Micro-Brewery Doors

1 We are working on a design for brew pub modification here in Yuba city California. would like to incorporate a 22' wide x approx. 9' high folding glass micro-brewery door into the design. Hoping you might provide information on jamb loadings, head loadings I will need to design for along with along with spec assistance and pricing. I have a preliminary floor plan and prelim. sections that I can send to you for discussion. look forward to hearing from you. Bob Estrada, Estrada Engineering and Design

2 I'm building a micro-brewery with a porch. Would like to see pricing of a single open hydraulic micro-brewery door. E-mail is the best way to reach me. Thanks Danny

3 Hello, I am interested in a glass hydraulic micro-brewery door to allow exterior access. The rough opening is 9.5' x 16.5'. Please email me at your earliest convenience to see if this would be possible in my area. I live in Washington State.

4 What hydraulic door system do you recommend for opening the side of a large micro brewery door.  Could you please include a price list or dealer in my area? ( 95252 ) Near Stockton or Sacramento CA. Thank you, Treven

5 I sell steel buildings and erect them, I have a customer that would like me to give them a cost on a 30' x 15' hydraulic micro brewery door, please include freight. I have installed one of your bifold doors and think I could surely install a hydraulic door for this micro brewery. Thank You Vince

6 Hi, looking for a quote on 2 micro brewery doors, they will be around 18' x 8'. Going in a liquor/retail store, they should be glass. Any questions please e-mail me. Thanks, Shelby

7 I need a bifold or single panel micro-brewery  window at a sixth floor bar in a new beach front resort hotel near Charleston SC. Does your micro brewery window meet the hurricane wind requirements we have here? Thanks Steve

8 Wondering about pricing for a one piece hydraulic door for a micro-brewery application. The micro-brewery hydraulic door will be clad in stainless steel.

9 Looking for a bi or no-fold micro brewery doors all glass about 12'x12'for our brewery.Please contact me for options. Thanks

10 looking for a hydraulic pivot micro-brewery door for a bar. this will be an inside outside overhead style micro-brewery door that would need to match a clear anodized storefront. this door will only need to fit a 9' wide by 5' tall space. I need to see if you can give me an estimated cost of this. i can send a picture of what we want if necessary. Thanks, Craig Niles

11 I am in the market for a hydraulic micro-brewery door. This door will be used on a new steel building to be designed by American Buildings Company (Nucor). Building will be erected this summer. Are there standard sizes for these doors? For my application I need a clear height of 14 feet As far as the width, I'm flexible ... something around 30 feet The door will be covered in stainless steel sandwich panels (steel/foam/steel). Can you provide me with a quotation including clearances, opening size, etc. for these micro-brewery doors?

12 Please quote me 2 hydraulic micro-brewery glass and aluminum frame doors 28' x 12' opening 26' x 12' opening door frames are already in. Posts 8 x 8" HSS post Top Beam W21 x 68 I Beam Door max size can be 23' x 6" and I trying to keep as close to 12' opening as possible

13 Micro-brewery hydraulic doors needed for a renovated Restaurant... Probably Sway style glass micro brew Doors....four--10 x 10 foot... Rough price please

14 I am currently working on a project in Nashville, TN. We are looking to use an operable glass micro-brewery wall system for a rooftop bar. My client is really interested in the hydraulic mice-brewery doors similar to what you offer. Would you be available this week to look over these plans with me and offer some advice?

15 I'm looking for a quote and spec detail of a bifold or hydraulic glass door for a micro-brewery door in Haight/Ashbury area. I can send drawings and photos. Need this ASAP. Thank you!

16 We are a General Contractor in CHarlotte NC - and pricing a brewery where they specified some sort of hydraulic or pitched out micro brewery windows. (8) of them, at 8'x7' and 8'x6'. wanted to talk to someone about options and pricing. thanks!

17 I need a quote on an 8'w x 10'h all glass hydraulic micro brewery door. This project is for a local micro brewery. It is in an old brick building, the walls and header will need to have some type of steel frame, per your recommendations. Please give me a call Monday after 9:00 EST, to discuss. Thank you, Mike

18 I am planing a new construction brewery near a residential area. I would like to get an idea of what a 40 x 10 hydraulic micro brewery door (my minimum size) and what a 50 x 12 hydraulic door (my maximum size) would cost. Thank you for your time. Mike

19 I am working on an outdoor micro-brewery door bar for a local project (Fort Worth , TX), and I am interested in a hydraulic or bi-fold micro-brewery door system to secure the bar when closed. I would like to speak with my local sale rep to discuss the different product options further. Thank you! Lucy Ives

20 I'm interested in a hydraulic door for my micro-brewery.  Do you make residential style doors that will work as a micro-brewery door? I've filled out the info below as best I can. The building has a wood frame.

