Gated Courtyard Doors

1 I am working on a building quote and need an estimate on a bifold door gated courtyard door 35' x 16' using the hydraulic pump system. Loren

2 Request a price quote for a strap lift bifold gated courtyard door 37 ft wide, 12 ft high to install on my pole barn. I intend to convert the structure from a 20 ft wide, two section rolling door to the hydraulic door to accomodate my airplane. Reply by phone or email is acceptable.

3 I have an existing 40x30 structure. Need a Gated Courtyard Door 40x12. Possibly interested in building my own door with your parts. Is there a substantial cost difference? Thanks, Bill

4 We are looking to buy a 36'1" x 14'0" gated courtyard door asap. We trusted a door dealer to get us this hydraulic door and we just found out that he has not even ordered the door. We are behind now on this job because we were to have this door installed by now for our customer.

5 We would like to receive a quote on a 45'x14' hydraulic exterior gated courtyard door. Do you also install your doors?

6 I left voicemail. Hydraulic gated courtyard doors I am assuming. 18-22' wide x 12' tall maybe taller since I maybe want a person door in the lift door, a couple fake windows for certain. I don't want it to look like a garage door when closed. Need some pricing ideas. Mailing address is Harsens Island, Mi. 48028

7 Looking at pricing for a 40' x 18' hydraulic or bi-fold gated courtyard door. We are planning on putting up a Machine Shop this Spring on our farm. Thank you!

8 what is the cost of a 25 x 10 ft hydraulic gated courtyard door. I am in laramie, wyoming and would like to install this door near a 50 x 30 Olympia Steel Building. Is that possible? Appreciate a relatively quick response. Thanks.

9 We have a gated courtyard hydraulic door manufactured by Hydro-swing. We have the issues you showed in your literature with hinge and frame failures. Can you fit our existing door with your superior Schweiss hinge system with grease zerks? Please respond via email or telephone. Thanks,Ray.

10 Looking for hydraulic gated courtyard doors 12 m x 6 m 2 pc and one gate 12 m x 4 m. Your Schweiss gated courtyard doors are something to behold, both the hydraulic and bifold gated designer doors.

11 Have you ever done a hydraulic one piece gated courtyard garage doors? It will be 16'-0" in length with  panel opening outward from alley. This is for a client of mine. We are searching for companies that can do this instead of the typical roll-up freestanding garage door.

12 Hi. We have a customer of ours who has recently purchased a high rise office building in Downtown Dallas. He is looking to secure three parking spaces in the visitors parking section of the underground parking lot and wants a hydraulic operated gated courtyard door at each end. As you can imagine spacing is very tight. The distance from the floor to the concrete ceiling is 7'6" and the overall width of the three parking spaces is 30'. Is this application suitable for a 30' wide hydro gated courtyard door?

13 Looking for pricing of a hydraulic self-supporting  gated courtyard door 40'wide 17' high for a Monsanto Facility in Stuttgart, Arkansas. Thanks

14 Cost of a door approx 39 ft wide and 12 feet tall opening for hydraulic gated courtyard doors. Delivered New Hampshire. How much more to get a 14 ft tall opening. New construction. Gathering info for cost estimates of total project. 

15 Need quote and specs for a 30'-0" wide x 14'-0" high clear hydraulic gated courtyard door. Location is Fairfield, MT. IBC 2012 building code, low-hazard building with 105 mph wind speed.

16 We are designing an office building in Annapolis, MD and are showing a hydraulic one piece gated courtyard door into the lower level parking area. Our intention is to clad the door using a laminated wood product (parklex) so it integrates seamlessly into the rest of the facade cladding. We would also like this gated courtyard door to be automated when a car approaches and need to show the appropriate details, electrical power, etc. I have a very short window to get this specified property before the drawings go out for bid at the end of next week . Please call me as soon as possible to discuss.

17 Reference: I've been asked by Tim Marr at Traditional Contractors Inc to provide the glass and framing system for gated courtyard hydraulic doors. Tim emailed me a scan/picture of the shop drawings, and the scan is of poor quality and I can't accurately review the details. Can you provide an original PDF of the drawing and a contact at Schweiss to discuss the details. Thanks Pat Zimmer

18 Hello, Can you please give me a quote for a gated courtyard hydraulic door opening 22'x10' delivered to: 1067 S. Millview Lane, Coeurd'Alene Idaho, 83814? Email is the best contact. Thank you in advance, Paul Stanczyk

19 Hello, My name is Tania, an architect working in New York City. I'm looking into options for large customized gated courtyard door systems for our projects in Coney Island, NY. I'd like to get some information regarding the durability of your bi-folding and hydraulic gated courtyard doors. My specific questions are: - What?s the life-span of the system? - What is the largest span you can cover? The maximum width and height of your courtyard gated doors? - What types of material we can use for the panels? We want perforated/see through security gates. - We are designing in a high-crime zone. How durable is your system? Thank you,

20 Looking for a price for a 34 wide by 18 tall gated courtyard hydraulic door, it faces the west and gets high wind pressure.

21 I'm trying to get pricing on hydraulic Gated Courtyard Doors. Please email me an email address for someone in sales I can communicate with on this. 

22 I am looking to in install gated courtyard doors out side, hydraulic 25 foot wide by 16 foot tall. It would be used as a gate we would just use a diamond type aluminum mesh on first 8 feet. Can you quote as a hyd. gated courtyard doors. Also a 35 ft by 16 foot bi fold. for same as above gate use. Last a hydraulic door for a building rough dimension 16 high 14 wide. a build your own is god we are a construction company and have our own fabrication shop and certified welder. We also have our own cranes and extendable track forklift. Thank you Mark Balek

23 Hi I am working on specifying two very custom gated courtyard style door/gates to close off a restaurant patio when the restaurant isn't open. It's in San Francisco and for a rapidly expanding restaurant chain. Please get in touch so that we can discuss hydraulic gated courtyard door possibilities available with your products for this application. Best, Sarah Hirschman.

