Canopy Doors

1 I have a unique project, and Schweiss seems like just the company to make my dreams happen. I would like to add to the side of a semi trailer, a working platform. I would like to be able to park along the side of the road, fold the platform out over the ditch, and carry a load of up to 1000 pounds without the use of legs. I also need the platform to extend a minimum of 18' from the side of the trailer. If this you're interested in tackling this project, let me know. Look forward to hearing from you

2 Maybe this is too small a project for you, or the budget will be too high. But I am looking for a simple awning style bifold canopy door mechanism, for a residential garage. I would want two doors, 8’w x 7’h, one with wood siding and one with all glass. And preferable black powder coating on the structural elements. Hoping that with the small size, and opting for the simplest options.. this might fall into my budget.

3 Would like to build a hydraulic canopy style roof/door. Using glass and metal design. Needed to span a 20 alley to act as a roof when raining.

4 Hi, we are interested in a bifold glass canopy door for an opening in our pool house. We like the bifold, but either hydraulic or bifold could work for our space so we would like to see pricing for both options. Thank you!

5 Can you give a quote on a hydraulic canopy door = 13ft 81/2 inches high 14 ft wide ( Installed) Thank You 

6 Looking for pricing and installation of a bifold canopy door for a new garage. The opening is 16'W x 8'H. Looking to match color to Andersen Windows Sandtone. Glass panels frosted. 4 Glass panels from top to bottom and 4 or 5 panels left to right.

7 I'm interested in inquiring about the hydraulic option and the bifold canopy door options. This is for a retail project in Sandy Utah, a big garage door for a loading zone and trash compactor.

8 I have a Morton building that measures 54'X 75' I have a large sliding doors on the gable in facing south and would like someone to come and measure that opening, that is your local Rep/area dealer for you and give me an estimate of cost on everything including installation I am crippled up and this building has sliding doors that either freeze down or get built up with snow. I have lived here for 35 yrs. I now own the building site, including this building from my wifes mothers estate settlement. Can you give us an estimate of aprox 23'6" ft wide by 15 ft high, hydraulic canopy door, with push button remote controlled activation, like those used where one could control using your cars remote garage door and your new stap latch system using straps as all part of the estimate on white sheathing matching morton Blding's white color. I can't do work.

9 Want a quote on a hydraulic one piece canopy door... we are looking at putting up a 60x75x20 building and would like to see the costs of a 36x20... "Insulated Canopy Door."

10 I am looking for a 33m wide x 9m high hydraulic canopy door, preferably hydraulic or strap-lift, where we can clad with glazing. Can you provide some assistance in selecting the right type of door? Thank you in advance for your response.

11 I need a 26 wide by 14 tall hydraulic canopy door all glass Can you please quote for me

12 I would like a quote for (6) 44'6" x 12'0" (clear opening) electric pump hydraulic canopy doors and frames with 230 volt single phase top mount electric operator, pre-wired 3-button push button controls(constant pressure up and down)auto unlatching door latches, top, center, side jamb and bottom rubber seals, and safety over ride switch.

13 I would like to know a price on a 18ft wide by 10ft high hydraulic canopy door with a walk door, with 2 Windows. Price installed and not installed. Thanks.

14 I live in Windsock Aviation Village at West Ossipee, NH. Please put me in contact with your local representative about installing one of your nice Schweiss hydraulic canopy designer doors on a hangar home  building I have. Thank You

15 Hi I am looking for a quote on a a quote on a 10' tall x 16' long one piece hydraulic canopy door. I am considering this for a very remove off-grid cabin. Is there any way to actually the hydraulics by hand or with 12V power? Thanks Geoff

16 Good morning, I am dealing with a big space inside an existing brick warehouse-type building that will be used as food and beverage, maybe a food court. The entries are through big openings, dimensions vary but they are approximately around 13?w x14?h. I am looking for a hydraulic canopy door system that gives me the choice to open up the whole opening, or just a man door (that needs to be ADA). The look needs to be industrial (glass and aluminum). I thought of big sectional garage doors, with ADA man door? Or oversize folding doors, with ADA man door? We have a lot of restrictions due to the historical character and the existing conditions. Would you help me find the right solution? Thank you, Giulia

17 I have a customer that is considering hydraulic lift canopy doors for their home. These canopy doors would be clad in glass. Do you have a recommended installer in the Raleigh, North Carolina area.

18 I need a quote on a 34'wide x 10' high hydraulic canopy door going in a endwall of a post frame building

19 I have a building that I want to put two 60 x 15 hydraulic canopy doors. I am looking for prices to see if this is something we can afford. We are making this building for a cropduster at our airport who wants drive-in and drive-out quick load doors at both sides of the hangar. This is an old building and we want to tear out a wall and install this door. Thank you. Pete

20 I am looking for a price quote on a 40X20 hydraulic canopy door. I dont need any sheeting or trim. Just the door frame and lifting hardware. please let me know thanks Derrick

21 I have designed and built an outdoor covered kitchen with outdoor seating areas. I am in need of a hydraulic canopy door to enclose the space. The opening is 20 x 8. I am very interested in price, cost, finish, etc. I look forward to hearing from you.

