Ocean View Doors

1 Hello, In need a a hydraulic window wall system that will open up to our patio. We are close to the ocean- so any options to protect the door would be helpful. Please send me pricing for 10x8 hydraulic door.

2 Looking at three doors like the all glass architectural on your web page. These will be pool house doors overlooking the ocean in Georgia. We can install ourselves with your support. Appx size 20' x 10' please provide price and delivery time. We are in the design process now for our pool and pool house with construction to start as soon as we get things on paper. Would like to have them wind rated in case a hurricane decides to pass our way,

3 We are renovating our home and are interested in a glass hydraulic door for the living room exterior wall that will be looking out to the sea shore.. Size would be 30'x9'. Thanks,

4 I am looking for standard wood hydraulic ocean view hydraulic doors for residential use, approximately 7 x 16. Shaker style perhaps, metal won't last here to close to the ocean. I don't see them on your web site, i you could forward me some options and estimated pricing. Thank you, Karen Wilson

5 We are looking for options for a pool house using your hydraulic designer door to give us an ocean view glass door. We have an 8 foot x 12 foot wide opening that want glass doors fors. Options would be bifolding doors stacking doors or a garage type bi fold as we will not have area for a traditional overhead garage track inside of the pool house. Any assistance would be appreciated.

6 I am interested in a hydraulic ocean view hydraulic door for a new post and beam residence in Bar Harbor, Maine. The framing dimensions the door would fit into are 9'x9'4" roughly. The door itself would need to be clad in glass in keeping with the house. I am interested in rough quotes and lead time. Thanks for your time

7 Hi. We are currently building a home in Vancouver, British Columbia, designed by Olson Kundig from Seattle. We require a hydraulic glass ocean view door 25'6" x 9'. The ocean view glass door needs to be water tight as it is in a residential application. Please advise if this is something you can provide. On the same project, we also require a hydraulic garage door 23' x 8'6" that will be clad in steel or bronze and insulated on the interior. Thank you.

8 Not sure if you are able to deliver to Hawaii, but if so please provide estimate for a Hydraulic OCEAN VIEW GLASS DESIGNER door. Existing building has 8" CMU side walls with steel truss spanning the width of the door. I can provide structural drawings if needed. Please let me know if you need more information. Thank you.

9 We are interested in a hydraulic fast opening ocean view door for our home. We are based out of San Jose, California. Do you have a location around here or is there a way to see these doors operate. I couldn't find any pricing for a standard size 16x8'. We are interested in bi-fold with see through panels and steel finish. Thanks for your help. Regards, Alexander

10 We required hydraulic one piece glass doors for our swimming pool project. Building size is 85 feet (Width) x 45 feet (Height). Need estimate and proposal on a large ocean view entrance door to the pool house.

11 Looking for a quote for a 32 ft wide X 14 ft high Hydraulic Ocean View Designer style doors Silver reflective Viracon Glass, custom color frames for a University project in Florida Door must have a NOA Certificate. Timing for bids ASAP Construction beginning in March Delivery late Summer Can forward plan and Elevation Drawing if the above crirtria can be met

12 I am looking for pricing on double pane Hydraul Ocean View Designer Doors for a restaurant. The size of the window is roughly 10x15 and we are looking to have 7 total doors made for the space. Please call me for more details.

13 We are working on a ocean side project in Maryland. They are looking for the following openings: (4) 50' wide x 20' tall located in an endwall (8) 30' wide x 20' tall located in a sidewall Our building is 200' x 750' x 39', 1:12 slope I am looking for your ocean view doors and product recommendation, details for framing requirements. I need this asap. Thanks!

14 I need a price on a ocean view one-piece door that covers a 16 ft wide opening and opens to at least 8ft. I have room to do a 12 ft ocean view hydraulic one-piece glass door if that is what it take to get a 8ft opening. I need to know how much room it takes from the back of the door to where another wall could be installed if they wanted to.

15 I have a client that wants to build a home in Weirsdale, Florida. I would like to present him with quotes for both of your quality ocean view door types. We are still in design stage for his building and we currently have 30' x 12' door shown on our drawings. Thanks for your time, Ron

16 Just need a quote on 9 x 9.5 ocean view hydraulic door opening. What material is utilized for doors? For bifold garage door. Thanks in advance, Tammy Orms

17 Hi, We are designing a high-end residential building in Miami Fl. with 25 individual 2 cars garage. I would like to coordinate with your company a possible presentation of your hydraulic garage and ocean view doors to our client. Kind regards, Pat

18 Hi, I came upon your hydraulic doors while researching for my residential project. I've got a large wall facing a lake in a cabin like structure. I was thinking a bifold or hydraulic lake view door could look great. Would you be able to give me a rough estimate of cost for a 24' wide by 10' high version of your ocean view doors that would maximize the size of the glass panes to let more view in? Thanks, Ruda

19 Hi! We are working 2 ocean view door projects (1 residential tower and 1 office tower). We are interested in using your ocean view hydraulic doors for our project . I wonder if you have the revit file of your products that we can use. Thank you!

20 We're building a pool house and want a large hydraulic ocean view door with mostly glass that can also act as a shade/awning when open. Door will remain in open position during warm months and will be subject to occasional strong winds, so we may need some type of support pins for additional support.

21 We're building a pool house and want a large hydraulic ocean view door with mostly glass that can also act as a shade/awning when open. Door will remain in open position during warm months and will be subject to occasional strong winds, so we may need some type of support pins for additional support.

22 We have a customer who is interested in  hydraulic ocean view doors on a beach home, and on an opening for an RV where they have no interior head space for sectional overhead door. Does your company supply custom doors with the hardware (i.e. 9 x 9 wood), or can you supply just hydraulic pump and hardware only (for contractor to build his own slabs)?

