Doors for Churches

1 We need to order some bifold or hydraulic style church doors 1@ 40' WIDTH, 14' HEIGHT, 24" WEDGE, 16' ACTUAL 1@ 14' WIDTH, 14' HEIGHT, 24" WEDGE, 16' ACTUAL

2 can I please get a quote on a 30 wide by 12' tall bifold or hydraulic door for our church. Bifold with straps please. Thank you

3 Please provide quote for a 36' X 18' Hydraulic door for a church with six 12" X 24" windows. If you do not have this size window, we can discuss. We would like the quote to include delivery to Bloomfield, MO 63825. This is for a project later in 2020 so if you are anticipating a price increase, would you please include this. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your help.

4 Hi David, I purchased eight Schweiss Hangar doors for my Maine project more than ten years ago. The doors continue to perform well with no issues. I am currently considering two hydraulic church door projects that will require Schweiss Doors. One is in Mass. The other is an additional building in Maine.  Do you have a steel manufacturer that you could recommend for my upcoming church door projects? I hope all is well. Best Regards, Greg

5 Im looking to replace two sliding church with your hydraulic one piece church doors. Thank you please contact my email 

6 Good afternoon, can I get a price for one 44'w x 14'h hydraulic church door with straps and auto latches. Please include freight charges and shop drawings on these hydraulic doors for churches, thanks.

7 Do you have a price list for bifold and one piece hydraulic doors for churches to add to 50 x 60 metal building? Thanks for your help! CB

8 I need 2 quotes: for the hydraulic doors for churches  and for installation. Side columns will be 6x6 wood posts.

9 I have a 13 ft high and 40 ft wide opening that I am interested in your hydraulic church doors. could you please supply my info and pricing. I presently have a swing out door that operates with counterweights and prefer your hydraulic cylinder church doors over these.

10 Looking for a preliminary number to furnish and deliver two hydraulic doors for churches in Nashville TN. Rough Opening is approx. 10' H x 20' W and again, there will be two.

11 I have a 26 by 13 ft. Bifold Church door. I was looking at opener options and found this. Just wondering if I could get a rough estimate on a hydraulic church doors instead.

12 Need a price on a 40' x 18' hydroswing door unit for a church to go into a laminated pole building. Building has 20' sidewalls and am figuring 4 ply 2x8 poles. Thanks

13 Email is best contact for now. Do you have any supplier/dealer near Boise, ID? I have used your doors when I was in MO and recently started a new territory out here. I have a customer wanting 30'x14' or 16' hydraulic church doors that will be clad in glass or poly.

14 We are interested in your hydraulic doors for churches. What would a 16' x 10' door cost similar to the style of the Soo Line Apartments you have shown on your designer line. We have an outdoor patio area that may work perfect with your doors. I need a price. Thanks so much, Steve Jones

15 I need a quote for you to install a hydraulic lift door for a church in Napoleon MI. The door is 30 x 22. I also need a time frame as to your availability.

16 Interested in getting a quotes on hydraulic doors for churches, with remote openers. Opening size is 23'1" x 14', with a man door, mounting to a concrete tilt up building. I have a sketch and pictures to send you. How might I do that ? Also, my customers biggest concern is that the church doors seal extremely well. His most concern with dirt and debris coming in around the edges. He will side it, with steel siding, and insulate it once its hung.

17 Interested in either the Glass bi-folding door or Glass Single Hydraulic door (Church Doors from your gallery example) My opening is: 11' High x 39' Wide What would the estimated costs be? Who would install the hydraulic doors for churches? What is the turn around time once I order? Than you, Mike

18 Our church will be building a 36' wide storage barn 16' high for storing a 5th wheel travel trailer 13'6" high. Interested in a hydraulic church door. Need some idea of the options I have, cost etc. 

19 We are cutting an opening in a concrete building, structurally framing the opening, and want to put a bifold or hydraulic door of similar appearance to the project shown on your website for "The Father's House church doors." Please call me as soon as possible. Once a non-disclosure agreement is signed, I will provide our structural plans for the church doors opening. Thanks!

20 Hi - I am in the design phase of a new church building and would like preliminary and budgetary pricing on a basic 24', 30', and 36'hydraulic one piece doors. (probably leaning more toward 24' due to cost. I don't need too much height, just your average size door to start with and see if we are anywhere near budget. Then we will go from there. Don't work up a quote -- a reasonably close estimate of a total installed door for church cost (not including building frame) is fine. Please email only, thanks.

