State Park Doors

1 Hello - I am looking for pricing on a 30'W x 14' High State Park bifold door or hydraulic door as well as an option for a 40'Wx14'H Door. I would like to look at both bifold and hydraulic options. If possible we would like to load the door to put wood siding on it rather than sheet metal.

2 We are in building design for two state park doors and need to know the weight, framed opening size for a hydraulic door with 30 ft. clear open.

3 Need price and availability of one 20 ft wide x 18 ft. high bi-fold or hydraulic door for existing state park structure. Must be suitable for daily multiple openings. Please advise. Sincerely Buz Paulson 360-202-9007

4 I need a quote on a 30 x 12 clear hydraulic state park door. this will be going into the end wall of a 42' wide post frame building state park building in Colorado. 90mph wind load. My customer would also like to comparison price a bifold with the same specs. please feel free to contact me with any other questions. Jim Clark Clark Enterprises Const. Co.

5 I am designing a new state park building and was wondering what the cost was for a 30' wide x 16' high state park equipment shed door. Hydraulic vs bi fold. Can we ship it here cost effectively?

6 Need a price on a hydraulic state park door 45' x 18' tall ASAP Will be placed in Steel Building

7 Hello, I was wondering if your company carried one piece overhead doors. If so, I was wondering if you would give me a quote on a 25 feet wide by 12.5 feet tall state park door application. Best Regards, Trevor Wolfe.

8 Looking for quote on your state park hydraulic doors including installation on new construction building in northern Minnesota. Wall height of building to be either 12' or 14'. We are receiving quotes on both heights for the building, but will most likely build 12' walls. Construction on building to begin approximately mid April.

9 Going to be building a new shop and trying to decide on a state park door. Shop is 50 ft wide and 16 ft high. Not wanting to loose overhead height on door also wondering about 1 large hydraulic state park door or going with 3 smaller doors

10 I had a hydraulic state park door installed years ago and just wondering if there have been any issue with snow load on doors when open? We are in the snow belt off Lake Mi. on the Michigan side and just want to make sure that there is not an issue with weight and pulling door off frame or building? Look forward to your professional thoughts. Door has been flawless for 10-12 years THANKS, R. Walt

11 To whom it may concern, I am designing a state park building with two Schweiss hydraulic state park  doors on the endwall. I have a tube header connecting to W-shape jambs, what deflection needs to be held on those members? I see in the spec sheet provided L/90 horizontal and L/180 for vertical deflection, is this correct?

12 I have need for bifold or hydraulic State Park door, about 35 miles sw of ft. worth texas, door opening is approximately 11 feet tall by 35 feet long

13 I am requesting pricing for a 42ft x 14ft opening, hydraulic state park door with remote opener for a storage building. I would like to know the options that are available to reduce the expenses for the door as well, and please price delivery separately. Is this a product that I would be able to install or is a contractor needed?

14 I have a quote on file for small state park hydraulic door.s  The framed rough opening is 39'-11-7/8" wide between columns x 10'-6" tall to bottom of header. Side columns are 8 x 8 Wood Header mounting material is 8" x 8" wood as well. I would like high R-value insulation options, windows @ 8'. These state park doors are used year-round.

15 Doing some research for a future expansion of a county State park power plant. Just looking at rough cost estimate for initial planning and comparison between use of roll up doors and your hydraulic state park doors.

16 I am a structural engineer working on a state park renovation project in Pacific Northwest region of USA. Hydraulic state park door opening would be about 60' wide x 30' tall. A couple of questions: 1. Do you have doors that could cover that size opening, either one-piece or bifold doors? 2. For either one-piece or bifold doors, do either or both of these have a way to manually operate the door if the power to pumps/motors goes out? If so, how does that work, and can this be done by one or two people?

17 We are interested in your Bi-Fold doors. We have an application now with one of our State Park facilities. We are interested in speaking with one of your representatives regarding hydraulic state park doors. Thank you John Vassion

18 I am building a wood shop at the present time. I want to install a large hydraulic state park door. Door size 42 x14 ft

19 I am interested in a 9' X 7' hydraulic state park door. Could you send me options and prices. John Anderson

20 Interested in installing a hydraulic State park garage door on one of our projects... potentially more if they work out well with our designs. Would also like to figure out lead times for obtaining stage park doors if we were to submit our design intent today. We have a tight schedule we would like to maintain. Thanks!

21 Looking for a price estimate for 40' wide state park visitor door. Also exploring a new state park door in Phoenix area.

22 I am bidding a job in Bucyrus Ks, (66013) He would like to see numbers for a 42 ft x 12' State park hydraulic door, he has a budget we are trying to work with. The door would need wind load of 90mph optional walk door need delivery and install prices please thank you Tom

23 Looking for a price on a 24' wide X 16' high state park door for a pole barn building

24 I am needing a quote on 2 bi-fold doors to go into an existing State Park building. The building is currently open on all 4 walls. We will be enclosing 3 walls, with  2 hydraulic State Park doors going in one of the endwalls. 1.) 50'w x 20'h 2.) 41'10"w x 20'h

25 I have two of your hydraulic state park hanger doors, 38ft wide. the top rubber [app. 12 inchs wide has come appart. how much for the new top material shipped to my address ? thanks

26 60x80x16 state park pole barn, both hydraulic state park doors are in the gable end wall

27 Looking for a state park door to get me max height on a lean-to for my shop. Wondering also if there is a remote option and what that may cost? What is timeline for getting a hydraulic state park door made? Thanks, Blake

28 I sent a message earlier commenting on the challenge of the latch system on our state park door hanger (the latch is at the very same height and my airplane's wings and effectively reduces the door opening significantly). From a technical standpoint, can the strap-latch system be retrofitted to an existing door? If it can technically be retrofitted, then I'll decide if the added door-width is worth the cost. Otherwise I will be ordering a hydraulic state park door instead.

