Advanced Airplane and Helicopter Doors

1 I am bidding a job that is specified to have 2 Schweiss bi-fold or two hydraulic helicopter doors. The project is for the Lake Charles Regional Airport in Lake Charles, LA. There are already specs that were sent to the architect that were passed on to the contractors bidding the project. Bid number on the spec sheet is 22122-KA. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

2 Looking for a 60'x 20' Schweiss advance aircraft hangar door delivered to Sheboygan Airport in Wisconsin, KSBM, zip 53085. Thank you

3 In the planning phase of building a 75' x 75' hangar and will need a 50'W x 15'H hangar door. I'm really interested in the new Schweiss phone app that will allow me to open and close the hydraulic door using my phone.

4 Bidding a job for a Air Evac Helicopter Hanger hydraulic door at the Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport and need a quote. Brad Sullivan

5 Need 80' x 28' hydraulic or bifold door for my new jet hangar in Maryland. Please price both Schweiss door styles to include windows, walk door, remotes and backup systems.

6 I am building a 130 ft by 110 ft aircraft advanced hangar for helicopters and planes and would like pricing on a 80'x18' and 90'x18' single panel hydraulic door Thanks Robert Anderson

7 Need a quote for a hydraulic advanced helicopter and aircraft door...100'x30' please with a standing header.

8 Good afternoon, I am looking for an advanced  vertical bi-fold and hydraulic aircraft door manufacturer for a project we are currently working on in Sheffield, UK. I've seen loads of great examples on your website but they are all in the US - do you have any manufacturers in the UK or Europe at all? Regards, Emma Forrest.

9 Hi, I'm looking at buying a hanger that has a advanced airplane and helicopter Schweiss hydraulic door on it but no powered mechanism to open it. Any idea what would be some good options to fix that? Is that something I can adapt to the existing door? Door is probably 40 x 18 Thanks

10 I would like a quote for a 50'w X 14h hydraulic advanced airplane and helicopter door. I am just shopping for the best option and obviously price is a consideration. This is a private hangar for a Cessna 185 amphibian. Please correspond via email. 

11 Looking for an advanced airplane &. helicopter hydraulic door to fit in a 48x80x18 hangar. Remote opener is preferred. 50' or 54' wide Opening 19' tall  or greater

12 We would like a price for a 80' x 18' advanced airplane and helicopter door for a project we are looking at in Somerset, KY 2013 KY Building Code based on 2012 IBC...115 wind speed We would like some building loadings as well please Thanks ... Mike

13 I am working on a regional airport project that will have a number of hangar facilities. They FBO has requested the advanced airplane and helicopter hydraulic door system. Do you have a CSI 3-Part specification you can share with me for this system. Do you provide the door framing, door hardware, operating motors and accessories? Any help would be appreciated.

14 Hello, we are planing advanced airplane and helicopter hangar doors in steel construction. Now we are thinking of hydraulic hangar doors. Because we want to store historic planes as we need an opening width of about 65 feed and a height of 21 feet. Could you provide us some technical plans or drawings in CAD and some detail information and if possible some examples of a one piece hydraulic  door so we can fit them into our plans. Thanks for the great help. Best wishes Marco Bicheler

15 Request quote for Aircraft advanced helicopter hangar door, strap-lift design, for new construction with clear opening of 40 Ft by 12 Feet. The Structural width can be up to 44 Feet, and need clear open of 12 Feet. Additional details provided below.

16 I will be building a hanger in the spring which will require a 12' high X 40' wide hydraulic insulated door with a walkthrough door and possibly a couple windows. Because you are the premier builder of advanced airplane & helicopter doors just for additional information, the front of the hanger will have two garage type decorator doors, 9X16 and 12X16. Do doors this size come as bifold also? I would like to know what kind of framing is required to support the doors since it will be of wood construction. Thanks, Jim

17 I am looking at options and prices on an 80' long hydraulic advanced airplane hangar door with at least a 20' opening. New build.

18 Presently getting quote on curvco bldg. for aircraft  advanced hangar door; 60x100;wingspan of 50.82; tail height of15.39 ftwould bifold or hydraulick be most economical?thank you Raymond sifly

19 I will build an airplane hangar 50'Lx50'Wx22'H. I was thinking to put a hydraulic advanced airplane and helicopter door on it but don't really know the advantages. Can you give me my options and ball park prices please. Thanks

20 We have a helicopter hanger 20X60 insulated door. Needing replacement with an advanced Schweiss airplane and helicopter hangar door in a couple of years so we are looking for a quote. This is for a budget item Thanks for your time

21 We are looking for a commercial, advanced airplane like door for a commercial project to be built in Q3. How far out are you for delivery on you advanced airplane and helicopter hangar doors.

22 Have an advanced airplane and helicopter doors project in Dallas that is requiring (3) doors measuring 96" wide X 144" high. Am hoping for pricing in the next day or two. Feel free to contact me for drawings and info. Thank you, Kevin Leach

23 I need a quote of a total of 10 doors. This is a budget number for a municipal advanced airplane and helicopter door hanger project. They are budgeting for 2020.

