Stucco Clad doors

1 I'm looking for a hydraulic stucco- clad garage door with a walk through door to convert a 2 car garage into an ADU. Who can I talk to about pricing? Also, what are the R-values of insulation that are available for your doors?

2 I am interested in your 14 foot hydraulic stucco-clad door that looks like it is 7 or 8 foot tall... .For an RV in an area that prohibits a 14 ft door. Can you send me some literature on your doors and also give me an idea of the cost of a door like this? Thanks Mike

3 Trying to price a stucco-clad hangar door. 40 foot door to either be retrofitted to an existing wooden hangar or to a potential new wooden hangar.

4 Quote for a single swing hydraulic stucco clad door - metal frame with windows - for a Tasting room in Arizona

5 We are in a process of designing our first hanger (part of 12 airport hanger subdivision) therefore I need some initial information on your hydraulic stucco-clad hangar doors, shop drawings suggestions, prices etc I might be interested in exploring the dealership opportunity. Looking forward talking to you soon. Greetings Peter 

6 looking for information on a 50'x16' stucco clad hydraulic door with insulation package for use on an airplane hangar.

7 I am working on a permitted project where the architect has called for a Schweiss hydraulic stucco clad garage door. I would like to receive a bid for purchase and installation please. Please email me to receive a copy of the construction plans. Thanks, Troy

8 I am building a 4 car garage 50' long. I want the garage to look like the side of a house and have the entire front of the garage lift up with a one piece hydraulic lift system. I plan to have the door consisting of hardy plank and stucco clad doors. I guess my builder would create the door and I am interested in the hydraulic system. Is the system something you sell independent of the garage doors? Thanks! John

9 HI Julie Can I get a quote on 2 stucco clad doors for a job quote in Albuquerque area. Hydraulic door 1 44' wide 16 ft hinge height door 2 42 ft wide 14 ft hinge ht. this door quote option of a truss to hang it on . thank you john bradley

10 I have a bifold strap type door currently, a great door. Now I'd like to order a stucco clad garage door.  Do you have anyone locally that installs and can apply a stucco door cladding on this door? Thanks for your time John Trimble

11 Hi, I'm wondering if you have images of residential hydraulic garage doors that show the stucco cladding possibilities over your frames? We're under construction on a project and are slated to have 3 hydraulic stucco clad garage doors (9'w by 8'h), but the client is getting tripped up on the potential aesthetics. I tried to explain that the cladding possibilities are endless but was hoping to show them a few examples. Thanks

12 Need price for a 60' wide x 20' high stucco clad hydraulic or bi-fold door and contact for installers located in Michigan

13 looking for a price on a 55x 15 hydro stucco clad door going on a mesco blg.

14 How high does building rafters need to be for 16 ft. hydraulic stucco door opening with cement floor and pole barn construction? Reading about the stucco hangar doors in Arizona on your website was very helpful.

15 I'm interested in the feasibility of converting one or two sliding garage doors to a hydraulic stucco-clad style. The doors are modest in size - 8.5' wide by 8' high. This would be on an existing wood-frame construction house.

16 The architectural style for the HOA is Southwest USA with flat roof designs and stucco walls resembling adobe. I 1st saw your design in an RV garage for a new home design where the HOA restricted the garage door height to 8'. We have the same problem in trying to get our RV home. We would like this same style door, but as a stucco clad door to match our home.

17 Good morning, I have a customer I am bidding a hangar to that wants an 80'x20' clear stucco door package in one end. Can you shoot me a quote and specs for that? I am wanting to do the design package around your hydraulic stucco clad door and we will be providing our panel and trim to skin the inside of the stucco door. It will be going to Mt Pleasant, TX. Thanks!

18 Stucco-clad hydraulic garage door 14'8"w x7'3h Please tell the price thanks

19 We are designing a new home to be built in Prescott AZ in the next 6- 12 months. It will have a 3-car garage with two stucco-clad doors: An 18 foot wide stucco hydraulic door for the 2 car portion plus a single car door that is 9 feet wide. Both are 8 feet tall. The garage doors are on the front of the house which also faces west and the harsh sun at mile-high Prescott. Therefore, we want the garage doors to contribute to the house's curb appeal in a big way by making them stucco clad doors to match our home. We are also considering sheathing them with copper, cor-ten steel or some other low maintenance material with high level horizontal windows. We are employing and architect for the design. If you do not serve customers this far west, can you suggest anyone else in Arizona who does custom hydraulic  residential stucco clad garage doors?

20 I would like a price on three 9 x 8 doors that we can add materials to look like Clopay Coachman Design stucco clad doors with REC13 windows. Hydraulic and bifold are both good options. Thank you.

21 Id like to explore an option to install a 20' wide x 12' high hydraulic stucco clad door in the garage im building. Black framed glass...double pane. Regards, Mark

22 I would like to inquire about the price for an 8x8 stucco clad garage door for use in a living room. Thank you

23 I have a PEMB hangar in Arizona with a 24' high x 85' wide opening I would like to get stucco clad hydraulic hangar door pricing for. Please send me power requirements ASAP, so I can include costs for the owner.

