Canadian Hangar Doors

1 Hi, I'm looking to out doors on a hayshed. Located north of the border. Do you provide service in Canada? Hayshed is 3, 30foot bays, 20foot tall. What would this cost?

2 we need a price and the spec sheets for 18x60 Bi-fold hydraulic door

3 I am wondering about installation contractor and dealer opportunity for Canadian hangar bifold doors

4 Looking for preliminary information on your bi-fold wall system for an upcoming hangar build and availability in Canada.

5 Hi, Wondering if you can supply a Canadian hangar home door for residential use to Winnipeg, Canada. Thanks, Matt

6 We are bidding on a Canadian Bifold Door Hangar Expansion in Fredericton New Brunswick Canada and there is a large hangar door as part of the work. Your company is listed as an approved manufacturer. Do you have a contact person in Canada that I can contact to provide them with tender documents and obtain pricing from. Thanks.

7 Please provide contact information to discuss a Airport Hangar Addition near Windsor, Ontario, Canada. the owner has requested Schweiss Super Structure Hydraulic Doors with grease zerk hinges so, we are looking for your door information to assist with the design of our building. Please call my Cell # 226-787-0342

8 Looking for a quote on three bifold Canadian hangar doors, framed opening size to be 50'-0" wide by 20'-0" tall. Freight to Squamish, BC Canada.

9 Interested for quoting for the following window and automatic Canadian hangar doors   1) Hydraulic window. a) Clear opening W3100mm X H1520mm. b) Power coated finish to RAL 7021 gloss20%. c) Hydraulically operated d) Panels will be marine plywood double faced ,thickness 18mm on each face e) Wind load 110Km/hr (=approx.. 70miles/hr) 2) Bi-Fold door a) Clear opening W5000mm X H2525mm. b) Power coated finish to RAL 7021 gloss20%. c) Hydraulically operated d) Panels will be double glazed, clear glass 8mm 5mm, 16mm gap, total thickness 29mm e) Wind load 110Km/hr (=approx.. 70miles/hr)

10 I'm getting quotes on an airplane hanger. It will be an 80x70x18 hangar with a 60x16 end wall Canadian hangar hydraulic door. I need the spec. load requirements for the door opening.  Thanks,

11 Hi there, I am building 4 hangars, each will need a hydraulic Canadian hangar door. The opening is 4m high, 14.26m wide. Can you provide a quote please with delivery to Alberta, Canada? Many thanks Chris

12 We have a customer with a technical issue regarding a 70 ft. Canadian hangar door made in 1988 from a manufacturer from Manitoba, Canada.They are out of business. The pump is shot and the WF14, vertical Steel columns or jambs are bent outward on the exterior side of the flange 2/3 of the way up, we are asking if anyone know why this would happen, the door is very heavy and the client is concerned to continue opening the door. Can anyone comment to what is required to correct this problem, I have some pictures if required.

13 Hi Folks, We have 2 of your Canadian hydraulic hangar doors installed in a Sprung structure up here in northern Alberta. I need to do a maintenance check on them as they have sat idle for some time. I see that person(s) unknown have made off with the door documents and was wondering if you could email me the maintenance requirements? Thanks!

14 Need 5 Canadian hydraulic hangar doors for B737-400 35m wide x 12m high Installation location is White Horse, NWT, Canada  we are manufacturing the buildings which are 60m wide x 70m long x 14m eave height please call if you need any additional information thank you

15 I am looking for a 45' x 22' one peace hydronic door for a farm hangar in Canada. Do you have a company in Canada, if not do you deliver and install in Canada.

16 We are pricing for an airhanger building with 10 Canadian hydraulic or bifold hangar doors ranges from 55'x19' to 70'x22' located in British Columbia, Canada. Please provide contact person for pricing and load information for our building design at soonest convenience. Regards.

17 Working on a number of openings on the new Nova Centre convention centre in downtown Halifax. Largest is similar to a Canadian hangar door 40'w x 14'h. there is no available headroom in the building so the exterior mount hydraulic door looks to be a good solution. These doors will be truck entrances off a city street so the door in the open position would extend over the city sidewalk. We are looking for design assistance, recommendations and budget pricing. Poured concrete building walls with galvanized steel frame. Thanks,

18 I need a Canadian hydraulic hangar door that is functionally self-supporting. I have a wood frame hangar, 39'x10' opening with no current door. I can not give up any vertical space, and I am concerned about depending upon the structure of the building at the top connection points. I envision a door, likely hydraulic powered, that would be set on concrete about 12 inches in front of the hangar and fully operational. I would dry in the gap to the hangar, but there would be little strain on the hangar structure at the top. Have you done something like that before? I could likely get a local firm to construct the frame from box steel to your engineering specifications.

