Fast Opening Doors

1 Have a Butler Bldg. 60x120 built in 1972. Still using sliding doors(12x24) but getting tired of sliding them open/closed. Few of the neighbors have Hydraulic fast opening Schweiss doors just wondering if they would work on our bldg. and the cost if the would work. email is probably the surest way of contacting me. thanks 

2 I would like a estimate for a fast opening hydraulic garage door similar to: HOME OWNERS PRIVATE GARAGE This 30' x 14' One-Piece Hydraulic Door located in Denver, Colorado was purchased by Bruce Hamon in 2011 The difference ours would be 9' x 9' thanks

3 We are looking to get quote on a 40'x16' fast opening hydraulic door for our fabrication shop,. Thanks

4 Looking for a price quote on 2 doors. Building size is 75' x 75' x 20 '. Big question is how high the building needs to be to accommodate the 2 fast opening hydraulic doors from you, which need to be 50' wide x 18' high . They want them on opposite ends of the building so not sure if they want endwall or sidewall.... but it is new construction, so we can guide to what is best. Would you please quote both doors, they are leaning to a hydraulic one piece fast opening door, but I want them to choose. Please Email & I will call after I get a chance to look it over. Thanks & look forward to your info. Ron

5 Please quote fast opening hydraulic door with remote opener and the header will be a steel I beam with wood on outside thank you

6 I am exploring options for a hydraulic fast opening door replacement project at an existing fire station. The department has ordered a new truck that will be taller than the existing door opening through existing roll up doors. The existing building walls are constructed out of reinforced concrete block. We only have approximately 7" of space to work with between the existing opening and bottom of the roof deck. I am trying to determine 1. What is the size of the header tube. 2. cost of these units. 3. Are hydraulic doors fast opening doors?

7 Starting design for new hangar. Want to use hydraulic fast opening hangar door. Question: How fast does this door open? In other words, to have 16' high clearance in door, what size door hole???

8 I have 60X117 Wick machine shed with a 16 feet 4 inch eave height. One split side wall door is 27x16 and one splint end wall slide door is 30x16. I was wondering what it would cost to replace these doors with Schweiss hydraulic overhead fast opening doors. Thanks. Ken Messner

9 Built a lean to on our pole building shop to store our buckets trucks in the dry. Looking for a price to furnish and install a fast opening hydraulic door approximately 24' wide x 13' high. Do you install or does the door come as a kit? We need a fast opening door especially for winter door use.

10 What is the cost of a hangar fast opening hydraulic  door 41 by 14? Does it have it's own vertical beams that attach to my exisiting beams that support the front of my hangar?

11 I need a price on (2) 80'x15' Hydraulic one piece fast opening doors to be installed in Pre-Engineered Steel Building. Building is 120' x 150' x 20' eave ht. 1:12 slope Job name is Chorman in Greenwood De. BBGC will do our own install. thanks, David Gray

12 I am looking for the weight of hydraulic fast opening  door system and deflection criteria required for this system.

13 I would like some pricing on 35`w x 12`h fast opening hydraulic door I will also be need the price for all materials and installation Thanks

14 I would like a quote and specs for 2 fast opening doors. I have 220 three phase available. But would prefer single phase if possible. My door openings are 18' tall and 40' wide. I would like to know the horsepower of the motors for electrical demand. I have 3' of wall above the doors. And would like the doors to be on the outside of the building. I do not have the sheeting on it yet so I can make any changes I need to.

15 Need a price for Schweiss hydraulic fast opening  door with a 22' x 70'w clearspan opening. Please contact me if you require more information. Thanks.

16 Looking for quote on Hydraulic 23'W x 10'H and one 12'Wx10'T. Looking for pricing and dimensional minimum height and clearance and side room requirements for the hydraulic system. Also need to know maximum weight per square foot as the doors will be clad in clad in plate steel and I need  fast opening hydraulic doors. Please call or email if you have questions. Thank you. Bradley J.  Austin 

17 Interested in Pricing for 6 large, Clear glass/plexi-glass, fast opening zero maintenance hydraulic doors. Building Construction is wood & some steel reinforcement - will likely have to reinforce openings with Steel to mount doors and be structurally sound. This is for a build out of a massive, major event space in Los Angeles and will be a very high profile installation.

18 Looking to update the sliding doors on our 50x100Morton building I think I want to go with a hydraulic fast opening doors, one will be ruffly 30'x 13'8" and the other needs to be 35'x 14" but to do that we need to move one pole we can not loose any height both wil need to be insulated Windows are a maybe Get me a ballpark price sent to my email

19 Request estimate: door: 60'x16' hydraulic fast opening door: 44'x16' bi-fold (strap lift)

20 Looking for a 18x7 fast opening hydraulic garage door for my man cave. 

21 We are a general contractor and are looking for a quote on fast opening hydraulic hangar doors. The door needs to be 70' wide x 16' tall. Thank you!

22 I am looking for single or possibly byfold fast opening doors for a old brick building I own that has 12 foot ceilings and I would like to have a 12 foot door to utilize the entire height of the building for storage.