24 I need to get a price for one of your stucco-clad hydraulic doors. The opening is going to be 60' wide by 17' tall and it is going to be delivered to Queen Creek, Arizona 85142. I should be in your system since I purchased stucco clad doors from you about 5 years ago. If you could email me the quote as soon as you can I would appreciate it. 

25 I am a building contractor. I'm working with a client to construct a new 44' wide x 40' deep x 12' high wood framed aircraft hangar for his personal use for his Piper super cub. We would like to use a one piece hydraulic  door which will need to be a stucco clad door,  insulated and controlled electrically. Preferably, the door will be 40' wide x 12' tall on the gable end of this proposed structure. Can you please offer me some information about your products, costs, site fabrication and installation, shipping and related costs for installation. I will assume this door will be factory built, shipped to the site and we will install with our crews. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks....RT

26 Looking for similar door as Herb Korthuis of Lynden, Washington, 16 foot tall and 12 feet wide. The one major difference is this would be a stucco clad door to match my home.

27 Good morning Sir / Madam: I am working on a house where we are specifying two 12'(w) X 10'(h) hydraulic stucco clad overhead doors. Do you have any CAD details of the head, jamb and sill conditions that you could email to me? Thanks, Dwayne

28 What would a door like this cost? Supply only. FOB your plant. HOME OWNERS PRIVATE GARAGE This 30' x 14' One-Piece Hydraulic Stucco Clad Door located in Denver, Colorado was purchased by Bruce Hamon in 2011  Just budget numbers for now as I am only going to mention it to my client when I have some sort of a scale of cost. I have instlled many Wilson bi-folds and Hydroswing hydraulic hangar doors so am very familiar with the systems. Just looking for a quick and dirty budget number range on this stucco clad door. Please reply by email for now as I am on vacation with the client in the Dominican Republic and phone is expesive. Again, JUST budget number RANGE. With and without double pane thermopane glass.

29 Was hoping to get an estimate for 10' tall by 36' wide stucco clad hangar home door

30 New T hangar construction. Nine bays for single engine airplanes with stucco clad T-Hangar doors. Stucco hydraulic doors are what are needed.

31 I have a client that is after a bi-fold or possibly the one piece hydraulic lift stucco clad door this will be for a custom hangar home residence in Jackson hole Wyoming. I am after a insulated core that I can skin for the appearance of disappearing and blending into the board and bat siding the opening is 12 feet tall with room to adjust and play with 6" or so and the width is 36 feet rough opening now can adjust to smaller to accommodate as needed but would like to keep that with in reason. please contact me via email or phone for more info and cost thank you Chad 

32 I want to replace 39ft wide x 18ft high slider with a one piece hydraulic stucco clad door. Wood frame pole building 7 years old. Prefer insulated. Can do install myself if warranty allows. I would like to get an estimate. Thank you.

33 Can I have the door clad in stucco so I can paint it instead of steel. I am trying match this door to a hangar home I want to install it in. Please let me know.

34 We are an architectural office that does high end custom residential projects and would like to speak to someone about bi-fold and hydraulic one-piece stucco-clad garage doors. The hydraulic stucco doors for our project would have a front face to match the surrounding home facade. I can send a rendering, but we would really like someone to stop by if possible. There are 5 garage doors in total for the project. Construction has already started. Door sizes range from 10' wide to 19' wide. There may be other projects in the office that would need your help also. 

35 Interested in hydraulic doors on a new hangar home that will have stucco clad doors on the hangar to match the exterior of the home. Saw the stucco clad doors that one of your Arizona clients used on his hangar. The stucco doors look great.

36 Working on a project at the MCRC Brooklyn NY that the A/E has indicated your stucco clad hydraulic doors with tube steel supports as basis of design. The project requires 7 ea 12' tall x 17' wide and 2 ea 14' tall x 17' wide doors. I need to complete my stucco clad door estimate by Nov 18th Thank you

37 Hello, We have two stucco clad garage doors. They are probably considered very small compared to door sizes you all work with. Each door is 12ft wide by 9ft tall. I was curious if you could give me a ballpark quote or a pricing guide to both, the bifold door and the hydraulic stucco clad doors. I can email you all drawings of my building if it would help to see it. These two doors can not retract in the building because we want the inside of the building to be completely open, free of doors, tracks, etc. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

38 I am looking for a quote on 1 piece overhead stucco clad doors. Rough dimensions are 40' x 12' for my hanger. Wind load is minimal and should be considered given the address provided. Please email a quote on these stucco doors for consideration. 

39 I need someone to periodically service my hydro swing stucco clad hangar doors. Do you have a San Antonio dealer or service company?

40 Interested in pricing a stucco clad doors project in New Mexico. These will be residential use stucco clad hydraulic doors.

41 To Whom It May Concern: I would like to know if you have some BIM details of Stucco clad hangar doors. Can it be motorized? What is the the maximum size? Door has to be clad in stucco with speaker Thanks.