Thermal Curtain Patio Doors

1 Need a price on 2 hydraulic thermal curtain patio d doors- size 15'H X 28'L all doors with aluminum frames- match a Kawneer curtain wall

2 How much for a 16W x 13H insulated thermal curtain patio hydraulic door and how much height will I lose

3 Looking for a storefront using hydraulic designer thermal curtain patio doors up to aprox 8X22 - need traditional double doors. Space will be used for a wood fired kitchen restaurant & taphouse. looking for rough budgetary considerations. thanks

4 Interested in glass hydraulic thermal curtain patio doors for an interior application.

5 Can you please mail me information on your hydraulic and bifold thermal curtain patio doors, energy efficiency and approximate pricing and sizes please? I am very interested in having one installed from my home to my deck and pool area. Thank you Nikki Powell

6 I appreciate the earlier quote 101016-MB, the price quoted for the special doors was reasonable for the design but we are looking to economize a bit more and would like a quote for a well insulated thermal curtain patio door more standard hydraulic door design. We are working with Kirk Dilly or Morton Buildings in Alexandria on a mono-slope roofed vacation apartment to be built east of Fergus Falls. Thanks

7 Email is best. I'm working nights. I know 40' is a standard door size, but a Cessna 180 with extended wings is 39'. So please quote me a door wider than 40' but will fit within my hangar design that is 50' outside dimension and at least 48' inside dimension. Also, what is the thermal R-value for the hangar door insulation?

8 Exterior of hydraulic thermal curtain patio doors will be R panel metal sheets Interior will have 3" spray foam and 5/8" wood siding Just want to make sure it's built for that weight Also what is the cost for y'all to deliver & install Thanks for your quick responses


10 Could your Schweiss hydraulic thermal curtain patio glazed doors be thermally broken?

11 hydraulic thermal curtain patio doors with glass for a high end residence-they want to add a large free span concrete deck with living space under-and are looking at multi slide door but cant get all the features they want with it

12 I two need hydraulic thermal curtain patio doors  doors size 8'wide x 42" inches tall Aluminum full view insulated and templed glass And powder coating bronze color frame thank you

13 I am designing a building a for my customer and he is interested in using your company for thermal curtain patio doors. He is needing a 16x10 one piece hydraulic door. * Thermal Curtain Patio Doors must meet code for Corpus Christi, TX which is IBC 2012 with 145mph wind*

14 I am currently working on the design of a thermal curtainwall door system for the lobby of a manufacturing building and the owner would like to incorporate a bi-fold glass faced door (min. 15'Wx15'H). I was wondering if I could get some details or work with someone on what this would require structurally to support the curtainwall hydraulic door and to see how it would incorporate into the curtainwall system. I can send a dimensioned elevation if that will help or please let me know what further information is needed to get a preliminary design and quote.

15 12'X12' thermal curtain insulated patio home door

16 Metal building attached to steel framed wall/ entrance 30 feet wide 18'-0" tall, can supply drawings, want to use thermal curtain patio door supplied with factory frame.

17 Hi, Looking for budget pricing on 3-7; 20'x 30' hydraulic thermal curtain patio doors with the most R-rating as possible.

18 I need a quote for a 34' X 12' hydraulic thermal curtain patio door with schweiss hydraulic lift design. Please also quote the 46' X 12', so I can compare prices. I am planning to build a 50' X 70' building. Thanks, Carey

19 We have a 35'W x 15'H garage door opening in Beverly Hills and the owner wants to get a glass thermal curtain patio hydraulic garage door. The problem is it needs to seal because the garage is an air-conditioned space and it also needs to meet CA Title 24 requirements. Is this something you can do? If so, what would the pricing be for something like this? There is currently no hydraulic thermal door design, so the architect would defer to the manufacturer for all specs and plans. Please email me for further details.

20 Can you build full aluminium thermal curtain hydraulic fully glazed patio doors with tempered 1/2''thermos glass, cable with top drive for a opening of 12' x 12' Thanks Andre L

21 I am interested in the thermal curtain patio doors with glass and wondering how well these thermal curtain doors can be insulated?

22 I'll be looking into insulating this thermal curtain patio door adding a couple windows and doing a finished inside along with a exterior done in siding. Did know when you need this info. Just browsing thru your site I'm amazed to see how much you guys do like the install,insulating, siding windows etc,

23 I would like a bid on a 22ft wide x 12ft high thermal curtain patio door with a remote controlled opener on a new construction guest home.

24 I am just looking for a quote for 1/4" single-pane glass thermal curtain patio doors. The dimensions are 9'-0" wide by 4'-6" high. Also would like to know your options for frame material and if there are different color options for the material. Lastly your lead time upon ordering. Thank you!

