Patio Home Doors

1 Looking for glass panel hydraulic bi fold door for our home bar that is open to the outside patio. 12 feet wide x 10 foot tall opening. What is expected price?

2 I need 3 bifold hydraulic glass doors: 2 for a drive-through garage, one for a living room onto back patio.

3 I'm working with a client to design a space that he would be able to open up to the outside during the spring, summer and fall. We talked today about possibly utilizing one of your commercial hydraulic glass doors.

4 What is the height minimum for: -Bi fold doors -Hydrolic door They door would be for a covered patio, not yet built. Thanks very much! Kimberly

5 Looking for doors for my patio/sunroom. Need two of them The dimensions in inches: 196 x 100 and 260 x 100

6 Interested in bifold and hydraulic Schweiss doors quote. We are constructing a pool house and need 4 doors. 10x10 bifold or hydraulic with glass. Please email with options and pricing. Thanks

7 We are building a house in Rehoboth Beach, DE. We've specified custom LaCantina sliding doors for a wall between our kitchen and the patio, but now am considering a Schweiss glass patio door. We would also need to get an extendable awning for afternoons, as the sun can be quite strong in summer (the patio is on the west side of the house). The patio is almost 16 ft wide, with walls on both sides and the kitchen doors on the back. It's 10 1/2 ft deep. We can send you drawings, if that helps determine if this could work for us instead of the sliding doors...

8 I am looking for one bifold door that is 30' wide by 14' tall with windows in the top half. I am also looking for a door that will be used as a serving door from our kitchen to the back patio. The door will close on a granite slab and be roughly 8' wide x 5' tall. I may also be receptive to a hydraulic door if it can be fitted with windows on the top half.

9 Greetings. I am looking for a glass hydraulic door to install in our new patio and adjoined pool house (during the construction phase - so we can build to door size). Looking for pricing and size options. Thank you. Cheers, nick

10 Do you have Revit models of your product? I am designing a high end home with and indoor swimming pool. I would like to use your product and I am looking for a BIM Model of your product to connect to the outdoor patio.

11 Hello, We are working on a residential project and we were interested in using your Hydraulic Glass Doors for an outdoor patio/pool deck. We are looking to have two of the single swing hydraulic doors at about 10'w x 12'h. We can discuss more in detail once we connect, looking forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards Joern

12 Good Afternoon, I'm looking for a quote on a 14x14 patio home hydraulic designer door. Thank you -ken

13 New build in March needing hydraulic patio home doors. I need a quote for a 20' x 14' door for  residential home. The bifold door is also desirable.

14 building a new house and building a garage/patio to store a class C motorhome--- would like to know options to buy the proper patio home door. Thanks Tony

15 I am designing a new home with a large patio that has two openings. One approx 23x12 and one approx 7x12. I am trying to enclose this space to keep the leisure space clean when not in use. I have been looking at overhead doors, and sliding patio doors systems when I stumbled upon your hydraulic patio home door that seem pretty heavy duty. I am interested in exploring your product further.Please quote two doors described above. Thank you Ken Chambers

16 Looking for an estimate for the glass bifold and hydraulic options for a residential patio home door application in a pool room. Approximate opening is 276"x108". Thank you.

17 We are soon to build a new home in Granbury, TX.  Your bi-fold and hydraulic patio home doors are very popular in this neighborhood. With a 12' tall door, what width increments are available? The maximum width would be 18'. Thank you, Bill 

18 I'm looking to replace a set of sliding doors on the end of a patio grow house with either style of door you offer. Please contact me with pricing.

19 Price two 12"0" wide x 12'0" tall hydraulic patio home doors. The doors will be used for a residence. The construction will be wood or masonry.

20 16x10 clear Hydraulic patio home door with extended pump installation about 15 feet from the door on a new North Dakota home  Please quote labor. Please also include option for a free self supporting header and labor to install. Send design specifications right away as well so we can send to contractor.

21 Looking for two patio home doors. 18' wide by 10' tall

22 Would like a quote on a hydraulic patio home bar door. Looking at it from outside in left wall is concrete block wall, right is 8"x8" oak beam. Over head is a H beam.

23 Would like a quote on a hydraulic patio home door for my patio bar. Looking at it from outside in left wall is concrete block wall, right is 8"x8" oak beam. Over head is a H beam.

24 Hi there - We are in the process of designing a pool patio cabana and I am interested in using your hydraulic designer patio home door system on two openings. How would I go about getting a quote? We like the glassed modern design door look. Measurements are: 15' wide by 9' high and 12' wide by 9' high

25 I am looking for an installed price for two patio home doors.  Size approximately 9' x 8' The Schweiss patio home doors will be clad in glass and we would like remote openers.

26 Looking for a quote on a hydraulic operated patio home door 14' high by 16' wide. Door to be clad with glass.

27 Need price for 5 hydraulic patio house doors 7 ft wide x 8 ft tall. Need to be shipped to Houston, Texas. We will install these doors.

28 I'm working on a pool house for a new residence, and would like to learn more about the hydraulic designer patio style doors that were used on the Riveredge Project seen on the website. The idea is to lock it down when not in use, but use the doors as a brise soleil when open. Thanks

29 I am looking for a quote for 2 patio home hydraulic glass doors with a clear opening of 12 foot wide and 8 foot high. I was sent a preliminary specification from the Owner's representative. Who would I contact in the Philadelphia area?

