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Glass adds reflective touch to garage door

At certain times of the day the glass on Bruce Hamon’s garage door reflects the beautiful Denver surroundings he lives in. While it allows others to see within, the big advantage is it allows him to see out as if looking through a picture window inside his home. The Glass door also adds a real touch of class to his residential property.

The Schweiss glass residential hydraulic door is custom-made to 30’ 5” x 13’ 10.25”. Not only does it open to his patio area and the beautiful scenery outside, but when open it provides an extended rain roof.

“Putting glass on the door occurred to me after I got the door, I was going to put wood facia on it. Fortunately I ordered a heavy duty frame. It’s really spectacular to see through that door. It’s one of those things that you don’t get tired of to look out in the winter or open up in the summer.”

Hamon is satisfied with the door mentioning how the heavy duty cylinders open the door straight and quickly and close secure and tight.

“I think it has a great ram physics application. Schweiss Doors is great about putting out a system that is mechanically great, it’s not under designed like other doors that are too light and flimsy. I had a lot of experience with hangars and I wanted to maintain at least a 13.5 ft. opening. I made metal work fabrication adjustments to reinforce my big wood frame garage.”

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