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A Schweiss Owner Living His Dream In Canada

Nestled up in Ontario, Canada, Steven Riggins and his wife, Ellen, revel in their gorgeous new home. Originally from Illinois, the couple decided to head up north to live amidst the tranquil beauty of the Dryden lakes — surrounded by ancient boreal forests and spectacular vistas. Thanks to a Schweiss hydraulic door for their floatplane hangar, Steven can wheel his Cessna 185 aircraft and fishing boat in from Dinorwic Lake without a problem.

Originally founded as an agricultural community by John Dryden in 1895, Dryden is now a thriving urban community between Winnipeg and Thunder Bay. With a population of 8,195, Dryden is an intimate, tight-knit community. Its close proximity to large highways and regional airports ensures residents can enjoy the peaceful seclusion as well as access to the amenities of a larger city.

Steven and Ellen are now proud permanent residents of Canada. While they still control their farming operation in Illinois, they have happily resided in their peaceful country cottage since 2007. The couple loves the outdoors, and Ontario has it all. In Dryden, Steven and Ellen have access to plentiful fishing and hunting opportunities, world-famous canoe and kayak destinations, the biggest whitewater rapids east of the Rockies, cross-country skiing hot spots, and so much more.

One of the biggest perks of Ontario for Steven was the fact that he’d have access to large expanses of open space and lake country to fly his beloved Cessna 185 over. With that in mind, building a secure hangar for his aircraft was a top priority. Steven had success with bifold doors in the past on his farm, and he knew that he wanted to install a hydraulic door at his cottage to house his plane.

Because of Schweiss’ excellent reputation, Steven designed the building specifically to fit a Schweiss hydraulic door. He said, “Headroom was the main factor in my choosing a hydraulic door…and Schweiss is one of the main door companies and I was familiar with them.” He was unfortunately burned in the past by a different company and was therefore intent on working with a team backed by a superior track record, like Schweiss. His attentiveness paid off.

Steven shared that his door arrived on time and in good condition. He has had no issues operating the door and had an excellent experience partnering with the Schweiss Doors team. He said, “The remote opener is real handy…I’ve got a remote on the plane and boat rail systems too. It’s pretty slick. I have recommended Schweiss Doors to others.”

“You’ve got a happy Schweiss door owner that’s living his dream up here in Canada. We’re going to retire here. That’s why we are here so I can get out and hit all these remote lakes. That’s my dream and I’m living it,” noted Steven. At Schweiss Doors, we are thrilled to help our customers live out their dreams. Steven Riggins is the perfect example of why we love doing the work that we do.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of hydraulic doors for floatplane hangars, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Schweiss team. We’d love to help. For more information about our extensive product line, click here.