thank you, Damon

13 46'x 14' bifold price or 48'x14' hydraulic door for hotels price please thanks mike

14 I have customer wanting a 42' wide x 16' tall hydraulic or bifold door for hotels door. Customer is in Moran, Kansas 66755 Will be a post frame building that is 60' wide and 90' long, 18' tall. Would you send me pricing on the door and what it would cost to have you install. I also need to know what type of header you recommend. The truss is load bearing above and will allow us to connect to it for strength. Stan

15 We have a hotel that we are wanting to enclose and put door in the ends. we don't know if we want bi-fold or 1 piece doors for hotels. Size is 40' wide building is 20' tall so probably 18' tall door? Thank you

16 I have a drawing that I would like to send showing the clear opening/structural details. How? Please quote bifold and hydraulic doors for hotels (size indicated below). Please quote installation cost and delivery schedule as well. Does installation include electrical connection? Does installation include outside metal sheeting? Are there instructions in case I want to install it myself? Brian

17 I am in the process of building a new hotel in which I would like to incorporate hydraulic doors verses the traditional slide doors. Do you make hydraulic doors for hotels in various sizes. Question is, do you sell your pump systems and door hinges/brackets separately? Or is yours sold as a complete door with assembly? Thanks, Jerry

18 Looking for a bifold or hydraulic doors for hotels with a residential patio installation. Would like to see about cost(s), etc.

19 We are currently pricing a fit-up to an existing PEMB spec building that will require a 40'w x 20'h hydraulic or bifold door for hotels with complete support framing. I would like to obtain a price to furnish and install

20 Require a price on a hydraulic or Bifold door for a hotel. clear opening of 35' x 22' going into a metal building, door will have R-20 insulation and metal cladding on the exterior and interior.

21 I am interested in getting more information on your products for custom bifold doors for hotels work. I also am building a tiny home on a trailer and would like to price out a glass door that swings out to become a canopy. I can build the frame for the door in any material necessary; steel or wood. Please feel free to contact me either via email or phone. Thank you, Staci

22 We are remodeling a hotel and would like a quote for bifold and hydraulic doors for hotels- wood or fiberglass wood-look exterior, "carriage house" style. Plans still under review by client- please let me know who I should contact for a quote. Home will be constructed this fall in Indian Hill, Ohio. Thanks, Lisa

23 Hello Sir or Maddam, I would like to visit with someone about your hydraulic doors for hotels. I have a client who is needing two 40'x20' hotel doors. My question is at what height above the bottom of our provided door header does the door attach and roughly how much height clearance will i loose if i have 20' from concrete to bottom of the door header? I need to maintain the 20' clearance going into the building as close as i can. I look forward to your response. FYI I am sure that someone from purchasing has already called for a quote.

24 We have a hotel project in downtown Toronto, a heritage building being renovated and we we need 2 hydraulic doors for hotels at the front and rear entrance. Let me know if you are interested and we can set up a call or meeting. 

25 We are just trying to get a general idea of what your new hydraulic or bifold doors for hotels would cost. The opening is currently split into two sections that are served by two roll-up doors. I believe the span once had a single larger roll-up door, but the door failed due to high winds (we are on the coast in an area prone to high winds and hurricanes). The width and height I have provided are rough estimates...

26 I am building new hotel in Maine. Construction will start in soon. Opening for the hydraulic hotel door is 24' x 14'. Need estimate for bifold door too. Bottom drive. Thanks

27 I am looking for a vertical hydraulic garage-style door approximately 10' X 10'. This is for a hotel  application. I can send you a plan view if you send me an email address. I need some ballpark pricing on your hydraulic doors for hotels. Thank you

28 I have a new hotel renovation project in which we are considering hydraulic overhead hotel doors between the restaurant and the outdoor terrace/patio area. I would like to discuss our options and hotel door products you can offer.

29 Looking to install bifold glass front doors for hotels in Manhattan. These designer style hotel doors will all be clad in glass and the hotel doors will need automatic hotel door latching systems.

30 I would appreciate your assistance with a budget quote for four Bifold or Hydraulic Doors for Hotels each having a clear width of 65', a clear opening of 25' and wind rating of 140 mph. Location of the building will be Corpus Christi, TX 78403. Thanks, 

31 I need prices on a 40' x 14' bifold and a 38' x 12' hydraulic doors for hotels. Both with glass cladding. Delivered to the above address.

32 Any date of delivery for the hydraulic and bifold doors for hotels? Someone will have to be there when the hotel doors arrive. Thanks Shaun kalba

33 Please just email me a price quote on the bifold and hydraulic doors for hotels. We aren't sure as of yet whether the support beams will be wood or steel. Thanks Dave RMI

34 Need a price for a hydraulic one piece doors for hotels with the measurements 28 x 12 and also need price on a bifold with the same measurements. Thanks!

35 would like information on frame/motor combination for a hotel for 14 foot doors for hotels. Interested in the working frame unit with motor and will be building around the frame with hard wood board using about 250 lbs of decorative wood and materials. Door Rough opening is 16 feet by 10 feet. 3 feet of space is available on a side of the door on ground or above. Headroom above hotel doors is 2 feet. location is calgary alberta canada.

36 would like a quotes on two 44X22 single panel doors for hotels located in Colorado. What is the time frame for construction of these doors for hotels.

37 We purchased hydraulic doors  from you numerous years ago for our hotel, perhaps for 10 years the hotel doors have given us great service . We now have one of the actuators that is leaking fluid. Do you sell rebuilt kits for the actuators? If not could you tell me the manufacturer of the actuators or provide me with a part drawing or a list for the seals? Jim Lindsay

38 I would like to get an estimate on a Hydraulic or bifold Doors for hotels, the opening is 23'4" 14' 10", steel frame, need a remote control and the sensor set. Please include est. delivery time of these hydraulic or bifold doors for hotels, Thanks

39 I need a price for 4 hydraulic doors for hotels complete. The doors will go on an engineered steel building. The hotel doors will have translucent glass panels covering them entirely. I will need any engineering information you may have for the metal building company. I am using Dean Steel Buildings in Cedartown, GA. Thank you

40 (2) quotes. - 1 - 20x12 hydraulic doors for hotels. No interior headroom, same height as truss on metal frame. 14' eve height. Side wall of building. Cannot loose height on side wall, hydraulic the only option possibly. - 1- 23.8x16.2 hydraulic or bi-fold door. Interior headroom in header 20' left and right jamb sides to ceiling. Gable hotel building with 24' center height. Steel frame building. - Curretly have sliders on both openings.

41 I have a Schweiss 45' x 14' hydrolift hotel door and need some advice. Using PERMA-R 3/4" foam sheets, from Lowes, I am trying to insulate the door. I have used liquid nails from the gallon can, as well as the liquid nails caulk for foam and panel. Neither glue adheres to both the hydraulic doors for hotels  and the paneling and the panels pull away from the painted metal door. What glue would you suggest that I use to complete the hotel door insulation. Also, would it help if I pulled the clear plastic covering off of the panels prior to gluing? Thanks for your help

42 Looking for a proposal on a 20' wide x 10' high glass and aluminum Hydraulic or bi fold doors for hotels. Please contact me as soon as possible, this project has a deadline.