Hydraulic Doors for Hotels


2 Hello, We are needing a quote for one of your hydraulic doors for hotels. Please contact me. Thanks, Stan Hammack Sr Vice President of Operations

3 Please send information on hydraulic hotel doors 26 ft by 10 ft. Building has not been built yet and need framing and support info also. Thanks, Gary

4 I have a client that is interested in hydraulic doors for hotels system. Would prefer to have as much glass in the system as possible for the views. This particular opening is not large opening, approximately 11' x 8'. They want to have "show piece" opening in this part of the home. Thanks, Bruce

5 A customer of ours has a hotel building designed for a 30 ft wide bi-fold with a 12 ft clear opening. . The building is a pre-eng steel structure and is on site but not erected. He really wants hydraulic doors for hotels that you offer... We have purchased and installed doors from you before. We have also supplied buildings with hydraulic doors and know that this building will require reinforcing. Can you please price me both the bi-fold and the hydraulic as I believe the owner will change his mind when he knows what is involved.

6 We are a metal building manufacturer and are designing our hotel building to accept a 40' x 16' Hydraulic hotel door in the end wall of our building. Our customer will be purchasing your door direct and shipping it to Bay, AR. Please provide use with whatever our engineer will need to design our building to accept your door. Our building is an 80' x 80' x 18' with a 4:12 roof slope. the door will be centered in the end wall. Thanks, Jeff Michaels 

7 I need design specs only for hydraulic doors for hotels. IBC 2015, 120 mph, Exposure C.

8 Hi, We are working on a commercial interiors project that may be right for the hydraulic doors for hotels product. We have a limited ceiling height so a traditional garage door is not an option. However something that also folds may work. For an 8'6' high door, how thin could the panels fold up? Thank you

9 I'm looking for a hydraulic door for a hotel, sanded glass. Especially looking for a smooth running hydraulic door that won't take up much space inside, as I want to possibly transform the area for other purposes (office, for example).

10 I would like a price on hydraulic door for a hotel 30 foot wide 13 six high and specs on it please

11 I'm interested in a one piece hydraulic 42x16 hotel  door for a new hotel I'm building in Florida similar to the hydraulic doors for hotels you've done in Miami. The local code requirement is that the door be 180mph wind rated. It would be a basic ocean view glass door with no entry door in it. Would you please let me know what options are available, price and lead time. Do you have installers available or do general contractors usually do it? Thanks-Darrell

12 Working on a hotel in California where the interior designer has requested 2 each 18'x10' insulated glass hydraulic hotel door units that are full insulated glass similar to the Bruce Harmon doors in Denver CO your group built in 2011. Need price for material /delivery/install thank you.

13 I'm looking to replace 4 sliding doors to single  hydraulic doors for hotels.

14 We have a new building project and are interested in using the hydraulic doors for hotels. We have 2 openings 30' x 12' and 37'-4" x 12'. I am looking for help with detailing and designing the required supports for the openings and hydraulic door mounting.

15 All glass clear anodized aluminum frame hydraulic door for a hotel, set for 1/4" glass. This is for a hotel restaurant call the Grub. Something like the hanger door picture.

16 Our architectural plan is to have (7) 22x14  hydraulic doors for hotels. As indicated on this form these hotel doors will be located on side walls and it will also have the following smaller doors on an endwall: (2) doors 10w x 8t (2) doors 10w x 10t (1) door 12w x 12t  I do have the frame drawings available if you need them and the framework is on site.

17 Hi Schweiss Team we are Facade Consultants and responsible for the new Lusail  Hotel Development in Doha (Middle East) According to the architectural design, we have a new challenge for you: we Need Two Hydraulic Hotel Door Units each 15 x 10 meter, double glazed. at first we want to Change some sketches to explain our idea, which is related to your Designer hotel doors sent to China. 

18 I am interested in acquiring more information on hydraulic doors for hotels This would be an exterior installation of about 15' wide by 9.5' high. I am looking to design doors that would blend in with the curtain wall it sits in. The doors need to be a thermally broken system with insulated glass. Any details or literature on a system described above would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

19 I am having a hotel built that is 30' across the gable end. I am wanting a 28' hydraulic hotel door on it, so it will be opening the entire front for access. I would like to inquire about a couple of hydraulic hotel doors for it.  I am located in Damascus, Oregon (suburb of Portland) and was curious if you have someone contracted to install the hotel doors? Could I get some specs to pass on to the builder of the pole barn as to what they nee to beef up on the truss, etc.? Look forward to hearing from you, Brian

20 We have been asked to include 2 horizontal hydraulic glazed hotel doors in a glazing package, each door is 16' x 10' and if possible double glazed. Would look just like the ones on your web site with the red bar stools.

