Modern Design Doors

1 I want a price on a modern design bifold Liftstrap door 20 Ft wide by 13 ft height

2 We are looking at new office space which has a roll up door which the current tenants have walled over and do not use the door. We would like the option of using the modern design hydraulic door, and also want to add light into the space with glass. Your doors seem to offer those options. The door is approximately 12'W x 20'H. Could you please either give me a call or email some ideas on available options. Thank you, Amy Gordon

3 Good afternoon, We are looking for a modern design hydraulic glass garage-door-style window of 8'x10' with a wood and aluminum finish. Would you be able to provide us with information on options in regard to this? Thanks you. Regards, Carolin

4 I need to get prices on 10 glass hydraulic modern design garage doors prox 15 foot wide and 10 foot high.

5 Good morning, My name is Dan Bowman and I work for Drewett Works Architecture in Scottsdale AZ. We design high end custom residential and boutique commercial projects. One project I am working on right now has an RV/Boat garage. We are looking at installing a 14'h x 28'w door to accommodate the height of the RV and width of both the RV and Boat side by side in the garage. I am looking for pricing on your door options that would work in this situation so I can get a better understanding of what type of modern design boat garage door we would use for a solutions to this. The style of the house is modern and I did see the bi-fold doors on the Brooklyn New York project where the exterior perforated metal material was incorporated into the face of the door. We would probably want to use the exterior material of the building to create a unique facade that doesn't look like a huge door. Thank you!

6 Looking for a glass modern design hydraulic door. 20'-4"W x 11'-10"H. Industrial building converted into office spaces. Prefer a transparent or translucent plastic infill in liue of glass of available.

7 I'm working on a modern design hydraulic door project where I'm needing upward lift doors. It needs to be transparent, so mostly glass. The most important part however is that I don't have a lot of height to work with so I'm wondering what your thinnest profile glass option door would be. My opening height is only 8' high and I don't want the height of the door when fully open to drop the head height lower than 7' - higher is even better. This door would also have to raise and lower in between some handrails, so I can't use side columns. Is this even possible? If someone could contact me with a solution, that would be great. Thanks.

8 Greetings, I am collecting information for an upcoming retail modern design doors renovation. I was originally thinking about utilizing an 8' glass garage door to open from the ground level space to the adjoining shoppers patio. I stumbled across a picture of one of your hydraulic designer doors, and thought that it might be a better option. I like the idea of the door doubling as a large canopy rain shelter when it is in the open position. I am interested in both the bi-fold strap type and the hydraulic. The hydraulic may be a better option from a clearance and larger canopy perspective, but I will need to make structural modifications either way. I am envisioning something similar to Brian Tavares' project which is highlighted on your website. Is there any way you can provide rough order of magnitude pricing for a 14' wide 8' high hydraulic modern design Schweiss door so I can determine if it is something I can continue to consider? Thank you, 

9 I'm looking for modern design hydraulic garage doors (2-12x10), preferably something modern/contemporary to match our home. I'm looking for options and looking to make a decision in the next week. I have a quote for traditional garage door in a modern aluminum/glass configuration. But I'd prefer a vertical bi-fold or hydraulic. doors to avoid hanging tracks from ceilings.

10 Interested in purchasing a modern design Schweiss bi-fold. or hydraulic door with the new style automatic latch straps and one walk door. The door will be mounted on the exterior of a metal arch Quonset building. We will need a frame to mount the door.

11 I am looking for a quote on a hydraulic modern design glass clad designer door at a restaurant in Los Angeles. Please contact me anytime.

12 Just need a rough estimate on a 40'x11' Schweiss modern design lift door, and how much head room I will lose on the 11' high door opening. Thanks, Gary  

13 I need a quote on a modern design hydraulic front store door I will send the plans as soon you contact me!!

14 Need price ASAP FOB Chattannoga TN 1 each 13' x 8' and 1 each 18' x 8' outward opening hydraulic modern design door Metal panel Insulated Do you have an Installer in TN

15 I have a matte black Lester building also from Minnesota and I would like a modern design matte black hydraulic door ,no windows.The door opening is 18 feet wide by 13 feet tall.I would like to get a price and also check the turnaround time on this.Thank You,Erik Enyart You can call 1-608-575-1744 or email at As soon as possible.Thank You

16 Can the Bifold and hydraulic modern design doors be made with aluminum versus steel and is there a cost difference? Shipping is a large part of the cost of the unit. Is it possible to buy the electrical components and the hardware associated with the hydraulic designer doors and build the required frame at a local machine shop? 

17 We will be building a Power Plant for Harvard University in Boston, Ma starting in March that will require your modern design hydraulic doors. This Project has Five (5) Exterior Electrically-Operated  Glazed Aluminum Doors. Sizes: One (1) @ 11' x 22'-3", One (1) @ 16'-6" x 22'-3", & Three (3) @ 22'-0" x 22'-3" Would this be a Project your company might be interested in? If so, please get back to me at your earliest opportunity. 

