Patio Grow House Doors

1 I am currently working on an operations center for the New York Botanical Garden which will require (3) overhead doors, 22’ width x 13’ height. Our goal is to design a net zero building, so we are looking for maximum thermal performance, but we also want to introduce as much glazing as possible for natural light. Would there be any advantage going with a bifold vs conventional sectional door? Do you have any information on the R-values or U-values of a fully-glazed bifold door assembly? Our baseline is R-3.22 min. / U-0.31 max, but it would be great to do even better. If a bifold door is an option, I will also need some additional information for structural loads. The building structure is going to be mass timber, instead of steel, so it will be important to know what additional reinforcement is required. If you have any other options or suggestions, I would also like to know. Thank you very much

2 looking for a price on a 36'x18 foot patio grow house door. doesnt need to fold but maybe get pricing for both. thanks.

3 I have two (2) 24' x 15' openings in curtain wall that will require your hydraulic patio grow house doors. Looking for stock sizes or recommendations as to my best option with this space.

4 I have approx 16 ft wide and 10 ft height patio and I am looking for a hydraulic patio grow house glass door opens out like the image you have in your website. I live in irving Texas 75063. What will cost for the door and installation? With regards Harsha Sattiraju.

5 we are bidding a project in Norman Oklahoma that calls for one of your smaller hydraulic patio grow house doors. the project is Norman Central Library. are you pricing this project? Thanks, Dan

6 We are looking for budget pricing for one of your glass patio grow house doors to fit an opening 28'-8" wide by 14'-0" tall.

7 Hi, I have a shop 22' by 36' with a normal patio grow house hydraulic door. I would like to get another one piece hydraulic grow house door 16'x10'. The building is all cement block . The door with have 36" door and two window, insulated and will be finished with a wood siding to match the building and be invisible. The header is a engineered wood beam and the side walls are cement blocks all around. Thanks

8 Hello, I'm interested in obtaining ballpark pricing for a small hydraulic patio grow house door. We are looking to install two of these doors in the facade of a studio/garage building and would also like to consider bi-fold it would fit in the budget.

9 We are looking at glass hydraulic patio grow house  doors, approximately (2) that are 10'x10' tall and curious what these doors cost

10 Want to replace overhead door with a hydraulic patio grow house door 14x24 insulated with windows. Who is my closest dealer and installler? We are in Melville Sk.

11 I'm a machinist and business owner with a background in electrical / architectural. I'm interested in how to open a second floor patio grow house garden wall with one of your hydraulic patio doors / roof structure (welded component). The building would be all-concrete and noise of equipment would be somewhat of a concern. I'm most interested in a quiet running hydraulic elevator pump approx. 20-25 ft. away ( not yet chosen ).Thinking that I could use the same system to power both.

12 Hi, I'd like to request for rough pricing for 3-32'6"x15' patio grow house hydraulic doors and 1-12'x12' bi-fold and/or hydraulic single panel doors ready to receive customized exterior metal panels. Would appreciate pertinent information to support attachment of the doors and customize paneling requirements to finish the doors. The doors are intended for a community commercial door project in area code 96719, would be helpful if shipping cost is included. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

13 Wanting to find out more information on options for patio grow house greenhouse hydraulic doors/sidewalls

14 Hi. I'm an interior designer, and interested in pricing for a residential hydraulic patio grow house door project - either all glass or half glass. Thank you! Sarah

15 I'm a architecural designer looking to spec 3 - 16' wide by 12' tall and one 14' wide by 12' hydraulic door for a patio greenhouse, can you give me a price range and possible glazing surfaces to choice from . Looking for cheapest option on the grow house doors, will be for a BC, Canada area delivery

16 Looking for one piece patio grow house doors to cover a 11ft wide by 10-12ft tall. Can you give me some info and an idea of what the cost would be?

17 I want to convert a old wilson aluminium door to a interior patio grow house door.  Possible?

18 We are in need of two Schweiss designer patio grow house doors. They are to be clad in glass. Rough opening is 15' x 8'8". 

19 Hello! I am interested in installing a hydraulic patio grow house door for my 16'x8' opening. Thank you kindly, -Heath

20 Interested quote for a patio grow house door, ~10 tall, 30' wide. Thx Karl

21 I am currently building a lanai in Ojai and I have a 14' x14' glass patio home door that I need. I prefer the one piece quiet operating Schweiss patio door.

22 I am looking to replace an 84 inch x 93 1/2 inch commercial patio grow house door with a glass door that can be fully opened to provide a large indoor / outdoor pass through. Opening is steel I beam on one side, concrete on the other. Header is wood.

