Fishing Cabin Doors

1 I’m interested in a 14 feet tall by 20 feet wide bifold door or hydraulic door to store my boat and truck at my fishing cabin. The fishing cabin door will not need windows or a walk door.

2 I am looking at getting a price for a hydraulic fishing cabin all-glass door. Door will be facing lake and should have photo eye sensors and a remote opener.

3 12' wide 8'6" tall for a residential application All glass insulated if possible can be manual hydralic does not have to be power This is for a bar area to open out to the patio and provide some rain coverage when open Frame would be white

4 12%u2019 wide x 11%u2019 6%u201D high door for combination shop/Fishing Cabin door for storage. ceiling height in shop is 12%u2019 3%u201D

5 We are building a 140' wide X 120' deep fishing lodge. Would like to find out about the larger Schweiss fishing cabin Hydraulic  Doors and what option you offer. Also what you recommend. We live in a cold and windy environment. Our fishing lodge door faces west and the majority of our wind comes out of the Southwest.

6 we are building a modern vacation rental in the mountains of north Carolina. we are looking at a hydraulic fishing lodge door for a wall that is all windows. in our search for windows on the internet we came across your product. at this point we are looking to do some price matching to see how much more expensive you product might be. we are open to either the folding door, or the one piece hydraulic. we would want the whole thing to be glass panels. the dimensions are roughly 10' wide and 8' high. I look forward to hearing from you. you can email, or call.

7 Hello, I am in the design stage of building a metal framed lake cabin. I am interested in your hydraulic fishing cabin  and boathouse doors that you make for containers but with a different twist. I would like to send a sketch of what i am looking for to your engineering department to see if it would worK? I am located in Canada, 3 hrs south of Calgary near the Montana border. thank you and look forward to hearing from you. Craig.

8 Looking for quote on a 24' w x 16' tall hydraulic strap door for fishing cabin

9 Im building a fishing cabin garage and one of your hydraulic cabin doors will be for my boat that is 13'6". My wife doesn't want it to look like a door but like the rest of the cabin. So i would need a 14 high by 20 wide door with a double window with shutters in the middle and siding on the rest. Thanks for your time

10 looking for options - bifold vs hydraulic door, new construction, 12 ft wide 10 ft tall, to be used as opening part fishing cabin doors, insulated divided glass, panels about 3x3 ft (this size is not absolute requirement), something similar you show on your webpage, approximate door cost would be much appreciated, installation option- cost vs. recommended installers in ZIP 84321? Any technical drawings of your fishing cabin doors product for architect/ installer - best if submitted by email.Currently in the process of technical/engineering stage of the project with architectural plans nearly completed.

11 I would like separate quotes for your bifold and one piece hydraulic doors. The hydraulic door is for our fishing and hunting cabin garage. The opening is nominally 12' wide x 16' high. The building is being designed and will be a wooden frame structure. Conceptually the bottom half of the hydraulic door would be glass and the top with the same wood siding as the remainder of the structure. The installation of the siding and glass would be on site. I would be interested in dimensions of the door structure to facilitate the design prior to delivery. One of the design constraints is to have the plane even with the interior frame of the door clear of obstructions to accept an insect screen. I would need delivery in spring. If there is any other information you require feel free to contact me. Best regards, Kevin

12 I would like to find a person to do routine maintenance on my hydraulic fishing cabin doors in Douglas, Georgia. These two fishing cabin doors are working like a champ, I just want to make sure they continue to do so.

13 We are deciding if we want a hydraulic door on our outdoor lake home dining area. It is approx. 16'x32' and we get a lot of wind from the south side. The opening is approx. 10' wide and 9' height. Can someone give me an idea of what the approx. cost would be for a lake home door this large. We would like to do this before the cold weather hits so we can use this area for Thanksgiving this year, if possible.

14 I am building a 24 x 24 man cave addition and will need your hydraulic doors to match my fishing cabin doors. It will have cathedral ceiling and therefore I am interested in the hydraulic door. Is this something my contractor would be able to install? What R rating is possible. Thnx

15 Looking for a price on fishing cabin resort hydraulic doors 14 high and 20 ft wide insulated. I need three of them. Thank you Randy

16 Building my first practice hunting cabin door on smaller opening 13'6" tall 15'11" wide Please quote me both hydraulic kit with door and total kit without the door, I would build the door in the later case, thanks

17 Looking for vertical hydraulic fishing cabin door Wood exterior 10 x 8 Thank You

18 I am fixing up a 24x24 wood building with a 16x7 low headroom hydraulic fishing cabin door, would like one of your doors much better if the price is comparable? Dick Simons

19 I would like to price a hydraulic fishing cabin door for a Lester building. Opening size 15'3" tall and 19' 3" wide.

20 I want to check on pricing for a new fishing cabin door. Cabin is new construction and attached to our shop building. Approximate door size 30' wide 10' tall, hydraulic, steel siding.

