Custom Design Doors

1 Looking for pricing on a bifold door for an indoor pool project. Size should be 9 or 10' wide by 7 or 8' high. Full clear insulated glass. Is this something you can provide?

2 Vertical bifold windows. Black aluminum framing. Tempered double or triple pane argon filled glass 10mm panes. No grid if possible. The sizes and quantities are listed below. Qty 12 – 84”w x 60”H Qty 4 – 120”w x 60”H Qty 1 – 60”w x 60”H

3 Hello: I'm working on a project that in MA that has an oversized (about 5'H x 8'W) vertical lift interior door that is set with its still at counter height. The door panel would be a flush plywood/MDF panel (no folds), and I'm not sure if it would be manual or motorized operation. Can you advise if this is something Schweiss could engineer? Thank you.

4 I am building a hangar in Sweden for a small aircraft w 10.7 m wingspan and 1.9 m height. Looking for a hangar door sized some 11-12 m wide and 2-2.5 m tall. Are you able to ship / install in Sweden? I am contemplating bi-fold as well as hydraulic. Most important: It needs to have good look on the outside and blend well with the wooden panel of the building. Ideal would in fact be a wood covered door. Insulation is also important since temperature can drop below -30 degrees centigrade during winters.

5 Hello, We are responsible for framing and sheathing along with a stucco and wood horizontal slat detail application to one of your lift-strap bi-fold opening garage doors. I have some questions and I'm sure you guys have done it before, just need someone to point me in the right direction. Thank you

6 Hi Gang- do you fabricate smaller doors as well? I'm looking for a 48"82"ish for a motorcycle project and possibly two for a standard 8' auto garage. Thank You.

7 Vanston/O'Brien has been hired by the Owner to complete a conceptual/Schematic Design construction estimate for a renovation project on an existing wood and steel frame building on main street just north of downtown Ann Arbor, MI. The drawing notes indicate these are to be "operable screen with hydraulic strut(s)". These will function more as a window covering and will expose the full glass window when in the open position, functioning more like a sunscreen while open. The building is to have Centria metal panels on the exterior with aluminum storefront windows. Quantities and size as follows: - (3 units) opening size 8'W x 5'H - (1) unit) opening size 10'W x 5'H Can you help me with an installed price for these units, first quarter of 2024. Thanks.

8 I would like a price and to discuss design options on two steel and glass doors 14'x14' and 13'x14'

9 Hi there, I'm interested in the possibility of procuring a vertical hingeway or Schweiss high-tech bi-folding door with a clear-opening of approximately 12' wide x 15' tall that is fire-rated to 45 minutes. It would also need to be connectable to a fire alarm with a fusible link that would allow for immediate closure during a fire event. If so, are there any possibilities to custom designing the outer appearance of the door with a grid of modular 3'x3' panels?

10 Hello. I am working on a project in downtown Oklahoma City in which we are interested in developing a custom hangar door (or a hydraulic door) for a restaurant / Air BNB with a pool. I would like to initiate discussions with an engineer or technical contact to discuss options and get ROM pricing. The building is primarily wood but we have assumed a WF moment frame where we plan to have the kinetic element. If we use a hangar door operation I think we would want to have (1) door at (25'-6"H x 35'-4"W) and if we pursue hydraulic operation it would likely be (2) doors at (12'-9"H x 35'-4"W). We're leaning more towards utilizing one hydraulic door as cost should be lower, right?

11 We are looking for a good window and door to supply, install, and price with availability for contemporary front doors with sidelights, modern grey composite doors with side panels and windows as we intend to carry out renovations of our office.Â

12 We are looking for a good custom design window and bifold glass designer door to supply, install, and price with availability for contemporary front doors with sidelights, modern grey composite doors with side panels and windows as we intend to carry out renovations of our office.