19 Hello, I am interested in receiving a quote on a  Canadian hangar doors approximately 39 wide by 18 high. I would need it installed on a hanger at Brampton Flying Club in Caledon, Ontario. Canada. Thanks John

20 We are a new Dealer for Schweiss Canadian hangar doors and I am looking to get pricing for a couple of hydraulic hangar doors. We also have a couple of leads for Schweiss bifold and hydraulic agricultural doors. Would appreciate you sending some photo sales brochures.  Thanks, Nick

21 We are working with the Lifestyle Custom Homes group on the Canadian Lake Airport project and would like to get pricing on the 16 bi-folding or hydraulic Canadian hanger doors. We understand they have had discussions with your firm already regarding this project, please advise if there is any additional information needed. Thanks Wade

22 I own a hangar at High River airport, Canada with a cable-lift bifold door approx 45ft by 15ft. I am interested in retro-fitting to a. Canadian hangar hydraulic style door. The existing hangar door has a very heavy steel frame and I think your hydraulic system would be an important safety improvement. Please contact me to discuss. Thanks, Nico

23 I am bidding project with a Canadian hangar door 80' x 20' hydraulic door. I will be glad to forward any plans, specs or any other information needed for you to provide me with a quote. Thanks, Jim Adams

24 Hi, I am in Canada and would be interested in a Canadian hangar door. I am looking at your product because I have an old one-piece garage door that has got to be replaced. A traditional door will not fit due to clearance, so I'm deciding on a Canadian Hydraulic hangar door. How can I get your hydraulic door hangar product in Canada and would you do a small residential job? Thank you for any ideas. Logan

25 Looking to build a hangar next fall and would like to get quotes on Canadian hydraulic hangar doors. Thanks, Andy

26 I have a 45x13 Canadian hangar door that I would like to rig with your hydraulic system. I have the  associated electrical remote opening components. I need cylinders and pump, and backup system, etc. Could you provide me with a quote for all the materials I would need to retrofit my door with the strap system? Thanks, John

27 Good Day, We have a hydraulic door installed at our hangar in Whistler, BC, Canada. I was wondering if you have a Canadian hangar door maintenance manual you could send me? We would like to have an inspection procedure in place for the door. Thanks, Steve

28 Do you sell direct or is there a dealer in the Niagara or southern Ontario area for Canadian hangar doors? As I live close to the border I do have many things shipped to Lewiston NY instead of Ontario to save on freight costs. Do you have freight costs you can share? I am building a garage for my motorhome and need 13' 6" high clear opening and only have another foot to the ceiling, can you open your hydraulic hangar door in that space or do I need a higher ceiling? I am interested in achieving an opening 12' wide and 13' 6" high. 

29 Hello, We are an architectural firm based in Saskatoon SK, Canada. One of our new Canadian hangar doors require a "hidden" double garage door. The wall would have a vertical wooden exterior cladding finishing. The idea is to have the hangar  door with the same finishing (Vertical wood exterior cladding. We would like if possible to get more technical information about what is what we would get. It is just the frame? does it include the insulation if we specify that? We are using wooden frame and the idea is a face mounted Canadian hangar door. If we could get some architectural details, dimensions in DWG format that would be great. Regards, Miguel Canal Intern Architect, SAA, MRAIC

30 Looking for a quote on a 60x14 or may be a 60x16 hydraulic Canadian Hangar door no steel on exterior but was not sure the best way to insulate the door,let me know thanks

31 Hi, i have a client in Vancouver interested in pursuing 3 hydraulic Canadian hangar doors and i'd like to see your approximate pricing for high end residential/light commercial products. If the owner is happy with the price range i'd like to work with a salesperson to put together a proposal with some options. thanks! 

32 Need Canadian hangar door pricing on a couple of hydraulic doors. Hangar size is 60x60 with a 16' opening. Would like as much width as possible and insulated.

33 I am building a residential hangar for a single engine aircraft (Diamond DA40). I am interested in the size for the Canadian hangar door. The dimensions for the hangar is 50'W X 40'L X 12'H, does that match with a "standard" hydraulic hangar door size and does it give me enough clearance for height? 

