Wide Doorway Doors

1 Interested in a wide opening low maintenance Schweiss hydraulic hangar door for my 60 foot hangar opening, currently have folding doors on it. The hangar is in southern North Carolina

2 Please quote a hydraulic lift wide opening zero maintenance door as shown in drawing. 80' x 26'. Please call or email with questions. Freight to Coeur d'Alene Idaho.

3 I am looking for a 27 ft tall x 80 ft wide hangar door that is fast opening. What are the lead times? I will start construction early 22. If you could send me a preliminary quote on bi-fold, and Hydraulic i would appreciate it. Thanks William Wainwright 985-320-8204

4 Please quote hydraulic wide doorway door with columns and truss to support a 60' x 28' clear hydraulic door. The metal building has sliders in it now. tying the truss back into the existing building will not be a problem we can do that but the building is not tall enough to fit the bi-hold door in so the truss will have to above the roof line(30' 1

5 I have a client that is building a large hanger requiring a 75' x 25' wide doorway hydraulic  hanger door. I don't know the size limitations for hydraulic or bi-fold doors.

6 Hello, I would like to have a price, For hydraulic  wide doorway door 100 'wide x 26' high, Steel structure 600vlt, Greeting

7 I need a price for a 70' x 16'-6" clear wide doorway hydraulic door delivering to Polson, MT. IBC 2015 115 mph Exp C 45psf Roof snow load There will be an 8'-0" liner panel on interior side of door. I'm assuming a 3'-0" wedge. Thank you!!!

8 I need a quote on the most economical military aviation aircraft wide doorway door system. needs to be 150' wide x 40' tall. They said that you can make shorter with a step up in the middle to 40'. I am quoting with a Nucor Steel Building, I'm a Nucor Dealer, and i will be placing this door on the End Wall. i also need to know what the size of the framed opening needs to be and what structural members do i need to supply for your door system. Figure, at this point, to include freight to Fresno, CA 93722. Please try and get something back to me this week. I prefer you contact me with my email but if you have to, you can call my cell anytime during business hours, pacific time 8-6. thank you, DS

9 I was looking for a price on 1 hydraulic door and 1 bifold wide opening doorway door. my opening size for the door is 74 feet wide and 22 feet tall the building will be built around your specs let me know if you have any questions feel free to call thank you

10 Need a price for a 85x30 hydraulic wide doorway commercial door or a 85 x30 hydraulic door.

11 Could you please send me pricing and some product info for the following: 18' high x 65 wide doorway door (minimum) hydraulic type door. We have about 20? of head room INFO ON WHAT IS REQUIRED FOR THE ROUGH OPENING SIZE, WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE IN PREPARATION FOR DOOR INSTALLATION BY US WOULD BE HELPFUL

12 looking for pricing for a 45x15 hydraulic wide doorway door

13 I'm building a shop that will need a wide opening  34'W X 22' H door, the building is wood 2x6 structure with engineered trusses for roof on concrete foundation. I'm looking for price options on this wide opening shop door 1) price for the hydraulic package door/hardware/shipping 2) price for the Strap lift system door/hardware/shipping 3) price for the hydraulic package without door /shipping 4) price for the Strap lift system without door /shipping * please note shipping to Blain Washington 98230

14 I would like a price and engineering details to incorporate a hydraulic wide doorway door on a barn I am building. It ill be on the front and opening will be about 16 feet wide by 14 feet tall. I have drawings. How can I send them ?

15 Greetings, We are looking for a quote on a 72' X 18' hydraulic wide doorway door for an existing hangar. Quote for the door, and installation as well. Thank-you.

16 Need pricing on a hydraulic wide doorway hangar door 70 feet wide x 18 feet minimum clearance. Helena, Mt. 59601 Do you provide man hr. figures for installation?

17 Hello, I have a garage space underneath by rear deck with a very limited ceiling height which prohibits using a standard sectional garage door. The rough opening is approximately 7' high by 26'6" wide. We cannot put a post in the center nor fold door sections into the interior on the sides since the space will need to house a car which will be stored horizontally in the space so I will need wide doorway doors. I was thinking a single panel door such as those shown on your website might work...if not maybe you have a suggestion or two..Thanks very much! Kate

18 I have a 12' x 40' wide door opening and need a hydraulic wide doorway door quoted. Please email me when you get a chance. Thanks.

19 Hello, I work for a design company in Uniontown, PA. We are working with a client to design a 80x80 airplane hanger in the area. We need more information on a 60'x15'H wide doorway hydraulic and bifold door to keep our design moving with the steel building company. Could you help?

20 Constructing a 60'x 120' machine shed, what is the widest wide doorway hydraulic door I can install on the 60' end wall? Can it be full width?