21 Looking for a hydraulic church door for our new Kids Ministry Building. It will be an interior church  door that divides two rooms. The size is 46W - 13H.  I've seen your doors for churches on your website and they look great. Thanks

22 Hello, I would like an estimate for both the single hydraulic door and the bifold door. Usable doors for churches, width is 30' on a 32' wide building. with e necessary clearance when open of 14 ft. high & 30 ft wide. Also if you could include the required building reinforcements needed that would be helpful for the contractor when ordering the building package.

23 Hi I am cost estimator and I am working on the big church project in Canada. Sizes of the doors for church is still unknown. Please help me which kind of door(bifold or hydraulic) is suitable for this project and also give me the price for produce and installation. sincerely, Ali

24 Looking for pricing on 20' wide X 12' tall opening on end wall of new post frame building that will need Schweiss doors for churches.

25 Do you manufacture doors for churches? We are looking to do a church garage with an overhead bi-fold or one piece church door. The garage is 16'-0" wide by 7'-1" high, with only 13" at the interior above the opening. We would like the garage door to be clad with black aluminum. Please let me know if this is something you are able to do, and what it might cost. We appreciate any help you can offer in advance. Best, Deanna

26 Door would be for a new construction Church type building. Would also like advice on how to tie in the lateral support beams to the steel arch structure for these doors for churches.


28 Looking for a 15ft x 22ft hydraulic, single lift door for a church in Ontario. Can you give me shipping information and approximate delivery time for this Schweiss church door.

29 We're looking for one piece church doors that can be paneled. The door is in a concrete wall, and should sit flush with the outer face of the wall. Is there a difference between your residential doors and your large industrial/commercial doors? Is there any specific support or structure needed for one of these doors? Can we get a quote or details of how this type of door would work?

30 Hello, We have a need for two doors for our churches. They are probably considered very small compared to door sizes you all work with. Each door is 12ft wide by 9ft tall. I was curious if you could give me a ballpark quote or a pricing guide to both, the bifold door and the hydraulic church doors. I can email you all drawings of my building if it would help to see it. These two doors can not retract in the building because we want the inside of the building to be completely open, free of doors, tracks, etc. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

31 I need prices on doors for churches,  40' x 14' bifold and a 38' x 12' bifold. Both with straps and these same size doors as hydraulic doors for churches. Going on two steel buildings. Delivered to the above address.

32 Please just email me a price quote on the door. We aren't sure as of yet whether the support beams on these doors for churches will be wood or steel. Thanks Dave RMI

33 The header in my church doors is a 24 inch steel I beam. I need to get 11 feet 6 inches height to get a trailer inside. With the Build Your Own Hydraulic door kit is it possible to get the door flush with the bottom of the header beam? 

34 I am needing to get a quote for a church project to start in Nashville around the end of the year. Needing (2) 9'0" x 10' 0" Motorized, Aluminum framed hydraulic doors for churches with Clear Anodized Finish and 1/4" tempered glass in all sections. Please call me at my office

35 Good Evening, We are a very small church in upstate NY. We are currently siding our church equipment shop and are very interested in hydraulic church doors, possibly three. Likely 10 feet high by 12 to 14 feet wide, maybe even a 10 x 10. Is this church door order anything u can assist us with?

36 Hey there! I was surprised in a good way as soon as I opneed this page of your domain to find out you supply doors for churches. What information will you need from me to get an order started for church doors I am wanting?

37 I have double 4 out doors that I would like to replace with an hydraulic doors for a church receiving area. This hydraulic doors for churches option looks better than bi-fold doors.

38 We need a price to provide and install doors for churches to fit 36' 4 1/2" x 11' 4 1/4" opening. Can you help us and provide these doors for churches by early summer? David Roark

39 Scoping a door project for a church. Door opening would be 40 ft x 10 ft 6 inches (clear). Need to get an approximate cost (including options available) for your hydraulic doors for churches. Will make project decision in about a month.

40 I need speak with someone about 30'x16' hydraulic doors for churches in Broadwater NE.

41 Looking for pricing on (2) Schweiss hydraulic doors for a church project we are bidding. The doors for churches will open up to the outdoor seating patio area. Need a rough budget number. The doors are to be clad in designer door perforated steel paneling. Building is made up of precast panels and steel.

42 I see by your Must See Photo section that you design doors for churches and would like to add one or up to 3 hydrolic church doors. Not sure i have the structure to pull it off but would like to explore.

43 We have a project in the UK, Bedfordshire, where we may use your type of doors for our church. These would be in timber, approx. size are 9.00 metres High, by 9.00m wide, do you construct this size? If so, what are the budget costs, install details & requirements The total number required could be 2. This is on a new private development, and at present required for a cost proposal, however, the project will commence. Regards Mark