Residential Interior Doors

1 I need a price on a bi-fold door. It will be mounted on the interior masonry wall of of a building.

2 New single family home in Fort Lauderdale, FL scheduled to receive two designer style lift strap bifold metal doors with architectural louvers on the facade.

3 Can I please get a quote for a bifold or designer hydraulic door that will be a serving window off my kitchen. I will be putting all glass in it. The size is 4'6" tall and 11' wide. Framing is not yet complete on the house so we can change the size if there is a more economical or standard size.

4 We have a custom home with the specs for 3 hydraulic lift doors 2- 16' x 8' and 1- 25'x16' all glass grid. Hydraulic doors will also require photo eye sensors and price for a backup system.

5 I am looking for a quote on a door that is 96" wide x 48" high for a residential interior application. White finish and clear insulated glass. No bottom track. The bottom will seal to a granite counter top. Material only, furnished and shipped to us. What other information do you need in order to provide me with a quote?

6 Looking to do an 8 x 8 bifold or hydraulic glass designer door on our home.

7 Do you have bifold strap door installers in New York. i live on Long Island. do you make these fancy bifold doors for residential?

8 I have a 20'x18' entry door in my home that I would like to consider upgrading to a Schweiss Hydraulic designer door if possible.

9 Looking for a hydraulic glass door for residential application. Size can be anywhere from 10'X10' to 12'H by 15'W. Please let me know what size(s) in that range can be made, and the estimated price for each. Does it cost more for a glass hydraulic designer door? Thank you in advance!!

10 I'm interested in 1-4 architectural hydraulic designer doors for a residence under design currently. The walls are ICF so structurally there's no issues. Rough opening dims not yet finalized, but looking like a 10ft high double car width, 10ft high single width, and 2ea single width at about 12ft height. I'm leaning toward the glass panel look like what's in your gallery photos. Job location is Sacramento, CA. I need to know a price range so I can determine if this is in my budget.

11 I would like to consider 2 8'x 8' glass hydraulic residential interior doors for my project. I am based in Hawaii and hope you would provide me an estimate. Thank you very much... Michelle Rae

12 I am interested in installing one of your bifold glass doors on my residential trailer custom home. I would like some more information informstion including sizes and price of bifold interior door product

13 trying to get a quote on a residential interior one piece hydraulic door roughly 22' wide by 10' high. thank you

14 Hello, I'm interested in a hydraulic door for a residence 10' tall by 18' wide. It would have an exterior of flat cold rolled steel with 2x dividers to form panels. Some type of minimul insulation would be required.

15 Please provide budget for bifold residential interior hydraulic glass designer door, 28' wide by 8' tall.

16 Was looking at the Metal Residential Interior  Shutter House Door on your site. I was not sure if the height I need is to low to look good as a bi-fold, so I think the One Piece Hydraulic Shutter House door will work just fine. I would need this as a glass/ metal frame door. Was not sure of the weather seal at the floor, how that works. Thanks

17 We are an Architectural firm ( in the Las Vegas, NV area and we are working on several high-end custom residential door projects and would like more info on your bifold systems. Do you have a local rep who could meet with us at our office?

18 Hi, I am interested in your build door for a residential interior door application. Do you have any dealers in my area ?

19 I am interested in a hydraulic interior door for a residential application with a clear opening of 7'-0" H x 18'-0" W. The intent is for the exterior wood cladding of the door to be flush with the wood cladding of the walls when the door is closed. I am interested in budget pricing and lead times for production/delivery to Long Island, NY. Thank you.

20 I am building a residential house and have an opening 16' wide x 18' tall. I am currently looking at a bifold door, such as a take off of a Nano wall system, however I am thinking of a one piece residential interior hydraulic door. I am assuming that is cheaper than the bi fold system that you offer. Can you give me a rough idea of cost? I would want it tohave as much glass as much as possible . Since it has to be ship, I guess it would be better to have the glass installed onsite. Any info you can provide would be deeply appreciated. Thanks, Howard

21 I'm looking for budgetary quotes to fit 3 hydraulic doors in a residential interior door application. 2 are side-by-side doors 19'wx8'high and one is an outbuilding 12'wx10'h I want to do the install myself. I'll answer that the building is steel, but its an ICF style construction. So it really is concrete. The interior frame could be steel or wood, but a hydraulic door would probably favor wood. Rough opening is 19'6" x 9' Thanks Al

22 I need a residential interior one piece hydraulic door for a one car garage that is designed so that only a door that opens out toward the street will work. Your doors look like they might work for me.