21 need pricing on a 107 x 20 wide doorway hydraulic  door jobsite - Mena, AR

22 Putting up a 128x66 pole barn (Wick or ProBuild) with plans for two 44x16 overhead wide doorway doors. I would like to consider two bi-fold or hydraulic doors instead. One door will need to be insulated for the shop area, and the other does not need insulation for the cold storage area. This is a wood post building and I'm wondering if I also need to do anything differently with the posts to accommodate your wide opening doors. Thanks, Tim

23 Have an old 40 foot bifold by Miracle Truss. Door needs to be replaced. Wondering price on a wide doorway hydraulic door

24 I'm interested in seeing if a wide doorway hydraulic door is feasible on our shed. It would be an end door 12'wide 13'-13.5' clear opening to clear an RV. Shed has steel upright posts (very heavy)and concrete floor. I do not have room for an interior conventional overhead door, a wide opening hydraulic looks like the answer. I would like a sales rep to stop and take a look. Lawrence Ginnow, Oshkosh WI 54904

25 We're building a 80' x 40' metal barn building with 14' eave heights and I stumbled across your wide doorway doors on your website. I can email the drawing of the existing plan, which includes replacement of  3 roll up doors on one 80' long wall, and 2 roll up doors on the two 40' end walls. It would be interesting to have 2 Schweiss 30' ( /-) wide opening doorway doors on the long wall instead of the 3 roll up doors, depending on cost. In addition, while the Schweiss bi-fold doors are of interest, the 3 door long wall has a carport cover running down the entire length of the wall. How would that affect the Schwiess doors?

26 I have questions about your wide doorway doors and their application with our metal buildings. May I please receive a call from Sales to help me design a hangar for a customer. Thank you.

27 I have a aircraft hangar with a wide doorway hydraulic door 100' x 22' opening that is currently set up with sliding doors. I am interested in a single piece wide doorway hydraulic door for an upgrade. Pricing availability ? Thanks Pat

28 I am preparing to ad on to my existing pole barn and will need wide doorway doors. My intentions are to build a 48x48 addition with a 16x24 hydraulic door. Ive read some reviews and am interested in more information. I am from michigan. I'm looking at starting this project after spring planting.

29 I am researching building a hangar. The lot is somewhat narrow. Looking at a 50x50 or 50x60 building. What are my options on wide doorway doors and what are the price ranges? I have heard your Schweiss hydraulic doors are not crazy expensive. 

30 I'am wanting to to build a 40x50 or 40 x30 hangar on my private rural property. I've talked to several people who have used you in the past in conjuction with metal mart steel buildings in this area. I would like to have an estimate of what a wide doorway hangar door with all equipment to operate it would cost me. Width 40' tall16'. I appreciate your help hope to hear from you soon. Douglas Evans

31 To whom it may concern, I'm interested in your Hydraulic or  Bifold Doors with Lift Straps, in particular with a bigger size for an Airplane Chart. I'm looking for a wide doorway door size: Door Width:62 FT Door Height:20 FT. I would be very glad if you could send me a catalogue for more datails. In addition to that is there any chance you could send me price list? or could you provide a quote on the above-named doorsize? Many thanks in advance! 

32 Do you supply and install wide doorway doors in Western Canada? We are looking for suggestions as to the best use of a wide doorway hydraulic door on one of our garages to have it appear as a wall of the house. The intent is to install horizontal clear cedar siding on the door and adjacent walls. The door will be approx. 16'W x 8'H.

33 We are looking at pricing for a 50' x 16' (long x clear) wide doorway door. Can you please put me in touch with someone that can get me pricing. Thanks,  

34 I am looking for a quote on 1 piece overhead wide doorway doors. Rough dimensions are 40' x 12' for my hanger. Wind load is minimal and should be considered given the address provided. Please email a quote for consideration. Regards, MW

35 would like to price a wide doorway door, hydraulic 18x65 no windows.

36 I am looking for budget pricing on 28' high x 44' wide doorway hydraulic doors. The project is going to be at Port Columbus Airport for a corporate hangar. Please contact me with pricing information. Thank you, Chad Blind

37 I have a customer wanting a price for a hydraulic wide doorway door, largest possible on a 48'w x 14'h x 56'l building. Wants door to open completely. What size and how much? Thank you!

38 would like to price a door hydraulic 18x65 wide doorway door no windows.

39 Hello, We have two garage doors. They are probably considered very small compared to door sizes you all work with. Each door is 12ft wide by 9ft tall. I was curious if you could give me a ballpark quote to replace these two doors with one wide hydraulic doorway door. I can email you all drawings of my building if it would help to see it. These two doors can not retract in the building because we want the inside of the building to be completely open, free of doors, tracks, etc That's where your hydraulic wide doorway door comes in. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

40 Looking for a quote for (2) wide doorway doors 50ft X 15 ft hydraulic operated doors (2) 50ft X 15ft tilt up doors Also - 24ft X 15 both bi folding and tilt up doors. cladding by others Shipping to California Thanks

41 To whom it may concern, We were interested in learning more about your wide doorway door products and were wanting to know if your company does any live presentations or lunch and learns. Thank you.

42 Jason, It's been a long time, but I was hoping you could answer a question for me. Is it possible to make a 80" wide x 30" high wide doorway hydraulic door? We never pursued the bifold door because there was not enough support to hold one in our hanger. Now we are looking at a single hydraulic wide doorway door. Is that too large to be made? If not could you give me a quote on one please? Thank you! 

43 I currently have a Mesco metal hanger with a wide doorway bifold door that I would like to retrofit. My opening is 45'X12'.