United States Marine Doors

1 Please provide hydraulic U.S. Marine door. 3000mm height x 7586mm Width. Ship to Singapore. Estimated required date mid of 2021. Thank you.

2 Hello, Do you ship doors to Australia? we have are looking for 2 United States Marine doors.  Door 1 - 12m (40') x 4.5m (13') Door 2 30m (100') x 6m (20')

3 I am finishing up with a hangar in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada. I have another finished hangar with a Schweiss United States Marine bi-fold door on it and would like a quote for the exact same door dimensions for my new floatplane hangar. Both hangars were built off the same building plans.

4 I am interested in specifying your hydraulic United States marine door in an architectural drawing. Do you have an rfa file I could use to do this in Revit? Also, what is a rough estimate of the cost of a 9'x9' bi-folod or something about that size. Thank you for your time.

5 Interested in 10 X 40 foot United States marine door, cost difference between bi-fold and single panel door going to Thompson Fall, MT

6 Please give me a quote on a one piece hydraulic United States Marine door that is 40 ft wide and has a 10 ft. Vertical opening. Thanks, Kevin

7 I need your hydraulic United States marine door 11m w x 4m high for 1set. We want to explore your beautiful door in Korea. Thanks JJ

8 I want to build a 140' wide by 120' deep. I want to put the United States Marine hydraulic door on the 140' side. What do you think?

9 Good day, To whom it may concern, I would like to enquire if you have any agents selling or distributing your United States Marine Door products in South Africa or Southern Africa. Please let me know if you would be interested in having a distributor. Thank you in advance, Kind Regards, Cornie Burger, Contracts Manager,

10 Looking for 40w x 12h United States Marine door to go on front of an S model quonset marina hut.

11 we have a project in melbourne. we need the fold up  or one piece United States marine doors. will you pls contact with me. I will send you the drawing to you for quotation. Thank you

12 I am looking for a quote for the following: (1) 48' x 16' Hydro United States Marine door. Installed in Woodsfield, Ohio 43793 All material/tax and labor to be included in the quote. Door to be installed in a 50' x 50' marina building. Please call with any questions.

13 What is your United States Marine Doors Price for a 10x40 and 10x42 hydraulic door for new construction marina in Mexico? Thanks

14 looking for United States marine doors 21 to 27 foot wide and 14 foot high

15 I need prices for (4) 40' X 18' hydraulic United States Marine doors and (1) 40' x 18' bi fold marine door delivered to Corona Calif. I also need an alternate for all strap on all doors. Thank you

16 Hi We are looking to replace two United States Marine Doors (approx each 23metres * 3 metres) at our yacht club in Leicestershire England. Do you service the UK, and if not, can you recommend anyone. Alternatively, do you sell plans to enable us to have the doors manufactured and erected locally? Many thanks for your help. Kind regards

17 We are currently working in the documentation of a Convention Center in PNG currently under construction, we are documenting from our Melbourne office in Australia and we are interested in your United States Marine doors Hydraulic fold  doors for two purposes one for a banquet hall which will be internal with timber battens fixed to the door panels (see example images attached) this one has to achieve an acoustic performance of STC 40, the second door would be more industrial back of house with a fire rating 120/120/120 both same width 3m approximately. Could you provide me with some information to see if this is viable in both cases, the constraints and structural requirements? if you send me a private e-mail we can send you some drawings and example images of marine doors and what we need for your information... Also very important for our documentation is to have the CAD/Revit drawings as soon as possible for the door schedule?could you provide this please? Please give me a call for further information. Thank you!

18 looking for United States marine doors 25' wide and 15 high. bifold and insulated.

19 Would like to get a price for a United States marine door. 80 x 14 hydraulic type. Would go into a metal building here in Salt Lake, UT

20 We are from Pakistan and are planning to construct a hanger for our Beech king 200 We would like to have the cost estimates for a low cost United States Marine hanger shutter or gate door Please also advise whether it will be practical to install it without your help as we are located far away

21 Dear Sir/ Madam, We are an Architecture and Interior Design Company here in Dubai and we have a requirement for Automated hydraulic United States Marine doors. May we know if you have any suppliers or distributors here in the Middle east for your bifold doors. Awaiting for your response. Regards, Rosa Marasigan

22 We are providing a budget cost estimate to construct a six unit hangar project for Columbus Municipal Airport in Indiana that will feature United States Marine hangar doors. They are asking for a 48 by 14 Schweiss hydraulic door in each unit.

