Container Vessel Doors

1 Dear Schweiss Doors We are interested in one of your solutions for containers. I would like a quote for the sidedoor solution, on a 20' container. I am looking to make a wood kiln. I would like to make the whole side lift. I would also like a quote for an agriculture storage building door. It needs to have at least 14’ of clear height. 24’ wide should be plenty wide. I’m not partial to the strap or hydraulic system, so I’d like a price for both, please. Thank you.

2 Hello, hope you are well. We are installing a 40ft container as an external storage unit. We were looking at a full side access container when we found your page. We'd love to do your container with the side hydraulic doors instead. Figured I'd reach out to see delivery times and get a ballpark of the costs. The container would have to be delivered in Los Angeles. when you can, with no rush, please let me know. Also, email is easiest. thank you! filippo

3 I am interested in your hydraulic door hinges for our 20' ISO High cube container. Appreciate the fact that your heavy-duty hinges now have grease zeros to make lubrication easier.

4 We are looking for about 10 20' standard shipping containers with hydraulic side doors. Do you guys offer anything like this? Or do we purchase the door, hardware, pumps, etc from you and install it ourselves?

5 I am looking for more information on your container aviation related storage bifold or hydraulic doors.

6 Hello, I noticed pictures of a shipping container with a side power lift door on your site and I also noticed the build your own door optiion. I was curious if you guys offer the BYOD option for the shipping container door.

7 Im building an outdoor kitchen from a shipping container and I would like to add a Hydraulic Door in the container.

8 I own a national franchise company and I am looking to upfit multiple containers with multiple hydraulic or bifold doors

9 I need a price on your container vessel one piece type doors with flat metal cladding and a flange around the perimeter. Factory painted.

10 Hello I am a small company located in Calgary Alberta Canada. (Just Projects Inc ) I have a Client that Purchased a shipping container converted to back yard office. the door end of the unit has been removed and replaced with a window. the upper portion of this window is a fixed sealed unit. what they are asking me is. if I can replace it with a window that opens up and to the outside ( much like a kiosk service door. I could send a photo of a barbecue I had constructed for them that they used as a reference. the door on this unit is on gas. lift cylinders. the window is inset from the end of the container. and the portion that they want to open is the width of the opening just under 7' 2\" wide x Just under 6' 2\" high. Can Schweiss custom build a container vessel door with these requirements?

11 Hello We are looking for a solution to open/close the sides of our container that we are working on now in order to transform it in an mobile restaurant. Could you help us with the hydraulic arm opening solution, we would like the side to descend for opening and lift for closing ( when is open we can walk on the door.) For other information you can contact me Thank you Regards

12 Hello, I have a project that requires a hydraulic tilt up container vessel door for a shipping container. The container is a 20' HC and I am looking for an 8' x 12' hydraulic tilt up door. I am not sure what the controls look like, but I would like a numeric keypad control unit. Other information, such as do you ship the whole kit, including door and controls to my fabricator? Thank you, Eric Evans

13 Hi, we are looking for 40 ft HQ shipping container with standard hydraulic container vessel doors on both ends but both sides upwards opening sidewalls of about 36 ft length. Thanks

14 Hello ! My name is SANTIAGO from Take hostel Conil in Spain. We are building a new surfschool with a 40' container and we saw your hydraulic container vessel system for the door . We would like to have a list of the model or the best type for door container and it is possible to find a dealer in Europe or buy direct . How is the cost ? Shipping? Thank you

15 I am looking for 2- 8'High x 14' wide hydraulic lift container vessel doors for storage.

16 Good morning, I am an Architect from Palo Alto California who is interested in obtaining some cost information with regards to the Schweiss Container vessels with hydraulic doors. We are designing a project for a relatively small site using shipping containers as the architecture and would like some pricing information regarding using your unit to incorporate it into a ground floor cafe/coffee shop use. We would be looking for a Schweiss container unit similar to what you have shown on your website(1 end door and 1 door on the long side about 12' wide), although we'd be finishing the interior in conjunction with other shipping containers making up the space. Any order of magnitude pricing would be very helpful at this early schematic stage of our design as we are budgeting for the project now. thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

17 Hello we have a 20 foot shipping container and a 40 foot shipping container. we are looking for the hydraulic container vessel doors the entire side to lift up on both sides so the container will be open ground level. If you could direct us in the right direction for that it would be much appreciated. Thank you


19 hydraulic container vessel door. Please call or email your contact information. Do you have any customers in the Northern NJ area?

20 Here below are requirements to receive a quote for a bi-fold or hydraulic container vessel door. I am looking for one for a container home I am building in the Hill country in Austin. this is for the balcony from the "great room" I'd like it to be hot dipped galvanized with double insulated glass panels throughout. rating r-20 or better design similar to what you provided at photo-of-the-day-barrel-and-bushel.php will need shipping quoted seperately to area code: 77869 also delivery time Thanks John Thanks

21 Doing a small container vessel door project in Ridgewood, Queens. Using a prefab shipping container company for a commercial space. We are looking for a solution to allow the building to be open during the day, and closed during the winter/night. We are looking for a possible one piece hydraulic designer door with windows (maybe all over windows). The container is 60'-0" long and the clear opening height is 8'-0". Any pricing information would be very useful. Thank you.

