Restaurant Doors

1 I am building a 20x30 pavilion/dining area for my restaurant and I am looking for pricing on bifold hydraulic doors for 4 season use. I am in the planning phase of the building so the width of the individual doors is flexible as there are several options for the number of posts. For the sake of ease, lets say 10 x 10 foot doors. If there are any cost efficiencies that can be had with the overall dimension of the pavilion, please let me know and I will circle back with my contractor. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks!

2 We are looking to replace our patio sliding doors with bifold doors at our Virgil's BBQ restaurant located in Las Vegas. Best Regards

3 I work in New Mexico, and I will like to request a quote for a bi-fold garage door for a restaurant. the dimensions are 15' wide and 8' tall. thank you

4 Hi, Looking for a Schweiss local Philadelphia Rep, to review and potentially price a project for RWW. 12th and Sansom, L1 restaurant space. Please email me. Thanks Jen

5 Looking for price estimates from Schweiss Doors on some bifold doors for a brewery. Can someone send me a cost sheet with some options. In the range of 16-24' wide and approx 12' tall. Prefer glass panelled but would like to know steel panel price as well. Thanks.

6 I am architect working on a confidential large commercial hydraulic designer restaurant door project in NYC which has a small, freestanding, exterior food service kiosk abutting the plaza and sidewalk. I am looking for an elegant, simple, horizontal bifold window system for an approx. 14’w x 4’8"h opening. Operation would be 1-2 times daily. Would you have a few minutes to discuss this with me?

7 Hello, I have a customer interested in an overhead Bi-Fold or hydraulic one-piece black anodized aluminum framed door system for his restaurant, 168" wide x 103" high, can you help me with this?

8 We're developing a new bar/restaurant here in western New York and would like to get several options quoted for 18' x 9' insulated hydraulic glass restaurant door. We have the ability to have a frame fabricated and have a glass installer so we would also like to quote the byod package in addition to a custom manufactured door. We're looking to be open by June 1 so we would like to get some options speced as soon as possible. Thank you.

9 We are designing restaurant addition in Watertown MA with three (3) glass hydraulic Schweiss doors 8?-6? (wide) x 9?-4? (height). Please, provide me with the quote for those restaurant designer doors. Additionally, please give me any suggestion, how we can possibly save money and still have hydraulic restaurant doors. 

10 Hi ,Could you please give me a ballpark quote on a one piece Hydraulic restaurant designer door. Opening is 39-6 now but after mods I would like to do will come in at 36'x10'-1 1/2" Also I can do steel side column per your spec especially if I can gain some additional width.

11 Looking for glazed hydraulic restaurant doors similar to Blarney Stone Irish Pub or Stanford Global Economy Ctr. seen on website. Need insulated glazing - to meet energy U value 0.45 10'-0" W X 10'- 0" H opening. ok. Looking for ballpark pricing and any drawing details to share - wood frame construction.

12 We are quoting a restaurant project. The Architect has referenced your glass hydraulic garage style doors, but it does not appear he fully understands the header needs of your door. In addition to the sizes listed below there are three(3) other doors required: 2@9-11 x 6-6 and 1@13-9 x 6-6.

13 Some time when you have a sales rep in the area, I would like to know if you could build and install a bi fold or hydraulic restaurant door on the end of my existing concrete block building.

14 i need a hydraulic designer door for a restaurant 9'x9'.6" door

15 I am looking for information on a hydraulic or bifold glazed door, approx. 14'wx10'h for a Canadian restaurant storefront. Information related to cost as well as shipping options to Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada is needed. thank you, Lorrie

16 Could you tell me the ball park price for a one piece hydraulic restaurant door, 14x20. Use email. Thanks, Mark

17 I am looking for pricing for a vertical hydraulic interior patio  door for a restaurant patio that is mostly glass. Thank you, Charles

18 We are looking to design a 6.5' X 10' Hydraulic Lift door for a restaurant kitchen. This idea is that this door will close down the kitchen work surface when not in use and lift up as a hydraulic "canopy" restaurant door when the kitchen to be used.

19 Have a restaurant going into San Jose, CA. Looking at a hydraulic glass "garage door" that is 14'Lx5'H with a bartop as the sill. There's an existing header going across the opening. If this was insulated glazing with a 2" metal frame, how much would the restaurant door weigh? We'd be looking at a hydraulic restaurant door because the yellow straps are not an attractive option for the higher end restaurant. Is there a cable or black strap option? Thanks!