24 Looking for numbers on a 80' x 18' hydraulic advanced airplane and helicopter door delivered to La Place, La.

25 I would like a quote on a 50' wide X 18' tall hydraulic advanced aircraft & helicopter door for an airplane hangar. Thanks, Dan Carey Star Valley Aeronautical Services 307-654-1104

26 I am a project manager for SouthWest Metal Systems in Sanger TX, and I have 3 advanced airplane and helicopter use hanger doors that I am quoting on for customers. I would like my customers to deal with you for their hydraulic aviation doors because we have done a number of hangers and my erector likes to install your door. Is there a specific contact I can send my customers too and do you have some information you can send me to give to my customers and to put in my sales binders. Thank You Dan

27 Hi - I'm getting ready to build an airpark hangar and am just looking for a rough idea of what I'm looking at for cost of an advanced airplane & helicopter  door. The hangar will be 50'x40', stick-built, with as wide of a bi-fold door as I can manage along the long wall. Target clear opening height is 18' and I'd also like to know how much header to have the architect plan for above the door. I am currently at the Sun-N-Fun airshow in Florida and your advanced airplane hangar booth display is right down the aisle from where I am working. Your guys were very helpful when I went over to ask questions, so tell them they are doing a good job! thanks, - Matt

28 Good Morning, I have an application that could use (2) 60' x 20 bifold or hydraulic advanced airplane & helicopter doors. Can you please give me a call or email? Sean,  Winser Doors.

29 I need a quote for a Schweiss advanced airplane & helicopter bi-fold door with a 3070 walkdoor. Door size is 70' wide and 24'(clear) tall.

30 Requesting a quote and possibility of a 40' wide advanced airplane & helicopter door by 16' high, must open to at least 14' high. The building will be 18' to the top with common wood trusses (4/12 pitch). The opening will be 40' wide, so depending on budget, and engineering, hydraulic hangar doors for both ends. Regards, Gary

31 Can you send me budget pricing for a potential project that has 2 advanced hydraulic airplane & helicopter hanger doors with sizes noted below?

32 We need a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic advanced airplane and helicopter hanger door for an opening 80' wide X 21' high. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you. Steve Guyton General Manager J & L Door, Inc.

33 Please quote a replacement advanced hydraulic helicopter hanger door for Alyeska?s helicopter hanger in Glennallen, AK. The applicable wind loads corresponding to a design wind speed (ASCE7-10) of 118 mph, Exposure B, are 20 psf positive pressure and 22 psf negative (suction) pressure. The actual existing clear opening width is 34? ? 0?. The actual RO height is about 18?-8?. We do not have a specification for the minimum R value, so please indicate what panel thickness and maximum ?R? values would be available. This advance helicopter door will bee used several times a day in a severe arctic environment. Please provide information on the available duty ratings of the operating mechanism, including the most severe duty available. Include an 3-0 x 7-0 inward opening exit door with the most severe duty frame, hinges, hydraulic closer, and hardware available. Include (2) 2? x 3? lites in the interior door panels that are impact resistant. Quote installation separately if you are able to do so. Thank you, Alyeska Pipeline Service Co.

34 We are currently designing a aviation maintenance facility for a local college that will need your Schweiss advanced airplane & helicopter doors. I'm needing design details, specifications and budget numbers for a strap-lift and hydraulic lift aviation door that will be 48'-0" wide and 18'-0" height. The building will be a standard metal building with block and brick veneer up to 9'-o" a.f.f. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

35 Dear Sirs, A few years ago adding on to my hangar, I had a problem with "roll up" doors that would take up too much room for my new plane. We searched the U.S. internet and with the Schweiss information, we made a decision... Mike's company is the most professional organization I have dealt with in all my years and i would absolutely recommend his hydraulic and bifold advanced airplane and helicopter doors to anyone with NO reservations! Sure enjoyed reading about his success in Acres. Makes one proud to be an American. Thanks Mike! Most Assuredly, Frank 

36 Large hanger at Newport OR airport with old wood bifold door. need to replace approx. 60' with a Schweiss hydraulic advanced airplane and helicopter door.

37 Looking for information and a price quote on a one piece hydraulic hangar design advanced airplane hangar door retrofitted to my hangar. Door dimensions of 87' wide X 18' tall. Location is st George Utah.

38 Please send me information on a hydraulic door motor lift pump for a 60 ft wide by 21 ft tall advanced aluminum bifold helicopter hanger door

39 I'd like a quote on a one piece advanced airplane and helicopter hydraulic door, 50/10. The hangar is new built.

40 I am looking for 40 x 18 one peice advanced airplane and helicopter hydralic doors for a metal ag aerial spray hangar building The building manf. is RIGID and will be built to your specs

41 We have one of your advanced helicopter doors that constantly leaks when it rains. Do you have weather seals available for this advanced helicopter hangar door? Both side and bottoms leak. It goes directly into a carpeted pilot rec center and causes a lot of issues when it rains. Door works great, but it's getting old and just needs some new seals. Please call if you have any questions.

42 Want to Replace rolling Doors With Schweiss Hydoswing 60 X 14/16 advanced airplane and helicopter doors We can install it or have you install these wide aircraft hangar doors

43 How much would a 36x13 insulated advanced airplane hydraulic door cost installed.

44 I am concerned about maximizing my net height opening on my advanced airplane & helicopter doors, although, I do need to balance cost with opening height and options. Please quote what you can achieve for a net opening with both your hydraulic and Bi-fold doors. I believe this hanger had a Hi-fold door on it in the past. But, I am not certain. This is a brick block building with a wooden header. The actual Height is only 11'4" but has a 6" header possibly making the rough opening 11'10". Please see attached Pictures for clarification. I am interested in what a basic aircraft hangar door would cost and what options would cost if added. I also need to know lead time to have door manufactured and delivered to Mulberry FL  Please let me know if you have any questions. 

45 Hello I am planning on a new advanced airplane & helicopter doors on a commercial jet hangar and would like to have prices on a door 26ft high by 64 wide door. I'm wondering price difference between the bi-fold and hydraulic advanced airplane hangar doors.

46 I am getting ready to order materials to frame up my hangers. I am planning on putting 40'x10' bifold strap advanced airplane & helicopter doors in from you guys. What would you recommend for header material above the door opening? Also what are the rough opening dimension I need for the door? Thank you, Michael