22 Please give me a quote for 2 canopy hydraulic doors of the following sizes. Please price for both single and bifold door. Please include a cut out for a 30x80 walk through door. The openings are: 12' high x 28'6" wide 11'6" high x 28'6" wide Please price for one single door for each opening as well as two separate doors for each opening with the following dimensions: 12' high x 13'6" wide 12' high x 15' wide 11'6" high x 13'6" wide 11'6" high x 15' wide

23 Would like to get a hydraulic canopy door or door that slides or swing out I woul like to use the head room in my garage for storage and the nice canopy door that will shade my garage.

24 I'm looking to get a general idea on pricing for all options. This would be for a storefront hydraulic canopy door measuring approximately 13' in height and 15' in width. The material would be corten steel. Building is framed, new construction.

25 We have a project that requires six hydraulic canopy doors. Each opening is 7 meters high by 5 meters wide. They are for a chiller room and require soundproofing. The location is Bangkok, Thailand. Are you interested in perusing this project and what information do you need. Canopy doors are in the design development stage at the moment. Thanks and best regards, RGB

26 How expensive are your automatic hydraulic garage doors? I was thinking about converting my 2 car garage into outside space with ability to have doors open like a canopy.

27 I am putting a budget together for a townhome project at the top of Powder Mountain in Eden, UT. The plans are calling for Schweiss hydraulic canopy  doors. Need to speak to someone regarding pricing.

28 request for quotes on a bifold and hydraulic canopy door. 36ft x 12ft opening, with one man door and windows on large door. This is for a shop/garage for airport vehicles/administration/maintenance.

29 I am General contractor in Sacramento Ca. My new project is calling for two 18'x10'-2" hydraulic canopy doors. I need to know distributors and installers in Sacramento Area could supply and install these canopy doors. Please pass some name of supplier and installer to us. Thank You Ali

30 HI, I am looking for a quick quote on a hydraulic restaurant door just like the one at the Blarney Stone Irish Pub has but I want mine as hydraulic restaurant canopy doors because they offer a larger canopy for customers. Same situation where I want to make an entrance to an outdoor deck. Please have someone call me Thank you

31 I'm looking for a quote on three 16 x 50 ft bifold canopy doors or hydraulic canopy doors for a commercial retail store. Do your canopy doors come with remote opening systems?

32 We are looking at replacing an old bifold door with a new hydraulic canopy door, and i would like to get a quote for the replacement the door is about 40'X15'

33 Developing specs and budget for glider hangar in Sterling, Mass. I would like quotes for hydraulic canopy doors: 1. 56x10 2. 54x10 They will be installed on a RapidSet metal building. Also please provide quote for installation.

34 I would like information for hydraulic canopy doors with glass panels 8 feet wide by 9 feet tall.

35 I am looking for a quote on a 1 piece overhead one piece canopy door. Rough dimensions are 40' x 12' for my hanger. Wind load is minimal and should be considered given the address provided. 

36 We are looking for pricing for one-piece canopy doors with operator. 10'Wx12'H. Topped with translucent panels. This is for a construction project that is currently in process.

37 I'm an Architect in Abilene. Tx. and interested in your opinion and budget about the use of your hydraulic canopy door system for enclosing an existing carport. Basic drawings are attached. The head height can be dropped if needed but we'd like the maximum canopy door height and length. The drawings indicate two options; 1) where the full width of the opening is used and the 2) indicating how we could narrow the opening to an even 10' wide. The concept would be to get the hydraulic operated canopy doors in a simple frame and apply a "board and batten" siding to the door frame that matches the existing residence. We will be getting in touch with you again soon on another possible large installation for a custom pool house project for a new residence.

38 Looking for a door that swings out, Hydraulic one-piece doors swing outward from the building forming a canopy when open The opening on the existing building is 7500 wide, 4000 high. It needs to have two access door either side to be able to go in and out when the door is shut Do you have a representative in Sydney Australia that can give me more information on your hydraulic canopy doors? KLind regards Fashard

39 Looking for a 16"w 14" canopy door for residential use. I think you provided me a quote months ago. Three questions: 1) Given this hydraulic canopy door will be on a garage and will be opened/closed several times a day, what is the duty cycle? 2) What is the approximate open/close times? 3) Can it be remotely operated (Car door opener)?

40 I would like to do a hydraulic canopy door that is 30 foot wide by approximately 14-15 feet tall This will be part of a steel metal building athletic facility. The door would not have any windows. It would need to be insulated of course. What kind of pricing for a canopy door would I be looking at approximately? What kinds of installation requirements?

41 Dear Sir, I would like to install your Hydraulic canopy doors in my Garage, the Door size is 6 meters width and 3 meters height. Please advice if you have a distributor in Ontario or shall I buy the canopy door system from you and install it buy myself. F&S, Mike

42 We are interested in the hydraulic canopy door kits that were featured in the September 205 Southern Architectural directory . I would like to get more information on this canopy door product. Thanks

43 50x14 hydraulic canopy door on post frame building gable end on a 80x40x18 structure This canopy style hydraulic door will have to be wind rated for Florida.

44 I would like a quote by email for a 20' high by 35' long hydraulic and bi-fold machine shed canopy door, insulated. I understand that the higher I go with the hydraulic door the larger the canopy will extend on the door, right?

45 Can you price me a 40' x 17' hydraulic lift canopy door for a maintenance shop. It will go in Lee County Iowa. I installed one of your doors about 3 yrs ago at Bartlett farms if you still have records I would like door just like that.