21 Looking for estimates on 20', 25' and 30' stainless steel clad micro brewery doors for a commercial building that will be new construction. Also would like to know what this the widest hydraulic micro brewery door that can be put on a 60' wide building.

22 We are working with a client on a restaurant micro-brewery design door in Golden, CO. They are very interested in utilizing hydraulic micro-brewery doors to open their interior restaurant seating to the exterior seating area. I would like to show them a specification sheet of your micro-brewery door product, but I do not see one online. Please email me the cut sheet or a brief PDF with examples.

23 We are doing a remodel for a customer wanting an indoor/outdoor micro brewery bar door. Do you offer a door option that is glazed with thermopane glass? Hydraulic or bi-fold. Maximum opening size is roughly 180 inches wide by 84 inches high. Could be as small as 108 inches wide. Rough order of magnitude quote would also be very helpful, bi fold or hydraulic (or both). Thank you!

24 I would like a quote for hydraulic micro-brewery doors. They will be placed on end walls. Wall will need reinforcement and I think it will be done with steel beams but not 100% certain yet.

25 I am researching the possibility of installing a couple of one-piece micro-brewery doors on one of our buildings. Each one would be approx. 18'w x 15'h. I am looking for a rough budgetary number just to get the process started.

26 Looking for a specialized micro-brewery hydraulic  door. I am looking for a vender and installer in this area. Fort Wayne, IN

27 I am looking for pricing for a one piece hydraulic lift micro brewery designer door, including installation in southeast Saskatchewan. Size is 20ft wide x 18ft high, at least one window and maybe a man door. Thank you, Kelly

28 was just looking thru an old vineyard magazine and saw your hydraulic doors being used as micro-brewery doors. I would like to receive a rough quote on 14x10 and 14x8 hydraulic micro-brewery doors thank you

29 Hello, I'm interested in using overhead hydraulic micro-brewery doors on a project in our old city restaurant and bar district Do you have a rep in the Seattle area? 

30 I would like to convert a cable drive micro-brewery doors to the hydraulic aluminum clad doors. They are in Laurel, MT. Please send an email or phone with the cost of materials..

31 we have one of your hydraulic doors for our micro brewery and now will need another micro brewery door. You can use the same dimensions as the micro-brewery door that was shipped to us two years ago.

32 I am looking for information / pricing on Schweiss hydraulic micro-brewery doors that are clear, full view, insulated glass. The sizes are 9'0" wide x 10'0" tall (Qty-2) and 19'0" wide x 10'0" tall (Qty-1). These need to be motor operated to include all applicable seals. Please include frame material options (i.e.: aluminum, steel) and color availability. Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

33 looking for 2 micro-brewery style one piece doors for a new winery project. Our finish material will weigh 7#/sf

34 looking for 2 of your micro-brewery hydraulic doors for a new beer and winery project. Our finish material will weigh 7#/sf

35 looking for 2 doors for a new micro-brewery door project. Our finish material will weigh 7#/sf

36 The header in my micro brewery doors is a 24 inch steel I beam. I need to get 11 feet 6 inches height to get product inside. With the hydraulic BYOD kit is it possible to get the door flush with the bottom of the header beam?  This door is in Seattle. Thanks Tony 

37 looking for 2 doors for a new winery project where we can make use of your Schweiss micro-brewery type doors. Our finish material will weigh 7#/sf

38 Hello, We are building a micro brewery. Need a manual hydrolic door openener in order for the micro brewery door to open from the top with a full extention. We have two independent wood doors that we want to replace with aluminum clad micro brewery doors.

39 Building a new micro-brewery building with steel siding where we would want two micro-brewery hydraulic lift doors What is the R factor and how good are the seals? What dealer/installers do you have in Michigan?

40 I saw your instalation in Sway in Austin. I am designing a micro-brewery structure in Smithville, Texas that will need a micro-brewery door. One element is a 21.5' wide x 20' tall door with tempered glass panels. I am open to both hydraulic or bifold depending on cost and esthetics. Can ypu provide a quote? Glad to discuss. Regards Tom

41 Hello, I am looking to build a micro brewery in the Edmond OK area. I will be needing 2 large hydraulic micro-brewery doors, please provide pricing for the doors, and separate prices for delivery and labor to install. Im still 2-3 months away from construction but need to put project pricing together today.  The 22' x 14' micro brewery doors are to be with stainless steel decorative cladding. Thanks.

42 Looking at front door/raising window concept for a micro-brewery door space. We saw your work for The General in NYC and loved it!