23 Do you offer a hydraulic automatic lock as a kit for my 30 foot hydraulic patio grow house lift door, and it cost?

24 I am looking for a budget price on 2 20'' wide patio grow house doors.

25 I am looking to get in touch with a local representative that could assist me with some preliminary design questions on your Hydraulic door patio grow house door systems from your designer door series as well get an idea on ball park budgeting for these grow house doors. Can you please have someone from your office contact me to discuss. I can also provide some pdf drawings for use during our discussion.

26 Looking for a quote for a customer of ours who want patio grow house doors. Information is listed below. The doors would be going in to both end walls of his  steel framed fabric building. If you could please get me a price on both grow house door styles, as soon as possible, please that would be greatly appreciated, as the customer is looking for information, right away. Thank you

27 We are Installing a 64'w x 72'long grow house building. I need specs/pricing for a 62'x18' patio grow house hydraulic door to go on the 64' gable end. Also, need pricing for door installed if you have anyone in our area? With the door fully open customer will need 18' clearance. Not sure of truss clearance/height of building. Thank you!

28 I am looking for hydraulic patio grow house door for my residential project. Is there any dealer or rep I can contact? Please let me know. Thanks

29 Need pricing on 2 aluminum/glass upward acting bi-fold hydraulic Patio Grow House glass doors 12' x 9'10" Also would like info on how much labor is involved so I can price out the installation. Job Name - Berks Nature Can you help?

30 We are needing the specs and loads for two 20'-0" wide X 12'-0" clear high patio grow house door systems.

31 good afternoon we are looking at a patio grow house design door like your bi fold door design for a airport hanger, but his one will be a hydraulic grow house design door 13mtrs wide and 4 mtrs high do you have agents in Melbourne Victoira

32 Interested in hydraulic doors and hardware for patio grow house doors to be used on a residential project. Please call to discuss, thank you...RC

33 I'm a General Contractor in Manhattan Beach, CA. We're interested in pricing for Schweiss single hydraulic patio grow house doors. Please call ASAP

34 would like information on frame/motor combination for patio grow house doors for a 10 foot door. Interested in the working frame unit with motor and will be building around the frame with clear poly. Door Rough opening is 16 feet by 10 feet. 3 feet of space is available on a side of the door on ground or above. Headroom above grow house doors is 2 feet. location is calgary alberta canada.

35 I'm a General Contractor in Manhattan Beach, CA. We're interested in pricing for Schweiss single hydraulic patio grow house doors, Wood Slab, Size 12'-11 tall x 18' 4 1/2" wide. Im also interested in pricing for (4) glass patio grow house doors: 1. 7' 2" tall x 16' 4" wide 2. 7'2" tall x 9'- 4 1/2" wide 3. 7'-0" tall x 16'-4" wide 4. 7'-0" tall x 9'4"wide Please call me with any questions. 

36 Hello, I am looking for pricing information on hydraulic patio grow house doors for my nursery. I don't have exact measurements at the moment but they are roughly 11'8" x 16'. Thanks, Jeremy

37 Please quote me for two 16' patio grow house doors that will be clad in plexiglass-glass. Do your patio grow house doors come with remote openers?   Thank you

38 We are looking for pricing for hydraulic patio grow house doors with operator. 10'Wx12'H. With translucent panels. This is for a construction project that is currently in process.

39 Sirs: Plan to build Pole Bldg. type green house grow house w/concrete floor, and looking into your hydraulic patio grow house doors. 1. Need 40'horz.clear; 12'vert. clear; door to be face finish with outside wall flush inline with door sheeting to endwall sheeting. 2. What is the opening I need from the Pole Bldg. endwall for these patio grow house doors to fit. If it works out, I will need some specifics as how to construct the header, and columns. 3. I am looking at the endwall to be 42' out to out, and whatever heighth is needed for your door. 4. Could you give me an estimated cost for hydraulic door. 5. Could you give me an estimated for a bifold door. 6. How is the outside sheeting logistic handled. Do I buy that to match the hangar sheeting, and install it on your door. 7. Where does your door come from; shipping cost; do you unload it. 8. What kind of assembling do I have to do

40 Purchased patio grow house doors from you around 2002. 20 ft.,  hydraulic lift grow house doors. one motor not working. Need new motor for this grow house door.

41 Would like quote on 20x14 patio grow house doors for my greenhouse shop

42 This quote is for residential patio grow house doors on a storage building with metal walls over a wood frame. (manufacturer is Morton buildings). The grow house doors will be clad with clear plexiglass-glass.

43 I need loading information to design patio grow house doors on the building project that I am working on. We are doing a building in Pocohontas, AR. It has 2 - 10'x18' Schweiss doors spec'd. I need your design sheets so that I may design the building for the door loading. Please send ASAP in that the building quote is due in the next day or so.