Cold Storage Doors

1 non insulated cold storage bifold strap door or hydraulic one piece--no openings--my steel--can pickup components from your factory? How long are you open there

2 hi looking for a 30' x 16 cold storage hydraulic or bifold door and was looking for a quote and had a cupel question

3 hello, I'm the senior inside salesman for Schulte Building Systems in Hockley, Texas and I need some door data from you on a 45' wide x 12' tall (need 11'-0" clear with the door in the open position)so that I can provide a price to one of my Montana customers on a hydraulic cold storage door for a

4 Please quote a 40x20 Clear Hydraulic Cold Storage Door installed. To be installed on a new Pre-Engineered Sukup Bldg. Please send me the specifications on the door so I can send to Sukup for designing the bldg. Need auto latches and safety edge. Door will have spray foam installed and then interior liner panel by us. No free standing header needed. Thanks

5 Converting an existing pole building into a farm shop and was looking at a hydraulic cold storage door to gain some headroom

6 Have a pole barn 35x75. Poles are 15' on center but wandering if I could put a hydraulic one piece cold storage door to cover the whole side. 75'. 17-18' high

7 I would like a quote on a hydraulic cold storage door for my farm shop. Currently it has spray foam insulated sliding doors. The rough opening is 14' high by 20' wide. The new door needs to be insulated at least at a R-15 value, I would also like to get a optional quote for one or two windows.

8 Please price me out a new 14' x 40'w hydraulic cold storage door the same as the one that I got a couple of years ago. Steel bi-fold. Mike

9 Currently for budget purposes. Please price both a bi-fold & a hydraulic cold storage agricultural use door. One the bifold cold storage door bid, make sure it includes lift straps and auto latching system. Framed opening needs to be a minimum of 50' wide with 16' clear height. Please also let me know clearance requirements or minimum eave height to accommodate doors priced. I will need this pricing asap. Please call me with any questions. Thank you. 

10 I am building a farm machine shed for a person and am interested in a 40' wide by 18' high hydraulic cold storage door. Need to know what my price would be for that and time frame on delivery. It is a wood framed building. Would also like the door to be able to be controlled by a remote control and a push button at the shed. Please let me know. Thanks Dan

11 I am looking at building a new pole shed on our farm. I am looking to put two, 30'wide by 16' tall hydraulic cold storage doors on the shed. One on each end. One insulated, and one not. What would be the cost of the doors from you?

12 I built a 50 X 63 pole barn and on the end cap is a 38 foot by 14 foot high opening. We are way back in the woods with generator power. 7500 watts running power. 9500 peak. I was looking at your bi-fold strap door and hydraulic cold storage doors but would like the budget version. Do not need the white metal on the inside. Don't need expensive electrical power boxes. Just wondering what a estimate would be to have a door installed. The address of the land is. This is a storage building for farm equipment. W8400 county rd M Westfield Wi 53964

13 I have a customer wanting us to quote him an 80'wide x 96'long pole building with 18'sidewalls.He would like a 36'wide x max.height hydraulic cold storage door in one gable end.

14 I'm planning on building a medium size cold storage shed on my property near Lonsdale, MN next year and I'm considering bi-fold or hydrolic cold storage  doors for either one or both ends of the building. The building will have 16 or 18 foot side walls and be either 42 or 48 feet wide. I may convert it to heated shop down the road, so an insulated door would probably be advisable. I'd like your recommendation on how wide of a cold storage shed door I should buy and an approximate idea of how much it would cost install it. Also, I wasn't planning on installing a concrete floor initially. Will this be a problem for the door operation? Should I install a concrete apron at each door openning? The building companies I'm look at are Morton, Wicks and Northland. Any advice on building companies would be appreciated. Thanks.

