Exterior Doors

1 Would like a quote for two parking structure hyraulic operated bifold gates.

2 exterior hydraulic Schweiss door - building is steel frame - precast concrete exterior wall panels - prefinished metal wall panel accents -overall building height 40' -

3 Info re strap conversion or possibly replacing this exterior door by another company with one of your nice hydraulic quiet running doors. Contact me preferably by email

4 I'm planning for a new farm building this summer and need some price estimates on your hydraulic and bifold exterior doors. I'm thinking mores of bifold but also interested in hydraulic exterior doors. The big door probably 30'wide and 18' high. The secondary door probably 20'wide and 16'high. Possibly a third Schweiss exterior hydraulic door 12'wide and 12' high, but maybe that one would be a standard roll-up door. They would all need to be insulated. My location is in south Chatham-Kent Ontario. I would assemble on site if that makes a reasonable difference to product costs and freight. Can you provide guidance and approximate pricing for these two (or three) doors?? Many thanks! - Ian

5 I need a swing up hydraulic door or fold up exterior door that will look like the original 8' x 8'6"" door. The building is wood frame with corigated metal siding. Can I purchase without the finish and I want to use bead board on what will look like a door and siding above. The city says it will accept engineering from the manufacture and I am hoping it will show what to attach to as well. I can send pictures but this format does not let me attach a pic.

6 price for 40' x 16' strap lift exterior door. I can install and cover.

7 Hi, I was interested in getting a quote for a pair of hydraulic exterior door frames for a residential garage. I want the recessed/flush application. Top drive, with straps. Each opening is 91 inches wide and 83 inches high. Thank you!

8 I have a 40 ft Schweiss bifold exterior hangar door on my aircraft hangar. It was installed about year 2000 by Nivens Engineering . I need to have the top and bottom door seals replaced. Please send catalogue so I may order materials necessary to make the repair. James Carroll

9 We are a lumberyard hardware store and I have a customer that is wanting a quote on an exterior hydraulic door. I have never sold this style of door. Please contact me soon thanks

10 I have a 19.6 by 15.9 high opening on a steel building would like to know cost of a hydraulic exterior door thank you

11 I need a budget price on the following exterior hydraulic doors. 2ea x 12'4 tall x 20'8" wide 1ea x 10'5" x 12' 4ea x 14'4" x 40'8"

12 Just looking to get general pricing on your hydraulic exterior doors. I do not know yet whether my building will be wood or metal, or what specifically the size would be. I own a Cessna 180 for general dimensions for this hydraulic exterior hangar door.

13 We have (2) 16' x 40' Door openings We need a quote on hydraulic Schweiss exterior doors to fill these openings Please contact me if you have any questions

14 Cinder block building. Would like exterior hydraulic doors to have glass within the top third or half of the door underneath an 18 inch solid top panel. Bottom half solid. No entry door.

15 I am looking to put in hydraulic exterior doors in my garage. The header is a W14x34 beam welded to plates that are mounted in cmu Columns. I am looking for a quote for a whole system, or just for the motor, drive, straps, and safety's.

16 Searching for an estimate to add a couple of 40'x16' hydraulic clearance exterior doors to new construction at the Ogden Hinkley airport. What is your lead time for delivery of these exterior doors?

17 Looking for residential exterior doors - hydraulic - 18 ft 9 inches wide by 8 ft 9 in high. The exterior doors will be clad in BRONZE plating.

18 We have a 50' x 100' warehouse I would like to put in a hydraulic exterior door on an end wall or hydraulic door on the side (the 100' run section.)

19 Looking for a quote on a 28' wide 16' high exterior  door with a walk in door. Must be insulated and include a couple windows. Also need to know roughly how much headroom above the door opening is required.

20 Need bifold door in Liberty Hill, TX. 50x14 clear opening; assume 18'exterior door?? Please price and include delivery. I assume a bifold is less expensive than hydraulic. Jack

21 hi we are looking for a residential bifold or hydrolytic exterior door for our garage. can someone please call me to get a quote? the door opening is 8ft by 9 ft . thank you for your help

22 We have an existing cement block garage and need a hydraulic exterior door for it. Do you make doors that small??? Also do you install up here?? Is it possible to do our own install?? What kind of a price are we looking at??

23 i am looking for a drive-in and drive-out exterior doors for a workshop i'm building, ideally about 20'x20' -- probably interested in a bi-fold, but curious about the pricing on the hydraulic. ideally interested in an all-glass door, or top-half glass, or door with large windows on top to admit as much light as possible. i'd like to get a ballpark idea of price including delivery to 97834 zip. email is best, but feel free to call on phone if there's any more information needed. thanks, jim

24 I need pricing for 15 exterior hydraulic doors. See below A walk door is needed. 3 x 7

25 Looking for info on a Bi-Fold Exterior Doors. I have plans hoping to get pricing and/or components to build doors. Can forward you a drawings of exterior doors.