13 Need custom design hydraulic door for Multi million dollar house in Hollywood Hills, CA

14 I am working for a GC who is building a new Mercedes Benz dealership in Sacramento, CA needing overhead doors. I would like to explore our hydraulic custom designer door product options with a Schweiss representative. Can you please have someone contact me to discuss further. Thank you

15 I'm working on a senior community it the Balt./DC suburbs and I have a client request to have a dumpster/compactor enclosure on site. I'd like to provide a custom design hydraulic door that would allow the trash trucks to access the compactors, but be high enough that the truck won't hit the door when it comes in to grab the trash. The opening I need clear is about 20' wide by about 15' high. And I'm hoping to use materials/colors that match the adjacent building to try to make this gigantic door "disappear" as much as possible. Do you guys have the capability to make a door within these parameters? Thanks! Greg

16 Customer needs 14' clear when the custom design hydraulic door is open. We will accommodate the building height per your specs. Door opening will be 46' wide. Can I please get a price installed and not installed? Thank you, Karsten Sinn

17 I am looking for pricing for a 40 hydraulic custom design door height opening needs to be over 14 feet. Can you shoot me a price please.

18 Project is a mall expansion in New Jersey. Exploring options for a decorative hydraulic custom design service door along the front facade (outward facing restaurants) Opening would be about 15'-0w x 14'-6"h. Want also to know more about the bifold-strap doors and if its a good fit for us in lieu of a typical hydraulic designer door. Pricing & leadtime are important, but durability is key too. thanks,

19 I would like to know if your custom design hydraulic door quote can include glass panels and if the door would be able to be weather tight (suitable for a residential living area).

20 I'm and Architect working to incorporate your custom design bifold doors into a precast concrete and steel building. These will be interior doors with a custom glass finish. There will be 2 that has a clear opening of 10' x 10', the other clear opening will be approximately 10' wide x 11'-0" tall. Hoping to get some CAD details and sections to help me with the design. Thank you,

21 working on a hippo and penguin exhibit at a zoo in colorado. Owner is looking for large hydraulic custom design zoo overhead doors that would be in a pre-engineered metal building. Doors will be located over water and where hippos will be able to pass under doors when closed. looking for Schweiss durable doors and curious about your pricing structure for aluminum and steel frame hydraulic doors. thinking doors would be 12' w 14'h and would like to be glass panels. Thoughts?

22 Exploring possibility of replacement door for a friend. Older home, built in 30's - brick. Original doors hinged on sides. No room overhead for standard overhead door, due to heating ducts. Garage is in basement. Single hydraulic custom design door should be the best bet -- one car.

23 Hello! BKs is an audio and video studio. We need a acoustic hydraulic custom design door STC 66 for an warehouse door. do you have offices in Miami FL and can visit us for check our needs? Daniella Piquet - BKS

24 could you give me a rough estimate of cost for a 27'x8' hydraulic designer custom design door? it would be cover with one layer of plywood and 3/4'' mahogany board on the outside.

25 Need custom design doors with 50' width and 18' side wall height at motorcycle dealership. I don't need the door to open past 14' so need to know if it would be cheaper to have lower door height and have some way to connect to building or get full height door.

26 We sell and install fabric covered buildings and we'd like to give our customers the option of a one piece custom design door. One customer is asking about a 18'w x 12.5h to go on a metal retail building. Thanks, Jim

27 Hello, I am an architect and we are looking to do a custom design hydraulic door, custom, on a hobby farm (a nice, new, custom barn). Door dimensions of around 13' by 20', wood clad door (wood of our choice ideally) and a wood-framed building. We would like the operator to not be mounted on the door. Would like help understanding options, pricing, and how to make this look as good as possible please. Thanks, Ryan L

28 I am looking for a quote on a Schweiss custom design door, either a bifold door or a hydraulic door with the sizes being 19 foot 10"wide by 17 foot 9" high clear opening. I love your custom designer doors shown on your Schweiss website.