15 I am interested in the build your own option for a hydraulic cold storage door, to go into an existing concrete building. The current opening is 8'11" high, by 10'2" wide. The concrete thickness is 12", with an overall wall thickness including insulation and brick veneer of 23". Looking at the details of the byod page, it would seem like the sub frame could be anchored to the concrete, and hinges and door welded to it, resulting in a loss of about 8" in opening width, and 6" of opening height. The cold storage door will not need to be insulated or with windows. Thanks, Pierce 

16 Looking for (4) 25'w x 12'h cold storage doors that close with hydraulic system to form a tight seal. Temp in room is around 34 degrees to 70 degrees. Best way to contact is either cell phone or email Regards, Steve Eaton

17 Requesting quote and specs for a 80' x 20' clear hydraulic cold storage door that will be located in a gabled end-wall of a pre-engineered steel building. Building will be located in Morgantown, WV and has a 115mph wind speed per code. Please email me know if you have any questions or need more information. Thank you

18 Putting in a cold storage. Front dimensions of building are 50wx12h clearspan. Looking to keep as much height and width as possible on this hydraulic cold storage door. Can you please email me quote. thanks

19 I'm interested in hydraulic cold storage doors prices for an older machine shed I have. It is a Behlen curvette steel shed. The cold storage doors would be approx. 20 wide by 14 high. Thank you Richard Larson

20 Hi, I'm building a storage building that will have 7 cold storage door openings for 22w x 14h doors that I would like to inquire about your bi-folds. This building will also have 2 cold storage doors at 10w x 8h, 2 doors at 10w x 10h and 1 door at 12w x 12h. I'm not sure if it works to have the bi-fold on those small openings. First I wondered about cost and second I wondered about the metal panel finish if that could be panels to match the exterior of my building. This will be a Nucor steel building as far as frame work but I'm using Menards panel sheathing which is a little lighter gauge than typical metal building panels. I think 29ga vs typical 26ga

21 looking to price a hydraulic one piece cold storage  door for my machine storage shed, the door is 22ft wide by 14ft tall.

22 Hi, I have an opening on a pole shed 15'8"x15H approx. and need a price quote for an ag hydr cold storage door, everything but the tin. Please get back to me ASAP as I am dealing with different companies and need it soon. Thanks, Gary Leighton

23 I am planning to build a storage pole shed with a 16x36 cold storage hydraulic door on the gable end. I would also like to get a price on a bifold cold storage door with the strap opening system. Installed and uninstalled. thanks Scott

24 These cold storage doors will be installed in a 60' wide by 20' tall post frame building (Pole Barn). The ceiling height, distance from the bottom of the truss cord to the floor, in the building will be 18' - 11 5/8". We would like the quote to include: Installation by Schweiss Insulation for the cold storage hydraulic doors installed by Schweiss. Steel panels supplied by owner and installed by Schweiss.

25 Dear Sirs, We are looking to retrofit a bifold or hydraulic cold storage door into the end wall of an existing Quonset. a 24ft door at 16ft opening would bring it right at the roof line. Would like a free standing header mount, and design of the tie backs. We would like the door priced as delivered and a separate bid installed. We also would will be looking at an additional cold storage door at a later date for another Quonset that we will completely remove the end wall.

26 I want to Buy a Remote Control for my cold storage  door. The door is a Wilson but when I contacted them, they were not able to offer a remote control option. Feel free to call me after 1400 hrs Mountain time. Email me anytime. The door works okay, not great, but I just need to get the opener purchased and installed. 

27 Hi, I need a price on a one-piece hydraulic door for an agriculture post frame cold storage building here in Shelbyville Kentucky. The building dimensions are 50'x 72' x 14' and the cold storage door will be on the 50' gable end. We are looking at the following door sizes. 26' x 14' and 30' x 14'. Thanks and if you could just email me with questions or a price for these that would be great. Jake Kirts

28 Looking for cold storage hydraulic doors for new construction. 14X43 foot clearance. Can build to suit. Wood construction building but could have steel header system for door. Please quote both doors and build your own hydraulic as well to possibly save on shipping costs. Do you have any option where you supply the key components such as hinges, hydraulic ram supports, hydraulics and I could source local steel here to follow your plans?

29 Looking to replace existing sliding cold storage doors on a pole building with an opening of 24' x 15'.  Looking for 2 bi-fold cold storage doors for this existing building.