24 Hi - I have a loading dock area that needs a gated courtyard door for security purposes. Operable visual screen 42' x 17' clear opening for trucks to drive under. The gated courtyard door would be horizontal hydraulic open to the weather both sides. This is a high frequency application. Opening speed is a big concern as trucks will need to pull through to clear the street traffic. Please expedtiously let me know if your product(s) are suitable for this application.

25 Hello, I am looking for a quotes on your bifold door and the hydraulic gated courtyard doors. Also am curious if you would insulate them and what you would use. 

26 Please send pricing and design criteria that we can forward to Star Metal Buildings Manufacturing so they can price gated courtyard doors on the building for us. Door dimensions 45 X 14 hydraulic.

27 I am looking to price a hydraulic gated courtyard door with corrugated metal exterior and mid-grade insulation on the interior.

28 Hi, Can you please provide me a rough cost estimate for a hydraulic gated courtyard door for a residence. Dimensions are 26' x 8'-6". Finish to be in corten steel. Do you do laser cutting of the corten steel by any chance as well? Best, Miguel Avalon Construction Corp

29 Hi, I have an immediate need for gated courtyard commercial doors for a steel building, and am considering a hydraulic courtyard door as an option. The building will be located in a larger warehouse in West Chester, OH. The structure has not yet been erected. This is a fairly high traffic gated courtyard door application (maybe 12 or 13 cycles a day), so a medium duty door would be OK. The opening size will be 16' wide x 14' high. The gated courtyard Schweiss door should have a motor operator.  Please reply as soon as you can and let me know what are my most cost-effective options. Thanks.

30 Hello, I am an architect working on a parks office building in Chelan, WA and was hoping to get some preliminary pricing on a gated courtyard hydraulic door similar to the one on your website. And also a glass bifold door. The size would be 8' tall by 10' wide. Thank you, Mikael

31 I'm an Architect in Abilene. Tx. and interested in your opinion and budget about the use of your  hydraulic gated courtyard door systems for enclosing an existing carport. Basic drawings are attached. The head hght can be dropped if needed. The drawings indicate two options; 1) where the full width of the opening is used and the 2) indicating how we could narrow the opening to an even 10' wide. The concept would be to get the doors in a simple frame and apply a "board and batten" courtyard door siding to the door frame that matches the existing residence. We will be getting in touch with you again soon on another possible large installation for a custom pool house project for a new residence. Let me know what you think and contact me at he number below if you have questions. Thanks, Sorry but your form does not want to load our PDF drawing


33 I want no outside truss on these gated hydraulic courtyard doors. I want the outside to be smooth to install metal on. I have already gotten a quote from a competitor and have seen both your and their doors in person. Will be ordering door within the next month. Email is the best way to reach me. I have a 24" LVL header built into my truss above the clear opening height. I want to keep 14' clear opening height.

34 I'm a General Contractor in Manhattan Beach, CA. We're interested in pricing for Schweiss single hydraulic gated courtyard doors, Size 12'-11 tall x 18' 4 1/2" wide. Im also interested in pricing for (4) wood hydraulic interior doors: 1. 7' 2" tall x 16' 4" wide 2. 7'2" tall x 9'- 4 1/2" wide 3. 7'-0" tall x 16'-4" wide 4. 7'-0" tall x 9'4"wide Please call me with any questions. Thanks, RP

35 Your decorative gated courtyard doors really appeal to me. Please also include the amperage of the door opener. I am interested in a backup way to open the door should power fail.

36 I am a cost estimator working for the design team seeking budgetary unit pricing for a project requiring gated courtyard doors in Fort Wayne, IN. The gated door project is conceptual in nature and describes the 27' x 15' tall hydraulic courtyard doors as follows: Large opening for six-day truck dock to be an aircraft hangar door of light material customizable for signage Schweiss Door providing 14 feet clear in its open position. If you are able to assist please indicate what costs are included in your budget pricing (i.e. install, taxes, delivery, etc.). Thank you!

37 We are looking for folding swing gate hydraulic gated courtyard door system. These gated courtyard doors would be designer doors. Please send us the details.

38 Dear Sir or Madam: I am a rancher in the Panhandle of Texas and subscribe to the Farm Show magazine where I saw your ad. I am about to build an automatic swinging gate at my highway entrance and am intrigued by the quality and speed of your hydraulic or bifold gated courtyard doors. Could your hydraulic or strap system be modified to work with a 16' (L) X 4' (H) swinging courtyard gate? Thank you.

39 Need Quote on a 40' x 24' clear hydraulic gated courtyard door to replace an existing Wilson Bi-fold. Owner requires 24' clear height courtyard door to get semi's in for unloading cargo. Thanks, J. R. Mathis

40 I am an architect who is presently in the design phase of a recycling center in White Marsh, Maryland that requires Schweiss metal gated courtyard doors. The metal building which handles all the trash has a clear opening of approximately 120' by 27' which needs to be enclosed. Please provide me with a ballpark cost of both a hydraulic and a bi-fold door that will cover this opening. This will allow the client to determine if this is financially feasible or not. Thanks in advance.

41 I work for the Olmsted County Waste to Energy facility in Rochester MN. We have two tipping gated courtyard floor doors that are actuated by obsolete electric motor hydraulic pump chain driven assemblies. I am in search of replacement actuators for our doors. Our courtyard doors are ~ 16 feet wide by 24 feet tall, and there are two of them.