26 Looking for 2 18x7 hydraulic exterior doors. Flush panel exterior skin.

27 Need a quote for a 71'-0 X 20'-0 hydraulic exterior  door for a new pre-engineered steel building to be built in Hannibal, Mo. 63401

28 interested in getting a quote for a exterior hydraulic door to be installed on a new farm shop building. We're flexible in our design as we haven't begun construction yet. Also because of our involvement in the construction field are very interested in the build your own hydraulic exterior door concept. Also wanted to know where the break is in design where the exterior truss wouldn't be needed. looking to price a 24' x 16' door. Maybe wider depending on design constraints.

29 Looking at a metal building project which would have a 28'W by 10'H exterior door opening. I am looking at possible use of a hydraulic exterior door. Could you give an estimate? Top of your line to economy manual. Please use my E-mail address to respond. Thanks

30 need a price on a 40 ft wide by 18' high hydraulic exterior door , have a 21'6" clearance to bottom of beam, need at least 18' clearance, wood building

31 Looking for exterior doors 14'H x 12' W for a film studio in Pennsylvania. We are looking for an STC rated door, ideally at 50 or above. This is to replace an existing garage door. The opening can be reinforced or modified.

32 Is it possible to retrofit the Schweiss hydraulic exterior door to my 3 year old 10'x61' bifold door with cable auto latch and remote, even if this bifold isn't a Schweiss exterior door?

33 Good Afternoon Looking for help with a custom exterior doors barn/shop project. I have two glass type doors we're looking to do in a bi-fold hanger style. A) 20'8" width, 16' height B) 10'6" x 10'4" Can use some help for budgeting and planning at earliest possible for follow up. Thanks, Rich

34 I am looking for a exterior garage door solution in an existing residence for a low clearance beam (7' to bottom of beam) and remember seeing this one piece hydraulic door a few years ago. The opening will be 18'wide x 7'tall for two exterior doors. I am not sure if this will work, so I would need a section detail for clearances. And then if you can give a approximate cost too. Thanks

35 The header in my exterior door is a 24 inch steel I beam. I need to get 11 feet 6 inches height to get a trailer inside. Will your hydraulic exterior doors work for this.

36 We are looking at pricing for 50' x 16' (long x clear) hydraulic exterior doors. Can you please put me in touch with someone that can get me pricing. 

37 The header in my exterior doors is a 24 inch steel I beam. I need to get 11 feet 6 inches height to get a trailer inside. With the hydraulic exterior door is it possible to get the door flush with the bottom of the header beam? This door is at the Glencoe Minnesota Airport. Thanks John

38 I am looking for information / pricing on hydraulic exterior doors that are clear, full view, insulated glass. The sizes are 9'0" wide x 10'0" tall (Qty-2) and 19'0" wide x 10'0" tall (Qty-1). These need to be motor operated to include all applicable seals. Please include frame material options (i.e.: aluminum, steel) and color availability for your exterior doors. Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

39 would like to price on exterior hydraulic doors that are 18x65 no windows. How do your exterior hydraulic doors differ from you bifold exterior doors in price?

40 I need a eight foot by eight foot exterior door with a walk-in door built in. Do you make such a door? Can I put any type of cladding on a hydraulic exterior door.

41 need to price 20x14 hydraulic exterior doors and would be interested in becoming a dealer for all types of Schweiss exterior doors.

42 We are currently working on a large multi unit housing project in LA that will require three exterior doors, and are very much interested in using your Schweiss exterior hydraulic doors. We would very much like to have a rep come into meet with us to discuss the product. Thanks very much, Michael 

43 Hello! We are looking into building a hydraulic exterior door that will be put into a shipping container to lower the side to the ground... if that makes sense. We are planning on cutting a hole in the size we want, framing, and using some sort of exterior door system to raise an lower the side wall to use as flooring. I was wondering what your price looks like for your smallest pump, and if you feel that you product would work well for this project. Thanks so much!

44 HITT Contracting is working with our local Government to build an Observatiory with a RETRACTABLE ROOF. We are currently seeking design/ assist options to: utilize a proven. exterior doors product; weather tolerant mechanisms; automated control systems;and bring the project within a defined budget. Have you/ can you use your mechanisms to operate a small roof on a rail system? (24' x 30')