23 I'm looking in to building a very simple pool shed structure that can open up in the summer as ocean view hydraulic doors in a sitting/social area and close down in the winter for storage. The opening width would be 24'x 8' or 9' as required. Just looking for a ballpark figure to consider as I get into the design. Doors don't need to be glazed or insulated. Just wood clad, probably some kind of slatted or t&g look. The ocean view door structure itself would be wood framed. Any information on pricing would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

24 I have bought a hangar door from you previously and am happy with your service and product. Now I'm looking for a residential interior door that will preserve the 9ft 8in height of my opening. The opening is 10 ft wide (inside measurement). It needs to have a remote and we live close to the ocean so it needs to be rust resistant. We'd like these to be an ocean view doors.  Depending on the cost I may do three ocean view doors. I was planning to do one door regular garage door since the height isn't a concern and the other a bifold or hydraulic to get the height.

25 Do you have glass and metal ocean view designer doors with NOI approvals for Miami Dade County? If yes what is the maximum width and heights Thanks

26 Good Day, We have a large swimming pool complex and are looking for 5 large retractable ocean view  doors. Do you have a local agent in Hong Kong? Could you advise the cost of 6m wide x 5m high bifold clear glass ocean view doors suitable for external use and typhoon resistant? Supply, deliver and install, warranties etc? Have you have used ocean view style hydraulic doors on Keynon College for a swimming pool? Grateful if you can reply by e mail please with any advice/questions, Many thanks

27 Can you make 8'0" x 8'0" hydraulic ocean view doors full vision? If so can you give me a price?

28 I am interested in a quote for some hydraulic ocean view doors around a bar area at the San Francisco Bay Soccer Stadium. I have a takeoff I can send over with quantities and sizes for these ocean view glass clad doors. Thanks!

29 I'm working on purchasing a home that I would like to have ocean view doors on. The existing door is home-made and inadequate. I would like get a ball park estimate on replacement. I'm not sure which door I would prefer and also unsure of the structure but I know its all wood (stick built).

30 Customer has decided to go to a 20x16 clear instead of a 25x16(Quote 21016-SW). Please requote. I will also need design information on these ocean view doors. Please also quote as a separate option a free standing header and labor to install the free standing header. 

31 Looking for a glass hydraulic one-piece ocean view  door that is 12 feet tall and 17 feet wide. Standard glazed glass with a dark bronze color to the frame. I will be installing it in a CBS building in New Jersey. Please let me know a ballpark price.

32 I am looking for either a bifold or hydrolic ocean view doors for a opening in a seaside coffee shop. We are looking for pricing on just the frame - no finish materials. Please provide a quote for both based on the details below. Thank you!

33 Hi there, looking for information and price on a residential ocean view doors, 8'x25' similar to the hydraulic single garage door one posted from Colorado.

34 Hello, I had a few questions regarding your window systems for ocean view hydraulic doors: We are starting a Mixed-Use project in the Los Angeles Area that will have 35 units and about 2,500 SF of commercial space. Is there an NFRC rated system you offer, if so, what is the typical cost per square foot? What is the NFRC rating available? What is the general cost as compared to ocean view steel windows and ocean view vinyl windows? Any size limitations? Is there an LARR number? For bifold systems: do you provide panels? If not, who? What is typical? Can the system operate within a larger system (ie. clerestories, etc.) Please feel free to give me a call so we can discuss. Thank you.

35 looking for 2 ocean view doors for a new winery project that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Our finish material will be all glass.

36 I want no outside truss. I want the outside to be smooth to install metal and glass on two hydraulically operated ocean view doors. Will be ordering door soon.  I have a 24" LVL header built into my truss above the clear opening height. I want to keep 14' clear opening height.

37 We are looking for a 20' by 10' ocean view doors that can be installed.

38 I need prices on a 40' x 14'  and a 38' x 12' hydraulic ocean view doors. Both with straps. Going on two hotel buildings. Delivered to the above address.

39 I am interested in using a hydraulic door in a residential ocean view door application. I was wondering if you could give me an idea of price point and if there are any contractors in my area that have used this product.

40 I have your one piece ocean view door and would like to have remote opener installed. I am located in SC. Thank You look forward talking to you.

41 Am interested in several hydraulic operated glass ocean view doors for new commercial construction. Please call to discuss. Thanks. Bill Redmond

42 I'm a General Contractor in Manhattan Beach, CA. We're interested in pricing for Schweiss single hydraulic ocean view doors, Size 12'-11 tall x 18' 4 1/2" wide. Im also interested in pricing for (4) glass bifold doors: 1. 7' 2" tall x 16' 4" wide 2. 7'2" tall x 9'- 4 1/2" wide 3. 7'-0" tall x 16'-4" wide 4. 7'-0" tall x 9'4"wide Please call me with any questions regarding these ocean view doors. Thanks, RP

43 just need a price and time frame for two of your one-piece Schweiss classic ocean view doors.

44 Trying to get basic quote on residential project with ocean view doors. Client leaning toward hydraulic door. Would be 18'x8'. I am guessing a veneer to look like a standard aluminum ocean view door with windows up top be most cost effective? Contact me when you can so we can discuss. Thank you.

45 We are looking for 4 automatic glass clad ocean view doors for the following entry sizes: 2 - 3.6 m x 15.5 m 2 - 4.35 m x 16.5 m the hydraulic operated ocean view doors must not decrease the gate size and should be fully automatic. concrete building

46 Please quote: (2) 30x16 Hydraulic Ocean View Doors for an old folks home. Please provide specs so we can ensure building strength with the contractor.