20 Door is for a 18'wide x 24'long x 12'height newly built hydraulic restaurant door. Will be constructed out of brick and concrete. Hydraulic door is perfect for this application as it should leave another 2 ft of overhang when the door is fully opened enlarging the usable area.

21 I need new restaurant doors on my establishment in the Florida Keys that got damaged in the last hurricane. I am in a 140MPH wind zone. These will be all metal doors with windows. We like the designer door restaurant door look we've seen on your website.

22 Will you please give me a price on the following one piece hydraulic doors? I am building a new red iron restaurant building. 18 wide X 12 tall 14 wide X 12 tall 12 wide X 10 tall I want a door with a metal skin or one that matches the metal siding on the building. Do you have a hydraulic restaurant door that supports itself? If not,Do you have something that I can show the building company or contractor so they can see what upgrades are needed for the door to work? Do you deliver and install doors in my area? I am in Easley,South Carolina 29642

23 I am needing a quote for 12X34 and 14X40 hydraulic restaurant designer doors. If you could email me back with information that would be splendid. Thank you, Kala Morgan

24 I have a bi-fold restaurant door that uses the older cable system and a Dayton electric motor that is coupled to a Dayton gear box drive system. Today when I opened the door and stopped it the open position that I typically use the system failed and the door rapidly returned to the floor instead of remaining open like before. This is way too dangerous so I want to replace it with a Schweiss door, a Schweiss hydraulic restaurant glass door. The door is used in a high traffic area so in addition to the needed repair I also need the confidence that it won't fail while customers walk under it. Please let me know how best to proceed. Thanks in advance for your help Dave

25 Need a price on a 20' wide x 12' clear ht. hydraulic restaurant door with bottom drive to be installed in a Pre-engineered steel building sidewall with eave ht. of 16'. delivery would be to our office in Denton, Md. 21629

26 Existing storefront restaurant renovation. Would like to install glass designer restaurant doors. Seeking information/clarification about restaurant door options.

27 I need a quote on a hydraulic restaurant door 32' wide x 12' tall that is insulated and fastening to wood. What more info do you need ?

28 Hello, We are interested in hydraulic style restaurant type doors. They would be tempered glass with aluminum framing to fit a 25' wide, 10'4" tall space. Either one wide door or two doors would do. This is for a commercial dining bar restaurant door  experience with a client wishing for a 4 week Lead time. Could we have a ballpark estimate for this hydraulic one piece door style and size? Thank you, 

29 Hi Sir. This is Crystal Kim from Skyland Construction. We are bidding on the Cider house restaurant project as a GC located at Brooklyn, NY. Attached are copy of Arch&ID DWG sets and I would like to get a quotation for your designer style restaurant doors. For the restaurant door : 8'-0"(W) x 7'-6"(H) = 2EA Finish : Blackened steel frame finish Door type : Horizontal Pivot hinge (like Hydraulic door) Also, 1EA Finish : aluminum insulation If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thanks!

30 Good Afternoon, I was looking to get some quotes on Restaurant Hydraulic Doors similar to the ones that were used in the "The Blarney Stone Pub" project. We are currently working on a Pub Style restaurant and were looking to put in two 9'x9' glass restaurant style doors to the facade. It would be really helpful if you were able to provide 3 tiers of pricing - low, mid & best. Please feel free to email me the quotes - I can also provide an elevation drawing of the facade if that would be useful. Thanks, Kelsey Lima

31 Good Afternoon, I am inquiring to see if you have any products that fit the following requirements for an operable hydraulic restaurant window system for a quick service restaurant in downtown Detroit, MI: 1. I am looking for an operable window that lifts outward  2. Window can project both interior and exterior when opened. 3. Ideally I would prefer 3 equal window panels, the top window will be fixed and the bottom window panels can either slide up and behind the fixed window, or fold vertically. 4. The restaurant door system should be operable with either an air curtain, an insect screen or any sort of insect control system that works in relation to the operable window system. 5. We have (3) openings in this project the largest opening is 10'-11 1/2" wide x 10'-1/2" in height. Please feel free to contact me via email with further information. Thank you.

32 I am working on 2 restaurant doors that have been completely unwired by the previous owner. They are a model M2, installed approximately August of 1999. If you could email me a copy of the complete wiring schematic I would appreciate it. Thank you.