25 I have a customer looking for  12'x 12' glass thermal curtain patio doors. Either in a one piece pivot style or a bi-fold style. Can I have some one call me please?

26 This is a smaller multi-family residential project in Vancouver that calls for insulated thermal curtain patio doors, and I wanted to confirm that you do business here, and if you have a local Rep. I should work with. Also, the building is wood-framed new construction. However, the thermal curtain patio door will be mounted in a reinforced concrete garage wall. I would like to work with you on mounting details and structural requirements for concrete, without additional steel if possible. I'm happy to provide progress drawings.

27 I'm looking to a pair of Schweiss thermal curtain patio doors/windows for a bar and looking to get a price for the material. Im an installer out of the upper Michigan market

28 I'm building a house on South Mountain in Phoenix Arizona. The architect has called for steel frame hydraulic lift thermal curtain patio doors by Schweiss at 7'4" x 23'0" x 5" Please call me or email so I can start pricing this out. I can send the plans in so you can see what he is calling for. Thank you, Travis

29 I'm looking to have two thermal curtain patio doors or windows added to my summer lakeside residence. Wondering if this is something you do or if you have contractors you work with to install these. My time frame is ASAP.

30 Good Afternoon, I LOVE the look of yours doors and am curious what kind of solution we could possibly come up with for two thermal curtain patio  doors in my home. The dimensions are below and I can send photos as well if that would help. These are not giant spaces, but I'm hoping that we may be able to work out some sort of hydraulic designer door for these spaces. Especially the downstairs. Please let me know if you have additional questions. Thanks, Matt Downstairs: w24.5' x h 9.5' is the size of the existing doors. However, this measurement does not include dropping to the subfloor.  What R-factor would these thermal curtain patio doors have?

31 I am looking for a 40x14 thermal curtain insulated patio hydraulic door for an interior application. It will be the door that divides the building. One side is a cooler therefore it needs to be insulated. It needs to be motorized and will be going into a commercial  building, steel jambs

32 I need a quote for a 40'wide by 14' high thermal insulated curtain patio doors to be installed in a building I am bidding on at the pilots rest lounge in Paulden, AZ. I need to know how much this door will weigh asap so that our engineers can design the header for the building to which the door will be mounted. Thank you in advance for your assistance and prompt response. Grady L. Holmes

33 Hi, I'm trying to get an idea of the price of your hydraulic thermal curtain patio doors for a new construction. Could you give an estimate for doors WITH insulation. - what is the weight (how much extra height do I need to get that opening) - is there any choice for outside appearance? Thanks.

34 Need quote on components for hydraulic thermal curtain patio doors  for installation, as part of new building, to be constructed in remote area. The eave height can be about 24 feet with bay width of say 24". Would like to build a thermal curtain door that would have clear opening of 20 feet high and 20 to 22 feet wide. Can design structure around simple door frame. Can build door frame in nearby shop and sheeting after installation. Thank You

35 I want a price on four 20 ft hydraulic thermal curtain patio doors. Also a 14 by 14 thermal wall curtain patio door. Can you run two thermal curtain doors from one control unit?


37 Would like to get prices on thermally curtain patio doors, if available, in both hydraulic and bifold configurations. Design wise we're interested in something along the lines of two of the projects on your "Designer Bifold curtain patio doors". The "Country House Exterior" and the "Home Owner's Private Garage." I've included dimensions of the rough opening they would be installed in below. Please let me know if you need any further info for these curtain patio thermal doors. Thanks, Cary

38 I'm considering hydraulic thermal curtain patio doors for a remodel of a residential home. This will have wood framing to accommodate the curtain wall patio doors. The opening will be 13 feet to ceiling (door mounted above header) and the height of the door in open position would need to be 12' or less (if possible). 

39 would like to price thermal curtain patio doors, hydraulic 18x15 no windows.

40 Please just email me a price quote on the thermal curtain patio doors. We aren't sure as of yet whether the support beams will be wood or steel. Thanks Dave RMI

41 requesting quote for replacement thermal curtain patio doors on 20W X 15H shed...possibly want two depending on price...NOT Bi-fold. What R-factor will these thermal curtain patio doors carry?

42 We are looking for quotes for a residential thermal curtain patio doors What info would you require from us? Kind regards

43 I am bidding a project requireing automatic project out windows and thermal curtain patio doors for a snack bar. If you send me an email, I will send you quantities and dimensions for the windows required. Thank you.

44 I need red system power hydraulic thermal curtain patio doors.  What is the price of this system I Need Detailed information on the weight bump How the application method and transmitter to the Kingdom of Bahrain