Marine Doors

1 I would like to request a quote for a 50x12 hydraulic marine door with insulation (4" desired") delivered to Tony AL, 35773.

2 Have a job that the customer would like to have a 35' wide x 17' tall hydraulic type marine door. We are a Retail Builders yard supplying over 100 contractors with material on a regular basis. Would like to know more about your product. Thank You, Kevin Donahue, General Manager. Spahn and Rose Lumber Co. 03-23-18

3 I am working on a steel marine door building project that will have a 40' wide x 14' high and a 30' wide x 14' high Both Hydro swing doors. Wondering if I can get a quote. Job in Inwood, IA

4 I am working on the design for a commercial project that hopes to incorporate several large hydraulic marine door systems (approx. 13' x 13' clear opening. We are also wondering if it is possible to create a vertical double bi-fold along with a number of other questions. Thanks

5 I'm shopping around for (2) 40' x 26' hydraulic marine doors for a project that im bidding. I would like to talk to you sometime about my different options for my client. Please feel free to call me or email me. 

6 We are contemplating installing a hydraulic door on an existing steel building that is currently open. We are researching our design prints for the construction specs. We would like to have a 14' high x 30' wide hydraulic marine door opening. It appears that we could either place the header within the mainframe, or Attach the header using stub ends. Whichever option appears to be more practical. Can you provide the header as well as the door? Can we order the marine door with remote openers? Do you have any suggestions?

7 I need prices on two large hydraulic marine door shipped to Lago Vista Texas. One will be 50' x 17' and the other 32' x 17'. You can quote both types of marine doors that you manufacture. Thanks...

8 Need approx. cost ea. for hydraulic marine door Opening (30' wide by 16' tall? Voltage required? Mounting on I-beam of metal building

9 I am currently working on a Central Utility Plant in Upper Merion, PA and am looking for a 15' X 15' marine service door that we can mount our curtain wall to in order to achieve a seamless design transition from the door to the curtain wall butting up to it on either side. Ideally we would like to have it as a single pane hydraulic marine door and not split in half by a bi-fold door. The curtain wall is designed to be butt glazed with a 6"-7 1/2" mullion.

10 need quote on a 30x18 hydraulic activated marine door to go on new steel construction and 24x13 existing steel butler building. both in endwalls

11 Building a custom waterfront house on saltwater beach in Home, Washington that will call for two hydraulic marine doors. We have space in the downstairs that opens up at ground level to the water side of the home. The opening is approximately 21' wide and 8' high. Persons walking out of the interior space through the opening would find themselves under a deck that extends 17' towards the water from the water side of the house, and has it's underside approximately a half foot above the opening to the downstairs space. We'd like to provide security to close that downstairs space to the outside (it has access to heated spaces downstairs), but also would like to easily open whatever type of garage-door-sized door whenever weather or outdoor activities demanded access. I'd like to know about the the pros and cons of both the hydraulic lift marine door, as well as the bi-fold marine door in this application. We're also interested in ensuring we can architecturally match the exterior look of whichever door is selected to the structure, which I'm sure that either of your style doors can accommodate. Can you help me out? Thanks, Paul

12 Pricing 56' x 18'H hydraulic marine door. Please provide detailed pricing (estimate) for materials, delivery, preparation and installation. Looking for a install before the end if the year in Ohio.

13 We have a potential new marine floatplane hanger building in the Brainerd lakes area. The exterior will be covered with metal building sheathing Can you plesae quote installed in Brainerd, MN.

14 I would like some general information on your hydraulic marine doors. I am currently working on a project that could work with ya'll's system but on a much smaller scale. Are there any examples of the hydraulic marine doors an outdoor applications? Thanks,

15 We would like to know if you can ship a complete liftstrap bifold marine door to South Africa with spare parts. The door size we require is 5.5m High x 30m Wide. How long before a Schweiss door shipped to a foreign country will take?

16 looking for pricng on 42' x 16' marine doors both bifold strap and single hydraulic. The building wil be a 45'x 80'x16' wood frame (pole type) on my property in Wisconsin.

17 please send a quote and requirements for a 14' high x 24' wide hydraulic marine door door.

18 I'm working on a industrial technical education facility for a community college in Oregon City, Oregon. We are currently pricing our design that includes sectional overhead marine doors at one of the shop spaces. The users would love some overhead cover at this door, so I was curious if a hydraulic marine door was a good solution. As a community college project there is obviously budget restraints. Do you have any sense of the cost comparison of a 10' tall 16' wide bi-fold door compared to a sectional overhead (current spec has insulated glazed sectional overhead).