30 I have a customer who wants me to quote a patio home hydraulic door for an outside patio area. The door will be 12' wide and 4' tall - it will come down and rest on top of a bar countertop. They want 3 Insulated clear glass panels across in both 24" tall sections. the rail/stile color to be black - if insulated rails are an option, they will want that too. all track/guides and hardware to be black - mount to wood - some black perimeter seal to match the door color. - motor operated with wall station and transmitters. I will also need to have estimated lead time and freight charges. Please let me know what questions you may have. Thanks! Kim

31 Looking at possible adding a hydraulic patio home door to a outside patio, It is a building supported by 2 6/6 spanned 24 on the end.

32 Door is for residential construction and used in an enclosed patio room in a pool-side setting with patio home doors specs as given in the form here. Contractor was supposed to get in-touch with you well before start of construction, but did not. They are getting very close to framing the opening for the patio home doors. Will put the door on-order ASAP, but need instructions quickly (like now) on proper framing for the door installation. Thank you.

33 We have a customer who is building a pool house 10 x 12. He wants 3 side of the pool house patio home doors to have a full glass hydraulic door.  Also, we are interested in using your be-fold door system to build full to the wall door and then apply plank to these door and the patio home door wall.

34 I'm looking for a supplier or possibly looking to become a dealer. My immediate needs are for 2-18x8 glass hydraulic doors for a patio. I'm needing prices and availability of your patio home doors.

35 Need best quote for patio home doors for a 60' wide building, and at least a 20' wide opening. 20' eave height. The patio home doors will be clad with glass on the upper halves.

36 I need a quote for a standard patio home door going in a new home addition. To be installed in Casa Grande, AZ. Please call me with any questions. 

37 I am building a pool house and would like to install hydraulic patio home glass doors 16 ft by 8

38 You gave me a quote on bifold doors for my home that will need patio home designer doors. Please send it to me again, but for a hydraulic patio home door and a list of contractors qualified to install it. What is a normal time frame to install the door ?

39 looking for a qoute on a hyd patio home door 26ft wide 12 ft high with a man door in the middle and four windows half way up for light building is block with steel columns

40 I am in the process of building a residential house in Greenville, SC. The client is wanting a hanger style hydraulic patio home door system. The opening is 10 feet wide and 8 feet tall. However it can be sized to fit another door size.

41 I am having a new home designed, and would like information on your custom made patio home doors. Pricing, availability, and any design info that the engineer may need. Thank you, Andrew

42 Need a hydraulic pump and 2 cylinders for a patio home door kit . Patio Home Door size is 43 w by 12 h.

43 I live in a very restricted community and want to build a home with a pool with patio home doors leading into it. I would like to get some information on your hydraulic and bifold patio home doors, including whether they meet Florida building codes. Any information you might provide will be appreciated. Thank you.

44 I have a customer that is replacing a sliding door on the gable end of an existing building. His opening is 14' 8"x14'-1/2". He would like to put a hydraulic patio home door in. Can you call me back with the size that is available and a cost. Thank.

45 Hello, We are looking to get a price quote for your hydraulic patio home doors/windows. We are proposing a series of your patio doors in short lengths (8 total). The dimensions of the doors are as follows: 3?-8?W x 7?-6H. Essentially they will act as fold-able windows with grey tint low-E ?? glazing. Please send us any project samples that mimic our requirements and provide a price quote for 8 total doors/windows. If you have any questions please contact me tomorrow. Best Regards

46 We are looking for pricing for hydraulic patio home doors with remote operators. 10'Wx12'H. Top fold with translucent panels. This is for a construction project that is currently in process.

47 I'm an Architect in Abilene. Tx. and interested in your opinion and budget about the use of your bi-fold or hydraulic RV door system for enclosing an existing carport. Basic drawings are attached. The head hght can be dropped if needed. The drawings indicate two options; 1) where the full width of the opening is used and the 2) indicating how we could narrow the opening to an even 10' wide. The concept would be to get the doors in a simple frame and apply a "board and batten" siding to the door frame that matches the existing residence. We will be getting in touch with you again soon on another possible large installation for a custom pool house patio home door project for a new residence. Let me know what you think and contact me at he number below if you have questions. Thanks

48 I would like a quote on patio home doors for a rough opening of 20' wide and 8' high. It will be installed in a new home. I would like your crew to install so Please include the installation cost. 

49 Hi, I'm an architect working on a small house that we are considering using 3 approx. 15'x30' patio home doors with perforated/customized metal cladding. The patio doors will need to withstand periodic substantial wind loads. I'd like to receive information to specs and structural requirements for your patio home doors that can help us achieve a continuouse face of the 3 doors on one side of the house. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

50 Trying to build door to enclose a patio and wanted to see if it is a cost effective option for a patio home door.  thx

51 Looking at putting a 18 foot wide patio home door on a rural residence with 12 foot sidewalls I want the tallest patio home door I can get.

52 We have two patio home doors we want to convert them to glass doors. #1: 11'W x 15'H we want to convert it to glass double doors that can open at least 7'w and 9'h #2 12'6"W x 12'H we want to convert it to glass regular entrance door.