23 I have a commercial building that I bought with Diamond Door Bi-folds, that never has worked well. It appears that 1 door was mounted too high and the floor was poured bad in the opening. I am interested in knowing what I need to do to replace this with a Schweiss United States Marine Door. If someone could contact me next week I would like to get some product ordered. Dean

24 I have a prospect interested in a 50x50 pre-engineered building with 40x14 hydraulic United States Marine doors for a seagoing floatplane hangar. Please advise on best economical door.

25 We are bidding on a seaside floatplane hanger and the owner needs (2) 60' wide United States Marine Doors. He needs 19' clear. For a 19' clear, what should I make the height of the rough opening? 

26 Good Morning, we are interested on 3 custom hydraulic United States marine doors for a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. The final customer and designer want a door with the same operation as the picture in the following link. https://www.bifold.com/photo-of-the-day-barrel-and-bushel.php we can handle the import into Mexico, how can we start with a quote. we manufacture wood custom garage doors here and we can manufacture the door according to your system specs if possible. 

27 Hello, We have an overseas client that wants United States Marine doors that will act as sun shade canopy door when open, but with a storefront window behind. What would you suggest? I've seen several Schweiss bifold liftstrap glass designer doors in searches, but none that have a storefront behind it... HELP!! Thank you, Autumn

28 I'm looking for a price on a build your own door kit to build United States Marine overhead doors, approximately 15'-6' wide x 27'-8' high, to be clad in aluminum framing.

29 Need a quote and info on (2) 40' x 16' United States Marine hydraulic swing doors going into a new timber frame building on each gable end.

30 Looking for some pricing information on United States Marine door for a 20' x 21' hydraulic door. I have some preliminary information I could get to you for review.

31 Need a quote on a 52' wide by 14' clear ht. hydraulic United States Marine Doors. These would be galvanized frame U.S. Marine doors.

32 looking for price on a 12 x 40 ft  straight lifting United States marine door to be shipped to South America. Can the U.S. marine door be placed in its own container for shipping?

33 On your United States Marine Door does price include vertical column and header or is that locally procured? If there are heights and widths that if you stay less is there considerable savings on these marine doors I would like to know that info. Door height I want 17 foot of clearance what ever door height needs to be to achieve that Do you have an install team? And is price quoted installed? 

34 I am needing to get a quote for a project to start in Australia around the end of the year. Needing (2) 9'0" x 10' 0" Motorized, Aluminum framed United States Marine doors with Clear Anodized Finish and 1/4" tempered glass in all sections. Please call me at my office.

35 Need a price for a hydraulic one piece door with the measurements 28 x 22 United States Marine Door and also need price on a bifold with the same measurements. Thanks!

36 I have your hydraulic United States Marine door and would like to have remote opener installed. I am located at SC99 in SC. Thank You look forward talking to you.

37 I have designed a project in which I would like to use your United States Marine overseas door system. The door size is 26'-0" wide x 15'-0" high. The Owner is storing classic antique boats in an oversized Garage. I am in need of all the engineering that will be required, most importantly the header required for the lifting assembly. A number was provided some time ago and that individual has been quite difficult to reach or for that matter call me back when needed. We are located in Southern France and look forward to working with your company on this U.S. Marine doors project. 

38 Dear, I am contacting you from Trinity general Trading and Contracting Co., Kuwait. We are currently working on the preliminary details of a United States Marine doors project for which we are looking to install a hydraulic door with steel  panelling to an external structure. Could you kindly advise me of the possibility of the same. I would appreciate hearing back from you at the earliest time with details you would require and as per what I understand there are some set specs that we would require to be added into our marine doors construction. I eagerly await your email. Best Regards

39 Wow - those are awesome United States Marine doors - but what about the "small fella" that might be interested in something more like your shipping container - I'm just looking to to lift up a much more manageable 8'-0" wide x 8'-0" high door / window, with a 6x6 steel tube support frame, you can attach your push rods too. Curious do you have any Quick time movies I can see the speed at which these U.S. Marine style doors open?  

40 I am interested in pricing a 30'x18' and a 40'x18' United State Marine hydraulic doors for new overseas construction, as well as a 30'x14' door to replace 2 overhead doors in an existing building.

41 I am looking to bid United States Marine Doors for a client. He would like at least 20' clearance so I believe the hydraulic system would work best for him, but I would appreciate more information to choose the best system for his needs.