22 I wish to build my own doors to be placed on a container as side and end container vessel doors. I have plasma, tig, mig and saws. I like your design. I also want a continuous run pump with stacked valves in order to operate three different doors on my shop. Please provide information so I may start planning with on of your door kits. Is the software available for purchase? Sincerely, Steve

23 I need for your information about modified container vessel hydraulic operated doors with open side door for coal container. We really have need for your Schweiss Doors advice about it. Thank you

24 cost for installation of a 40 feet container side door hydraulic container vessel door in nigeria africa

25 Looking for a quote on hydraulic doors & your very impressive container vessel doors as shown on your Schweiss Doors website

26 Looking for a quote on hydraulic doors & your container vessel doors

27 Hello, I am currently working on a new retail flagship traveling container store concept in Chicago and I am in need of interior to interior use Schweiss container vessel doors. We love the bi-folding door idea but due to the fact your hydraulic container door provides a larger canopy it would be perfect for what we need. I would love to discuss this project further and get some help in specifying the right product. To be clear this container vessel door would completely open to the interior spaces, and be installed in a remodeled location in downtown Chicago. Please let me know when will be a good time to discuss further either by phone or email We would love to hear from you. Thanks, Jamie

28 How much is a 40' container vessel door with your linear actuators?

29 Looking for two hydraulic container vessel doors for ISO container, would like pricing on High Cube 20 and 40ft lengths. Thanks! Spencer

30 Building a 20 foot side hydrolic vessel door for a 20 foot container . What l need is door frame mount brackets / top cylinder mount bracket. Need the price for 4 of each. Thanks.

31 Looking for an hydraulic container vessel door that can fold down. Putting on isbu container. 8x12 or 8x15. Thank you

32 Pricing on 40' iso container vessel door with door on long side. Can be bifold or hydrolic swing.

33 I am wondering if you have pricing for the container vessel end doors that you show on your website. I am looking for several for four containers 4 end doors and 2 or 3 10' doors for the middle of the long walls in 9 foot tall containers. At this point I am just looking for rough estimates for steel frames with steel coverings. Thanks, S Hosman

34 Please quote 20' x 10' container vessel hydraulic door.

35 I'm looking at customizing my container with your custom made container vessel doors. It will be cold storage container so don't need anything fancy. Also do you know the approximate cost of a door 14' wide installed. Thank you!!

36 Please send me an email address in order to send a Request for proposal for FLORIDA KEYS CONTAINER VESSEL DOORS. You are the specified manufacturer.

37 Hi guys I am a recent retrofit customer and they are working great. I am interested in your storage container vessel doors . What would be the cost for 20 foot hydraulic container door. Thanks, Neil 

38 Have 40 foot container of which it might be nice to have a hydraulic operated container vessel door about 15 foot wide or something in that range.

39 I have a typical 9X7 container door that I need to replace with your one-piece hydraulic container vessel door. No windows, basic finish is all that is required.  Please provide me with a ballpark (won't hold you to it) price to replace this container vessel  door with one of your basic one-piece hydraulic container doors. Thanks

40 I might be interested in a build your own door hydraulic kit that I can use on container vessel doors. 17'x 6'.

41 Looking for the B.Y.O.D kit that I can use for container vessel doors. The exterior will be covered with Hardi Siding. Please provide me with the cost. Thanks, John

42 Hello, I am looking for pricing information on hydraulic container vessel doors for my storage containers.. I don't have exact measurements at the moment but it is roughly 11'8" x 16'. Thanks, Jeremy

43 Working on a project at the MCRC Brooklyn NY that the A/E has indicated your hydraulic container vesse door with tube steel supports as basis of design. The project requires 7 ea 5' tall x 17' wide and 2 ea 5' tall x 17' wide doors. I need to complete my estimate soon.

44 I would like information for a hydraulic container vessel door with glass panels 18 feet wide by 5.5' feet tall.

45 Hi, we are a company that sell and lease containers, I'd like to Know how can we make to buy your container vessel doors in both your bifold and hydraulic container vessel designs. best Regards 

46 Hi can you please quote lead time and price on two  20ft container vessel doors, the long sides of these container doors are to be hydraulically lifted? cheers

47 We have a 40' shipping container that is being converted into a bar with 3 large operable container vessel doors. Need the ability to open these heavy overhead container vessel doors similar to the budweiser container you did.

48 I am looking for a container vessel door with a type of container vessel door that I can put on a piece of rural property I own. It would be a place where I go hunting or fishing on weekends: unlock it, open it up, inside would be a bed a sofa etc. no plumbing, no electricity. How much would a recreational container door on something like this cost. Could you deliver it? Do you have any photos of this type of application?

49 We have a project coming up requiring a top hinged door in the side of a 20ft intermodal shipping container. I came upon your site while seeking out hydraulic actuation systems and was very pleased that you had done just that with a shipping container vessel door, and was also very interested in your Build your own door packages for this and/or future projects. We're preparing an estimate for our client on the project as a whole and would like to discuss ballpark pricing. We'll need to complete the build out (extensive lighting and video package installs inside) at our Portland, OR shop, so we could either have the container vessel door installed at your shop and have the container shipped to our location for completion, or have the parts shipped here for fabrication in house (similar to the byod system) Lead time on the project as a whole is about 10weeks, and we'll probably need about 3weeks min. with the shipping container in our shop. Give me a call back when you have a chance. Thanks. 

50 Dear Sir, I am interested in modifying a 20' cargo container vessel to have an overhead container vessel door the length of the container on one side. Please let me know the cost of the modification as well as the cost of shipping to Baltimore, MD. 

51 I want to modify container which have length side(40 foot) door opening with hydralically operated container vessel doors. So pls give me your quotation and image how you are designing container vessel hydraulic doors.

52 Dear Sir / Mdm, We are interest to purchase a hydraulic system to open (push up position) the side wall of a 20ft container vessel door. Could you please advise do you have such existing container vessel door system available? Cheers, Deren

53 I have a project and need prices insulated on  motorized container vessel doors. I can send you the plans and spec for this project. Please let me know or call me for better information. Thanks Joe