30 We have an automatic hydraulic cold storage door installed on one of our buildings. Our Installation instruction manual has not faired well over the years & we are in need of a replacement one. How can I go about obtaining a new copy? Thanks

31 Sirs: Plan to build Pole Bldg. type hangar w/concrete floor, and looking into your hydraulic cold storage doors. 1. Need 40'horz.clear; 12'vert. clear; door to be face finish with outside wall flush inline with door sheeting to endwall sheeting. 2. What is the opening I need from the Pole Bldg. endwall for this to fit. If it works out, I will need some specifics as how to construct the header, and columns. 3. I am looking at the endwall to be 42' out to out, and whatever heighth is needed for your door. 4. Could you give me an estimated cost for hydraulic door. 5. Could you give me an estimated focal storage bifold doors too. 6. How is the outside sheeting logistic handled. Do I buy that to match the hangar sheeting, and install it on your door. 7. Where does your door come from; shipping cost; do you unload it. 8. What kind of assembling do I have to do. 9. Do you put insulation on it or do I do that. Look forward to hearing from you, Many thanks, Milledge

32 I would like a quote on a hydraulic door for a rough opening of 40' wide and 18' high. It will be installed in a Lester Pole barn that will need cold storage doors at each end.. I would like your crew to install so Please include the installation cost. In the door no windows, we will use Lester sheets to cover the frame.

33 I have designed a concert and stage doors project in which I would like to use your hydraulic door system. The door size is 26'-0" wide x 15'-0" high.  I am in need of all the engineering that will be required, most importantly the header required for the lifting assembly. A number was provided some time ago and that individual has been quite difficult to reach or for that matter call me back when needed. We are located in Southern California and look forward to working with your company on this concert and stage doors project.

34 I would like a quote on a hydraulic cold storage door  for a rough opening of 40' wide and 18' high. It will be installed in a Lester Pole barn. I would like your crew to install so Please include the installation cost. In the door no windows, we will use Lester sheets to cover the frame.

35 I need prices on a 40' x 14' bifold and a 38' x 12' hydraulic cold storage doors. Going on two steel cold storage buildings. 

36 I am working on a 81'x16'x136' building for a farmer in Carlinville. He wants two 40' wide hydraulic cold storage doors centered in the end wall and needs minimun 15'-6" clearance for his combine. Can we make that work with that building height and style? Need wainscot on outside and he may line the inside later. Give me a call or email works also to discuss options. We have installed some Schweiss cold storage doors in the past and most likely could install this one or you can provide an install cost. I'm not sure where your closest outlet is. Thanks, Chad

37 We are looking at a 40x18 and 44x18 cold storage machine shed doors in an existing pre-engineered metal farm building. I have questions on your cold storage doors.

38 4 cold storage doors. 14'6"x16'. For new barn, what is the approximate time involved for delivery once I place an order for these cold storage farm doors?

39 16 tall by 24 wide hyd lift cold storage farm shop doors for  price for my all steel building I am building for a farm shop.

40 Needing a quote for a couple of  42'x18' cold storage doors for an agricultural shed. Email is the best way to contact me. Thanks

41 I am looking for a quote comparing a 50' wide (or 45?) by 18' high hydraulic and bifold cold storage doors. Will there be a discount for multiple doors? I will need 7 or 8 cold storage doors of this size in one order. Thanks!

42 hyd cold storage door 45x14 door price and install est.price. cold storage door will go on my metal machine shed.

43 We are bidding on a Mosquito Control job and need a price on 2 64x21 foot cold storage doors. Please call

44 Interested in a quote for a 36 foot wide 18 ft tall hydraulic cold storage door that will be used in a rural setting as a machine shed cold storage door

45 I would like a price quotes on one piece hydraulic cold storage doors for a 50'w x 60'd x 16'h hangar. I would like the cold storage doors to be at least 48' w x 16' h. with a walk door on the left side (from inside). Shipping location is North Texas.

46 24' x 12' with (wedge: 8") Opening for cold storage doors. These will be installed on a new building from Metal Building