North American Marine Doors

1 I am an architect in Florida working on a custom residential (contemporary/marina) home in Naples. and we are wanting to integrate a large (approximately 10x14 North American marine door that pivots and lifts into a horizontal position) custom door. We initially have designed the layout to accommodate a nanawall system but really like the idea of pivoting a large (wall of glass) up into a horizontal canopy. I have drawings & concept sketches of the house if helpful. I would like to work with someone directly to work through the concept and finish anticipated aesthetic of the door & it's operable parts. The owner recommended your company for me to investigate. Please feel free to call or email. Best,

2 I'm looking for hydraulic North American Marine  doors for a construction project in the Dominican Republic. They would be balcony doors, mirrored thermal pane glass. If possible please let me know.thx

3 Please provide a cost for a 50' wide x 20' tall North American Marine hydraulic door to be installed in a pre engineered steel building. You can call my cell for more information. Thanks

4 Hi, I require a quote for an North American architecture marine door for a client about 15m by 12.7m, approximately how much would the cost be without installation? Kind Regards, Celine Wilk

5 I need to speak with someone about two 45'x15' door options. One Bi-fold and one Hydro North American Marine dock door. The door will be installed in a MFG'd steel building. Thanks, Josh

6 Would like price on hydraulic North American Marine bifold door 18 ft. high x 20ft wide for a steel building

7 I sent for a quote on your North Americcan Marine Doors. I am also in need of the engineering data for the structural engineers to complete their calculations and supply the completed information to the building department. Could you please email them to me? Thank you.

8 We are in the design phase of a new cmu (concrete block) pump building, that will incorporate two North American Marine doors (approx. 10' x 12'). We have used steel roll-up doors in the past, but they are very heavy and we have had problems with them breaking in the strong winds we get in our area (high desert). Your hydraulic or bi-fold doors seemed like they might be a good and attractive alternative. Have you ever specified them for a block building, similar to our project? If so, what are some possible advantages? Strength and reliability are of utmost importance to us. Thanks!

9 we're looking for a solution of vertial bi-folding doors or hydraulic North American marine doors  with aluminium cladding in Hongkong, the size is about 15 feet in width.

10 Our client has a 16' tall (to the eave)steel frame building with main frames 25' o/c. They want a price on 2) hydraulic North American Marine doors 12' high x as wide as will work in the 25' bays. The 2) doors will go side by side. The frame columns are 6" wide, can both doors share a column? Can you send details with what you need to mount this door? Call if you have questions or need clarification. Thanks, Ron

11 Good morning. I am considering using a number of one piece-type doors in a house I am currently designing in the Netherlands. Do you have a European representative/ is it possible to order your North Americcan Marine doors for delivery in Europe? Jan Benthem

12 Goodmorning, We like to be informed if we can use your North American marine doors methode to close a swimming pool 10mtr x 4mtr Regards, Jerrel Boldewijn Manager Boswec Nv

13 Dear Sirs! On behalf of our company management, let me request a quotation for a hydraulic one piece North American Marine door. Required specifications in details are as follows: the marine door dimensions: Length: 22000 mm., Height: 6500 mm., seal - sandwich panels, total seal weight - approx. 2000 kg., i.e. 14.3 kg. per square meter.We need all locking, lifting and other mechanisms as well as design documentation needed for erection and, if possible, we need a supervision of erection. Framework and seal will be manufactured by ourselves. 

14 Hello We recently connected a North American Marine hydraulic door at the Structural Engineering Laboratory at Canterbury University in Christchurch, New Zealand. The users believe from the manuals that the open and close buttons should be momentary press only and that the door should continue to run to the full open or close position without needing to be held in. Can you confirm this or not as the wiring diagram seems to indicate otherwise. Thanks for your help. Steve OShaughnessy

15 Request for quote for a Schweiss North American Marine hydraulic door to be installed on the side of a 10' Sea Container.

16 We are interested in hydraulic North American Marine door options for an existing steel building and would like to have someone contact us to discuss. Thank you.

17 I need a quote and loading to our building for (2) Vertical lift hydraulic North American Marine doors: 1. 92?-0 Wide x 38?-0 Height, going on Main. 2. 81?-7 Wide x 27?-0 height, going on a Leanto. Single panel doors, 161?-0 Mph wind Speed Going to Belle Chasse LA. Please note we need the loading for each of the framed opening to go on these buildings. Can you give me a time frame when I will get this back?

18 I have a 12'x42' opening on a warehouse needing a North American Marine hydraulic door. I sold the plane but am looking for a marine door that is economical to make it into a work shop. Recommendations?

19 Dogwood Industries manufacturers Olympic Folding Buildings. Service area is North America. We are interested in your North American hydraulic door product. We would like to assemble the door panels in our factory, install our cladding and ship the completed panels along with your hardware, together with our building panels. Is this something that is possible? our clients are active in the mining, oil and gas industries. I would appreciate your feedback.