29 I am building an implement shed at our state park and require - two hydraulic state park doors (hardware)for the same opening size of 8 feet high by 14 feet wide - one door hardware for an opening 8 feet by 10 feet The doors will not be used every day as this is a weekend place to go - there is snow that will be on them - the shed will be located near Vale, Colorado  please advise what you require

30 Looking to specify two one-piece hydraulic lift state park doors (will consider bifold with lift straps) for  new construction in Phoenix, AZ. Looking for several things; - budget pricing? - lead times? - details of doors for inclusion in permit document set? I would like a salesperson / technical rep to call to discuss. Thank you!

31 Dear Schweiss, I'd like to make an inquiry with regards to your hydraulic hanger-style doors for a state park project. I have a  an opening of: 14 high x 26 wide. I'd like to install one of your state park doors (but not too sure which one yet). Can you please quote me an approximate cost for purchasing and installing: * bifolding doors and hydraulic doors  I'd like to get a rough idea of how much these will cost so I can budget for the state auditor. Many thanks in advance!

32 Looking to get a quote on a state park door for an airplane hangar for one of my clients. One price with insulation and one non-insulated. I need to quote to include installation.

33 Need quote for (1) 45' clear x 20' clear hydraulic State Park door. The 45 x 20' State Park hydraulic door would need (1) insulated walk door in it. Com-Steel would install 26 gauge PBR Panel on the exterior of the state park doors. Com-Steel would insulated the doors with 4" thick standard metal building insulation.

34 Hi, We are building a State Park Hangar at Burnett Landing in WA state that will require a state park approved hydraulic hangar door. Another state park friend of mine just installed one of your doors. We looking at a 50'wide by 40' deep building. I was wondering if you have any plans. Another friend (has a bifold with cable that we are not interested in)  Does that drive the cost up a bunch?. What width door do you advise for a 36' wingspan. 

35 The Phoenix Department of Parks is building a 50X60X18 hangar. What is the maximum size state park hydraulic door that can be put on the 50 foot wide wall? Also, what would be the maximum door open clearance with a 18 foot building height?

36 This state park building is in construction and opening dimensions are not set to the fraction of an inch. Building is of steel construction with wood end walls. Please also include a quote for installation of state park doors, and also for contractor installation.

37 I have designed a State Park door project in which I would like to use your hydraulic and bi-fold strap door systems. The door sizes are 26'-0" wide x 15'-0" high. The state is storing RVs and boats in an oversized Garage. I am in need of all the engineering that will be required for these State Park doors, most importantly the header required for the lifting assembly. A number was provided some time ago and that individual has been quite difficult to reach or for that matter call me back when needed. We are located in Southern California and look forward to working with your company on this state park door project. 

38 I'm considering a bifold door for a remodel of a state park door garage. This will have wood framing to accommodate the door. The opening will be 13 feet to ceiling (door mounted above header) and the height of the door in open position would need to be 12 inches or less (if possible). Also, it may need to conform to state park building exterior door look for HOA compliance/acceptance. The width would need to be either 14 feet (if set perpendicular) or upto 18 feet (if set at an angle to street). I have not decided yet the final orientation of the door as the bifold has given me different options.

39 Good Evening, We are a very small scale state park operation in upstate NY, and are in need of a couple hydraulic state park doors. We are currently siding our shop and are very interested in two hydraulic doors, possibly three state park doors.  Likely 10 feet high by 12 to 24 feet wide, maybe even a 10 x 20. Is this anything u can assist us with?

40 Sirs: Plan to build Pole Bldg. type state park building w/concrete floor, and looking into your hydraulic state park building doors. 1. Need 40'horz.clear; 12'vert. clear; door to be face finish with outside wall flush inline with door sheeting to endwall sheeting. 2. What is the opening I need from the Pole Bldg. endwall for this to fit. If it works out, I will need some specifics as how to construct the header, and columns. 3. I am looking at the endwall to be 42' out to out, and whatever heighth is needed for your door. 4. Could you give me an estimated cost for these state park hydraulic doors. 5. Could you give me an estimated for a bifold door. 6. How is the outside sheeting logistic handled. Do I buy that to match the hangar sheeting, and install it on your door. 7. Where does your door come from; shipping cost; do you unload it. 8. What kind of assembling do I have to do. 9. Do you put insulation on it or do I do that. Look forward to hearing from you, Many thanks, Milledge

41 Hello, We have two state park doors. They are probably considered very small compared to door sizes you all work with. Each door is 22ft wide by 9ft tall. I was curious if you could give me a ballpark quote or a pricing guide to both, the bifold door and the hydraulic state park doors. I can email you all drawings of my building if it would help to see it. These two doors can not retract in the building because we want the inside of the building to be completely open, free of doors, tracks, etc. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

42 I have a state park customer that is replacing sliding doors on the gable end of an existing building. His opening are 24' 8"x14'-1/2". He would like to put hydraulic doors in. Can you call me back with the size that is available for these state park doors and a cost. Thanks, Drew

43 We are looking at pricing for 50' x 16' (long x clear) hydraulic State park doors. Can you please put me in touch with someone that can get me pricing on State park doors.

44 Hurricane Rated State Park doors for Florida State Park  Adding Decorative State Park door panels to the outside to match the building.

45 I am interested in a 50'x12' state park door. I have purchased one from you before. I am building a pole style building and am wondering if you have the requirements I can give to a truss company to build the door header? The total width of the building will be 60' Thank You Harvey