Blast Doors

1 I need pricing on a 70' wide 20' high (clear) hydraulic aviation blast door delivered to Roseburg, OR 97470

2 Hi i'm looking to build some aircraft hangers and trying to get a price from you guys on your hydraulic military aviation blast doors, please give me a call thank you

3 I have a large hydraulic blast door at Anoka county airport in need of service. Is that something you do?

4 We have a customer that will be using a Schweiss Hydraulic Blast Door in a Behlen Steel Building. We need the weight and information for 54'-0 x 18'-0 clear opening.

5 I work for a pre-fabricated metal building company out of Imler, PA and I have a few questions regarding a hydraulic blast door that you have designed for one of our projects. The Job # on the order form, I have a few questions about the loading diagram that was given. Thank you.

6 We are in the design phase of our project, a 50'x36' aircraft hangar. We are leaning toward a World Wide Steel Buildings structure and need to decide on a hydraulic blast door design prior to completing our design. The door will be (42-0) feet wide with a (12-0) feet clear opening. Please quote our cost delivered to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Thank you Frank

7 Replacing overhead hydraulic blast door on center door of hangers at Fosston Airport. Please quote including installation.

8 Looking for a quote on a Hydraulic and By-fold hanger blast door to be mounted in a new steel military base hangar building. Door to be 48' wide x 18' clear height. The Schweiss hydraulic pump system will be mounted on a wall. It's a real space saver that no other companies offer.

9 I wanting a hydraulic blast door and need to know how to frame it to make it a blast proof door. thanks ! George

10 In planning stages for new hanger construction. Have not determined if it will be poll barn (Walters) or insulated block construction. Desired width 46' hydraulic operated hangar blast door, must be at least 45' Feel free to call if clarification is necessary. Bryan

11 The hydraulic hurricane blast door is an aluminum storefront with Hurricane Large missile impact glazing. Anodized finish, color dark bronze. 24 total windows (3 x 8). Call me so that i can get an email and forward drawings. Job name is: UCF - CHP Bldg 354 Orlando Florida

12 The hangar dimension is 25m x 40m. What can you suggest for the dimension and type of blast door for this hangar. It is for helicopter of the Air Force. How much is the blast door hydraulic price more or less?

13 Roughly 24' wide by 14' tall hydraulic blast door. Installed on a concrete block building. Approx cost at this point. Thx

14 Our Colorado military base commander would like a price on a 44 foot wide x 28 foot tall with remote opener blast door for one or more hangars. Can you send me a quote.

15 Military door project is asking for a 42'-4" x 20'-0" hydraulic blast hangar door that secures like a storefront door. Project is in Florida so there should be a Florida Product Approval, or the whole military blast door as an integral unit needs to have shop drawings that are signed-and-sealed by a Florida Professional. Please give me a call. I can send our military hangar door drawings as they currently stand. Thanks.

16 We would like to replace a shop door. Due to overhead clearance, we are thinking of an insulated hydraulic one piece door. We have heard that you also have a hydraulic blast door, as well as your bi-folds. Thanks

17 Looking to quote a 50W x 18H hanger hydraulic blast door. What info do you require?

18 Hi, I am designing a hangar 80' wide with an opening of 18' high. we will be fabricating a hydraulic blast door ourselves, however, we are interested in the Schweiss Red Power pump system, what size or capacity system would i use on a 80x18 door? And what would the cost be? Thanks, Frank.

19 Looking for a military aircraft hanger hydraulic Schweiss blast door. Width approximately 42.5' clear height in open position of 14' minimum. Saw some samples on this website and want to know if, in the event of power failure, some sort of mechanical means to open the door is possible. If not, what sort of power requirement is necessary to open the door (voltage & maximum amps drawn).

20 Requesting quote for hydraulic overhead blast doors. Options for full view walk door steel frame to match outer hangar finishes. Installed blast door price.