18 I am just looking for a price. Chicago zoning ordinance may not allow for a hydraulic modern design door. They have 8 foot height restriction. I need a bifold for my camper. I am estimating height and width of door so they may change.

19 hello i am remodeling my home and require a quote for two modern design hydraulic garage door units. just like the brian tavares resident in pennsylvania. each door is 7x8, the garage is wood frame and steel construction. thank you

20 I am currently working on a modern design door project in Sacramento, CA. We would like to use glass hydraulic designer doors and would like to get a rough price estimate. There would be 2 doors, ~24' wide, with a ~9' head height (which could go higher). I would like to be able to match the storefront system around it.

21 Hello. I'd like a rough estimate for a modern design glass hydraulic operated garage door. It will not be used for our garage, though. We'll be using it to open up our living room, so I'd also like some information on how you insulate these doors. Thank you.

22 I need two modern design doors. This is for a luxury home located in Saddle River New Jersey. Opening size is 8"-0" z 17"-0" I want to finish the face of the modern design doors with my own carpenters if possible.

23 I am looking to purchase two 14 x 10 hydraulic lift modern design glass doors for a project i am working on. Could you give me a budget please supplied and installed in Oakville Ontario.

24 We're looking for a hydraulic modern design glass garage doors to be installed in our house that goes out to our deck, and wanted to inquire about the price / products available. We're hoping for something along the lines of what the Colorado contractor used in your Schweiss Must See Photo section. That is a great looking modern design door.

25 I am working on a high-end residential project and would like to discuss the use and details related to your Schweiss modern design doors. The building structure is concrete and the hydraulic cylinder lifting door will have an exterior wood finish. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks, Joe Raia

26 Hi there, I'm building a small artist studio-an engineered steel building-and was planning on installing two glass panel, modern design garage doors. I found some pictures of your hydraulic designer doors and I'm curious if they would be a better fit for the project. Do you make designer doors as small as, say 12' wide by 8' tall? Thanks, Will

27 I would like a price on 40' X 12' modern design  doors.

28 We have a customer that needs service on multiple modern design hydraulic doors. Do you have a preventive maintenance check list? Also what is the estimated time that it takes to perform a P.M.?

29 I'm looking for an approximately 12'X 12' hydraulic modern design doors for a preexisting structure where there is currently no door.

30 we are bidding modern design doors on a custom garage in Queens, NY. We need pricing info and leadtime info on custom garage door fram - Schweiss hydraulic steel frame system. Door size is approx 20'-9" wide x 13'-2 high. Please contact me for more detail. I can send you the drawings. Thank you.

31 Hello, I am building a new crafts shop and am looking to do a 18'x 10' hydraulic modern design doors. Can you give me some pricing for the hydraulic or the bi-fold strap modern design doors? Thanks, Marc

32 Need a price on modern design hydraulic doors to attach to existing building I beam frame. door to be 54' x 18' with single phase electric.

33 I have a need for a 45 ft hydraulic modern design door. I am looking to price your Schweiss interlocking insulated panels and shipping to Fairbanks, Alaska

34 I have a customer that is replacing a sliding door on the gable end of an existing building. His opening is 14' 8"x14'-1/2". He would like to put a modern design hydraulic door in. Can you call me back with the size that is available and a cost of your modern design one piece doors. Thanks, Drew Power Lockridge, Inc.

35 I have a sliding door and would like to know if you have a modern design hydraulic door kit I can replace it with. I. would like to see the manual for the kit and price. Roger

36 I have a 42 foot hydraulic Schweiss modern design door. Explain the cost and installation of a  emergency door open option in case of a power outage.

37 We are looking at a 30x18 and a 24x18 modern design doors in an existing pre-engineered metal building. I have questions.

38 Am interested in several bifold glass modern design  garage doors for new home construction. Please call to discuss. Thanks. Bill Redmond

39 I need a price on a 18' x 12' modern design hydraulic designer doors going to Lawrence, KS Please price materials, and install please. Can you also send me the specs on your modern design doors  please, so I can give to the factory. Thank you. Michelle Jones

40 Looking for pricing on modern design doors, your hydraulic modern design doors and possible option for bi-fold (2nd choice) for a retrofit project. 50' wide x 18' high. Thanks, Greg

41 I want to use your one piece hydraulic modern design door lifts on a residential garage that will be  only 9ft wide x 9ft tall. I need to know the pump size? We are already planning to use a phantom park car lift (subterranean) which will also require a Power unit. I need to find where I can locate these modern design garage doors. Sincerely, Ben

42 we are quoting a wood frame building to a customer he has requested a quote for two 48' x 17' 6" modern design hydraulic designer doors, can you help?