Military Aviation Doors

1 Looking for military aircraft hanger bifold Liftstrap door for 70'x90' hanger. Planning on 16'x60' door. Please advise.

2 I am an architect working on a project at Ft. Gordon Army Post in Augusta. We are creating a new opening in a CMU to install a 16'(w)X11'(h) hydraulic military hangar door. They want the door to match the adjacent aluminum and glass curtain wall that is also being installed in parts of this same wall. I would like to know the technical details about how a glass curtain wall could be installed on you door assembly. I would also like to get detail drawings showing the door structure and how it attached to the opening. Please call at your earliest convenience.

3 we have a project, Ragon Institute, in Cambridge MA with a military style hydraulic hangar door. Basis-of-design is Schweiss. Do you sell direct or through a local distributer?

4 Looking for costs on both a bi-fold and hydraulic door for a military aviation hangar here in Mobile, Alabama. Size is nominally 58' x 14'. For the bifold price, include straps, auto latches and a battery backup system.

5 I’d like a quote on a hydraulic military aviation door and bifold for a hangar. 42 wide x 14 high. Please send dimensional specs for my building guy too, please. Email is best initially. Thanks, Doug

6 I'm budgeting for a military aviation bifold door in Raton, New Mexico. Need a 40 ft. by 15 ft. bifold with Liftstraps and a mandoor.

7 I am in need of a 12' tall x 42' wide hydraulic military aviation hangar door. My new hangar is located in San Angelo, Tx. I am capable of installing the door myself (skytraks ect.) Please quote a price for the following one-piece hydraylic door. Thanks.

8 Would like a quote for 60 feet wide with a 19 foot clear height military aviation hydraulic door. Would also like to understand the power requirement since this will run off a generator. Thanks

9 Requesting quotation for hydraulic military aviation doors for our hangar project in Phuket Thailand. Dimensions of Hangar 110m x 12m high.

10 I need a quote on a 40'x 10' military aviation hanger door.The customer want the one that just opens straight out with hydraulic cylinders.much like the one in the pic here.Would like a quote installed, going to lexigton sc.

11 I need a quote on a 58x18 hydraulic military aviation door as soon as possible

12 I need a quote on a 58x18 hydraulic military aviation door strap open as soon as possible

13 We have a military aviation door hangar that we would like to retrofit a sliding door with a hydraulic door. If interested please respond by email. Thank You Marvin Foster 

14 I would like to specify your Hydraulic Door in a military aviation door Aircraft Hangar. Can you please provide me a quote and preliminary door specs by email: *40'x19'-6" Hydraulic door *14'x19'-6" Hydraulic door

15 I wanted to know if you can design a hydraulic military aviation door? Owner prefers hydraulic with remote opener. openings-sizes are approximately 44' wide and 18' tall.

16 Would like a price on a 44'x24' military aviation door. Give me a separate price that would make this a Schweiss hydraulic blast door. I think the military now requires all of its doors to be blast proof doors.

17 I am building a 120'x70' hanger and need two 50' wide, military aviation doors and two hangar entry walk-in doors. I am also interested in the price difference between the folding and hydraulic doors.

18 I would like a hydraulic military aviation door for my Morton aircraft repair shop. Who is a dealer close to me? 62356

19 Looking for info on a 60' x 18' hydraulic military aviation type hangar door for an airport project coming up soon. A ballpark estimate on lead time and costs, delivery are what I need now. Sizing and detailing info soon. thanks Jeff

20 I am looking for a quote for a 55 x 14' hydraulic door, with door opening/structural requirements. This will be a military aviation hydraulic door installed in a new building at KMGC (Michigan City Indiana airport), and construction will be in mid December or mid January. Please advise.

21 Do you sell or have source for additional remote control transmitters for our military aviation doors? Mine has on the back- Type52TR2641E2-E4-E2M Remote PWJ024A CEO681 Thanks

22 Have four hydraulic military aviation doors on two hangars purchased in 2006. Quick question. I realize the military aviation doors are now 10 years old.  I realize the motors are 10 years old but, given the amount of actual run time on the motors, I would expect them to last almost forever, am I right or should I anticipate that the Baldor motors will fail in the near future and have a replacement motor on hand?

23 Please Email Requesting a quote for a 40x12 hydraulic military aviation door delivered to Willow, AK (just out of town). This will be in an uninsulated hangar. Please email if you have any questions. Thanks!

24 Plans for a 45 x 200 foot hangar with 4 bays that will require military aviations doors. I will need 4 hydraulic doors. 14' door opening. I have not decided on size of bays, so need pricing on 45', 50', 55', and 60'. will be a combination of these military aviation doors. Are you limited to 5' variations or can it be 48'?? Thanks - we have 3 hangars now - all eaglespan - but one of them has your door. this project will eventually be 7 doors when complete. thanks - margie

25 I have a 35 year old 50 foot sliding hanger door, I was wondering if you have a hydraulic military aviation door for something like this.