23 I am considering your bi-fold door for a residential interior hydraulic door in Atlanta. To help going forward I'd like a very rough cost estimate for an all-glass single bottom drive bi-fold door with custom color straps. (7'-6" by 18'-6). I am also open to more standard sizes with in that range if cost effective. Also if you could give me a rough idea on delivery time once an order is placed. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Jimmy Smith

24 I am in the Seattle area and would looking at a bifold or hydraulic lift interior door in a residential application. The opening is 20' H x 8' H. Do you have a representative in the Seattle area

25 I need new residential interior doors. Do you install these residential use doors as well as deliver?

26 Hello! I'm looking to use your bifold or single panel hydraulic operated residential door on a small residential home's living room. They have a very nice view, but the room itself is quite small (for such a big door), so we're hoping to maximize the door size, but minimize any straps/motors/systems. I saw one example in an airhangar where you guys used cables instead of lift straps for the door. We would be interested in this. We also like the hydraulic system. We saw a visually minimal version of this on the "Metal Shutter House". Could you quote us (rough quote) for these two residential door types? Our opening is 6'8 high by 10'5 wide. Thanks!

27 Hi! I am doing a gut renovation of a wood frame residential home in Chicago that will need a residential interior/exterior hydraulic door. I have an 18' x 8' opening (there are a few inches of play in the opening, but roughly 18'x8') in the back from the kitchen to the backyard, and have considered sliding doors, french doors, and a glass garage door. I want it all glass, and bringing the outside, inside is important. Weather-tightness is an issue because of the application and location. I like a garage door, but hate the track running along the ceiling, that's where your Schweiss residential interior door comes in to play. One of your hydraulic residential designer doors would be perfect! It would create an overhang when open, and leave a huge opening to the backyard. I'm wondering what the cost would be for such a door,  Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you!

28 Hello, I'm building a small studio in my backyard and am looking into options for a 6 feet wide by 10 feet high all glass hydraulic residential garage door. I was interested in the hydraulic bi-fold door you have. What is the best way to get a look at options, pricing, etc?

29 Was wondering what the availability and price would be for a residential interior hydraulic or bi-fold door. would want it insulated as well since it gets a lot of afternoon sun. I live in Concord, CA. Feel free to call or email back. thanks, Brian

30 Do you have a local sales rep who can meet in person to discuss ordering and installation of residential interior doors on a new apartment complex.

31 Interested in using your designer bifold doors on a residential designer door project in Houston. I would be interested in talking with a rep about project specifics and required details.

32 We are working on an interior 22'-6" wide by 10'-0" high vertical lift hydraulic residential interior door and an exterior 11'-10" wide by 12'-6" high vertical bi-fold door. Would like to send what we have. Is there an email address you could provide so I can send the plans, elevations and details? Dave

33 Hi - I have a unique residential interior door request, for which I think a Schweiss hydraulic low maintenance glass door from your company might work well. Do you have installers/dealers in the Bay Area that I might be able to contact? Or should I contact you directly? Thanks Rob Wurth

34 Working on a residential interior hydraulic door project for a customer, they would like us to replace (2) straps on there existing door. Is it possible to request an estimate for end of the week.

35 Hello, We have a new project single family residence under construction wrapping up in ~6-8 weeks. We found your hydraulic residential door product and are interested in getting pricing, lead times and any other information that it may take to incorporate your product in our house especially in terms of structural requirements/recommendations and electrical power etc. A little bit about the structure already in place we have 2x6 framing. Feel free to call to discuss the options available to us within your product offering more than happy to field your call. -John

36 I am an architect contemplating the use of your strap-style or hydraulic one piece door for a single family residence interior door. The door would be 18' wide and 8' tall, clad with Coreten Steel. Can you provide an estimate of cost including shipping?

37 Hello, Just pricing out a door for a house we're looking at. We've actually used one of these Schweiss residential interior doors on a house here in Calgary and are excited about doing it again. Just at the rough budget stage and need to present our estimate this week, so a speedy reply would be appreciated! Thanks! Byron.