21 i have multiple fishing cabin resort doors for you to quote, see dimensions for just one of them at this time. i have previously spec'd your product for my first fishing cabin project in sun valley idaho. I like  the hydraulic one piece doors.

22 Interested in price for fishing cabin doors in place of sliders at our resort. Width 15'1". Height 9'. Best way to contact by email. Thanks for your time.

23 hi im looking for 16x9 fishing cabin doors for either style of lift looking for an insulated price and install in forest lake mn 

24 Building a fishing cabin workshop/ garage complex in SW Wisconsin. Owner request hydraulic door for his fishing cabin door. Can send PDF plans if needed. Thanks Tim 

25 I currently have a conventional overhead 16 ft  door is there a kit to convert to a hydraulic fishing cabin door configuration ? Thanks

26 We just had a new Schweiss hydraulic door in our new fishing cabin and right now to open and close it we have to hold down the open and close buttons.. I was just wondering if there was a way to program it to open automatically so you don't have to hold down the button the whole time while the fishing cabin door opens and closes.. I figured there was a way since there is a stop button on the controller as well.. Thanks

27 We are building a new fishing lodge. In the basement we are having an aviation floatplane themed bar. The bar is walkout to the pool area and would like either a bifold or hydraulic door fishing lodge door. I entered a 9' wide by 8' tall door, but we have some room to play around with this if there is a more cost effective size Thank you Ben

28 I would like to get a quote on a hydraulic fishing cabin door for a post frame building in Canada. The door would be 24x16.

29 we purchased a 20'x14' hydraulic fishing cabin door in May of 2014. I need to obtain an O&M Manual for this product. would you please email me a copy? thanks!

30 Need Quote on a 14ft Wide by 10 ft height aluminum fishing cabin door with the Hydraulic mechanism the building is a 60ft by 30ft by 24ft height single slope cube all walls are Glazing with aluminum. need a 14 ft wide door on the front side the height of the front beam is 24ft. would like to know if we you can estimate the cost of a 20ft wide  hydraulic fishing cabin door fabricated with aluminum and glass. 

31 Need to know where we can find fishing lodge doors in various sizes, hydraulic and bifold.

32 I need to retrofit a one piece door to an existing cinder block building with a 16ft wide by 12ft tall opening. There is currently a steel roll up door there now. I would want some windows in this fishing cabin door. Thank you. David Allen

33 I am interesed in one piece hydraulic fishing cabin doors that will provide a nice canopy. 

34 Bidding on a new fishing lodge in Humboldt, TN. Do you have a local rep that can fix me up with some fishing cabin hydraulic doors, or possibly fishing cabin bifold doors?

35 I have a customer that is replacing a sliding door on the gable end of an existing building. His opening is 14' 8"x14'-1/2". He would like to put a hydraulic fishing cabin door in. Can you call me back with the size that is available and a cost. Thanks, Drew 

36 Please quote me for two 20' x. 14' fishing cabin hydraulic one piece doors. The fishing cabin doors will be clad with heavy pine.   Thank you

37 I am looking for some hydraulic doors for my three fishing cabins. Dimensions of these fishing cabin resort doors are  8000 x 2735 mm. I am from Czech Republic, Europe. Can you pls send me price. Thank you Adam

38 Hi there, Would you please provide a quote for (1) hydrolic fishing cabin door on a metal building. The customer would like the largest fishing cabin door possible for this 100 x 100 building size. Note: The customer would like this project to be as cheap as possible so I am assuming that a hydraulic door would be the best option? Thanks, Gavin

39 Would like a price quote on a 21' X 12' fishing cabin door. Also need to know what kind of structure is required, e.g., concrete work to support columns. Does the door come in a parts bundle requiring assembly? Can the truss structure be on the inside of the fishing cabin door or will it even need a truss? Do you provide sheeting?

40 Considering 2 fishing cabin doors. Door 1 - 22'W x 18' H Door 2 - 12' x 12' Do you do install as well? Can we get these fishing cabin doors insulated?

41 I need a price for a 20'-0" x 12'-0" fishing cabin door for a cabin we are going to do outside of Tucson, AZ. Could you please work me up a quick quote on this fishing cabin hydraulic door for me. 

42 Need a price of hydraulic door size is 23.6 "x14'5.75" high. This is for a fishing cabin door. Need installed price

43 I bought a boat.. My garage door is 8' and I need 9'tall fishing cabin doors. Doors are on gable end and side walls of garage are 9'..door is 10'x8' and would like 9'x10 or 9'6 would be okay.. can u help..