34 I am a large Canadian building builder. I have all necessary equiptment like zoom booms, siccor lifts truck & Trailer to haul. I employee around 10 men at the busy season. We put in around 30  bi folds doors here in Alberta the grain belt of Canada. I would like to maybe a dealer for your bifold and hydraulic Canadian hangar doors. Please review my web page at maybe we can get together. I like you to notice how strong I make my buildings and I put them on a concrete pile. In my career I've put up approx 330 buildings and my son in law wants to continue the business In the past I've been getting my bi-fold doors from Diamond Doors but would much rather start doing business with Schweiss quality door products.

35 we are building a "portable" Canadian hangar in Northern Ontario using shipping containers. we are stacking containers and placing them sixty five feet apart with a truss roof. The Canadian container hangar doors shop will be outfitted with a heating system, shop, etc before assembly. We are considering having a Schweiss tip up or bi-fold hangar door at either end of the structure. 

36 I have a hanger in Alberta with 44 x 14 door opening. Presently have large sliding door, and looking to replace with either a Canadian hydraulic or bi fold hangar door. I understand you are selling hydraulic doors in Canada now. Would you be interested in quoting? Prefer contact by email. 

37 I am interested in pricing Canadian hangar doors Please forward any information you can. Thanks

38 Your add indicates you will supply components for home built doors. I would like a price on Canadian hangar doors in both hydraulic and bifold configurations. First, a strap lift assembly complete with motor, shafts and switches for a bifold door 46 ft wide and 14 ft high, and secondly as a BYOD hydraulic Canadian hangar door kit. I would need to know the price in Canadian dollars as well as shipping date and cost. I don't need the optional switches.

39 I would like information on frame/motor combination for a detached hangar home for a 40 foot hydraulic hangar door. Interested in the working frame unit with motor and will be building around the frame with hard wood board 4x8 sheets, about 250lbs of wood and materials. Door Rough opening is 40 feet by 16 feet. 3 feet of space is available on a side of the door on ground or above. Headroom above Canadian hangar door is 2 feet. location is Calgary Alberta Canada.

40 Would like information on frame/motor combination for a detached garage for 20 foot Canadian hangar doors. Interested in the working frame unit with motor and will be building around the frame with hard wood board 4x8 sheets, about 250lbs of wood and materials. Door Rough opening is 16 feet by 10 feet. 3 feet of space is available on a side of the door on ground or above. Headroom above Canadian hangar doors is 2 feet. location is calgary alberta canada.

41 would like information on frame/motor combination for a detached garage for a 10 foot door. Interested in the working frame hydraulic pump unit with motor and will be building Canadian hangar doors around the frame with hard wood board 4x8 sheets, about 250lbs of wood and materials. Door Rough opening is 16 feet by 10 feet. 3 feet of space is available on a side of the door on ground or above. Headroom above garage door is 2 feet. location is calgary alberta canada.

42 We are looking for a 50' by 10' hydraulic Canadian hangar door that can be installed ASAP.


44 Hello! Is a representative available from Schweiss for a lunch and learn in Canada? We are an architectural firm that focuses on Canadian hangar doors. We were looking at your doors for the commercial advanced airplane and helicopter hangar doors.

45 Please provide me with a quote for a 47' X 15' steel single swing Canadian hangar hydraulic door. I would also like option pricing for a walk thru door and row of windows framed above the height of the walk thru door. Can you also provide the names of your dealer and installers in Canada. Thanks, Pat Rhoads

46 We need a proposal on a 18'x45' Canadian hydraulic hangar door for an aircraft hanger being built in Edmonton. Please send me the e-mail address of a contact person with Schweisss so I can forward the Canadian hangar doors plans and specifications.  Thank you!

47 Would like quote on Canadian hangar hydraulic doors....hangar 48' x 30' ....not yet constructed. I need an opening of 40' . ...need enough height clearance for a Cessna 182. Wood framing with 6x6 treated....truss ceiling. Thanks Budget is tight so we need no frills. Also would like shipping costs for these Canadian hangar doors.

48 I have existing Canadian hangar doors 13'x 40' which I have been using a counterweight system to operate the door with, I am interested in getting a Hydraulic system to operate the Canadian hangar door. I will most likely remove the counterweights. The door is a welding pipe frame with vynal siding over the door.

49 Looking for general price to insulate an existing Canadian hangar door. Approximately 4000sqf sliding doors. Please send pricing via email. I have plans available as well. Thank you, Brittany Pelters