26 We're currently budgeting a military aviation door project that calls for the use of a Schweiss hydraulic  lift hangar door, approx. 40'w x 18'H. Looking for pricing information. Thansk

27 Recently purchased an aircraft hangar with sliding military aviation doors. Would like to replace with hydraulic aviation doors.

28 Overall cost (ballpark) for 40 to 45 foot wide military aviation doors x 14 clearance, hydraulic, insulated. shipped to Kenai Alaska.

29 Looking for a 50 x 24 insulated  military aviation hangar door, need price and particulars on your regular hydraulic and hydraulic military blast doors.

30 We live at an airport community in southwest Utah, Grassy Meadows Sky Ranch. Could you provide an estimate for the cost of military aviation doors? We are considering selling our current home to build our "dream home" on adjacent lot. Knowing the approximate cost would help us on both selling and building. Thank you, Caroline

31 Howdy, Just built a 2,500'x250' airstrip at our farm in Bennington, KS. I have an existing military aviation side rolling door which I would like to expand/convert in order to store my plane (C185) inside. The space I want to open up to store the plane is 50'x40'. Looking at both option the bi-fold and the single door. Please advise. Thanks...

32 Hi, I am wondering if the Schweiss grease zerk hydraulic door hinges can be installed on our military aviation doors existing edge of frame to achieve easier lubrication. This door is used for cantilevered platform attached to a building for maintenance machine to go out. 

33 I am looking into purchasing military aviation doors for two hangars that need a new door. Door width is 40', height is between 12-14'. (I haven't been able to measure yet). Could you give me a rough idea of cost for both your hydraulic single and bifold strap lift doors? Thank you, Sean

34 Unfortunately this is a rush quote request and I need pricing within the next 1-1/2 hours. I will also need spec sheets for the items quoted so that the Government can make sure I am quoting the correct items to them. Following is more information: RUBBER STRIP BLACK 1/8"X6" Flexible Weather Stripping for Military Aviation Aircraft Hanger Doors. To Eliminate Air Infiltration while still allowing the doors to operate. Rubber Strip cannot be rigid. 450 feet RUBBER STRIP BLACK 1/8"X12" Flexible Weather Stripping for Aircraft Hanger Doors. To Eliminate Air Infiltration while still allowing the military aviation doors to operate. Rubber Strip cannot be rigid. 50 feet

35 We need comparison pricing for a 42' by 12' military aviation hanger door in bi-fold and hydraulic. We also need product data to pass along to the metal building manufacturer for engineering purposes. You may call or respond by email. Thank you, Brad Mills 

36 looking for a 48' military aviation door. Need aviation hydraulic aviation door to have a walk in door and windows in top section depending on vertical supports.  Is there much of a price difference between military hydraulic aviation doors compared to bifold military aviation doors? 

37 A Bi Fold door from Capital Doors was installed in our helicopter hangar building in 2013. We were using Capital Door in Richmond VA for service, but they appear to be out of business. Who can we contact for service and PM checks from your company to service our military aviation bifold and hydraulic doors? Kathie Bare

38 I am looking for a quote on a 1 piece overhead military aviation doors. Rough dimensions are 40' x 12' for my hanger. Wind load is minimal and should be considered given the address provided. Please email a quote for consideration. Regards, MW

39 Need a price for hydraulic one piece military aviation doors with the measurements 48 x 22 and also need price on a bifold with the same military aviation door measurements. Thanks!

40 needing pricing for a 50'x18 hydraulic military aircraft aviation door for airplane hanger in Urbana Ohio 43078 new Nucor pre-engineered steel building this is a design build project

41 I have designed a military aviation doors project in which I would like to use your hydraulic military door system. The door size is 26'-0" wide x 15'-0" high. The Owner is storing RVs in an oversized Garage. I am in need of all the engineering that will be required, most importantly the header required for the lifting assembly. A number was provided some time ago and that individual has been quite difficult to reach or for that matter call me back when needed. We are located in Southern California and look forward to working with your company on this project. 

42 Old wood military hanger at Newport OR with old wood doors. I need to replace with military aviation hydraulic doors  approx. 40'

43 We are looking for a 50' by 10' hydraulic military aviation door that can be installed in two months time.

44 Bidding on a new airport hanger in Humboldt, TN that will need four hydraulic military aviation doors. Do you have a local rep?

45 Military use hangar is under construction and will require military aviation doors that meet all military blast door specs. I see you have a frame which I assume takes the weight. If not what load is required to taken by the header? The door plan is for 43' x 10' What actual opening size is required? Can you provide a quote?

46 Building military use hangar in AK. I need four 40x20 hydraulic military aviation doors. Working with steel building supplier and need structural specs and pricing. Door options of bi folding vs monolithic military aviation doors. Thanks!

47 We are interested in a 40' military aviation door for a helicopter hangar. Please advise price, availablity, and installation time. Thank you