29 I'm designing the supporting jamb columns and tube header for a Schweiss hydraulic custom design door, and want to make sure that I am understanding the door reactions on the spec sheet correctly. A good time to reach me at the phone number above is from 7:00 am - 12:00 pm EST. Thanks! Contact via email is fine too, I can then provide a copy of the reaction table I have to talk through the loading.

30 Dear Sir/Madam, We are a German construction company,and interested in your specialty custom design hydraulic doors (I also wrote an email to and attached the photos of the model). Can you please inform us the prices for these two  custom design doors specifications: 1, Wall Opening Height: 2300 mm, Wall Opening Width: 3000 mm 2, Wall Opening Height: 2300 mm, Wall Opening Width: 5400 mm We will purchase one set of both specifications and follow with a large quantity. Thanks for your quotation!

31 Hello, My name is Madeline Lambert. I am an intern architect for BVH Architects in Omaha, Nebraska. We have a current client interested in an interior custom design hydraulic garage door for their conference room. The dimensions would be roughly 15'W x 10'H. I would love more information about your products and would love to talk options for moving forward. Please feel free to call me. Thank you!!

32 I'm working on a high end Porsche dealership here in Wichita Kansas. Need to know if an aluminum and glass hydraulic designer door can be made to look fabulous from the inside of the building. Thinking about the idea of using the one piece custom design doors at the New Vehicle Delivery space. Has your company done anything like that? This client is very particular, and wouldn't want to see motors or cables or straps, that's why I am thinking the hydraulic designer doors would be best.. Let me know if I'm barking up the wrong tree. Thanks.

33 Hello, I am interested in information regarding lead time for your hydraulic door systems, cost of materials and installation, and the compatibility of your system with an environmental monitoring system that would automatically raise and lower the one piece hydraulic door. Thank you!

34 I need to two custom design hydraulic doors for truck I am customizing they need to be 6' high and 8' wide with a flat sheet metal to match exterior of out side of the truck.what's a rough estimate. Thank you for your time and atention

35 HI! I'm looking to turn my two vintage car garage door into more of a custom architectural design door piece. You guys seem to be the only company to supply a hydraulic door. My vision is to have it be horizontal wood siding with frosted widows offset on one side. I'm not sure what level of customization you guys offer on the siding. Let me know what you can offer and what that pricing would look like. Looking forward to hearing back! -Kevin

36 I am working on a luxury custom home in Park City, Utah. I'd be interested to find out some more information on some particular custom design glass hydraulic as doors seen on your site. Just as important as the product, I would also need to obtain custom design doors information about the sales support and warranty/service support staffs. If you can contact me fairly quick I'd appreciate it as we are moving forward in construction and may need to stop and potentially make modifications. Thanks.

37 Building a new structure / addition to my home for my photography studio. I want to build something with a large hydraulic custom design door that is disguised a bit because it is on the front of my home in a neighborhood. We are in the design process now; so, hoping to come up with a solution. The face of the building will be 25' - and it will need either one huge wide door with an inset walk-through door; or, a smaller 14'Hx10'W door and a separate walk-through door. Just wondering how these things are priced. Thank you kindly.

38 We are the construction manager for a project to be built in Charlottesville, VA named Market Plaza. The owner has been looking at many products for this application but have asked us to secure quotes for Schweiss custom design door products. The building is concrete frame, but for these doors we would provide steel header beams. These are to be exterior glass doors in clear anodized aluminum frames. The client would like to see the price if there are eight (8) doors that are 6'8"w x 20'0"h, or if there were four (4) doors that are 15'6"w x 20'0"h.

39 Regarding Bid number 1616: In order for us the submit for permit for our build, we need to submit drawings for the hydraulic custom design door. Is there any way to expedite Schweiss tech drawings to us before purchase? Is there any way those drawings can begin asap? Our cladding will be 6.5 lbs/ft sq. Also, what are the dimensions of the mounting ladder - is that 2"x2" square tube? thank you so much, David Power

40 Hello We are a custom home builder and have a customer who we are trying to help build their new home and hanger for their plane. Our customer want's one of your custom designer doors and we have contacted you on style and price, however we are wondering if you have a list of sub-contractors that can install your hydraulic doors in Fresno ,CA?

