Marine Sealed Dock Doors

1 I have a couple of projects that need your hydraulic doors. The first is a restaurant that has 3 - 12' wide and 2 -6' wide glass windows. Could I send you drawings for a budget price? The second is a high-rise office building that need 2 very large hydraulic  access sealed dock doors for marine loading docks. I could use some basic information on those. Regards, Chris

2 working on marina expansion project that includes service building approx. 90-140 long x 40 deep x 20ft tall first floor ceiling; 6-10 bays, may want multiple bays using same marine sealed hydraulic dock doors so we can make 2-3 boat bay, as well as a drive through building to ramp. Do you have any service bay projects you have done?

3 Have two doors on project in Belle Chasse, LA for C&C Marine bidding soon. (1) 92' x 38' and (1) 86' x 27'. No spec's, just says provide hydraulic  hangar type marine sealed dock doors w/ weather seals.

4 I am planning to build a building in the next six months. I will need a 65' wide marine sealed dock  door with at least a 16' tall opening. I would like a quote on a bit fold and one piece door. Thank you

5 Hello, I am looking for some pricing information for a Hydraulic Marine Sealed Dock Door for an existing building. Door opening is 30'x12'. we will be using the door to open up a coffee bar and use the door as exterior shading. some questions: - are you able to do a simple corrugated metal finish on the exterior? - do you have options for a man door to be added to the garage door? Thank you!

6 Planning a wash bay in an existing shop/machine shed with 14 foot sidewalls. Looking for a marine sealed dock door to maximize headroom. An overhead door looses a lot for the springs, and sliding doors are, well, sliding doors. Looking for an economical hydraulic marine sealed door to utilize existing space. Not in the budget to build a new shop. Interested to see how your door compairs. Thank you.

7 We are a full service lumber yard located in Rouleau Sask. Canada. We provide a lot of materials packages for large Agricultural buildings and I was wondering if you would be able to supply me with information regarding your hydraulic doors and dealer pricing. I currently have a customer near Regina Sk that would be interested in a hydraulic marine sealed dock door 40'wide x 18' high. look forward to hearing from you.

8 Please price hydraulic marine sealed dock doors 18'x50. 20x50 and a 20x60. I will only need one door but wanted these three options. Thank You. (Please email)

9 i have a need for a few marine sealed dock doors for  one of my customers.  Dock doors will be 26 wide by 15 high opening for a industrial plant that makes large concrete pipes in this room they expoxy the tubes and they need a door to keep things dry and moisture down can you provide me a quote for a hydraulic marine sealed dock door with a finished opening size of 26 wide and 15 high and do you supply enginering for the structual that is needed to hold the door please include that in quote also delevired to California.

10 Looking for a price on a fully sealed marine sealed dock hydraulic door. Looking to fill a 20' tall and 40' wide opening. Internal truss. Looking for a ball park price. Would be mounted in a 60x120x24 bison steel building. Thanks

11 I need pricing for a couple of hydraulic marine sealed dock doors  Doors 26x16 for a project we are working on in Marysville, Ohio

12 Good morning, we are a construction company here in Thailand. We currently have a project requiring  hydro marine sealed dock doors with an opening 3m H x 4m W Can you supply? Cost FOB to your nearest port to Thailand. Kit set form including cladding and price excluding cladding. Fully optioned please. We are looking at another job with a 3m H x 5m W Bi-fold sealed dock door as well. Can you price this the same please.

13 We're looking to use a hydraulic marine sealed dock door at a loading dock and apartment building we're working on. We have limited head room and need to go this route instead of a typical roll up door. Please email me with contact info and we can provide drawings for your reference.

14 I have a 30 year old Schweiss marine sealed dock door. It's a bifold door that long ago I replaced the .25 inch steel cable with 6mm Vectran yacht braid. But I am curious A: what the actual weight of the door might be, and B: what tensions can be expected on the cable/yacht braid as I plan improvements 1: The door is about 45' x 12' with steel frame and aluminum sheathing. 2: The door-lift mechanism involves two cables attached to the upper door frame through a welded bar and raised by wrapping the cables around a small axle about 2 cm in diameter. Because there is no brake mechanism for safety sake I think I should also consider a marine dock liftstrap conversion. Your thoughts. Thanks very much.

15 Bifold Doors: I am looking for a quote for three hydraulic marine sealed dock doors. One door needs to be 50 ft wide and 18 ft tall, the next needs to be 20 ft wide and 16 ft tall, and the last needs to be 16 ft wide and 16 ft tall.

16 Please quote on a 55' wide x 16' high hydraulic marine sealed dock door for a premanufactured steel building. Steel building is 62' wide and 20' high. What is the weight of your door please so I can input it in our building design? 

17 Interested in looking at your hydraulic marine sealed dock doors for remodel job to my shop. Door would be 20 x 16 in height. please let me know who I need to contact for an estimate.

18 Planning to erect a steel building (Meuller) for metal shop/event space that will require marine sealed hydraulic dock doors. Looking for very preliminary, approx price quotes for initial planning purposes only: 1) Hydraulic glass panel door 10'x10' 2) Hydraulic glass panel door 12'x10' 3) Hydraulic glass panel 10'x10'         

19 Hi, I am from milford, ne and our doors on our shop are shot so I am interested in your hydraulic marine sealed dock doors. The opening is 17.5' wide and 11.5' tall. We keep our shop heated in the winter so the door will need to be insulated. Could you get me a "turnkey" price for these size marine sealed doors?? Thanks, kurt

20 Looking for more information on Schweiss bi-fold doors and a local installation of your Marine sealed dock doors. These would be hydraulic operated marine sealed dock doors.

