Museum Doors

1 Looking to get a quote on Six (6) 35' Feet High by 30' Feet wide hydraulic museum doors. Please call me with any questions.

2 We are looking for several hydraulic museum  overhead doors for our project in NYC. door sizes are (1) 20' wide and (2) 24' wide. all 3 are 14' tall. In order to confirm the design of these doors is feasible, I was looking for typical details, clearances, etc. Please confirm if you are able to provide this data and if you need any additional information from us. Best, Andrew

3 Our firm is designing a steel beam and column connection to support a 38' wide by 16' tall Hydraulic Museum door. We need to know how much these doors typically weigh in order to get the effect it will have when opened. The beam is a couple of feet below the roof line and the trusses run perpendicular to the wall, so bracing may be complicated.

4 We are looking to do hydraulic museum designer doors, clad in rusted steel, which flush out to the exterior of the garage finish. I would like to understand the components of your system so I can detail head and jamb conditions correctly. Are we able to use your system with a custom tube steel door frame? If so, what would the weight restrictions be?

5 I own a 60 by 80 cleary building and the doors are sliders the don't fit real tight , so I was looking for a different door . I spoke to a overhead door company about a door they said I should look into a. Schweiss hydraulic museum door.

6 Hello, I would like to request a budget for a project here in Cleveland. Dimensions verified per field check. I have worked with the design firm on several other designed with horizontal glass museum doors. Glass designer museum door, no spec. 1/4" clear tempered glass Exterior finish to match kawneer storefront, clear anodized. (2) 9-11 x 6-0 (1) 13-9 x 6-0 (2) 10-0 x 10-0 

7 We have a customer who needs a 50' x 11' clear hydraulic operated museum door, located in Aguanga, California. Need pricing and your frame requirements for the door jamb. Thank you.

8 Residential scale museum doors is currently in design and engineering. Hydraulic quiet running museum doors will be glazed. Need to understand door head and lift channel sizes and requirements. One of the four doors listed below will be 19-0' wide by 8-0 high.

9 I am look for a bid for my WWII aircraft museum building. I have a 16' tall opening X 45' wide opening for two museum doors, big enough to bring aircraft in and out of the museum. I appreciated reading about the Fagen WWII museum doors he placed on his outstanding museum. I also need installers to check structure for installation. Thanks Carl 

10 Looking for small window (made from your one piece hydraulic door) for a service walk up window for a museum door.

11 Hello, I would like a quote for a non insulated bi-fold & hydraulic door option to replace the sliding doors with Schweiss museum doors

12 The hydraulic museum door I want is the same width but 9' 41/4" tall. I have an elevation of the storefront I can send as well. If you can get me a budget number asap... and we can get details once I have approval on the price range that would be great!

13 I have a customer who would like to install a glass paneled hydraulic museum door and like a quote. What is frame material and do you have a sell sheet for residential. Does door come with glass or will glass be installed by other. Color options. Thanks for your help. Clear opening to be 20' x 9'.

14 We have a home renovation underway and now we'll need some museum doors large enough for easy access to bring in and take out various displays.. We are looking at options for maximizing headroom and came across your website where we saw some of your other Schweiss museum doors. Rough opening is 10' x 6'8".

15 Dear Sirs I'm looking for your branch office or REP in Europe. We're during the negotiation with our standing customer for quite impressive airplane hall hydraulic museum doors. I need to talk someone. looking forward to your prompt reply. Your sincerely Christopher Lominski

16 Looking for some Specs on a 40' wide x 16' tall opening on a hydraulic museum designer door. Is that something I can get easily ?

17 Looking to put a one piece 20'wx15't hydraulic museum door in the eve wall of a wood frame building. Is this possible and what does the cost look like? Building has 17' side wall with 2' overhang and a 2' 3 piece laminated header across doorway. Your Schweiss hydraulic museum doors on your website are outstanding.

18 Hydraulic museum doors 30x30 clear. Need a Revit family or CAD if Revit is not available

19 Looking to upgrade existing 36ft. museum door to either type Schweiss hydraulic or bifold door system and possible remote control

20 We have at least 6 ea hydraulic museum doors at this location that need to be installed on a upper and lower level. Can you please assist us in locating a installation company and one that services these museum doors.

21 I am planning to build a aircraft museum with a 60' hydraulic museum door. Sidewalls of steel building will be 19'. What is needed for the header and good height for museum doors? I need 18' height or taller. Thanks, Chris Knox

22 We're looking to install a custom 30' x 9.5' hydraulic lift museum door on a large museum in San Diego CA. We're interested in manufacturing and installation processes and advice for this so we can start figuring our engineering and sourcing, as well as how to coordinate custom design features. Thanks in advance!

