Gymnasium Doors

1 Hello, We are looking for bifold or hydraulic gymnasium doors for a new building basketball court, and our require quaintly is Six pieces. Do you have any standard doors for the basketball court? If yes, please send us a quotation and details for Hydraulic Door and Lift straps doors. Thank you, Sudheen Vasanth 65-98208771

2 My rough openings are 84"tall x 72" wide. I am looking for a clear glass hydraulic gymnasium door. What other options are available for your Schweiss gymnasium doors? 

3 Please contact me only by EMAIL. Good morning, i would like to get a sales rep. We are located in Orlando, FL, but are projects are all over the US. I'm interested in hydraulic gymnasium doors and retractable roof doors for restaurants. Thanks in advance!

4 I need a quote on a 14x14 hydraulic gymnasium door with header. Remodel on a sidewall.

5 I was wondering if you could give me a ballpark estimate on a hydraulic gymnasium door with a 22' wide and 9' high opening. Also, can any material be used for the door covering? I.e. Cedar or other light wood. Could you give me an average installation cost? And last, how much vertical space does the door take up when fully opened, i.e. In the full up position, above the opening. Thanks, Russ

6 We are looking for the hydraulic operated Schweiss gymnasium doors. Please advise the maximum height your offer. The Windload is 4.5 kpa. Kindly reply no later than 19 Jan 2020

7 Hello, We are interested in purchasing 3 hydraulic  gymnasium type doors 12' wide x 8' tall. They will be for an outdoor building. Looking for as much glass as possible to let the daylight in. Thank you! Rob

8 interested in clear glass panels for entire face of gymnasium hydraulic doors ( 9 Hx 16 W) tempered at bottom row of panels ( Minimum)

9 I'm looking to purchase 4 gymnasium hydraulic doors. 18w x 7h. It is for a basketball gym so we would like a clear glass or acrylic panels with an aluminum door.

10 we are building a gym ,we have an overhead door going in ,i was wanting a price on a hydraulic gym door size is 12ft wide 14ft tall ,we would put metal siding on it to match building ,door might get used a few times a year , do you make one that is manual ,insulation is also a factor can we get like an r19 or greater ,we can put insulation in ourselves and cover with gym guard or triply , you can email call or text if you need additional info on these gymnasium doors. thank, willis

11 I need a quote on a 33'wide x10'tall gymnasium doors. simplest cheapest options. Thanks,

12 I am looking to purchase a hydraulic gymnasium door for our recreation center. The opening is approximately 20' wide and 17' high. How much clearance will I loose with your hydraulic gym door.

13 In need of two hydraulic designer gymnasium doors. Dimensions and information below. Would like doors to be predominantly glass panels, frosted. Do you have a diagram of the clear-space requirement for the actuation of the door? The plans call for a roll-up door which obviously has that advantage, but it seems that the hydraulic or bi-fold gymnasium doors might work as well.

14 We are bidding a new construction sports building, where a custom hydraulic gymnasium doors will be  part of the building. These gym doors needs to be power operated including controls, lead edge sensors that stops the downward movement of the unit, includes 1-inch Solarban 90 Starphire glass, panel framed. The size of the hydraulic gym doors are: 15' - 11 3/4" x 26' - 3 5/8"

15 I am looking for a local supplier for your hydraulic zero maintenance gymnasium doors. We'd like to put a glazed hydraulic gym door leading to a bus garage. Do you have a representative in the Toronto area?

16 I am looking for two hydraulic gymnasium doors; 7x17 8x18 matching style. I want the hydraulic gym door to have photo eye sensors.

17 I have plans for a hydraulic gymnasium door I'd like to get pricing on. It is to match a curtain window wall. 2 doors total. Clearance needs to be 14'6" door width is 20 ft We have plans drawn

18 Hi There, We are currently in the design process for a large athletic complex in Mill Bay, BC. The designers are looking for 3 overhead gymnasium  doors, all 4mx4m roughly. I was hoping to get a budget for one of your hydraulic and bifold doors and to understand what finishes etc. are available.

19 We are looking to install a tilt up glass single pane hydraulic "garage" door for our gym remodel at our camp.

20 I need to get some infomation on either a hydralic door or bi-fold door for a gymnasium door. The size of the doors are small - its height is 7' and width is 14' . I would like to save headroom inside the gym so this seems like the best option, since gym has high ceiling. thank you

21 Hi, my name is Alex and I am part of the design team working on a new gym building for Caltech University in Pasadena, CA. We are considering using glass hydraulic gymnasium doors for the dining hall portion of our design and I was wondering if I could get any examples of similar projects, standards as to sizes, heights, finishes, etc, as well as any gym door cutsheets you have for your product. I am required to pass on this information to our contractor by end of day, so if you could get this information out to me ASAP, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

22 We are working on a project right now that needs 6 hydraullic gymnasium doors with specific details. I would like to talk to someone about the most cost effective solutions available to us. Thanks!

23 Hi We need a hydraulic operating gymnasium school door and need information about safety devices to prevent a total fall due to failure. 