21 we have an old bifold  marine sealed dock door 36' wide x 13' 6" high that currently has a cable lift system in dire need of replacement. what do you have available to retrofit this door to a hydraulic marine sealed dock door. 


23 We are looking at using a hydraulic marine sealed dock door to hide loading docks for a Mall project and would like some information regarding structural requirements, the ability to incorporate a set of egress/exit doors, material limitations, ability to incorporate custom perforated metal panels, and cost for these marine sealed hydraulic dock doors.

24 Client looking for price on marine sealed dock doors. Also need to know headroom requirements for the hydraulic sealed dock doors.Thanks

25 Have an loading bay entrance for high end company looking for marine sealed dock doors and aesthetics as well as able to work in a 39' 3" x 14' 7" opening with 9' 0" of headroom. They are looking for a marine door that in the future may have lettering applied or pictures.

26 I also need a quote on 20'0 wide by 16'0 tall hydraulic marine sealed dock door.

27 Hello We had a loading bay entrance door modified a few years ago by Schweiss UK. We now would like some hydraulic marine sealed dock doors. We are based in London, England. Thank You

28 Please quote marine sealed dock door installed, 16' clear. Please email and fax quote as well as design specifications so I can send dock door design specifications to Butler for custom quoting building. Thank you.

29 I'm currently developing a rough order of magnitude for a client's maintenance operation at a port near Istanbul, Turkey requiring hydraulic operated marine sealed dock doors. I'm looking for rough budgetary numbers on the following: (1) clear opening clearances: 60'w x 55'h marine door. The door will be insulated and cladded by us; likely corrugated steel and foam board unless you can suggest a better alternative for a marine door application. If you have guesstimated loads or cutsheets for support framing & header sizes that should be considered, would be much appreciated. I'd like to know how many sea containers would be required for packaging the marine sealed dock door system above. Would be shipping from a port in virginia beach, VA - would like a 'delivered to port' $ number - does not need to include tariffs or taxes at this time, TBD. Very prelim stages, quick guesstimated numbers /- 10% will suffice. Thank you!

30 I have a door on one of my marina storage buildings that is 18'wide x 22'tall would like a quote on  insulated marine sealed dock doors for that space. Respectfully Jeff Seng

31 Good Evening, We are a very small scale fresh fishing sale operation in upstate NY, processing fish as a service for our local producers. We are currently siding our shop and are very interested in a hydraulic marine sealed dock door, possibly two. Likely 10 feet high by 12 to 14 feet wide, maybe even a 10 x 10. Is this anything u can assist us with?

32 This marina building is in construction and opening dimensions are not set to the fraction of an inch. Building is of steel construction with wood end walls. Please also include a quote for installation of  marine sealed dock doors, and also for contractor installation.

33 I'm considering a hydraulic marine sealed dock door for a remodel at a loading dock. This will have wood framing to accommodate the door. The opening will be 13 feet to ceiling (door mounted above header) and the height of the door in open position would need to be 12 feet or less (if possible). Also, it may need to conform to building compliance/acceptance. The width would need to be either 14 feet (if set perpendicular) or upto 18 feet (if set at an angle to street). I have not decided yet the final orientation of the door as the hydraulic sealed dock door has given me different options.

34 Dear Sir: Do you have any contact information about purchasing marine sealed dock doors from an official Schweiss Door agent in China, our customer want buy four marine sealed dock doors. thank you! 

35 Hello, I am looking for pricing information on hydraulic doors for my dock. These would be marine sealed dock doors. I don't have exact measurements at the moment but it is roughly 21'8" x 16'. Thanks, Jeremy

36 Good Evening, We are a very small scale operation in upstate NY, processing seafood as a service for our local producers. We are currently siding our shop and are very interested in a hydraulic sealed marine dock door, possibly two. Likely 10 feet high by 12 to 14 feet wide, maybe even a 10 x 10. Is this anything u can assist us with?

37 Hello There, We need a customized solution for Schweiss specialized marine sealed dock doors. Please send us your brochure for an automated dock  door for a floatplane hangar door. Thanks and best regards. 

38 How do we seal up under our one piece hydraulic marine sealed dock doors. Water is running into our building when it rains. 

39 I purchased a 35 x 16 hydraulic marine sealed dock door from you in 2009 for a project known as Curless Floatplane Flying Service in Astoria, IL. We are looking at a building addition and need another marine sealed dock door 30' x 26' similar to the previous door. Door will have same 24" o.c. horizontal members for panel attachment inside and outside. Please email me quote and specs for steel building company to start initial sealed dock door design/pricing process. Thanks

40 We are just starting to look at replacing two sliding doors with hydraulic marine sealed dock doors so we can get the clearance to get the pleasure boats in the shop. I am really wanting to talk to someone to investigate the retro specs needed to accomplish these marine sealed dock doors and get a quote in the process. Thanks and have a great day Paul

41 Interested in hydraulic 30x14high marine sealed dock doors. Installed...