21 I am looking at building two airplane hangers with blast doors. The blast door sizes would be a 40 x 14 hydraulic.

22 Looking for two hydraulic blast doors 40 x18 with steel layout Also price out a bifold swing up blast door with steel layout. Thanks

23 Interested in price on a 45x14 hydraulic one piece blast door or comparison between bifold with lift straps and the hydraulic one piece door. I currently have several bifold blast doors but interested in one piece blast door compared to bifold. Does the one piece door come with its own header or frame?

24 I want to get a rough cost on a 60' wide by 25' opening clearance hydraulic door that on a hangar at a federally funded airport. We are looking at replacing one on an existing building that has a slider already installed but has been damaged and now calls for hydraulic blast doors. Thanks! 

25 We are interested in selling your Schweiss aviation blast doors in New Zealand. We have installation teams that cover New Zealand. We have been using Wilson Doors in the past but have some issues with delivery times and supply. Do you have New Zealand agents already? We get a lot of enquiry for your Schweiss types doors for aircraft Hangers and commercial buildings. We look forward to your reply.

26 Car Manufacturer has a 16'1" x 10' rough opening on their blasting room door : - Want a horizontal 2-fold manually operated bifold door * They cycle this door 6 times an hour 24 hrs a day/6 days a week * 40,000psi pressure washer * They want to attach 24 gauge stainless steel sheet on the interior after door is installed * Has to seal fairly well with Schweiss Door blast proof design - Stand alone building is heated but water is atomized so freezes on contact when really cold * Door can stack in opening

27 40x50 hanger with a bi-fold blast doors. How much does the lift strap system cost? What is a typical cost to install a blast door? Are experienced installation contractors available in my area?

28 I am interested in the Build your own door. I need a blast door for a 22 X 15 opening.

29 Where can I buy replacement bottom and top rubber? We are doing a hangar blast door job for the Int'l Falls airport and need to replace the weather seals.   Thank you Wayne

30 Looking for a pricing estimate on an airport hangar hydraulic blast door. Approx 60'x18' clearance. Thank You, Thomas

31 Please just email me a price quote on the hangar blast doors. We aren't sure as of yet whether the support beams will be wood or steel. Thanks Dave RMI

32 Bidding on a new airport hanger in Humboldt, TN. Do you have a local rep whom I can discuss hydraulic blast doors with?

33 I have a Schweiss hydraulic blast door and would like to know if you have maintenance instructions for this blast door. My model of door is S7486 and is about 37.5 ft by 16 ft. would like to see the manual for the kit and price. Roger

34 Looking for information and a price quote on one piece hydraulic doors retrofitted to my hangar. I need blast doors, dimensions of 87' wide X 18' tall. Do your hydraulic blast doors come with backup systems?  Location is st George Utah.

35 I need a quote on a 47'x 18' hydraulic blast hangar door. I purchased a door from you guys before and installed it myself and i'm ready for another Schweiss blast door.

36 I have a navy job that is requesting a rolling steel blast door that can handle a non-destructive medium weight shock test. Please call for more explanation. I can get hydraulic blast doors, or do they only come in bifold blast door designs.

37 I need a quote on a 30'x16', one piece hydraulic hangar blast door, installed. The client would also like a quote on a 32'x16', one piece hydraulic blast  door. We are looking to build in the spring but need these quotes to get the financing in order. Thank you

38 I'm interested in a price qoute for a one piece hydraulic blast door with a 14x44 rough opening. Hangar blast door location would be Labelle, FL 

39 I am a general contractor trying to help a friend enclose the end of a S45-17 aviation hanger with blast doors with a clear opening of 40'W x 12'H. The challenge is that it is a quanset style building leaving the door height at each end of the door at 8'-9". There currently are no columns. It is a free standing building. I can email specs and pics. Please let me know if you have a door for this application. 

40 Sir or Madam, We have a bespoke, 45'-0"W x 31'-0"H single-panel hydraulic blast door on HSS framing that we would like to use hydraulic lifts for. It would be very helpful if I could email schematic drawings to a technical representative and receive feedback on the appropriate type of hydraulic blast door system and the related power requirements. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. 

41 THIS IS FOR A METAL BUILDING WITH BLAST DOORS ON EACH END. We'd like to have hangar door 60' X 15' for a self-supporting door.