23 I would like quotes on a fast opening hydraulic doors 24 feet wide by 15 feet tall. Do not need windows for walk-in door. Also, where is factory located? I have a hydraulic door on my hanger that was manufactured by Hydra-Swing in Mn. and I picked it up at their factory in Cottonwood, Mn. about 10 years ago and would probably want to pick up your door to replace their worn out door. Please let me know price and availability and erection costs also. Thank You, Lester Breckenridge

24 Needing price on 1 fast opening hydraulic door 30x18 and 2 24x18 fast opening door, Thanks Ezra

25 I intended to order one of your fast opening hydraulic doors last year. This hydraulic door looks like it would solve my header problem. Schweiss hydraulic doors open faster than any others I've seen. Look up my old specs and email me a quote for the new hydraulic door in this email. Dean 

26 Would like price on couple of fast opening hydraulic doors 22Wx14H. insulated/non-insulated.

27 I have a 42 x 48 ft. building. On 48ft. side, I have 3 12ft. openings. I assume your 36 ft. fast opening hydraulic door would work. The west facing space is appox. 40ft. clear span.

28 Your Hydraulic Door was Specified by FXFOWLE on our Project located at 44-26 Purves Street Queens, NY. Looking for a Contact for a Proposal for Furnishing and Installing fast opening hydraulic driven doors. Thanks. Field office Located at: 27 40th Drive, Queens, NY 11101 

29 needing pricing for a 70'x18 fast opening hydraulic  door for airplane hanger in Urbana Ohio, new Nucor pre-engineered steel building this is a design build project

30 I'm a General Contractor in Manhattan Beach, CA. We're interested in pricing for two Schweiss single hydraulic fast opening doors , Wood Slab, Size 12'-11 tall x 18' 4 1/2" wide. Im also interested in pricing for (4) wood bifold doors: 1. 7' 2" tall x 16' 4" wide 2. 7'2" tall x 9'- 4 1/2" wide 3. 7'-0" tall x 16'-4" wide 4. 7'-0" tall x 9'4"wide Please call me with any questions. Thanks, RP

31 I have a customer wanting a price for fast opening  doors, largest possible on a 48'w x 14'h x 56'l building. Wants door to open completely. What size and how much? Thank you!

32 I am needing to get a quote for a project to start in Nashville around the end of the year. Needing (2) 9'0" x 10' 0" fast opening motorized, Aluminum framed hydraulic  doors with Clear Anodized Finish and 1/4" tempered glass in all sections. Please call me at my office. Thank you

33 I have a customer wanting a price for a fast opening hydraulic door, largest possible on a 48'w x 14'h x 56'l building. Wants door to open completely and to be a fast opening door. What size and how much? Thank you!

34 Good Evening, We are a very small scale operation in upstate NY, processing poultry as a service for our local producers. We are currently siding our shop and are very interested in hydraulic fast opening doors, possibly three fast opening doors. Likely 10 feet high by 12 to 14 feet wide, maybe even a 10 x 10. Is this anything u can assist us with?

35 I have two 40' hangar doors and I need new latches on them. I am also considering putting hydraulic backup systems on them as well. What info do you need from me to get a quote? Sure like your fast opening hangar doors.

36 I'm considering hydraulic doors for a remodel of a residential garage but want them to be fast opening doors in order to retain heat in the garage during the winter months. This will have wood framing to accommodate the door. The opening will be 13 feet to ceiling (door mounted above header) and the height of the door in open position would need to be 12 inches or less (if possible). Also, it may need to conform to building exterior look for HOA compliance/acceptance. The width would need to be either 14 feet (if set perpendicular) or upto 18 feet (if set at an angle to street). I have not decided yet the final orientation of the fast opening doors as the bifold has given me different options.

37 Have existing Lester Praire machine shed with sliding doors and need to replace with your fast opening hydraulic doors. Opening is approximately 14' high and 20' wide. Interested in price of insulated fast opening hydraulic door.

38 I have built a shop and I am considering large hyd. fast opening doors .I would like to see one installed in the N.ohio or S. mi. area. I've heard your fast opening doors are the fastest compared to others.

39 I am curious what the cost of two 12 foot wide by 14 foot tall fast opening doors would cost me. The hydraulic fast opening door system. Just looking around for doors that would work on my new shop. Thanks for your help. Mark

40 30 x 50 RV Garage is in the process of being drawn up that needs two fast opening RV doors, one on each end of the RV garage. Need to find out what additional structure support to plan for on the end walls for the Hydro doors. Also, what is the wind rating for this size door? Thank you Jon B.

41 I just put up a 40 X 80 Quonset style building and I need to put a hydraulic fast opening side door on it. Do you have a salesman in Kansas that could give me some information and prices.Thanks

42 Have two hangars, one is 40' by approximately 12'. Other is 44' by 12' -. Have heavy metal beam on 6" pipe post. Cost of you installing? And just cost of fast opening doors. Thanks