19 Small boathouse aprox 14x7. Who installs? Approx price for a hydraulic marine door, and install. Separate . Thanks

20 We are putting up a new shop at 60' x 100'. We would like to install a hydraulic marine door on one of the end walls. Thinking about 36'x16' using the hydraulic pump style.. 120/208v supply. What would be the price, delivery and possible installation at our farm in the Leduc, Alberta, Canada area please? Darc

21 We have an existing sliding door on our marina shop that needs overhauled. We would like to discuss our options with a salesperson. Retrofit the old door to straps, new bifold door, or a new hydraulic marine doors.

22 Id like to explore an option to install a 20' wide x 12' high bifold marine door in a marina  new boat display building. Black framed glass...double pane. Regards, Mark

23 I am looking for marine doors  15' 8 1/2 " wide and 20' 10" high. I need to know the specs. Please call me. Have a wonderful day! Don't need installation.

24 I am needing a general estimate for hydraulic commercial marine doors. The opening is 10 feet high by 25.5 feet wide. 

25 Looking to build a new marina storage building and would like to get a price on a hydraulic marine door and compare to a bifold strap door. Marina door to be approx. 50 x 35. Would like a quote on 40' wide and 45' doors please. Marina door will be 16' tall. . Thank you for your time.

26 Can I get an extra remote opener for my Hydraulic Marine Door?  Cost?  Location: Clarion County Marina.

27 We're interested in using bi-fold doors in our Marina project in the Brooklyn Navy Yards and have a couple of questions. The size of the hydraulic marine door that we have in mind is 20'-0" wide by 17'-0" high. Is it possible to have one of the panels as a door? Could you please send us typical details for the marine door, and especially a sill condition?

28 Interested in a quote for 48' wide marine doors bottom seal.

29 I currently have sliding marine doors made of wood that I'd like to replace by either a metal hydraulic  door or a bifold marine door. Dimensions are 40' x 14' 

30 looking for a quote on a 30'x18' Build your own hydraulic marine door kit. I would prefer itemized pricing on the door and hydraulic system separate. Also need to know what kind of discounts you can offer if I pick it up at the factory. Thanks,

31 We will be working with a couple of  24 w 14 t marine door way doors and I would like additional quotes to make it 28 or 30ft wide if possible. The main metal marine building doors are to be fast opening marine doors. Thanks

32 Good Evening, We are currently siding our shop and are very interested in hydraulic marine doors, possibly two. Likely 20 feet high by 32 feet wide,  can assist us with this?

33 Hello, We have two marine doors. They are probably considered very small compared to door sizes you all work with. Each door is 12ft wide by 19 ft tall. I was curious if you could give me a ballpark quote or a pricing guide to both, the bifold door and the hydraulic marine doors. I can email you all drawings of my building if it would help to see it. These two doors can not retract in the building because we want the inside of the building to be completely open, free of doors, tracks, etc. for needed boat antenna clearances.  Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

34 I need prices on a 40' x 14' hydraulic door and a 38' x 12' hydraulic marine doors. Both with remote openers. Going on two steel buildings. 

35 We are electrical contractors currently engaged to install power to hydraulic marine doors for a client. The doors are 11 mtrs across and have 2 x 3 mtr panels with 2 x motors . Can you supply a diagram or information to enable us 1 / Where to run the power supply to too and how it attaches to the door and if there is any other marine door wiring we should have to under take and if so the method of installation . Regards Greg Williams

36 We are looking for two 50' by 18' marine doors that can be installed at our Wisconsin marina.

37 Dear Sir or Madam. I am very interested in your marine door design for my boat storage shed. I would like to know how yours doors perform in the open position during high winds as the doors would remain open during the day until dusk which is when we tend to have our summer storms come through. I am also inquiring if you export to Australia or could I purchase design for building a hydraulic marine door in Australia. Any further details would be greatly appreciated. 

38 Pricing for cost projections on marine doors. May want 2 doors for a "taxi-thru". Must meet marine door hurricane standards for Miami Dade. Will insulate. Quote with and without walk in.

39 We are building a Boat Storage building that has (2) 35' x 35' openings and we are trying to solve the marine doors door issue and I was wondering if you think your marine door system would be a possible fit for our problem. looking forward to hearing from you Scott

40 Requesting a quote for a 30' x 22' marine door. The project is located in Wisconsin  The customer request the building be designed for 100 MPH wind. The marine door cladding will 26 gauge R panel.

41 Looking for quote on 20w x14h Hydraulic open marine door on a wood pole shed. Please give me a quote for a bifold marine door too.