24 To Whom this May Concern, I am an architect working at CannonDesign?s Baltimore office and I am working on a team that is designing The New Cole Field House at University of Maryland College Park. We are looking at acceptable manufacturers for a folding overhead glass gymnasium door that sits within a curtain wall. Might we be able to schedule for a local representative to come and speak with our team, presenting any samples or case studies, and answering questions and/or developing some schemes as soon as possible? Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Best,

25 Need a quote for a 38' x 14' gymnasium door with a man door built into the right side as you stand outside looking at it. Delivered to Sterling Alaska. Standard one piece hydraulic door.

26 Hi, We are trying to get quotations as well as product information for (2) single gymnasium doors for a youth recreation gymnasium door in CT: - 29 feet long by 9 feet high opening (aprox) - Wood lattice as outside finish - Steel columns in consideration (wood for now). We are concerned (because we had this issue in the past) with having a sagging open door and flex problems with another manufacturers door since this door may be a 3000 lbs or more. If you can provide: - Vertical and horizontal details (since we are tight in space we need to fully understand how this works) - Price - Weight - General information Please contact me as soon as possible (call me or email me). Thank you! 

27 I need a price for 1-hydraulic gymnasium door 20'-0" wide x 16'-0" high It will be in a all steel pre engineered metal building shipped to Arkansas. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on this gymnasium door. thanks

28 We are looking at bifold doors for a university gymnasium project. The gymnasium doors appear to be around 12' high x 10' wide and as much glazing as possible. Where can I find information on energy performance, glazing options, weatherstripping, etc.? Thanks.

29 Have a customer that is requesting a 35'x 16' hydraulic Schweiss gymnasium doors. Our company is a pre-engineered metal building supplier. I am requesting gymnasium. door specs for the above mentioned size. You may contact me anytime between the hours of 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

30 Also have a second size not listed below. 2 hydraulic  gymnasium doors 24' w X 16' h Side wall mounted. Also in strap operated bi-fold. Automatic strap latching. Open / Stop / Close operation. No remote at this time. Working with Architect on this project at this time. Would appreciate info ASAP. I would consider constructing my building with the plans of constructing the I- beam header and post within the  structure. We have done both the steel header and post frame and also complete wood frame but would welcome input on this size of gymnasium doors. We have used bi-folds before and also hydraulic lift doors. 30 year Contractor. Thank You Robin L. King Cell 989-551-8113

31 I'm looking for a Revit (.rfa) file of a hydraulic gymnasium building door. The door needs to have a clear opening of 30' wide x 16' high. Please let me know asap if you have a file for your Schweiss gymnasium doors that I can use in my design.

32 Please provide pricing or contact information for a supplier for Schweiss gymnasium doors. They would need to uplift and be fully glazed. Regards, Michael Naugler Senior Estimator 

33 We are looking for pricing for hydraulic operated gymnasium doors with operator. 10'Wx12'H with translucent panels. This is for a construction project that is currently in process.

34 I'm an Architect in Abilene. Tx. and interested in your opinion and budget about the use of your hydraulic door system for enclosing an existing school gymnasium. Basic drawings are attached. The head height of these gymnasium doors can be dropped if needed. The drawings indicate two options; 1) where the full width of the opening is used and the 2) indicating how we could narrow the opening to an even 10' wide. The concept would be to get the doors in a simple frame and apply a "board and batten" siding to the door frame that matches the existing residence. We will be getting in touch with you again soon on another possible large installation for a custom pool house patio door project for a new residence. Let me know what you think and contact me at the number below if you have questions. Thanks, 

35 Working on a project at the MCRC Brooklyn NY that the A/E has indicated your hydraulic gymnasium door with tube steel supports as basis of design. The project requires 3 ea 12' tall x 17' wide or 2 ea 14' tall x 17' wide doors. Can you price both sizes of gymnasium doors.   I need to complete my estimate soon.

36 I would like to obtain pricing information on a remote control kit to remotely open/close my hydraulic gymnasium doors that are currently about 12 years old. I also have a T-hanger about 44' wide, currently uses a sliding door that I would like to replace when the gymnasium doors remotes arrive. Thank you.

37 I need to replace a wore out tool up door with a hydraulic gymnasium door, it's 20x14 I was wanting a price thank you I also have a 14x14 gymnasium door

38 Hello, I want buy remote openers for my gymnasium doors. The gymnasium doors are all hydraulic Schweiss gymnasium doors.

39 My school district and I are in the planning stages of designing a gymnasium door. Strictly preliminary we are planning a 55x60 building. My question is with the hydraulic gym doors, how high must the opening be to maintain a 14' clearance. Some of the plans we are looking at have exactly at 14 and my concern is with a bifold the usable opening would be less and therefore we are looking at your hydraulic gymnasium door. 

40 Want to price a 20'x12 hydraulic gymnasium doors. Would I be able to install Schweiss gymnasium doors?

41 Please provide gymnasium doors quote for 20' x 12' hydraulic operated gym door for Southern Calif. Eave height in gym is 30', Framed opening will be 22' high, 18' clear from floor to total opening height is OK. call for any additional questions.

42 I need a 12' wide gymnasium door to allow airflow in the summer time and keep bugs and unannounced visitors out. Gymnasium door needs to be equipped with all the Schweiss safety add-ons, i.e. Schweiss photo sensors, horn, door base safety edge.  A quote would be nice!