38 I have a client that wants a garage door on her carport design and does not have the clearance required to do a normal door. I was wondering if you could give me some pricing information and details for a simple design for a 7' high x 8' wide hydraulic residential interior door. Thank you, Jess

39 I have a customer possibly wanting a hydraulic residential interior door. Will be an interior door, and disguised as an existing wall. Possibly around 17' x 9'. Can you please give me tentative quote? And possibly the headroom, side room, jamb, and electrical requirements? Thank you.

40 ISU would like a bid on a 28ft x 14 ft hydraulic residential interior door for an older home. Size is approximate. Possible that we my erect the interior residential door ourselves. Thanks Lyle

41 We are looking at hydraulic residential interior doors for use with storefront and will need details, CAD would be nice. We are looking for the mechanism being at the top. If you have a recommended storefront interior door system that has worked in the past, that would be helpful.

42 We are quoting a residential interior door addition to a pre-engineered modular home and need loading information for our structure. Thanks,

43 Hello, I am interested in hydraulic interior residential doors for self building. Right now I am building arch storage building for corn and grain. I need a hydraulic agricultural door for that also that is 8 meters wide and 4 meters high. Could you please send me the offer? I am also a producer of arch buildings for other purposes and I wonder if you are interested in further cooperation on Europe area? 

44 We are in the early stages of designing a mid-century residential renovation, and are looking for estimates on residential interior doors. The residential interior doors will be clad in glass.Thank you.

45 WE are interested in your hydraulic residential interior doors. Do you have a bi-folding interior door that does not require the strap component?


47 I am interested in using a bifold door in a residential application. I was wondering if you could give me an idea of price point and if there are any contractors in my area that have used this product for patio home doors or residential interior doors.

48 I am interested in using your hydraulic residential interior doors in a residential application. I was wondering if you could give me an idea of price point and if there are any contractors in my area that have used this product.

49 We are an architectural office that does high end custom residential projects and would like to speak to someone about bi-fold and hydraulic one-piece residential interior doors. The residential interior doors for our project would have vertical slats on the front face to match the surrounding facade. I can send a rendering, but we would really like someone to stop by if possible. There are also 5 bifold garage doors in total for this project. Construction has already started. Door sizes range from 10' wide to 19' wide. There may be other projects in the office that would need your help also. 

50 For obvious reasons I want no outside truss on your residential interior doors. I want the outside to be smooth to install metal on. I have already gotten a quote from a competitor and have seen both your and their residential interior doors in person. Will be ordering door within the next month. Email is the best way to reach me. I have a 24" LVL header built into my truss above the clear opening height. I want to keep 14' clear opening height.

51 I am interested in using hydraulic doors in a residential application. I was wondering if you could give me an idea of price point and if there are any contractors in my area that have used residential interior doors.

52 I am interested in using a hydraulic door in a residential interior door application. I was wondering if you could give me an idea of price point and if there are any contractors in my area that have used this product.

53 Would like to send a set of plans for an estimate on a residential interior door installations. Schweiss residential hydraulic doors are exactly what we need.

54 I have a customer wanting a price for interior residential doors, largest possible, a 18'w x 14'h. Wants designer Schweiss interior door to open completely. What size and how much? Thank you!

55 I need a quote for 10 x 8 one piece hydraulic designer residential interior doors for a residential application. The builder wants to customize with hardiplank siding to match the house so a one piece seems the only option. Please feel free to contact me with questions. Thanks Bobby Johnson

56 Hello, we would like a quote for residential interior doors. What is the email address that we can send the specs to for a quote on these Schweiss designer style interior residential doors? Kind regards, Sheldon

57 Would your residential interior doors be affordable for a medium budget residential use? Looking to have what appears to be a panel of windows be able to open up and double as an awning in the open position.

58 Hydraulic Operated Electric Residential Interior Doors, with walkway door. Sizes : 43'-4" X 14 ' : 6 47'-4' X 14' : 6 57 ' X 16 ' : 2

59 This request is demanded by wife. We need to replace a residential interior overhead door on her "She Shed", measuring about 14 Wide by 10 tall. I have difficulty lifting the rollup door, and request you to call Bob to discuss pricing and installation of new door. :)