21 I have a client we need two 39 foot wide door 19' 6 inches in height hydraulic doors for hotels. I would like installation details and requirements for the hydraulic system, etc The door jambs will be solid concrete 12" wide the header will be a steel beam as required in size. Tanks

22 looking to have one piece hydraulic operated swing out doors for hotels that are 10ft wide 8 ft high with header prebuilt remote power pack installation, if possible main door done in aluminium to accept glass pain covering, header plate door column flush with inside door thank you Jim

23 Can contact via email anytime or via phone is best after 3 PM ET. Would like to get a quote for 6 hydraulic doors for hotels. I would like them all glass. Hydraulic door openings in hotel building have not yet been cut so there is a small amount of flexibility on sizing. I want it at least 10' high preferable 12' and 10' wide. Also, I would like quotes with and without the glass panel installed. Glass must be bronze and I have glass manufacturer that may keep cost done and would allow me to paint the frames to match upon arrival. List on quote with and without installation. Trying to get a ball park figure on all options.

24 I'm designing a hotel building and was wondering how much hydraulic doors for hotels would cost. The opening is rough.

25 We've got a housing block with a two hydraulic hotel doors leading to the parking garage. We want to specify your doors and add a special perforated or expanded metal panel on the outside.

26 We are bidding the cambria county hotel project in PA. it calls for the replacement of 5 hydraulic doors for hotels. Your company is listed as a manufacture we can use. DO you have a price on this project, and do you have an installer pricing this out? Thank you, P.J.

27 This door will be going in a new hotel building. The building is 80' wide by 100' long with a 22' eve. The hydraulic door for this hotel will be located in a 80' end wall.

28 i am bidding a 100x500x18 they are wanting it estimated 30x16 hydraulic hotel door installed on a gable end non insulated


30 I have a need for a 30 x 16 opening hydraulic door for a hotel. Would like hydraulic door with a walk in door in it. Need price for installation of this hydraulic hotel door also if possible

31 I would like a quote on hydraulic doors for hotels with for a rough opening of 40' wide and 18' high. I would like your crew to install so Please include the installation cost. In the door no windows, we will use glass to cover the frame.

32 I have designed a project in which I would like to use your hydraulic doors for hotels door system. The door size is 26'-0" wide x 15'-0" high. I am in need of all the engineering that will be required, most importantly the header required for the lifting assembly. A number was provided some time ago and that individual has been quite difficult to reach or for that matter call me back when needed. We are located in Southern California and look forward to working with your company on this project. Tony 

33 We are looking at a 30x18 and a 24x18 door in an existing pre-engineered metal hotel building. I have questions on your hydraulic doors for hotels..

34 I'm considering hydraulic doors for a remodel of a hotel. This will have wood framing to accommodate the door. The opening will be 13 feet to ceiling (door mounted above header) and the height of the door in open position would need to be 12 inches or less (if possible). Also, these hydraulic doors for hotels may need to conform to building exterior look for HOA compliance/acceptance. The width would need to be either 14 feet (if set perpendicular) or upto 18 feet (if set at an angle to street). I have not decided yet the final orientation of the door as the bifold has given me different options.

35 this building is in construction and opening dimensions are not set to the fraction of an inch. Building is of steel construction with wood end walls. Please also include a quote for installation of hydraulic hotel doors, and also for contractor installation.

36 I am looking for budget pricing on 28' high x 44' wide hydraulic doors for hotels. The project is going to be at Port Columbus, Ohio for a corporate hotel chain. Please contact me with pricing information on your hydraulic hotel doors. Thank you, Chad Blind

37 I'm considering hydraulic hotel doors for a remodel project. This will have wood framing to accommodate the door. The opening will be 13 feet to ceiling (door mounted above header) and the height of the door in open position would need to be 12 inches or less (if possible). Also, I may need remote openers for these hydraulic hotel doors.  The width on these doors for hotels would need to be either 14 feet (if set perpendicular) or upto 18 feet .

38 I'm building a hotel and am getting close to needing an overhead hydraulic door designed for a hotel. I work construction and have gotten familiar with your doors while I worked for Kiehm Construction out of Lakeville MN. I want a hotel door that will seal the best, because it faces the northwest. I want old man winter to stay outside where he belongs! Door size is 16 wide and 14 high. Walls are precast "FabCon" concrete tip-ups. I believe I can install the hydraulic door for a hotel myself with your recommendations. . Can you help me out with a price quote?

39 I am designing a 6-story hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida and am interested in your Schweiss line of hydraulic doors for hotels. I came across your product as a unique way to separate interior and exterior public space in the hotel. Indoor/Outdoor Bar Openings (2) 12' wide by 6'-6' high Indoor/Outdoor Lobby Opening (3)13' wide by 11'-6" high How much space do the hotel doors occupy in total(including the hydraulics) and what are the clearances required?

40 looking for quote for a one piece hydraulic hotel doors 20 ft wide and 14 foot tall in an existing building, email works better for me but i have voicemail if you call and i cant answer thank you for time

41 I'm working on an addition to a hotel with a three car garage and the owner would love to have hydraulic steel and glass hotel doors to let in light and also provide a covering to the openings when open. There are three doors, (2) are 9'-0" wide x 8'-0" tall, and (1) 18'-0" wide x 8'-0" tall.

42 Replacement hydraulic doors for hotels in Pennsylvania. Schweiss Hotel door for metal constructed building with door opening of 60 ft wide x 14 ft high