23 Requesting pricing for hydraulic museum doors, 18' x 8', with framing to support 16 ga. Corten siding panels and sub-framing.

24 have a customer that is looking for 3 museum doors for his new farm museum building.2- 24 x 14 1-20 x14 hydraulic museum barn doors.

25 We are building a structure to display classic and exotic cars using hydraulic museum doors. It would make for some awesome pictures! I can email drawings if that will help with the pricing. Thanks and looking forward to seeing what you can do on the museum doors quote. Nick

26 Project currently in design stage, we are looking at options and I remember seeing these doors at the Children's Museum in Boston during a visit several years ago. Are there any museum doors installed in the Atlanta Metro area we would be able to look at? Something more in the public areas, not private residential. Looking to match hydraulic opening museum doors with the building skin/configuration so the door is as 'invisible' as possible. I would be able to provide more information, in the form of Sketchup model, CAD drawing (elevation) or other. So it is going to basically be a glass (storefront type) hydraulic museum door with possibility of some stucco panels as used in the lobby level of the project. the loading dock door is one level below due to grading (about 10%) at the street level along the front of the project. Thanks.

27 Looking for a quote on 30'x14' and a 30'x16' museum doors installed to compare the difference of price between the two. We are still in the design phase so I am not positive if it will be traditional bifold or hydraulic museum doors.  One question - is it difficult to finish and insulate the inside of the bifold with the drive system and other features attached to the door?

28 I am looking for some general information on glass one-piece hydraulic doors for a aviation museum door. I saw you had a similar hydraulic museum  door that was 30x14. Could you tell me the estimated costs for this type of door and how long it takes to recieve and install? Thanks so much for your kind help! 

29 Need a quote for hydraulic museum doors for the following dark bronze aluminum doors glazed with clear low e tempered insulated glass all panels (3) 17'4" x 10' hydraulic doors

30 Our project is a new hangar space available building for the National Aeronautical Council (NAC) located in Victoria, BC. The hangar will house an important component of the Canadian war planes museum, which will be shipped and assembled on site. The doors must be 10m x 10m (32ft-9.7in x 32ft-9.7in), motorized, air-tight, weather sealed and insulated. Can you please provide the appropriate door type options along with their specification information and price quotes? We would like to receive the information as soon as possible as we need to include your specifications in our design development report. Thank you.

31 I'm looking to get some pricing on two 20'-0" wide by 10'-10" tall (opening size) hydraulic museum doors. I would like the door to be full vision and the frame to be black. I'm wondering how much customization is available in the location of the mullions. Please call me if there are any additional questions or information required.

32 To Whom it May Concern, We are an architecture office located in Boston, MA and are working on a "premium" museum door project for the Canaan Motor Club located in Canaan, NH. The project will consist of approximately 12 bays meant to store luxury vintage sports cars. Each bay will have a hydraulic museum glass door on the front and back entrances, plus 6 additional doors for a mechanic bay. The Schweiss museum doors seem a perfect fit. It you could please provide a preliminary quote, it would be much appreciated. Best Regards, Kyle Coburn

33 I'm looking for museum doors for our insulated garage/workspace. The glass (dual pane) can come in rectangular frames. The opening is about 23ft x 11ft.

34 Would like a price on museum doors similar to the museum doors shown in your Must See Photos. These are hydraulic museum doors with opening of 16'x16'

35 Would like prices on build your own museum doors also. upper cross beam is a steel 12" I beam, with 8X8s at each end.

36 The automatic door latch on my 8 year old 40' door from another manufacturer is broken. The first chain link, connected to the "D" welded to the drum, pulled through. The cable now has a kink in it. I'm tired of this door and want one of your quality Schweiss hydraulic museum doors instead.

37 This museum building is in construction and opening dimensions are not set to the fraction of an inch. Building is of steel construction with wood end walls. Please also include a quote for installation of these museum doors, and also for contractor installation.

38 We have an automatic latch bi-fold door installed on one of our museum buildings and now would like to try one of your hydraulic museum doors like the museum doors you featured in the New Orleans museum building. 

39 I need a quote for (2) doors for a family museum doors project I'm working on in Marithon, FL.  A hydraulic museum door 47' x 26' and another museum door 45' x 18' Thank you, Paul

40 Looking for a price on four Museum Doors 30' W x 11' H insulated pre finished metal c/w automatic power, and a man door in the large museum  door. These units are to match hydraulic museum door work done in 1999, in Brantford, ON. Please provide your price, FOB POINT, & DELIVERY from Approval Drawings. Shipping Weight also. Thank you,

41 Hello I need a quote for a hydraulic door sized to fit a steel museum building rough opening of 38' x 9'6". Museum doors delivered to zip code 78962. I will also need load specs for Mueller building engineers. What is the lead time for delivery? Thanks.