20 Hi What is price the door 12x4,1m. Can you send North American Marine Doors to Estonia? Your Maine doors come highly recommended.

21 Hello, calling from Australia and are looking to install three 15 x 60' North American Marine Hydraulic doors. If shipping will be too prohibitive for the door itself we would be interested in purchasing your hydraulic unit and cylinders to be used with a locally manufactured marine door. Kind regards Andrew

22 Building to be a 50' x 50' x 15', 1:12 slope. Quoted for International Building Code 2009, 130mph wind load. North American Marine hydraulic doors to be located at Left and end wall. Please provide loading on door. If you have any questions, please call or email me. Thanks

23 Do you have an agent in Melbourne Victoria Australia who builds your North American Marine Door system using hydraulic Schweiss doors.

24 2 Bi-Fold doors 70'0" x 22'6" In North American Marine Door Buildings. Located in high sidewall of a single slope building What type of support steel is required ? Pricing

25 We are looking for North American Marine doors with a black frame inside and out. approx. size is 44' x 18', these need to be hydraulic marine doors.

26 Dear Sir We have 3 strap converted Bi Fold doors and two Hydraulic doors and require another North American Hydraulic door. These were all supplied by a company who are no longer in Business Can you please advise who could supply our new American hydraulic door 21mtrs X 6mtrs and who can service our existing doors here in the UK Many thanks Roy

27 We are building in the next 6 -9 months a 150x150 overseas marine airplane hangar. Need to know the biggest available North American Marine door that we could use in this building. Also pricing.

28 Need budget price for your Schweiss North American Marine type showroom doors to be used as (1) wall of a conference room. Approx. size: 8' tall x 18' long.(glass panel option) Need info on framing/ structure required for door. Acces to 2nd floor / door ship size. Need budget price. Please contact me to discuss.

29 We are looking for a One Piece Hydraulic One Piece North American Marine door system for Lima, Peru.


31 I am interested in Build Your Own North American Marine Doors, but only see the hydraulic system listed on your web site. Do you offer a North American Marine Door kit for the strap system? I am currently building a residential house with a 2 level glass front. I am interested in putting an outer security door similar to the one shown on your web site covering a store front. As the construction is overseas and I have a welding shop available I would only be interested in the motor/strap system and other electronic security/safety devices. Construction is entirely reinforced concrete however steel I? beam or other members can be incorporated as we are still completing the design. I look forward to your response. Regards, Ryan

32 Hydraulic North American Marine doors with header that locally procured? If there are heights and widths that if you stay less than the is considerable savings I would like to know that info. Door height I want 17 foot of clearance what ever door height needs to be to achieve that Do you have an install team? And is price quoted installed? Is the steel building manufactures that a familiar what the building needs to be for the marine doors? Thanks Paul


34 I will be out of the country until Monday. Email is preferred before then. We have had an emergency with a 35-year-old North American marine door from another manufacturer. It just catastrophically failed and will need to be replaced immediately with a Schweiss  hydraulic North American marine door.

35 Dear Sir: Do you have any contact information about offical North American Marine Door agent in China, our customer wants buy a hydraulic North American Marine door. thank you! 

36 Hi there, I'm an architect from New Zealand. We are currently specifying 2 North American Marine doors for our project 'commercial bay', can be found on our website, I'm interesting in some technical North American Marine door information on the glazed glass hydraulic one-piece doors you provided for the Canadian Operations Centre. Any information you can provide would be helpful. Thanks Sebastian

37 we are a JIT supplier of special and standard hydraulic cylinders to OEM customers in North America.. We would be interested in engaging in a conversation regarding your special requirements for your North American Marine Doors and would be interested in becoming a supplier to you for your hydraulic cylinders needs (to your specifications). Who would we contact in your purchasing/ engineering departments? Thank you for your response.

38 I am designing a house in a marina in Charleston, SC, and I am looking for a North American Marine Door system that will allow me to have an aluminum frame and glass window in the kitchen area that I can open and use as an awning over the bar counter. We have specific requirements for hurricane resistance.( we are in a A-E flooding zone area ) I would like to have more information about your hydraulic marine door system and a quote.

39 Hi, We've been asked to quote on an aircraft hangar in Victoria (Australia) using your North American marine hangar doors. Can you send us some information on a tilting door approx. 18m wide x 6m tall? Regards, Jason.

40 I have a building in which the back bay North American Marine Door is open. The size opening is 50 ft by about 14 ft. also there is no concrete in back. So another Schweiss North American Marine door would need a footing to close against. What would my cost be with the new marine door, installation, and concrete work. IF your price is what I can afford we will get a more detailed measurements and building requirements. 

41 We are looking for a quote on a 16' x 50' North American Marine door. Would like quotes on bi-fold option as well as hydro door.