Schweiss Factory Expansion

Schweiss Doors announces new 20,000 sq. ft. factory expansion

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New Schweiss Factory Building

Schweiss Doors announces new 20,000 sq. ft. factory expansion

Schweiss Doors, a leading manufacturer and installer of powerful One-Piece Hydraulic Doors, and well-known unique Designer Doors has constructed and opened a new modern state of the art factory electrical facility in Fairfax, Minnesota. The new 80 ft. x 250 ft. building was necessitated by Schweiss doors growth in the hydraulic door market, propelled by the company’s innovative electrical hydraulic door engineering concepts and expansion of its multiple hydraulic door products.

The large building offers more than 20,000 square feet of assembly space for Schweiss engineering purposes. Additionally, the electrical room is directly attached to Schweiss’s existing warehouse and manufacturing plant, effectively centralizing all the operations at the company headquarters under one roof for greater efficiency.

The steel framework of the new facility and layout utilizes the spaces close proximity to the sales and marketing teams. The new building has energy-saving in-floor heat, overhead cranes, a large 45 x 16 ft. entrance door, a 18 x 16 ft. door along with a 16 x 16 ft. fast-opening hydraulic side door. Utilizing a five overhead trolley system, it’s easy to move those hydraulic cylinders and new style Red Power units easily throughout the electrical room.

Schweiss Build Your own Door kit installed in Building

Schweiss introduces new hydraulic “Build it Yourself Door Kit”

The new building provides a streamlined manufacturing facility that achieves our goal of offering our customers many new benefits. Schweiss has rolled out a newly designed hydraulic “Build It Yourself” Door Kit. This cost-saving door kit can save you thousands of dollars. Schweiss designed and figured out a simple way for customers to build, weld and install their own hydraulic doorframe by following our detailed plans.

This new staging area structure will provide enough room to assemble the components necessary for each hydraulic door kit which includes a complete set of new heavy-duty end and center hinges with grease zerks, cylinder plates, cylinders and rubber seals and much more. It also leaves room to manufacture and assemble the Red Power hydraulic pump systems that go into each hydraulic door kit. This new structure will allow us to expedite the delivery of all components in a very fast and timely manner.

For more information on the Build Your Own Door kit, contact us today!

Schweiss Insulation Panels being installed on Schweiss Doors

Attractive and energy-saving liner and insulation packages

Schweiss Doors, always at the forefront of technology, also figured out a better way to insulate your hydraulic doors with their new insulated panels. These cost-efficient and eye appealing interior lightweight durable panels with interlocking edges fasten to the exterior of the hydraulic door frame cutting down installation time and they provide a fully insulated thermal barrier, adding to the R-value of your hydraulic door.

Our new building has also streamlined the process of delivering our newly introduced Schweiss liner/insulation packages that are now being offered to Schweiss hydraulic door customers. The clean looking, highly durable energy-saving liner/insulation package stops the cold transfer because the panels mount on the exterior of the hydraulic doorframe. Highly reflective, durable liner package panels install quickly and easily with no exposed fasteners. The panels are stain-resistant, low maintenance and easy to clean. New to the hydraulic door industry, it is the hottest insulation product on the market for large moving hydraulic doors.

Wrap Around Hinge Diagram with Callouts

Schweiss Doors announces greasable wrap-around hinges

Schweiss’s engineering team didn’t only wrap its head around the hydraulic door lines, they went a step further and came up with a robust and user-friendly, greaseable hinge and removable hinge pin design.

The new hinge design with grease zerks on every hinge allows Schweiss hydraulic door users to grease their hydraulic door hinges from the underside of the hydraulic doorframe without having to go through the cumbersome process of removing the top rubber weatherseal.

The wrap-around hinge brackets connect directly to the vertical push tubes for added strength. Double push tubes on the outside and an inner push tubes evenly distribute the forces of the hydraulic beefed up cylinders to the hydraulic doorframe. An all-steel welded hydraulic doorframe provides a clean, strong design using no wood or screws.

Spherical Bearings advantage only on Schweiss Hydraulic Doors

Another of Schweiss Doors latest innovations is the incorporation of “spherical” bearings in all of its popular hydraulic one-piece doors. These bearings are critical to the safe and smooth operation of a hydraulic door and extend the life of the hydraulic door.

Spherical bearings are located between the teardrop area and cylinder plate at each end of the hydraulic doors lifting and closing power cylinders. Hydraulic doors are always moving and flexing and can force undersized cylinders into a banana shape. Cylinders are not designed to bow, and our spherical bearings prevent it from happening. Bigger Schweiss hydraulic door cylinders won’t bend or break!

Spherical bearings are not something new; they have been used in car suspensions, engines, driveshafts, heavy machinery and many other applications throughout the years. But they are new to the hydraulic door industry and no other hydraulic door manufacturer uses them.

“This is another exciting step in the growth of Schweiss Doors,” said company owner Mike Schweiss. “We are committed to making Schweiss “Brand Name” hydraulic doors the clear destination for customers to experience and get the best service and product in the industry and to continue having us looked upon as the industry “Door Leader.” The new facility better reflects our unique capabilities and provides a perfect match to the high caliber of people who work here every day. Building your own doorframe kit is not only rewarding but can save you thousands of dollars.”

For the past 35 years, Schweiss Doors has specialized in innovative door design, engineering, project management and construction of Hydraulic Doors ranging in size from 6 ft. wide to 140 ft. wide and as tall as 60 ft. high. We also offer professional installation crews that travel throughout the country.

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