33 Looking for restaurant hydraulic doors in a Italian Style Restaurant in an existing arch opening 20 feet wide and 10'-4" tall. Please send me a contact and I would like to send you sketches and photos. Thanks 

34 I am looking for pricing on two (2) 16' wide x 8' tall hydraulic restaurant doors.

35 Note: I am building a new restaurant and want a CLEAR glass hydraulic garage door on our INTERIOR DINING ROOM and as a result the restaurant door will NOT be subject to exterior weather (wind, rain, etc). The 15' 9" dim is the exact distance between (2) large concrete columns. However I am not confident of the height-- I have a 14' ceiling height but there are pipes in the ceiling which may effect the door height. How much header is required for a top-mounted hydraulic restaurant door? Building is a waterfront condo @ 3001 West 10th Street, Panama City, FL. The dining room is on the waterfront so I am wanting as much ocean view door visibility as possible with minimal frame. I can email photos or 15 second video of the install location if helpful. I travel frequently and am on my phone continually. Texting is often the fastest way to reach me. Thanks.         

36 We have restaurant project in HK looking to install 3nos of hydraulic glass restaurant doors with frame work. the window opening size in 6880mmX2400mmH. Can you suggest any model of your product would suitable for this job? any dealer of your product in HK or China or we can direct purchase from your company.

37 need 18'0 x 12'0 glass hydraulic restaurant door for an indoor/outdoor patio restaurant application.

38 I am working on a project in Cincinnati where we're creating a new opening in an existing solid brick wall. We're planning on using a hydraulic restaurant  door with glass infill similar to the TGIF design on your website. The opening is 12'w x 16'h. Do you have typical details in CAD or more information on installing your door in masonry openings? We're planning on reinforcing the opening with steel tubes and mounting the restaurant door to that. thanks

39 Hello, We are planning a high end coffee shop. There are two openings in the facade we would like to fill with windows we can open during summer. Hydraulic looks to cover the function and aesthetic needs of these restaurant doors. The openings measure h3.4m x w3.3m If you contact me I can send you a drawing. Most important of all: Do you ship to Europe. Best regards, Alexander von der Lippe

40 I have double sliding glass restaurant doors I would like to refit with a glass hydraulic 12 foot high by 20 foot wide Schweiss designer restaurant door.  Could I have info on door and opener. Thank You

41 looking for information on a hydraulic or strap lift bifold door for a restaurant wood frame building. Restaurant door needs to be approximately 16x7.

42 Need (2) - 9' wide x 8' tall hydraulic lift restaurant doors with door frame and flashing for an insulated concrete form wall. The concrete is 8" thick and the foam on both inside and outside are 2.75" thick for a total wall thickness of 13.5". Would prefer to use a valve so that they share a pump system. Have you done that before? Also need a personnel door in the face of one of the restaurant doors. Need to be able to insulate them well to match the insulation capacity of the ICF system. The inner and outer steel flashing has to wrap around and over the edge of the foam to protect it about 3" of overlap. Thank you, Jim Staud

43 Would like to have as much glazing as possible (project is a 16 ft. hydraulic restaurant door). One-piece restaurant door will be clad in glass from top to bottom.

44 Looking for two 6-18'X30' Hydraulic Restaurant Doors 1-18X60 Hydraulic Restaurant Doors Going to Asheboro NC they have to pass local code.

45 We need a quote on 2 34' x 17'-10" hydraulic restaurant doors solid for a restaurant building we are quoting. these will ship to Naples, FL for a Pre engineered steel building with Prevailing loads FBC Exposure C. Any questions please call Thanks Cam Michael

46 Our restaurant building is in construction and opening dimensions are not set to the fraction of an inch. Building is of steel construction with wood end walls. Please also include a quote for installation of two glass hydraulic restaurant doors, and also for contractor installation.

47 We are having operational issues with our restaurant doors we installed approximately 12 years ago.It is making loud "snapping" noises when it is operated and we want to replace them with your hydraulic restaurant quiet running low maintenance restaurant doors. 

48 I need two 20x10ft restaurant doors and 3 14x14ft restaurant doors to be fully insulated.

49 I need a glass flip up doors for a restaurant front. I have an image of restaurant doors from a restaurant in Temecula that we would like it to be exactly like so I can send it to you if you provide an email address. Thanks

50 Please quote two hydraulic restaurant doors 12 x 38. If the door comes separate from the hydraulic system feel free to quote them separate or if is all together let me know. Thanks