41 Thinking about the hydraulic custom design doors  for a residential shop. These custom-made design doors will be clad in glass.

42 We are an architectural office that does high end custom residential projects and would like to speak to someone about bi-fold and hydraulic one-piece custom design doors. The custom design doors for our project would have vertical slats on the front face to match the surrounding facade. I can send a rendering, but we would really like someone to stop by if possible. There are 5 garage doors in total for the project. Construction has already started. Door sizes range from 10' wide to 19' wide. There may be other projects in the office that would need your help also. Thank you. Maria

43 Am interested in several bifold glass custom design hydraulic garage doors for new home construction. Please call to discuss. Thanks. Bill Redmond

44 We are an architectural office that does high end custom residential projects and would like to speak to someone about bi-fold and hydraulic one-piece custom design doors. The door for our project would have vertical slats on the front face to match the surrounding facade. I can send a rendering, but we would really like someone to stop by if possible. There are 5 custom design hydraulic doors in total for the project. Construction has already started. Door sizes range from 10' wide to 19' wide. There may be other projects in the office that would need your help also. Thank you. Maria Iwanicki Sr.Project Manager

45 I would like information for a hydraulic custom design door with glass panels 8 feet wide by 9 feet tall.

46 I have an old bifold door with cables that are wearing down and would like to know if you have a conversion kit to a hydraulic custom made design door and is about 37.5 ft by 16 ft. would like to see the manual for the kit and price. Roger

47  We are the Glazing contractor on this project. Could you please e-mail glazing details glass size calculation or any other information you could possibly supply regarding the glazing of this Schweiss hydraulic custom design door unit. Thanks ed

48 Hello, I'm working on a 14,000 sf house in the Hollywood Hills, and I'm looking for a custom design garage door that will work with the design we have in mind. The exterior has an aluminum slat rain screen where I'm hoping to hide the custom designer garage doors to be seamless within the facade. We did a residence with a similar condition with a different garage door manufacturer. Although seamless and perfect on the exterior, the door uses counterweights to operate and is quite slow, not like your fast opening hydraulic doors. Please let me know if this is within your company's realm so we can further communicate the project scope. Thanks! 

49 I need some help specifying and detailing your custom-made designer system doors. We have 4 openings that would like to use the overhead hydraulic custom design door system with. The designer door will be made of steel grating and will be 11'-3" high and anywhere from 12' to 18' wide. We will be installing a new steel tube frame in the openings directly attached to the concrete building structure. I'd like to know what exactly is provided by you, what are the electrical requirements and locking options. I have some elevations and sections that I can send.

50 Hi We are looking for a 14 x25 custom design hydraulic door Thanks Andy Sheaffer

51 Need Pricing on two custom design doors for 12x12 openings in a sally-port at a detention center here in KY. Your thoughts on the insulated solid no windows custom design Schweiss hydraulic door.

52 Customer is looking to build 80'wide x 40' long post frame building. Needs a 50'x14' custom design door on the 80' gable end. How high must the building be to accommodate this custom design door? Cost of such a door

53 I am bidding a Schweiss custom designer door project in Burlington WA.The residential building was originally 80'x 90'x 30'- now is 90'x 100'x 30' with wider door- 30' x 14' one-piece hydraulic door. It is a basic building with 26 ga R panel siding and the owner would like a remote included. I don't have any electrical info from him at this point so just price your standard custom design door if possible. Call me with questions, Thanks, Scott 

54 Custom Design Doors needed on Butler all steel 40 x 50 built late 70's early 80's flat roof design. want to replace 20 foot sliding doors, want to retain overhead clearance of about 13 feet bifold or single lift door. thank you